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AN: This story is heavily inspired by a fic I read years ago, called Shadows of the Past. Enjoy!


University of Virginia
May, 1973

The girl was dead. The experiments had gone too far; Bill Damon knew it, and he knew what he had to do.

Within a few days, it was done. The young grad student had reported the incident to the proper authorities. His mind spun with everything that had happened.

At first, the project he'd entered into for his studies had been interesting, exhilarating. He enjoyed learning about these unique people that were reporting hearing voices in their heads. That was, until Lainie Richardson had come in. She was a girl of sixteen who'd come in when she'd begun to hear voices in her head. Tests for schizophrenia had come back negative, so she'd been referred to Professor Kevin Hanson from the science department. He specialized in that kind of phenomena. At first, everything had gone smoothly, and then his experiments had become bizarre, even for Bill.

When Lainie died due to a mishap in the lab, Bill had enough. "Don't even think of telling anyone of this," Hanson had threatened.

"The defendant will please rise," the judge intoned a year later.

Professor Kevin Hanson stood with his attorney.

"Having been found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in the death of Elaine Richardson, you are sentenced to no less than twenty years, and no more than your natural life, at a facility to be determined by the department of corrections." The judge brought down his gavel. "Bailiff, take the defendant into custody."

As he was taken from the courtroom, he glared at Bill. "I'll be back, Damon! And I'll find you!"

Bill shook his head. He was walking out of the courtroom when he was stopped by two official looking men.

"William Damon?" one of them asked.

"Yes," he replied warily.

"I'm General Frank Kellerman, United States Scientific Intelligence. We'd like to talk to you about your former professor's experiments, and what you witnessed…"