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Monroe loved mornings. He liked his routine. He got up at 6:30 to do his Pilates, then would start a pot of coffee and set out the ingredients for breakfast before going to take a shower. Or at least, he used to do that.

First he'd asked Katie to move in with him at Christmas, when he realized that he really didn't like the nights that she stayed at her own house. He wanted and needed her in his house and his life everyday.

Then they had kind of inherited Holly Clark.

Nick had gotten Katie to start tutoring her, helping her catch up in schoolwork so that she could re-enter school with kids her own age the next year. Mrs. Clark would drop her off in the evenings and Katie would work with her. At first, everything was great. Monroe really liked Holly. He was happy to help her with the things that Katie didn't understand. The Blutbad things.

But then Mrs Clark started coming to pick Holly up later and later in the evenings, even leaving her overnight a few times. Then leaving her for weekends. Finally one day she didn't come back for a week.

Finally Nick had tracked her down at her parents' house in northern California and brought her back.

She wasn't bad, necessarily. Though leaving your child with her tutor, and her boyfriend that you barely know, for a week without warning isn't the best parenting. She just didn't know how to handle Holly.

Grace had tearfully confessed that while she'd been overjoyed when Holly came home, she didn't know her anymore. The angry, sullen girl that had come home wasn't her daughter. That she'd buried her daughter, at least in her heart, years before. She had noticed that the only time Holly had seemed happy was the days she went to Katie and Monroe's. So she left her there.

After a lot of debating, they finally decided to make the change permanent. Grace signed over custody to Katie, though she did still visit every few weeks.

For the most part, Holly had accepted the change with ease. She saw Monroe as her alpha, a father figure of sorts, and she was totally devoted to Katie.

It was hard, at times, but he wouldn't change it for anything. He loved his little pack. If you'd told him that 2 years ago, he would have laughed you out of the room, but he did. He loved his pack, even with all the changes it had brought to his life.

Now, he got up at 5:00 to exercise and start breakfast so that Katie and Holly could be out the door by 7:15.

This morning when he finished his Pilates, he went in the kitchen, started the coffee, set out the bagels and goat cheese for him and Katie. He also grabbed the cocoa puffs that Holly loved and set them on the counter for her. He gathered up the papers Katie had left on the bar and put them in her briefcase before heading up to take a shower.

He banged on the door at the top of the stairs on his way by. 'Get up, Holly. It's time for school.'

He got a groan and thump as an answer. 'I got you more Cocoa puffs,' he said with a smile. He knew he should feed her something more nutritious, but knowing that she'd spent 9 years eating whatever she could find, just to stay alive, made it hard to refuse her treats.

The door opened just a crack. 'You did?'

He nodded.

"Thank you, Uncle Eddie!' She grabbed her robe and headed down to eat before getting dressed.

The Uncle Eddie thing had come about when they had taken custody of her from Grace. He didn't know how else to explain why the neighborhood recluse was suddenly living with two young women without arousing the suspicions of the neighbors. They accepted that he was dating Katie. She looked young, but she was a teacher so she had to be of age. It wasn't until Holly had moved in that tongues had started wagging. So Nick had come up with the story that she was Monroe's niece who had moved in with him to get away from bad influences in her old town. They had put that story out and most of talk had stopped. At first, she'd only called him that when they were out and about, but slowly she had started calling him that at home too. Then he noticed that Katie had become Aunt Katie. He didn't mind at all. It kind of fit, after all.

He heard the shower running when he opened to door to his and Katie's bedroom. He stopped at the bathroom door and watched her for a minute. He smiled. Who would have thought getting tackled in his stairwell by a Grimm would lead to this? One day he'd have to thank Nick for that.

"Eddie," she said without turning around. "Are you just going to stand there and watch me? Cause that's kind of creepy. Wouldn't you rather join me?"

He smirked. "Yes, ma'am." He quickly shucked his clothes and stepped into the shower. He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her hard, pressing her up against the wall of the shower.

"We don't have time for that," she laughed, pushing him away.

"Oh, but we do," he replied, kissing her neck.

"Where's Holly?"

"Downstairs. Eating cocoa puffs and watching Angel. She'll be occupied for at least an hour."

"Carry on then," Katie smiled, pressing up on her toes to kiss him.

The water was cold by the time they got out. He dressed quickly while Katie got ready for work.

He went downstairs to find Nick sitting at the bar with Holly, eating cocoa puffs and drinking coffee. Holly was talking nonstop about something at school and Nick was nodding politely.

"Get a move on, Kiddo," Monroe said, ruffling Holly's hair. "You know Katie doesn't like to be late."

"Bye, Nick," Holly said, slipping off her stool and heading to her room.

"Nice breakfast, Dude." Monroe said. He fixed a cup of coffee and a bagel for himself.

"Can't beat the classics," Nick replied with a shrug.

"What's up?"

"Oh, nothing much," Nick said. He knew Monroe thought he wanted help with another wesen problem, but for once that wasn't the case. "I just wanted to drop off a permission form for Micah. Katie's going to take it to him today. He wants to do a ride along day with Hank and me."

"Hey, Brother," Katie walked into the kitchen with a smile. She hugged Nick. "You got Micah's forms? He's driving me crazy for them. I'd have never thought he'd want to be a cop."

"A blutbad cop?" Monroe said. "That might get tricky."

"He's determined," Katie said. "He's majoring in criminal justice at Oregon State next year."

Nick watched as Katie fixed her breakfast and sat down beside him to eat it. Sometimes he couldn't believe how happy she was now. Any misgivings he'd had about her dating Monroe were long gone.

As soon as Holly came back down, Katie jumped to her feet, hastily drinking the last of her coffee.

"We've got to go," she said. "Get your bag."

Holly hugged Nick, then Monroe before grabbing her backpack and heading out the door.

"Remember, Holly has therapy today," Katie told Monroe as she gathered up her things.

"I know, I'll pick her up a 11," he replied. "Now would get out of here already?"

"I'm going, I'm going." Katie said. She kissed him goodbye.

When they were gone, Monroe set about clearing the breakfast dishes and wiping down the counters.

Nick looked at him with an amused smirk.

"What?" He asked, finally.

"Oh, nothing," Nick said. "I just can't believe that Katie has managed to turn one of the fiercest creatures in our world into Mr. Mom."

Monroe rolled his eyes. "Kiss my ass, Nick. Just for that, no more coffee."

"Whoa, Dude, I'm sorry," Nick laughed. "Don't cut off my coffee supply."

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