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Set Post-Alice, 2009 and in Primeval Post-Series 3 Episode 2.

At the end of Series 2 it was Helen that decided to sacrifice herself (one last good deed to save the men she loved). The 1st 2 Episodes of Series 3 are the same but with Stephan in them as well and at the end of Episode 2 Danny joins them. Ignore the Artefact and Christine Johnson. Basically this is set an alternate 3rd Series.

ARC Team:
Connor TempleHatter; Abby Maitland; James Lester; Prof. Nick Cutter; Cpt. Hilary Becker; Stephan Hart; Jenny Lewis; Dr Sarah Page; Danny Quinn. I know it's a lot ;p

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Connor had just finished working on his 'Sledgehammer' and hiding any evidence of the fact when Abby came into the gym looking for him. She seemed surprised to see Connor in this area of the ARC, but then again, she didn't know as much about him as she thought she did.

"What are you doing in here?"

"Oh, just thought I'd erm... check out the facilities. You know, get myself in shape."

Connor gave her his classic cheeky, chipmunk grin with dimples as he lightly nudged the new punching bag. Attempting to look as innocent and dorky as possible, he only half succeeded.

Abby gave him a very sceptical look and thought to herself, 'Since when had Connor been interested in working out? Unless it was another shot to try and get with me.'

"Well I just came to get you as we have another one of those boring meetings with Lester."

"Well we wouldn't want to keep them all waiting now, would we?" Connor said as he hurried them out of the gym. He looked back and saw that he hadn't hidden the damaged punching bag as well as he had thought, at least Abby had not noticed it though.


Massive mirrors completely fill one wall inside a large spacious room. They start the shake. The lights flicker. A metal stool begins to slide across the floor towards the mirrors.

A weak Anomaly appears. It is actually inside of one of the mirrors. It slowly pulses, gradually gaining in strength. Just as it seems to stabilise the mirror ripples and the Anomaly vanishes from sight.

A blue/grey claw reaches out through the mirror. The rest of the body swiftly follows behind. It knocks the stool away, hits a light and scratches the floor, leaving huge gashes in it.

All of the noise had attracted the attention of the cleaner. She opened the door to check inside. And quickly shuts it again. She is screaming her voice raw as she runs away from the creature that had just appeared from nowhere.


The alarm goes off. Special Forces soldiers and Becker assemble at the Anomaly detector along with Connor, Abby, Danny, Jenny, Stephan, Nick, and Sarah. Lester watches them from up above.

"Well, what are you waiting for? A written invitation?"

They all loaded into the cars and set off towards the Anomaly site, Connor, Abby, Danny and Stephan in one, the rest in the other.

"The police have received a call from the cleaner at the 'Quadrille Dance Studio', she described the creature as a great staring boggled-eyed monster, almost like a huge blue dragon. It had small scraggly wings and large front teeth, like tusks."

"Any ideas, Connor?"

Connor shifted uncomfortably in his seat, he had an idea about what the creature could be but kept it to himself. Bringing up his laptop to uselessly check his database and avoiding eye contact with everyone else in the car. He typed in the description, knowing that it was pointless and waited for the results. His laptop beeped at him letting him know that it had finished, '!No Results Found!'

Connor looked up to see everybody watching him closely, anticipating his answer. "I have no idea. There's no record of any creature like that ever existing during any era."

Everyone was extremely surprised by his answer; it wasn't often that they came across a completely unknown creature. And this led them towards the conclusion that it had to have come through a future Anomaly, which was never a good thing.


The cars pulled up outside of the 'Quadrille Dance Studio' and each person started unpacking the necessary equipment.

"Everyone keep sharp. We have no idea what this creature is or what can do." Stephan announced to everyone before they started to enter the building.

The Special Forces started preparing their weapons, along with Becker, Danny and Stephan.

"Try to capture the creature alive if you can, don't kill it unless you have no other option." Cutter added. They also grabbed some tranquilisers as an afterthought.

They raced towards the ballet studio, which had the creature trapped inside. As soon as they opened the door though the creature turned to face towards them and gave a burbling screech. It was exactly as the cleaner had described it.

The SF slowly entered with the team and shut the door behind them. They spread about the room keeping their sights on it. Looking towards Becker awaiting his signals, he flicked his wrist and some of the soldiers fired upon the creature.

The bullets bounced off of its skin and now the creature was becoming extremely upset, creating a lot of noise and starting to back into a corner whilst swing it's head and neck towards the soldiers and team.

The next group of SF loaded their tranquiliser guns and once again looked towards Becker for the signal. It came and they fired. Once again they were unsuccessful.

Realising that they shouldn't waste anymore bullets of tranquiliser darts on more assaults Danny took it upon himself to grab a dart off the floor where it had fallen and edge around the room to behind the creature. The others, realising what he was attempting to do, begin to attract the creature's attention onto them so it would not realise what was going on. The plan was working when it became fixated upon Connor. It started to head towards him and was seemingly just about to attack when it fell to the floor unconscious.

Danny was stood behind it and Connor looked to him gratefully, giving him a dimpled grin. Danny walked up to him and squeezed the top of his arms, "are you alright?"

"Fine, thanks to you."

Danny gave his arms another squeeze then walked over to the creature to check it was fully under.

The job had now begun of seeing if there was an Anomaly for them to keep an eye on. Some of the SF left to look if the Anomaly was anywhere else in the building and to apprise Lester of the situation. The rest of the team stayed in the ballet studio looking for the magnetic field.

They were unproductive for a while and all of them had assumed it had closed when.

"I think I've found your Anomaly."

Everyone turned to look. Stephan picked up the metal stool by the mirror and let go. It flew towards the mirror and stuck to it. He pressed his hand against the mirror and it started to ripple, the Anomaly appeared for a few seconds then faded away again. The stool was slowly staring to slide down to the ground as the rest of the team approached.

"It's inside the mirror. How is this possible?"

No one noticed Connor's face paling at the possible implications, both a Jabberwock and an Anomaly appearing inside a mirror, he grabbed at the ring hanging from the cord around his neck.

Cutter and Abby approached and also but their hands on the mirror. The Anomaly once again flared up but this time it was very visibly weaker, it was obvious going to close shortly. They set about securing the creature and checking on the Anomaly waiting for it to close. Once done they called for some to come and help them get the creature out of there.

They loaded the creature onto the truck they had brought with them, just in case, and headed back to the ARC. No one noted how quiet, pale and sickly looking Connor was on the way back.


Arriving back at the ARC a team quickly took the creature towards the holding cells whilst the rest set about trying to determine what it could possibly be. Abby set off to make sure that the creature was being taken care of properly whilst the rest of them gathered around photos they had taken of both it and the Anomaly.

"I'm sure I've seen this creature before, I just can't remember where." Danny said.

"Well when you do let us know." Cutter remarked.

Sarah was looking through all mythological creatures that existed. Connor had made a special database filled with them just for her. But she was still coming up with nothing. The closest things were dragons but they did not quite fit this creature's description.

Danny walked away from the main group towards his desk to think about where he good possibly have seen that creature before in peace.

Abby came back to add to the discussion, talking about the creature's biology and behaviour. Cutter and Stephan were debating over whether the creature could have come from a future Anomaly, or if it had been lost in time somewhere, so they had no record of it.

Connor had backed away and disappeared.


Whilst everyone else was distracted with trying to determine what the creature could possibly be, Connor had slipped away and headed towards the holding cells. The poor Jabberwock was still a bit dozy from the tranquilizers. It struggled to its feet and wobbled. It looked in Connor's direction and observed him approach the cell.

"Hey boy, I'm sorry you had to get trapped here. I don't think we'll ever be able to get you home again. I'm so sorry."

Connor placed his hand on barrier as the Jabberwock started to head butt it, the unfortunate creature burbled and walked around its cell as it very slowly started to realise that there was no way out.

"I know how you feel, I miss home sometimes too. I'll try and make this place a Wonderland for you, even if I can't return you to the original."

Connor sat down and watched the Jabberwock for a while. Just reminiscing about his adventures; smuggling for the resistance and bringing down the Queen of Hearts with Alice. He really should give her a call soon, just to let her know how he was doing.


Danny was sitting at his desk looking at photos of his little brother when he suddenly realised something. He knew exactly where he had seen that creature before. Danny jumped and ran to where everyone else was hanging around to tell them what the creature was.

"I've just realised where I've seen this creature before, I used to read it to my little brother. It's a Jabberwock," Danny looked around and saw some of the team had blank faces, "you know from the poem in Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There.

"Beware the Jabberwock, my son
The jaws that bite, the claws that catch!
The Jabberwock, with eyes of flame,
Came whiffling through the tulgey wood,
And burbled as it came!

Come on, you must have read it at some point in your life."

"If that's true, then that would explain the Anomaly opening inside a mirror." Cutter said, "a world from a story book could have different rules then ours."

"It also explains why there is no mention of a creature like this in mythology either." Sarah added.

Lester got up from his chair and started walking around the table. "If we accept that Wonderland is real, then would it be possible for there to be more Anomalies opening up to it and fantastical creatures coming through or people. We need to know if this is just a one off or if this is going to become a reoccurring thing. Are we now going to fight Daleks from Doctor Who?"

Connor had just walked back into the room from visiting the Jabberwock and heard the last statement.

"Why would we fight Daleks? Have you found out what the creature is?"

"Yeah, we believe, well, Danny believes it's a Jabberwocky from Wonderland."

"I think it's actually one Jabberwock and many Jabberwocky." Connor absentmindedly said as he headed over to his work station.

"Connor," Stephan called, "you know conspiracies, right? Well maybe you've heard of one about a bunch of people that disappeared and when they returned home they all had weird green tattoos and were talking about Wonderland, Alice and the Mad Hatter."

Connor looked over to them to see them all watching him. Lester stepped up again, "So this has happened before."

"I think it was mainly in America and England."

"I remember now, the Oysters. To the government they just sounded like a new craze, something to do with drugs or fake alien abductions."

"How come you haven't heard of this conspiracy theory, Connor? Seems right up your alley."

"Guess I must have overlooked it. I don't follow every theory, you know."


"We've put the Sleep in, your highness."

"Thank you, Wabbit."

Jack turned back to the screens and watched the team as they worked.


It was late at night and only the core ARC team were still hanging around. They were attempting to verify Danny's theory, but there was very little they could actually do. Abby went off to make everyone a cup of tea and Danny and Jenny helped to hand them out.

Danny walked over to where Connor was working and handed him a cup of tea whilst he drank some of his own.

"Thanks, Danny."

"You're welcome, Connor."

Connor took a sip. "It taste a bit funny. Did someone add something to it?"

"Abby made it, maybe she decided to experiment."

Suddenly behind them Abby fell to the floor, Danny and Becker ran over and also plummet to the floor.

Slowly around the ARC everyone else also fell to the floor. Stephan started to check on some when he too collapsed. The last person standing was Connor and he realised that someone had obviously drugged them. He began to walk over to check on Danny when he stumbled to his knees. He recognised this feeling, Sleep. That wasn't possible, who could have access to it?

The last thing Connor saw before he full succumbed was a man walking over to him with blond hair and a red suit before he was lost to the Tea.


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Also for those of you curious, the reason that the Jabberwock is able to be here is because time is fluid. The Jabberwock left Wonderland many years ago, but only just entered the Oyster realm. We saw in Alice that you could spend days in one and the other no time will pass at all, same thing.