Sorry for this long AN, but I just want to answer some questions before they are asked ;p

In this story the Hatter and Jack (etc.) in Alice were slightly younger. When he followed Alice his name is Connor not David, and their relationship becomes more like that of siblings.

Hatter/Connor is half Wonderlander, half Oyster. He has been going between the two worlds in secret his whole life. His mother's maiden name is Temple and lives in Blackburn, England. His father was the previous Hatter (obviously).

Back story: Connor stayed with Alice for a bit then moved back to England to be with his mother. He keeps in touch with all the rescued Oysters and Alice. He went to University and now works at the ARC.

Set Post-Alice, 2009 and some point in Primeval (I'll have figured it out by the next chapter(hopefully)).

WARNING: this will be SLASH and may contain violent images in later chapters.


It's very late at night or very early in the morning. Half a dozen Suits stand along a dark corridor in a penthouse apartment. There are no lights on anywhere, but there is a glow coming from an open door. In the room at the end of the corridor is a desk with many monitors from cameras. There is no sound.

Sitting in the shadows, a young man is watching another young man on a screen. Nothing is happening to either man. In fact it seems rather boring. But the young man in the suit stares, barely blinking.

He leans further into the light. The young man has on a sharp, fitted red suit with white and black accents, short blond hair and gray eyes. His name is Jack Heart, King of Wonderland. And he has been searching for something he believes to belong to him. And now he has finally found it.

Jack had left his home world behind to track him down. Travelling from America to England in the Oyster fashion.

He refused to return empty handed. In fact he couldn't, a ring he had given to him was their ticket back. Failure in this mission was not an option.

The man Jack is watching is sitting at his own station working. The current camera only shows the back of his head, but from previous visuals Jack knows what he looks like. Messy dark hair, deep chestnut eyes, a habit of wearing fingerless gloves and hats all the time. Scarves and waistcoats, worn with different T-shirts. A rather unique lad with an individual sense of fashion.

Suddenly the young man on the screen looked up from what he was doing and checked to see if anyone was watching what he was doing. Nobody was. He left his station and headed off screen. But this wasn't the only camera Jack had on him. He followed his progress through corridors and into the gym. Saw him take off his scarf and jacket, but leaving on his hat and fingerless gloves. He walked over towards a punching bag, giving one last check to see if anyone was around, drew back his right fist and aimed.

The punching bag came off worse between the two.

"See you soon, Hatter."


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