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Connor slowly blinked his eyes open, lifted his head up and looked around. Everyone else was on the floor in the centre of the ARC and securely tied up. He himself though was tied to his chair facing them instead. He also felt that his right hand was tied even tighter; it was actually starting to hurt and stop the circulation.

"Wake up. Guys, WAKE UP!"

The others started to wake up, and test their bindings. Abby, who was opposite Connor, looked at him in confusion. She tried to reach up to her pounding head and was stopped by her tied hands. The last thing that any of them remembered was drinking a cup of either tea or coffee.

Connor suddenly realised what had happened and why he was being singled out. It had to be someone that knew him from his previous life. There were too many coincidences for it to be anything else. First the Jabberwock appearing, the Anomaly being inside of the mirror, drinking tea that made them sleep and now his being tied up away from everyone else and his 'Sledgehammer' being extra secure.

"Ugh, what happened?" Danny asked as he looked at their situation.

"We must have been drugged, somehow." Stephan suggested.

"Someone must like you Connor." Abby said, staring at him. Everyone else also turned to look as well.

"Why would you say that?" he answered, acting as if he did not have an idea.

"Isn't it obvious? You get a nice comfy chair whilst the rest of us get stuck with the cold floor. Plus someone's messed up your hair, put your hat on you and put eyeliner on… Maybe they don't like you after all, your eyes look a little red and sore."

"What?" Connor suddenly realised that whoever had them must have rubbed off the makeup around his eyes and everything else to make him look like he naturally does. He was not going to correct her though.

Becker, Stephan and Danny started to work on their binding to try and free themselves and quickly found it was a nigh impossible task. Thankfully Becker had a dagger hidden on him that he used to start working on their bindings.


Unbeknownst to them, someone had been watching the whole exchange. They stepped out of the shadows and walked up behind Connor. The group on the floor watched as he approached and were about to say something when he put his fingers to his lips to signify that they should remain quiet.

Behind him followed a group of men in suits with guns, kind of like gangsters, that started the spread out behind him.

Once he reached Connor he placed his hands on his shoulders.

"Hello, Connor."

Connor had frozen when the hands had been put on his shoulders and squeezed. Now he knew who had used Tea to drug them all. King Jack Heart of Wonderland, this was not good.

"Aren't you going to say hello to an old friend, Connor?"

He walked around to now stand in front of him. Jack grabbed Connor's chin and forced him to look up.

"I was very upset when you decided to leave me, Connor. I almost didn't get through before it completely shut down."

"You mean you're stuck here?"

"For the time being. But you're going to send us all home, Connor."

"Excuse me?" Jack turned his head to look at who had addressed him. It was the man in a pinstriped suit and purple tie. "What do you want with us? And how do you know Mr. Temple?"

"And what is with the emphasis on his name?" Becker chipped in.

Jack fully turned around and headed towards the group, he looked down on Lester. "You must be James Lester, the Government man. To answer your questions, I want nothing from any of you, only Connor. Secondly, I know Mr. Temple from back home, we were close." A snort of derision came from behind him. "And finally, back home he is called by a different name."

"So who are you anyway?" Cutter but in, "and why have you tied us up?"

"Forgive me for not introducing myself, where are my manners? My name is King Jack Heart, of Wonderland."

"Wonderland? The Jabberwock." Cutter realised.

"Yes we are from the same world. Me, the Jabberwock, my men… and Connor."

"Connor? You're not..."

Everyone turned their head to look at Connor. He was trying to hide from all the attention. But since he was tied to a chair directly in front of them he couldn't escape from his secret being revealed.

"No, I'm not pure human I guess. My father was a Wonderlander and my mother, well, we call you lot Oysters. So I'm half Oyster, half Wonderlander."

"HOW COULD YOU KEEP THIS FROM US?!" Abby screamed at him and started kneeling up.

The Suits all started cocking their guns and one walked over and pushed her back down to the floor. Jack grabbed Connor's face again and made him look him in the eye as he leant down right into Connor's face so he could feel Jack's breath on his cheeks.

"Now I'm going to untie you Connor and you better not try anything otherwise." He turned Connor's face as one of the Suits cocked their gun and aimed at Abby, "You get the idea."

Jack slowly untied Connor from the chair and turned the chair towards one of the ARCs walls. "Now punch the wall."

"No! That will break his hand." Sarah tried to tell them in panic.

"You're sure? Well let's see. Do it, Connor."

Connor had no choice; he slowly got up out of his chair and walked between some of the Suits over to the nearest wall. He looked back at his friends and saw their concern for him, then looked over to Jack and saw his smug anxious face. The suits were getting twitchy so he pulled his arm back and hit the wall.

Abby screamed when the wall was hit and the ARC team were all expecting to hear Connor's cries of pain and were surprised when they looked over to see Connor merely wiping some dust off his hand and looking resigned whilst the wall had had a sizable chunk taken out of it.

He turned round to face his friends and see their expressions. There were faces full of fear, nervousness, intrigue, relief, curiosity and many more. Altogether it could have been much, much worse.

As he turned and walked back towards the group they noticed that something was different now. His walk was a bit more of a saunter and he seemed much more confident in himself as well.

"Well since everyone here now knows the truth, let's get down to business."

"What business? I haven't worked for the Heart family for a very long time."

"Exactly what I said earlier, you're going to build a Looking Glass. And then we are going home to Wonderland. This little team of yours can handle this world without you."

"Well what if we don't want to." Becker kept an eye on the Suits as he slowly knelt up. "Connor is part of our group and we aren't going to give him up without a fight."

As he started standing up, carefully keeping his hands hidden behind him, Stephan and Danny joined him. They suddenly leapt at the Suits closest to them and tackled them for their guns. Connor started fighting the Suits that were closing in on him. They kept their distance though when they realised exactly who it was they were fighting.

Jack had had enough of this. He grabbed a gun from one of the Suits and fired it into the ceiling then grabbed Sarah and held the gun to her head.

"Enough!" everyone had stopped fighting and turned to face him, "Put the guns down and there won't be any casualties."

As soon as Becker, Stephan and Danny had dropped their weapons the Suits swarmed them and pinned them to the floor. Connor lifted his hand high into the air and took a step back as Jack walked calmly towards him.

"I have been through a lot Connor."

They kept backing up until Connor fell into his chair.

"And you are going to get us home, NOW! Before I think my mother had the right idea."

"Okay, but it might take me a little while. To build a stable portal between two worlds is really complicated. I don't think it's been attempted since the first Looking Glass was created."

"You are a smart person, Connor. If anyone can work it out it will be you." He let go of Sarah and let a Suit take her back to the main group. "Besides there's someone else here I'm sure you're simply dying to see again."

He gestured towards the doors as a young man with white hair and red eyes walked through them. He wore a light grey waistcoat over a dark grey T-shirt and cream trousers. There was also a pocket watch attached to the waistcoat.

"Hello Wabbit."

"Hello Connor."

"Wabbit here is going to be helping you."

"You mean keeping an eye on me."

"Of course. Now why don't you get started?"

Jack and half of the Suits walked out and left the ARC team and Wabbit with the rest. They heard the doors locking them all inside.

"So what do we do now?" Abby asked Connor, looking around nervously at the remaining Suits.

"Now I start working out how to get back to Wonderland."

Connor wheeled his chair back over to his desk and started imputing what he knew. The rest of the ARC team followed him and tried to suggest ideas.

Wabbit leant against the wall as he watched the gang get to work.


Several hours later Connor was almost asleep whilst Sarah and Lester were asleep on the floor. The rest of the team were also on they're way. The door suddenly banged open jolting them all into full wakefulness.

"I hope you've made some progress."

"I think so, but I'm missing some important data."

"Well this might help you." Jack reached into his pocket and pulled something out. He threw it to Connor.

He looked into his hand and saw the Wonderland Stone ring box. "Of course." He reached for the string around his neck and pulled out the ring that was on the end. The team had seen this ring on Connor's neck before, but had never paid close attention to it. They now saw it was a gold and silver ring with a bluish diamond in it, green snakes surrounding the stone and numbers around the band. It was beautiful.

"I think you've worked long enough today, you can continue tomorrow."

They were ushered down a corridor into a dark empty office. They were pushed in and a Suit broke a light switch to keep them in darkness.

"Hope you have a comfortable night."

They heard the doors lock click from the outside.


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