It started out as a normal day. Blanche woke up smiling and laughing. She went to put breakfast up but then she saw that her 8-year-old daughter, Janet had already fixed breakfast.

"Darlin, that smell great," Blanche said.

"Thanks momma," Janet said, "I just thought I would fix breakfast today. I'll see to everything too."

"That is very thoughtful Janet," Blanche said hugging her daughter, "I think you earned yourself a trip to the puppet theater today."
Janet loved the puppet theater. They put on all kinds of shows for children and it was always a surprise.

It wasn't ten minutes later that Rebecca got to the table followed by George and Christy. Christy was Blanche's youngest daughter. Blanche was pregnant at the time with her first son and today morning sickness wasn't so bad at all.

"Blanche," George said, "This smells so good. When did you cook this."

"Actually daddy," Janet said, "I made breakfast today and I'm going to see to everything today. You guys had a long night yesterday. I could hear momma throwing up and I heard you up half the night. I know that it was a rough night so I thought I would take care of everything today."

"Thank you sweetheart," George said, "This meal is so good I don't even know where to start."
Rebecca, the oldest said "How about we start by eating some more. Janet you're really talented."

"Thanks Becky," Janet said grinning.

"I'm so full I couldn't eat another bite if I tried," George said, "I'm going to take Christy to Lynn's birthday party."

"Alright," Blanche replied, "I'll see to things-"

"Mamma you weren't feeling well yesterday," Janet said, "You go rest. I'll see to things."
George and Blanche looked at each other a little nervously. Janet was only eight.

"Well alright darlin," Blanche said, "But call us if you need us."

"She'll be fine momma," Rebecca said, "I'll help her out."
George and Blanche smiled.

"That's fine," George said, "Thank you both. You know where everything is Jan?"

"Yes daddy," Janet said laughing a little bit, "It's fine."

"Daddy the party starts in 15 minutes," Christy said.

"Alright honey," George said, "Come along. Girls we'll be home in a couple of hours."

"I'll come too," Blanche said.
George got out the car keys and they kissed Rebecca and Janet goodbye.

"We'll see you in a couple of hours," Blanche said, "and I'll bring pizza for lunch"
The girls loved pizza.