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Chapter Three: Observing Longbottom

Draco had risen early to get ready for the day. When he'd glanced at Harry's sleeping form, he decided to be quick with his shower so he could wake up his roommate.

When he opened the door, there was an envelope taped to the door above the cork-board with his name drawn onto a slip of paper at the top, with Harry's at the bottom. It was addressed to 'Mr Draco Malfoy, Room 302, Nymoni Wing, East Hall, Hogwarts Academia' but didn't have a return dorm room. He frowned, and set it on his desk before he grabbed his towel and went down the hall to the common shower room.

"Morning, Harry." He greeted the smaller boy. Said boy smiled and pulled on a black 'The Academy Is…' t-shirt. His shoes were hot pink today with blood red accents, and he had his make-up out and ready to be applied.

Draco watched for a moment as the man carefully applied his eye-liner, then dabbed a bit of red lip-stick onto his lips. He forewent his glasses and instead decided on contacts, which took Draco's breath away when Harry looked at the blonde.

He noticed some small scar-like marks along the brunette's left forearm. This slightly bothered him.

He was pulling on his pants and Harry was pulling on a pair of fish-net arm warmers when there was a rapid series of knocks on the door. The two glanced at each other before Harry shrugged and went to open the door.

"Neville!" Harry said, delighted. He threw his arms around his boyfriend's neck, obviously happy to see the other man.

Draco sneered at Longbottom, the look telling the other man that he had seen the marks on Harry's skin. Without disturbing the slim boy in his arms, Longbottom's eyes became hard, his mouth setting in a fierce scowl. Draco shot him a disgusted look as he finished dressing by pulling on a t-shirt of his own; Like Harry's, it was a band shirt. Linkin Park™.

"C'mon Harry, we better get to class." Longbottom said, his eyes softening as he looked down at the young man in his arms.

"I have class with Draco first, Nev. You don't take Chem."

"Well, at least let me walk you to class?"

"You'll be late, Nev…" Draco watched as Harry chewed on his bottom lip, trying to diffuse the obvious tension and placate his lover, who Draco could see was getting steadily more angry.

"I don't care, luv. Let me walk you to class." Harry had a defeated look, but nodded. He gave Draco a timid smile before interlacing his fingers with his boyfriends and, after grabbing his bag, the two were off.

Draco frowned. There was something wrong in that relationship.


Six hours later, Draco found exactly what was wrong.

Harry wandered into their second shared class on Monday, his eyes filled with tears and his lower lip split; it looked like it'd been bit one too many times. His eyes were a little glazed over, he cringed when he bent at the waist to sit down next to Draco and his shirt had a small tear. Not to mention that stench of sex.

Was Longbottom raping the boy beside Draco?

That image that flew into his mind filled him with a rage, causing his hands to clench. Next to him, Harry flinched, snapping him out of the anger.

Scowling at Theo when he threw Draco an odd look, he took out a sheet of paper and wrote down a note before passing it to Harry.

'We need to talk, Harry.'

Bright green eyes widened and the dark head swirled to look at him. He nodded towards the paper and nudged Harry's arm gently.

He gritted his teeth at the soft, pained gasp from the gentle nudge.

'Okay, Draco…'

The teacher droned on and on, making Draco wish he were dead. It's called History for a reason, not bore your students to death! He sighed deeply.

What the hell was happening to him?


At dinner in the Great Hall, he watched closely as Longbottom walked up beside Harry and, to any person who wasn't paying attention, took his arm in a gentle grip. But Draco saw the wince Harry gave, and the feeble attempt to free his arm.

Grey eyes watched with a hardened gaze as Longbottom scowled and bent his head to say something, his lips right against Harry's ears. The smaller boy froze, then nodded weakly. The pair waved to their friends, the group giving the duo a confused glance as they left.

When they didn't return so Harry could eat, Draco became suspicious.


He opened the door with his key, frowning when he noticed Harry wasn't back yet. He busied himself with working on homework, then getting ready for bed.

He stayed up the entire night waiting for his shy roommate, but he never came.


The next morning, Draco woke and immediately looked over to Harry's bed. The younger man wasn't there.

He didn't panic, but his heart lurched.

Where was Harry? Where was his roommate?


Longbottom nor Harry showed up for class or food all day, and it worried Draco. Theo and Pansy had noticed, and had assured him they would look out for both men.

At lunch, they hadn't seen either of them.

For his afternoon classes, he finally saw Harry, but the other looked worse for wear. He had a bruise on his cheek, a split lip and was cradling his arm. He sat far away from Draco and didn't even acknowledge the blonde at all.

At supper, Harry kept far from Draco, and stuck to Longbottom's side. Draco growled when he saw a smug little smirk crossing Longbottom's face as he held the now-docile Harry against his side.

Longbottom's attitude towards Harry when Harry went to greet them a couple days ago, then learning Harry would be in Draco's room. It dawned on Draco, and then he remembered how Harry had tried to tell Longbottom he and Draco could walk to class together because they shared it and Longbottom didn't take it.

It fucking clicked. But he didn't have any proof, and he highly doubted anyone would listen to him anyway. Besides, if Harry wasn't willing to tell, he wouldn't.

Draco frowned, and looked over at his friends. They'd all noticed too, and they were choosing to support Draco.

"What are we going to do?" Vince asked, cracking his knuckles. Greg nodded beside him, both boys growling and chomping at the bit to get to Longbottom.

"We wait." He replied softly.

"Wait? Draco, look at them!" Pansy cried, pointing at Harry. Longbottom and Harry were standing, Longbottom gripping Harry's upper arm and making him wince in pain. The look on Longbottom's face was harsh, and his tone was probably punishing.

Draco watched, his eyes flashing a cold harshness. When Harry met his gaze, it was like something inside Draco broke. He looked so helpless, being forced to stand by a monster.

Longbottom glanced up to see where his lover was looking, and roughly shook the smaller man, eliciting a pained outcry. A couple people looked over, eyes wide, before quickly glancing away when Longbottom's harsh glare landed on them.

Well, everyone but Draco.

His lip curled upwards, baring his teeth as the Longbottom prat barely glanced at him. He had the urge to jump up at run to the smaller man as Longbottom literally dragged him from the hall, Harry looking over his shoulder to look Draco one more time before the pair disappeared from view.

But he stayed put, and turned his gaze to the shocked faces of Harry's group of friends. Then Granger burst into tears and Finnegan glared at the tray in front of him. Thomas and Weasley both had their lips settled into a firm line, and for once, when Draco stood up, nobody glared at him.

He walked over to the table and sat down, followed hesitantly by his own group.

"Malfoy." Finnegan said stiffly.

"Finnegan. What the fuck was all that about?"

"What do you care, Malfoy?" Weasley growled, slamming his fist on the table. "You're probably just looking for another excuse to humiliate him like before he moved!"

Draco stiffened. "Actually, he's my roommate. Believe it or not, but I do care about Harry."

"M-malfoy may b-be a-able to h-help, R-ron!" Granger cried, burying her face into her hands. "Please, j-just tell hi –hicup- h-him!"

Finnegan and Weasley relaxed, before Weasley's shoulders slumped and he too buried his face in his hands. When he looked up, his blue gaze was icy and hard.

"Nev's changed, since he started seeing Harry a couple years ago. At first, it was just a casual fuck. Now, now it's like he thinks he owns Harry, Malfoy. I always thought Malfoys were possessive of what's theirs. This…this bloody goes beyond that. I-I caught them, yesterday. Nev had Har on the ground crying in our room. He was yelling at him, for going against what he said about rooming with you." Draco growled as Ron cleared his throat, averting his eyes from his sister and her boyfriend Marc. "Seamus caught them this morning, in the bathroom. H-Har-"

"I'll tell him, Ron." Seamus offered, placing a hand on his friend's shoulder. He turned his gaze to Draco. "Neville had Harry in a stall. He wasn't, raping him, per say, but Harry was protesting about classes and they could do it later. He didn't want to do it in a public place, either. I came in and Neville didn't notice me. He hit Harry, backhanded across the face."

"I caught them in the library just before lunch." Granger said, having gotten herself under control. "His first day? When he was getting his books at the library, it was just before lunch. Neville walked in and found him. He told Neville he'd be rooming with you, and Neville –sob- Neville had such a tight grip on his hips. He told Neville it hurt but Neville only put more pressure to his grip and when he left, Harry tried to take a step but he couldn't. He fell down and it took him twenty minutes just to get back up." Her brown eyes shimmered with tears, but Draco wasn't paying attention.

"Before breakfast today, I walked in on them." Came a dreamy voice. "I don't think they noticed me, what with Neville was doing. Harry was crying. Neville didn't look like he cared much."

"What do you mean?" Blaise asked, his voice a dangerous wave of anger. "What are you talking about? What was Longbottom doing?"

"Oh, his and Harry's pants were down. I couldn't really see much, though…" the blonde girl's voice faded as Draco's world became blank. Lovegood had just confirmed his fear.


Longbottom will die.

That was his mantra for the next week, every time he saw the two together. Harry limped, cradled his arm and tried to stay as far from Neville as Neville would allow, without getting too close to him.

Blaise watched him when Draco couldn't, and Pansy reported on anything Longbottom did when Harry wasn't around.

Theo watched the pair together when Draco was busy, and Vince and Greg stuck to the shadows in case Harry ever needed their help.


Seven weeks later, Draco and the group were sitting with Harry's friends when the pair walked into the Hall, and Draco saw red.

Harry had a cast on his right arm, from his hand up to his shoulder. A bandage covered half his face, and he was leaning heavily on Longbottom for support.

Beside him, Pansy and Hermione gasped. Behind him, Vince and Greg cracked their knuckles, and the rest of the males around the table all stiffened as the pair got closer.

"Harry!" Hermione cried, racing to her friend. "What happened?"

"I tripp'd, down the stairs. I 'asn't 'ooking 'ere I 'as goin'." Harry croaked out, giving his friend an awkward one-armed hug. Draco and all the guys snorted, drawing Longbottom's attention. Longbottom spotted the two groups sitting together and scowled.

"Harry, darling, we should go back to our room." Longbottom took Harry's uninjured arm and gave a surprisingly rough tug.

"No, Neville." Harry said quietly. "I 'eed 'oo eat. 'lease?"

"Fine. But sit here, okay?" Longbottom directed the injured Harry far away from Draco, between Ginny and Lavender Brown. Draco frowned, wondering just Longbottom's problem with him was.

"Mr Potter?" came the voice of the headmaster.

"Yes sir?"

"Care to see me in my office later?"

Harry visibly brightened, nodding enthusiastically. "Sure! 'Mione or Seamus will help me, right, guys?" They both nodded, smiling softly at the younger man.

"Of course, Harry. You know we both love you to bits." Longbottom had stiffened at the word 'love', and had then dug his fingers into Harry's unharmed shoulder, making him wince.

"Ow! Neville!" he said, shrugging his shoulder his boyfriend's grip. The man bent to press a soft, soothing kiss to Harry's shoulder.

"Sorry, love. I-I thought of my mum and dad, how they'd love to be here to meet you."

"I'd love to meet them too, Nev." Harry whispered softly.


After dinner, Draco went to his uncle's rooms, and knocked loudly on the door.

Five seconds later, the door opened and his uncle Severus was glancing down at him with a raised brow.

"Yes, Dragon?"

"Uncle, I need help." Severus allowed the boy entrance, a frown on his face.

"Help with what?"

"I believe Neville Longbottom may be abusing Harry Potter." He said darkly, glowering into the fireplace. Severus choked on his wine.


"You heard me, uncle. Have you seen him lately? He has not fallen down any stairs lately. Longbottom is so damn possessive, and Granger pointed out that he's becoming worse than a Malfoy. I've seen the bruises, Uncle! Just earlier today at dinner, Luna Lovegood admitted to seeing Longbottom practically rape Harry!" he fumed, afraid and terrified for his friend.

"We will have to do a full-scale investigation, Draco. But I will speak to the headmaster about this."

"Please, Uncle…if I'm right…we need to get him out of that relationship." Draco looked at his uncle, his godfather, and knew his must look terrible from the flinch his uncle gave.

"I will…try, Draco. I can't promise anything."

"That's all I ask… may I sleep here tonight, uncle?"

"Of course."

"Goodnight, Severus.." he muttered, leaving behind a pensive Severus Snape to think.


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