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Chapter 11 – The Way

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Lucy stepped out of Gray's car and crossed her arms over her chest, looking away. "W-Well, thank you for driving me home."

"Don't flatter yourself," he said, rolling his eyes. "You forced me to do this."

"Shut up."

The male singer laughed and was about to drive away when something struck him. He shouted Lucy's name and when he caught her attention, he spoke. "Oh yea, tomorrow we're going to record The Way. Be there around ten o'clock on the dot, alright?"

The blonde sighed and leaned back on the gate of her house, "Yea, yea. I'm never late."

"We'll see about that," Gray mused, leaning back on his chair and smirking. "Farewell, Heartfilia-san."

The woman's lip curled in a snarl as she watched his car disappear from her view. Once he was gone, she heaved a sigh and entered her house, greeting her cat along the way. She sat in the living room and took out her phone, dialing her boyfriend's number.

She bit her lip worriedly. "Please pick up."

After a few rings, Rogue finally answered her call, his voice deep and gentle as he spoke. "Is there something wrong?"

"A-Ah… you didn't happen to see the news… did you?" she asked, her voice trembling. She didn't want her relationship with him to break just because of a petty thing like this. She'd rather die than deceive the world by loving Gray, but she didn't have much of a choice.

She heard Rogue chuckled and for a moment, she was flabbergasted.

"W-Why are you laughing?"

"Yes, I saw it."

"Oh… I—I'm sorry…"

"Lucy, I understand and I'm fine with it. I know you don't like him the way I like you. I bet my cat that Erza just wanted to help you with your career. I didn't think you'd call me about this though."

The blonde sighed in relief, "I wanted to make sure you didn't get the wrong idea… and I don't know how this will help me."

"Just believe in her, Luce. Well, I've got to sleep now. We have to shoot tomorrow around four in the morning and I'm quite tired. I apologize… you must be lonely."

Lucy frowned and felt tears pricking her eyes—she was never one to cry over such a small matter. She felt sad though, and yes, she was definitely feeling desolate. She huffed, "I understand that you're busy but… I do feel lonely."

"I'm really sorry. Don't worry, when this movie is finished, I'll make it up to you, alright?"


"Goodnight, Lucy. I love you."

"I love you too." A smile touched her lips and she resisted the urge to jump in joy.

The following day, Lucy was headed to Fairy Tail Records for the recording of their song. She had asked her manager why they couldn't just go to Stellar Entertainment but the redhead insisted that it was good for a change. Shrugging nonchalantly, she stepped inside the building to find Erza, Jellal and Gray in the lobby. Judging from the bored looks on their faces, she assumed that they arrived far too early and were waiting for her ever since.

She took slow steps towards them, glad to be rid of high heels. Today she sported a simple pink dress and white flats—she didn't want to be flashy or anything and they were the only ones there anyway. As she neared them, she announced, "I'm here!"

Gray, being the first to notice her, raised his head and smirked. "Finally," he mused, "I was starting to wonder whether you were coming or not."

"It's not my fault you guys arrived too early," the blonde said, scoffing. His smirk widened and she frowned, immediately sitting next to Jellal who was trying to calm down a hyperventilating redhead.

Lucy blinked, "What's up with her?"

"It appears that Rogue had a talk with her last night and she got a little… nervous," the bluenette said, seemingly amused.

The singer's eyes widened in disbelief, "Rogue spoke to her? Really?"

"Yea," Jellal said, looking over his shoulder to stare at her, "Why? He didn't tell you?"

"He told me he understood and it was alright…" she mumbled, pursing her lips. She didn't detect any uncertainty from his voice last night, but she was shocked that he was actually concerned about the issue. Her eyes twinkled, "Oh well."

Jellal chuckled, "I bet you're happy that he was worried over this."

"Well… it is kind of sweet."

"Of course it is," he mused. After a while, he stood up, pulling Erza with him, "Alright, let's go to the studio now."

"Okay," Lucy and Gray said simultaneously, briefly glaring at each other before following after the two.

When they reached their destination, they began preparing. Lucy stationed herself at the end of the room, wearing headphones over her ears and doing vocal exercises. Gray, in the meanwhile, pressed one side of the headphones against his ear, nodding his head as he listened to the lyrics.

He smirked, "I like the lyrics. Who made them?"

"She did," Jellal deadpanned, pointing at Erza who grinned in triumph.

Lucy sneered at the black-haired man, "I strongly disagree. I do not, I repeat, do not love the way he makes me feel 'cause he makes me feel sick."

"You wound me, Heartfilia-san," Gray said in feigned hurt.

"I'd be happy to wound you more," Lucy said, smiling innocently at her fellow singer who tsked and wore his headphones.

"Ready whenever you are, Heartfilia-san."

"I'm ready!"

Jellal nodded, "Alright!"

The song started to play and Lucy prepared for the worst. She hated the lyrics to the core, but if she didn't do this, Erza would kill her.

She sucked in a deep breath silently and heard Gray start.

"What we gotta do right here is go back, back to the top."

She closed her eyes and began the chorus, "I love the way you make me feel, I love it, I love it. I love the way you make me feel, I love it. I love it."

"Say, I'm thinking 'bout her every second, every hour. Do my singing in the shower, picking petals off the flower like do she love me, do she love me not? Love me not? I ain't a player, I just play her, I just play her," Gray sang, his voice full of emotion and devotion.

She opened her mouth for her line, "You give me that kind of something, want it all the time, need it every day. On a scale of one to ten I'm at hundred, never get enough, I can't stay away."

Jellal smiled, leaning against the wall as he whispered to Erza, "They're good."

"I couldn't agree more," the redhead said proudly, her lips stretching into a wide smile.

"If you want it, I got it, I got it every day. You can get whatever you need from me. Stay by your side, I'll never leave you. And I ain't going nowhere 'cause you're a keeper. So don't you worry, baby, you got me."

The bluenette then faced Erza again, "Why did you make the lyrics like that?"

"I have my reasons," she said, bemused.

Lucy twitched slightly, "I got a bad boy, I must admit it. You got my heart; don't know how you did it. And I don't care who sees it, babe. I don't wanna hide the way I feel when you're next to me."

Gray watched in sheer amusement as she sang the chorus. Although he was feeling victorious about the song, he was feeling his heart skipping beats too. It was unnerving.

"I love the way you make me feel, I love it, I love it. Baby I love the way; I love the way you make me feel. Oooh, I love the way, I love it, I love it, the way you love me."

Just as she inhaled for another verse, her heart flipped and she could feel her chest squeeze. "Oh, it's crazy you get my heart jumping when you put your lips on mine. And, honey, it ain't a question. 'Cause, boy, I know just what you like."

Gray leaned back on the soles of his foot, a sly smile on his face, "Do you really know what I like?"

"So if you need it, I got it, I got it every day. Be your lover, your friend, you'll find it all in me. Stay by your side, I'll never leave you. Said I ain't going nowhere 'cause you're a keeper," then she sang the chorus all over again, giving her best as her hands swayed with her body.

She could feel Gray's vehement stare boring holes into her side but she ignored him, focusing on the song instead. It wasn't like her to get distracted by someone else, especially when she was recording. It was rather disturbing. When she was finished, she listened for Gray's rap part. She was certain he couldn't do it, but when he did; she couldn't seem to stop herself from smiling.

"Uh, I make you feel so fine, make you feel so fine. I hope you hit me on my celly when I sneak in your mind. You're a princess to the public, but a freak when it's time."

Might she mention that she was deeply offended by the last line?

"Said your bed be feeling lonely, so you're sleeping in mine—"

"Hell no!" her mind screamed.

"—Come and watch a movie with me, "American Beauty" or "Bruce Almighty" that's groovy," he opened one eye and caught Lucy staring. She blushed and he inwardly chuckled, closing his eyes again.

"Just come and move closer to me. I got some feelings for you, I'm not gonna get bored of. But, baby, you're an adventure so let me come and explore ya," he ended huskily, grinning at the blonde who flushed as she sang the next bit.

Jellal laughed quietly, "Looks like the song's gonna be a hit."

"I love the way you make me feel."

Erza nodded and folded her arms across her chest, "Of course!"

"I love the way, the way I love you."

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