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This a HRE/Chibitaly fic. The cursive phrases are HRE's.

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It would be much simpler

if I could stop loving you…


Hungary came near the child, while tidying up a wisp of her hair behind her ear.

The wind tossed her hair and her dress.

She leaned on the child's shoulder, worried but curious.

"What are you doing here, all alone, Itachan? You'll get a cold!"

The child smiled, she was sitting between flowers in the garden.

"I'm picking up margherite. Then I will do many posies and give them to Holy Roman Empire! He looked so sad when he left… I want him to smile happily!"

She giggled and looked up in surprise when Hungary's arms found her way to her mall body and hugged her tightly. Hungary's chest burst out sobbing.

Austria observed them from inside, silently.

But I could never ever forget you…

My dear, sweet, little Italy.


**Nisha's speaking**

This is the very first story I wrote about APH.

Hope you enjoyed this even if it's short, and maybe not very orginal.

But this pairing is awfully sweet and sad at the same time-! The mix Angst/Fluff is one my week points about fanfics çwç

I cried a lot when they were separated and I still hope that Germany and HRE are the same person –so he and Italy can stay together forever!

The margherita -daisy, isn't it?- is Italy's national flower and it means "innocence" in the flowers language so I think it's perfect for Chibitaly.