Chapter 4 You shouldn't believe in fairies tails...

Warning! Lemon, swearing

As usual, Shikamaru woke up early. He rapidly dresses up, takes his backpack and goes to the kitchen to take his bento box. When he enters the kitchen, he saw his mother cooking breakfast and his father sitting at the table, reading the newspaper. It smelled good... pancakes?

He waited a moment, wondering if he should take the breakfast with his 'parents' before he goes back to the forest. He really likes pancakes... but it felt awkward to sit with strangers in order to eat pancakes... It hasn't been 2 weeks since he woke up at the hospital, he passed the first weeks there and it's been almost 4 days since he digs up Hidan. He comes home only to sleep and eat the lunches his 'mother' does for him (and Hidan). If they feel like strangers, maybe it's just because he doesn't pass enough time with them...

The soft voice of his 'mother' snaps him out of his thoughts. "Do you want some pancakes? It's been a long time since you haven't eaten with us..."

"Can't you see it's no use? He's in a rush." Shikamaru's father replies. He didn't even look at him, still reading his newspaper.

Finally, maybe it's better if he just joins Hidan, Shikaku somehow was afraid of him, with his bad-ass look and all his freaky scars...

"Sweet heart, why are you in such a hurry?" Yushino looks up at him, worried.

"I'm not in a hurry; I just want to enjoy the day. It's nice outside and I like to be calm in the forest looking at the leaves and playing shogi." He tried to reassure his 'mother'. He took his bento box and he left quietly. He doesn't know that woman could be so... gentle?

Once he was gone, Shikaku chuckled. "It's not like you to be nice. Usually, you were always yelling at him to move his lazy ass and help you with the laundry." This comment earned him a pan brutally thrown in his face.

"I'm trying to be nice because I want him to see me as a good mother, dubass! You should be acting more like a father too! No more pancakes for you!" She yells angrily at her husband, her hands on her hips.

Yushino looks at the window and calms down, anger leaving only to be replace with sadness. From her house she can see the Nara forest, where her son seems to pass the most of his time, alone... "It's terrible to say this, but I feel like... like my son is dead and somehow... somebody else took his place... I don't recognize him..." Her voice cracked, she was retaining her tears. What if her son never comes back? What if he has changed forever?


"You didn't bring the shogi game?" Hidan asks the younger jounin when he joined him in the forest. He kind of felt relieved that he didn't brought it, he hated that game anyway.

"No; I don't want to play shogi today." He explains as he lay down, his arms crossed under his head. He remembered yesterday, when Shikaku gave him a weird look when he asks him if he had fun playing shogi alone... "I shouldn't have bought that game here... It could give me trouble..." He shivered when he remembered the look his father gave him yesterday. "Damn, if he gives me that look just because I'm playing alone in the Nara forest, I hope I don't talk when I'm sleeping..." He thought as he remembered his dream about Hidan.

"Why are you blushing?"

Shikamaru looks at the albino, his amethyst eyes looking intensely at him, just like in his dream. His face became deep red as he stutters; "I-I-I do-don't blush!"

His embarrassment made Hidan smile. "So cute, maybe we could pass time a different way than before..."

The young jounin doesn't have time to question upon what Hidan was talking about, he quickly had his answer when his albino friend bend over him and kiss him. It wasn't like in his dream; gentle and soft... No, it was passionate and eager.

He was shocked for a moment, not knowing what to do, but when Hidan gave him a slap on the buttock, he jumped in surprise. Shikamaru pushed Hidan away from him. "What are you doing?" He almost yelled, even though he knew exactly what Hidan was doing. Hell, he had dreamed of it last night...

"Don't tell me you don't want it." The older man whispered in Shikamaru's ear as he grinded his hips against him. Hidan kissed him again as he let his hands caress the younger man's round cheeks under his pants. His skin is so soft... just like a girl. Shikamaru shyly wraps his arms around Hidan's strong shoulders and he lets his friend pull down his blue navy pants along with his boxer.

He lets out a moan when Hidan grips his erection, slowly pumping it. The Jashinist smirks "You're a virgin?" he mutters with a husky voice. Dear lord Jashin, he loved virgins, especially when they are his prey.

Shikamaru stays silent, except for some moans of pleasure. He doesn't remember if he liked boys or girls before his accident, so how could he remember if he was a virgin or not? He guesses he was… he's only sixteen years old after all...

The feeling of Hidan's tongue licking the inside of his thighs dragged him out of his thoughts. The albino licked along the already hard member, from the base to the tip, before he takes him in his hot mouth, earning a loud moan of pleasure.

The older man held his hips in a dead grip, as if he was afraid Shikamaru would change his mind, but he wouldn't... That's not a dream. Hidan is giving him a taste of freedom. He would never imagine it could feel so good, it's better than in his dreams. He looks down at Hidan, his beautiful amethyst eyes clouded with desire and looking at him as he lets his soft, hot tongue lick the slit of his dick. It's clearly not his first time doing this. He was about to cum when Hidan stopped, earning a soft growl of protest from the younger man.

"Don't be so impatient, I have to prepare you or it will hurt." This is something Kakuzu never cared about, that boy is kind of lucky. If the jashinist hurt him, Shikamaru probably wouldn't want to do it again, Hidan had to take care of his toy if he wanted it to last longer. He doesn't know when he would regain his memories. He retains a laugh; hell, he want to see the face of the younger boy when he will remind who he is and what he did to his sensei. Hidan licks his lips as he slowly slides his fingers inside the younger man under him. It hurt at first, but the young jounin forgot the initial pain when Hidan's finger brushed against a bundle of nerves inside him and let out a cry of ecstasy.

"You like it don't you?" Hidan whispered huskily in Shikamaru's ear before licking it. The younger man's only reply was a loud moan of pleasure.

"Get on your hands and knees." Hidan said as he sat on his heel, waiting for Shikamaru to get on all four, a smirk on his lips. The young jashinist lower his pants and boxer just enough to free his rock hard member, stroking it a few time to lubricate it with his precum before he press it to the other man's entrance, slowly entering him. It hurt much more than fingers, but Shikamaru already knew it and he didn't really care. He's sure the older man would soon find the bundle of nerves he had hit a few moments ago, making him forget about the pain. As expected, it didn't take long until he found Shikamaru's prostate, making sure to hit it with every thrust.

Shikamaru moaned loudly, this was pure delight. Every time Hidan bumped against that sensitive spot inside him, he felt like he's about to faint. At that moment, Shikamaru feels more alive than he can ever remember. There's no village, no lost memories, no head injury. Just. Pure. Ecstasy.

"Scream my name Shikamaru..." The younger man's erection twitched against his stomach at the sound of Hidan's voice calling his name. He happily complied to Hidan's demand, hoping this moment would last forever.

"Ah... Hidan..."

"Again." The jashinist panted heavily, feeling his orgasm near. That boy is a dirty pleasure, a reward Jashin-sama gave him after all these weeks he passed buried alive. Jashin-sama forgave him for losing a battle, allowing him a moment of pleasure after all this pain... and the young boy had no idea of this when he screamed Hidan's name loudly one last time as he climaxed, his insides clenching around the other man's member, making him come a few moment after with a soft grunt.


Shikamaru returned at home before dawn and he went in his room to take some clean clothes before he can go wash himself. He drops his backpack on the floor next to his bed and crouch down to unpack his things when he sees a box under his bed. Curious, he picks it up and opens it; it's full of pictures of his team and a pack of some pictures of him playing shogi with Asuma, his team at the BBQ with a pink haired girl and a blonde dude... he saw them one day when he was at the hospital, the girl used to change his bandage on his head and the blonde dude is hyperactive and annoying, but overall funny.

The bearded man always has a smoke in his mouth on the pictures. Maybe the pack of cigarettes is his, so it was not a lie... He kept Asuma's cigarettes after he died. Wait a minute... Asuma was smoking... so the lighter... Suddenly, he heard his father talking to some people in the hallway, he recognized the voice of his teammate and he quickly pushes the box under his bed a few moments before Choji and Ino enter in his bedroom. "They can't knock, like everyone?" Annoying...

The blonde girl smiles at him. "Hey Shikamaru! How are you?" Is she always so damn cheerful?

"A bit tired... what are you doing here? It's almost time to supper." He says as he stands up.

"We think that maybe, if you want, we can go at the BBQ restaurant together, just like before! What do you think?" Choji asks him.

What a drag, the only thing he wanted now is to take a shower and go to sleep... he shouldn't had return home. Shikamaru signs: "Alright, just wait here, I have to go to the bathroom." He picks up clean clothes and removes his jounin vest, he doesn't need it anyway and this vest is damn heavy...

Once he leaves the room, Ino looks up at Choji, a smile on his face. "I think he feels better! Don't you think?"

Choji nods: "Maybe going to the restaurant we went the first day with Asuma will bring him back some memories." Ino smiles and lays down on Shikamaru's bed as Choji looks at some pictures of his team on Shikamaru's end table. At least, even if Shikamaru is a lazy ass, he's still as organized as before.

Something brilliant catches his attention and he picks it up. A metal lighter. What? Shikamaru bought another lighter like the one Asuma gave him? No, why he would do that? He doesn't remember him and anyway, it doesn't look new at all... He remembered what Shikaku told him a few moments ago, about Shikamaru playing shogi in the Nara forest.. alone...

"Hey, I'm ready." Shikamaru's voice make Choji jumped in surprise and he promptly put the lighter in his pocket. It can't be Asuma's lighter... Can it?


As they were waiting for the food, Choji and Ino started asking him if he remember this or that. He knew they only want to help him, because they're his friends, but it's no use. He really doesn't remember a single thing, sometimes, he doubts he was the person they think or want to make him believe he is... He sighs "Except the thing about the king at shogi, I don't remember anything." He says as he crosses his arms behind his head.

"The thing about the king? Ah... yes... Asuma told you to protect the king, you remember it?" Ino asks.

Protect the king... He was holding a man in his arms, the right half of his face is burned and blood is spilling out of his mouth. "I never even beat you once at shogi... Ah, yes... Remember our talk about the king?"

I'm the knight, Asuma is a sacrificial piece. The King isn't the Hokage or the feral lord.

"I'll tell you who it is. Come closer."

The King is the children that will claim the future of the village.

Shikamaru didn't reply to Ino's question, looking at his bowl of rice, thinking.

Choji frowns. "That's all Hidan's fault!" The deer boy finally looked at his teammate, interested.

Hidan? He knows something about him? "Why do you say that?"

Choji was surprised of his question at first. Shikamaru really doesn't remember a single thing... He sadly looked at Ino for help. The blonde girl sighed. Why does everyone look sad when Choji mentioned Hidan?

"If Asuma was still there, you wouldn't get injured during that mission and everything would be alright. Nothing of this would have happened if that crazy bastard didn't kill him. Hidan is the member of Akatsuki who killed our teacher during a mission. He's a S-Rank criminal and he's immortal, but you managed to bury him in the Nara forest so he wouldn't hurt anyone anymore."

Ino felt sad to remind him something this important, but it's nothing compared to how Shikamaru felt right now. He was about to believe everything Hidan told him, about his friends lying to him... but he clearly remember the bearded man on the picture of his team dying in his arms, asking him to protect the King... There's no doubt his friends are telling him the truth, how could they know about Hidan being buried in the forest if it was not true?

The man who killed his teacher is the one he had dreamed about. He's the one he had spent his days with, he had given him his lunches... and the S-rank criminal who kill his teacher is the man he had slept with a few hours ago.

Shikamaru went blank as he trembled.

"Are you alright?"

"I...I have a headache... I think I start to remember some things..." Ino smiles happily but her smile vanishes when Shikamaru suddenly stands up. "I have to go... I don't feel good..."

Shikamaru runs to the Nara forest, retaining tears that were threatening to fall on his cheeks.

Hidan lied! "What I should do now? I slept with the guy who slaughters my teacher! Asuma-sensei died for us and I fucking slept with his assassin!" He falls face to face with Hidan, sitting under a tree. "Already missing me? How cute." The albino smiles.

"You lied to me!"

His smile fainted. Shikamaru finally remembered? He smirked. "And what will you do about it? You liked it and you don't remember them, why do you care?" The s-rank criminal enlaced the younger man and used his best sexy look, but to Shikamaru it feel like Hidan's looking at him like if he looks at his next prey.

"You want to do it again hum?" He smirks; "You want me to take you?" Hidan mutters before he licks Shikamaru's neck.

Shikamaru pushes him away; "Don't tell me you didn't even have feelings for me!"

His former best friend and lover laughed out loud; "I only love Jashin-sama!" Hidan yells, "He's the only one who'll always be by my side, the only one who's as immortal as me, I once thought I could be forever with Kakuzu.." He frowns before he continues; "but you took him away from me, fucking bastard!" Hidan boils with rage, his fists shacking. He looks down at the deer boy sitting in front of him, a scared look on his face. So this is who 'Jashin' was... the god Hidan's living for, the god Hidan's killing for...

"Burying me is worse than just killing me, it drove me insane... No light, no food, nothing, just fucking pinch black! I didn't torture your teacher, I just send him to Jashin-sama, you're way more sadist than I am! I don't love you and I've never loved you. I just wanted to play with you... just trying to make you suffer as much as I suffered. Yes I killed you teacher, maybe you loved him, but what you did was way crueller!" Hidan screamed. How much he loved the delicious painful expression on Shikamaru's face...

He was waiting for that reaction for so long, and now Shikamaru finally realized that he had slept with his teacher's killer. The little boy thought they were lovers and now his little heart is broken? How sad. Hidan didn't retain his maniac laugh. He cherish moments like this, when his prey is in pain, even if it's just psychological pain. It gives him delicious shivers running down his spine, but he doesn't have much time to enjoy the moment, he heard peoples coming their way. "Fuck! That little shit told them I was here?" He runs in the opposite direction of the footsteps. He had been buried for so long and passes his last week sleeping and watching the clouds; he doesn't have a chance to win against a well-trained ninja, even if they're 'just kids'.

Choji and Ino join Shikamaru few moments after Hidan's dismissal. The deer boy's still keeled on the ground and looks... downcast...

Worried, Choji crouches down next to his friend: "Hidan's not here?" He asks him gently.

"No he's not... that's not a lie... I came here only to remember... Hidan killed our teacher..." He mutters quietly.

"Yeah he's a freaking psycho!" Ino exclaims happily, her friend finally remembered!

Shikamaru ignored her, lost in his thoughts.

"That's true; I'm way more sadist than he is... Seeing it like this, Hidan just killed our sensei because he loved his god... he killed our sensei because he wanted to show his god how much he loved him..." Shikamaru thought, looking up the cloudy sky. "Unfortunately, he doesn't love me... There's no happy ending...after all, fairy tales don't exist..." He felt tears fall down his cheeks, but he doesn't care... his mother should be worried about him, it's better if he went back home...


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