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(Reborn is also in his original form)



I tried and tried and TRIED. But no matter how many times I tried, I failed. I give up, I won't try to escape from paperwork. I'll just sit down and do whatever I can to maintain peace in my mind. For some reason, nowadays, I find walls interesting to look at, since it's peaceful.

(Line Break)

"Something's not right. Tsuna's not doing anything but signing papers." Yamamoto sweatdropped, the thought of his boss not trying to do anything to stop signing was kind of... unusual and disturbing.

"Maybe he finally gave up?" Lambo suggested which made everyone answer with a "Naaah." Since everytime their boss wasn't doing anything but signing, something always happens.

"The tenth doesn't give up that easily." Gokudera said suspiciously, which made them remember something again. Their boss once told them that he was going to give up, making them believe him. How stupid they were to believe him that easily. He pretended to be some kind of romantic guy who used the curtain as a rope to get down from the window. The curtain thought that this romantic man was too heavy, and broke up with him right away, making him fall. Yes, he made a very grand land, resulting to temporary sprain.

"You're just being paranoid." Mukuro said bluntly, though the guardians doubted him since they saw sweat trinkling down his cheek. Reminding them of what their boss did again. He told them they were being paranoid, they told them he was going to prepare some snacks since he's bored. They let him, little did they know that this boss of theirs invited Bianchi to the kitchen. Offering them a very delicious looking cookie, which they accepted for they do not know who on earth really backed it, resulted in mixed diarrhea and constipation. T'was a good thing Hibari ate his own snack, he was the only one not poisoned. So Hibari bit the omnivore to death, making the other guardians wince not only in the sight they see, but in pain too.

"Mukuro-sama, are you sure? About that?" Chrome approached Mukuro, seeing the illusionist doubt himself.

"I EXTREMELY think that Sawada EXTREMELY gave up TO THE EXTREME." Ryohei said, earning absolute doubts. There was a reason for not believing him. Since he was once part of their boss' plans to escape from paperwork. Oh, how stupid they were to believe Ryohei back then. They weren't so sure anymore, they don't know what kind of danger will befall them or what danger their boss would fall in.

"Stupid Herbivores. Stop doing that herbivorous sulking. He's not planning anything." Hibari hissed, suddenly, relieved faces appeared in everyone's face. Hearing their violent cloud guardian actually tell them this, oh how relieved they are. Hibari had intuition by his side today.

"What're you doing? You havin' a meeting without me? What's it about?" Brown hair popped out of the door, a certain someone who had a bath towel around his neck wearing casual clothes was peeping.


This is what tackled the minds of the guardians. Why on earth was their boss wearing casual clothing instead of his suit? Why on earth was he out of his offi- OH SHOOT HE'S OUT OF HIS OFFICE. Damn it.

Yes, you all are right, they are TOO paranoid.

"We were talking about your birthday." Mukuro stated.

"My birthday? It's still next month."

"What are you doing here omnivore? Shouldn't you be doing your work? Get back in there." Hibari glared then brought his tonfas out of his sleeves.

"Whoah! Whoah! Chill Hibari! I know I did a lot of cruel stuff to you, like... trying to escape from my paperwork and stuff, but I GIVE UP. Okay? I really give up, now please allow me to go an a picnic with my girlfriend with my CASUAL clothing okay? I only have 20 minutes left to spare, i'll be away for an hour, and please DON'T DO ANYTHING. ANYTHING THAT WOULD GIVE ME MORE PAPERWORK. Besides, Reborn let me, it's just an hour anyway. Oh well, got to go, I don't want to keep her waiting."

With that said, Tsuna left, leaving a whole stupified group. Oh, if you saw their faces right now you would be bursting in to laughter.

"Chaos." a tall man with a fedora was sitting down sipping on his coffee.

"Reborn-san!" Gokudera enthusiastically called on to his name about to ask him where he was from and where on earth he got that coffee from.

"I don't remember letting Tsuna have a day off." Reborn said flatly.


This time, saying it out loud. Their boss escaped once again, everyone thought he was innocent but NOOO, he wasn't, he was just trying to dump his paperwork on them, how irritating. They quickly got off their seats and headed to their rooms, to pick a perfect camouflage. "We're going to destroy his date." the guardian's minds were one.

"Paranoid Idiots." Reborn smirked, leaving the meeting room, oh how amusing this day would be, I wonder how many stacks of paperwork would be added. With that on mind, the man with the fedora hopped happily around the Vongola HQ.

"Ah! Tsuna-kun!" a woman with orange hair named Kyoko waved at the brunette running towards her.

"Yo! Kyoko" this time the brunette named Tsuna waved back.

"Sorry, Kyoko did I keep you waiting?" Tsuna said innocently with his smooth, and deep voice. This made Kyoko blush, oh how she wished that Tsuna wasn't busy all the time. "N-no... I just got here too actually." Kyoko replied gripping the basket harder.

"Oh well, lets set up the blanket over there, we can have a better view at the sky there, the breeze would be able to reach us there too." Tsuna pointed to a direction, Kyoko wasn't really paying any attention, she was just staring at Tsuna's handsome face.

"Kyoko-chan?" Kyoko snapped out of her dazing and went on to the direction Tsuna pointed, she put the blanket out and then the cakes.

"Wow! Where did you get these cakes? I tried looking for ones before but didn't find anything."

"I bought it near the Shabu-shabu restaurant, they had different kinds of cakes there!" Kyoko said happily while eating the cake together with Tsuna. She wished that Tsuna didn't have to be busy all the time, she wished that Tsuna was always by her side.

"Say Kyoko-chan, how about you transfer to the Vongola Mansion? Me and Ryohei-nii is really lonely when you were not there." Kyoko's eyes shined like a star, she could finally be with Tsuna all the time, she could finally see his face everyday.

"YES! YES!" Kyoko jumped in excitement, making Tsuna chuckle at the scene. He smiled brightly at the tomato Kyoko. "I need to go to the bathroom, wait for me 'kay? There's a public bathroom nearby." Kyoko nodded and Tsuna returned it with another one of his bishie smiles. He then exited from Kyoko's vision. Kyoko sighed, once again completely lonely.

"Yo! Kyoko-chan!" Kyoko looked at the direction she heard the sound, she saw Bianchi in goggles and Gokudera with one of his casual clothes. Kyoko waved in greeting. Gokudera and Bianchi sat down.

"So what're you doing here?" Gokudera and Bianchi ignored that question and looked at the cake that had a bite on it. "Is this Tsuna's?" Bianchi asked earning a nod. She then touched the icing of the cake, and put some in her mouth. "This tastes good!" Bianchi and Gokudera stood up and waved good bye immediately leaving an incredibly confused Kyoko.

"I'm baaack~~~" Kyoko was again smiled at Tsuna who sat down and continued eating his cake. She observed Tsuna with her eyes. Tsuna had brown calm eyes and gravity defying hair, he was wearing a long sleeve checkered polo and slacks. His sleeves were folded exposing his pale skin, oh he had quite some muscles too. His cheeks were pinkish and plumpy and his chin was a bit small. He also ha- "Kyoko-chan? Is there something on my face?" Kyoko snapped out of her thoughts and quickly shook her head, earning one of the amazing prince-like smiles from Tsuna. Kyoko would definitely love this day.


An hour has passed and there was no more food left in the basket.

"Yeah! I'm full!" Tsuna tapped his stomach, Kyoko was already placing the plates in the basket, she was about to wave good bye when... "Wait, you're going to stay over at the mansion right?" Kyoko forgot, she blushed violently, how could she forget such a thing! "Oh well, i'll go help you pack your things up."...

Le Wild 10 years younger Lambo and I-pin Appears


"Lambo bad kid!"


First of all, what on earth are they doing he- OH MY GOODNESS THEY COULDN'T HAVE DESTROYED THE HQ!
Second, I told them to keep an eye on Lambo and I-pin unless the- OH MY GOODNESS, GOKUDERA AND THE OTHERS COULDN'T HAVE BEEN SHOT WITH THE TEN YEAR BAZOOKA TOO!
Third, Why are they outside, at the exact place where I had my picnic? This can't be coincidence... OH MY GOODNESS, DID THEY PLAN TO DESTROY MY DATE!

Tsuna's intuition was killing him, he didn't want that to happen, he really really didn't want that to happen. Now Lambo is throwing grenades everywhere and I-pin is using anything she finds to blo- WAIT WHAT! GRENADES! OH NO! IT'S GOING TO ADD TO MY PAPERWORK!

"Oi! Don't bother the tenth! I'll blow you away!"

"Shut up STUPIDERA!"

"Maa~ Maa~ Calm Down Gokudera!"

"For making a ruckus I will all bite you to death."

"Kufufufu, shall I join in the fun?"

"Mukuro-sama, I don't think that's going to help."



This can't be happening, this can't be happening, this can't be happening, this can't be happening. Oh dear God, do you hate me that much? They're destroying the city, the younger versions of my guardians... Gokudera's blowing away the buildings... Yamamoto is trying to calm them down... Lambo is also bombing the buildings... Ipin is destroying lamp posts... Hibari is destroying half the city... Mukuro is destroying the other half... Ryohei is destroying the streets... JUST BECAUSE OF FIGHTING. Looks like only Chrome wouldn't get punishment.


This was going to add more stacks than what Tsuna imagined, he's going to be stuck for a month just writing and writing and writing without stopping. Tsuna's life is a me- OH MY GOODNESS, THIS IS HAPPENING IN FRONT OF KYOKO-CHAN! Oh, just kill me already, I don't want this to continue.


A laughing group appeared after the pink smoke cleared. Tsuna's eyes widened, why the hell were they laughing?

"HAHAHAH! Tsuna-nii thought he could escape from the paperwork and dump it on Gokudera!"

"Oh no! The noodles for uncle Kawahira!"

"Wait, what do you mean by 'Dump Paperwork on Gokudera'?" Tsuna was really confused, he could remember promising that he would do it after an hour.

"What do you mean Tsuna-nii? Wasn't that what you wanted to do?"


Tsuna was really pissed off that he jumped in the river then jumped out, he was turning crazy imagining what a whole month would do to him. The dumbfounded guardians realized how PARANOID they were.

"Nevermind... okay... now lets drop Kyoko-chan at her house to get some change of clo- ERG..." damn, his stomach hurts, it's as if diarrhea and constipation occured there for a moment, he fell down, turning purple from the stomach ache. "W-WHAT THE HELL! WAS BIA-BIANCHI HERE?" Tsuna clutched his stomach curling on the floor, oh how painful it was. "I remember her touching the cake you were eating with Gokudera." Tsuna was about to shout for all he cared but he fainted from stomach aches, he couldn't take it anymore.

"Juudaime! Tsuna! SA-..." thats all he heard.

Today will be my last day of resting from paperwork, when I wake up, i'm going to sign papers like crazy, oh wait... at least I get to give them punishment... MUAHAHAHAHAHA! Nevermind that... I still hate PAPERWORK so it's not a good thing.

Dear God, did I do anything wrong in my life? Yes I was constantly skipping classes and constantly being late but that was the only thing I remember doing bad. I was innocent these last 10 years! What do I have to do to stop my guardians from sabotaging my life? Well whatever, at least now I know what a boss is like with paperwork.