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Cap 2 - There's no place to hide

Hermione knew that voice; she had heard that voice for years. She turns around to look to the face of one of her closest friends until the moment that she had run away from him, from them.

'Hi, Harry' she said softly. 'How are you?' she asked uncertain.

'You disappear for a hole year and all you say is "How are you?", you left me, left all of us' grumble Ron, waving his hands showing all their friends and member of the Order behind them.

'Ron, stop that!' told Harry clearly seeing that this was not the way to gain Hermione back to them. 'Don't scare her like this ok? I've lost her for 12 months and I'm not going to lose her again, because you can't close your mouth' hissed Harry.

'Hi Ron' she said as he hadn't shout at her.

Ron had the disturbed feeling of seeing a replicate of Luna Lovegood, those same misty eyes, almost empty.

'Stop that this instant girl, unless you want us to believe you've been imperioulised!' said McGonagall quite angry with Hermione, she sigh and look to her watch.

'Look, I would love to continue this lovingly meting but I have things to take care.' Her voice resonating through, the now empty, room. Dropping the act of a brainless girl and showing she was not a little girl anymore.

'What happen to you?' asked Lupin taken back by the savageness of her voice.

'I grow up.' She answered clear and brutally. 'Look, I'm sure you'll want to ask me question, but right now' she looked to her watch again 'I really have to go. Met me in the Daisy's Catacomb, it's a restaurant in the 7th halt in Diagon Alley, 10pm sharp' said, looking extremely tired.

Before anyone could react she was gone.

'I guess we all have dinner plans than.' said Harry more than just a little puzzle.

Hermione closed behind her the door. She already wanted to leave the idea of having dinner with anyone besides the ones inside her house. All she wanted was turn around and enter home, felling safe and loved again.

Stepping aside from the front gate she started walking toward Diagon Alley, which was just a 10 min walk, since she lived in the hearth of London, closed by. Her mind started to drift thinking about the time when everything was black and white, when problems could be solved running to daddy, when she could have her mother cuddle brushing her finger through her hair and everything would seem just fine, just safe.

Harry Potter was the only one who seemed not wanting to punch the wall, everyone else was extremely angry. He didn't thought they were angry with Hermione, more likely angry with themselves, for not knowing why she came back, why was she defending Him, why they didn't fought harder for her, why didn't they looked closer. He was feeling this too, but he knew, he didn't know how, but deep inside, he knew that there was more than what met the eye, there was something that he wouldn't like to know but eventually would.

But not tonight.

Minerva McGonagall was concerned with the way her former student was acting, the sweet and bookish girl she knew was gone and in her place was a woman who could look like a ditsy gal in one moment and in a heartbeat as cold and controlled as an young lady of the best aristocratic romance novels itching to get her hands in an old rich man. She asked herself if it was something they did and if it was reversible.

Daisy's Catacomb was a small restaurant, it had a dark and stony facade with two walnuts wooden windows each side of a dark red door which let through a small range of light while been ajar, and the sound of voices, cheers, laughs field their ears. The first one to step up and start walking to the door was Harry, and he had the slidest sensation that he wouldn't like very much this conversation.

The small facade of the restaurant does justice for the word "Wizard" because, they were all welcomed by a smiling woman in her late forties in a huge and comfortable room full with tables covered with golden towels that shimmered just like liquid gold. The ceiling was charmed just like Hogward's and every customer could see the bright sky, with the candles in the tables and floating in the air, it didn't had the atmosphere they expect, quite the opposite, it was a place to came with your loved ones, to share a piece of heaven.

'Hello my name is Margaret how can I help you?' said the woman with a gentle smile.

'Hi, we are here to meet someone...' said Harry, looking around noticing no one stepping up... again.

'Sure dear, maybe he already booked a table? What's his name?' said the woman.

Harry didn't know why this woman supposed it was a man, why not a woman, as it was the case? Sometimes he thought the wizard world was too sexist for his taste. Why a woman couldn't meet a group of people by herself? Why couldn't she come by herself? He did know a lot of brilliant women, some were here with him right now, and other died fighting just as bravely as any men.

Little did he know.

'Her name is Hermione, Hermione Granger.' That time who spoke was Ron, and everyone in their little group could see the smiling expression turning in a reserved one, almost distant.

'Of course, this way, please.' that was all that she said while turning around and walking through the room entering another red door. They all starting walking, following her, they passed what seemed to be the kitchen, surprisingly with a big and tall man, with a ridiculously small white apron on top of his matching white pants and shirt.

'Benny, they are here!' the woman said while passing. And the man, with the unsuitable nickname, come the door incredibly fast for his size, thought Ron.

'Ok' that was all he said, and didn't need much, just stood there looking everyone who passed in the eye.

Just after turning the corner and losing side of the giant man Tonks choose to speak. 'Isn't that?'

'Yes' answered McGonagall.

'But he wasn't?' she asked again, becoming more confuse by the second.

'Yes' was again McGonagall's answer

'But how is it possible?' now, everyone was taken back, yes, McGonagall was a woman of few words, but not so few. Something was up and again in his life Harry didn't know what it was. And that didn't settle well with him.

'What is going on?' he asked what was in Ron's mind, actually not in Ron's mind but also in everyone that didn't work or worked in the Ministry's mind.

'Benny was supposed to be dead. Killed by Voldemort himself. Just like me.' was the answer of the woman, Margaret, if his memory was in shape.

'So, how is that you are not dead?' asked Ron. Harry must admit, sometimes Ron was clueless but God, how he loved his clueless friend, he didn't beat around the bush, that for sure.

'Here we are' she said while opening a small door, which leads to a small room with a big red round table, in the moment occupied by two people and many, many papers. Ron has never thought that some many papers could possibly exist.

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