12 years before present on a distant planet

A black spiky haired man just saw a vision of his boss destroying his home planet.

"Frieza, No!" The man said. His name was Bardock and he had just regained consciousness from his fight with a fat pink alien by the name of Dodoria.

"I'm coming for you Frieza!" Bardock said with determination. He stood and tried to fly towards his space pod. Before he could climb in and set the coordinates for home, he passed out.

3 hours later

Bardock awoke and checked the time.

"God dammit!" Bardock hollered. In his vision Frieza destroyed planet Vegeta an hour ago. Bardock started to witness a new vision. The first thing he saw was prince Vegeta, Nappa, and his own son Raditz bowing to the tyrant Frieza after he explained to them that an asteroid crashed into and destroyed planet Vegeta. The vision blurred and Bardock saw himself in an orange gi. Wait no that wasn't him. It had to be his other son Kakarot, and he appeared to be standing face to face with Frieza. Not in the way the other three saiyans were, but in anger. Kakarot looked like he was going to fight Frieza.

"I have to help him. What were the coordinates that they sent him?" Bardock asked himself as he typed in some coordinates. The pod flew off and Bardock went to sleep in preparation of finding his infant son.

The pod flew through space and eventually came to a planet. The pod was damaged and bardock was still sleep so a good landing was impossible. The flew over the land and came to an area with buildings that locked populated, but also looked like it was about to be under attack. The beast was red, taller than every building around it, and had nine flowing tails. This beast was known as the nine tailed fox, Kyuubi. It was just recently released from the seal of his previous host, but as soon as he was released he was under the control of a red eyed man that reminded him of Madara Uchiha, the last person who controlled him, but Kyuubi knew that wasn't possible because he should be dead today. The space pod crashed headfirst into Kyuubi and promptly knocked it out of the masked Uchiha's control and right into unconsciousness.

After a while a huge toad appeared with a man, known as the fourth hokage, on his head.

"I expected the worst when I arrived, but by some stroke of luck Kyuubi caused no damage while I was facing the masked Uchiha." Minato said

"I would do this sealing now if I were you. You don't want him to wake up." The huge toad, known as the toad boss Gamabunta, said

"You're right." Minato said as he used his hiraishin to flash away with the Kyuubi. Kushina appeared next to him with her chakra chains restraining the kyuubi just in case. She held their son, Naruto Uzumaki.

They had agreed that this was for the best. Kushina wouldn't survive because of Kyuubi being ripped from her body earlier, Minato was going to use the reaper death seal to do the sealing so he would die as a cost for using the jutsu. Naruto was the only choice, and besides Minato believes that if Naruto could control Kyuubi's chakra then he would be able to defend himself and the village from the masked man, who Minato believed was either weakened or holding back.

Neither of the two though noticed the pod on Kyuubi, so Minato started the jutsu.

Upon sealing Kyuubi and the pod, Minato placed his and Kushina's chakra inside the seal as well so that a chakra version of him and Kushina could appear at certain times. Minato would appear if Naruto pulled out eight tails of Kyuubi's power and was on the verge of the seal completely breaking. Kushina would appear when Naruto attempted to take control of all of Kyuubi's chakra.

The sealing finished and Minato and Kushina died in each others arms with Naruto in the middle and a note for Sarutobi.

Present time

Naruto grew up an orphan. He eventually joined the academy and failed the graduation exam twice before passing on his third try after special circumstances. Naruto arrived to the academy a few days later for team placement. He was met with some suspicion from some of his classmates because they saw him fail the test. After a loud declaration that he passed and that he wouldn't be wearing a forehead protector if he failed.

Naruto was placed on team 7 with his crush Sakura Haruno and his rival Sasuke Uchiha. They would be led by his father's last surviving student, although he didn't know that, Kakashi Hatake.

After an uneventful lunch were Naruto stole Sakura's first kiss, under a transformation of Sasuke, before he was caught by the real Sasuke. This action caused Sakura to beat on Naruto. Team 7 later was found in the academy waiting for their sensei with an unconscious Naruto, a focused Sakura, and an ever brooding Sasuke.

Three hours after waiting for their sensei to show, he poked his head into the room and asked them to bring their dead looking teammate to the roof.

Kakashi sat waiting for them and asked them to introduce themselves after following his example.

"My name is Kakashi Hatake. Likes and dislikes... I have many hobbies. I haven't really thought of a dream for the future." Kakashi stated to the shocked looking team including Naruto.

"My name is Sakura Haruno. My likes... I mean who I like is(giggles). I dislike Naruto-baka and Ino-pig. My hobbies are going to the library. My dream is to(giggles)." Sakura said. Sasuke paid no attention to her introduction. Naruto paid full attention and was hurt that she disliked him. He knew she didn't like him, but he hoped that one day she would change her mind. After her open declaration of putting him in the same category as Ino made him think about his crush for her.

"My name is Sasuke Uchiha. I have few likes and many dislikes. My hobbies are training. My dream is more of an ambition because I plan to make it a reality. I plan to revive my clan and kill a certain someone." Sasuke said. Naruto was mentally worried that Sasuke meant him. Sakura had thoughts of Sasuke being hot.

"My name is Naruto Uzumaki. I like ramen. I dislike Sasuke-teme. My hobbies are training and pranks. My dream is to be a hokage that's better than the rest." Naruto said while Sakura was mentally berating him. She didn't want her new sensei to see her beating on Naruto although she knew he deserved it.

Kakashi then explained to them that the graduation exam was like a preliminary exam and that the real Genin exam would be held tomorrow at training ground 7.

The next day team 7 met at the meeting place tired and weak. Kakashi had told them to not eat breakfast and to show up at a time where they all would still be sleep. Added to the fact that kakashi showed up hours later, really didn't make the test any easier.

Kakashi explained the bell test to them and it started. Naruto rushed in and was easily defeated. Naruto then fell for an obvious trap. Sasuke threw a barrage of kunai and shuriken that Kakashi substituted away from. Naruto freed himself from the trap, which had a second trap meant for him as soon as he broke out of the first. Kakashi placed Sakura in a genjutsu that she failed to break. Naruto eventually freed himself again and took it upon himself to eat the lunches Kakashi left out for the two that took a bell from him. Sasuke faced Kakashi one on one and proved himself a skilled Genin to Kakashi. After the taijutsu assault Sasuke used the fireball jutsu. Kakashi easily evaded the jutsu after his shock wore off and he used the headhunter jutsu on Sasuke. Sakura after waking from the genjutsu found Sasuke in the clearing and assumed he was a head without a body and passed out. Kakashi caught Naruto trying to steal the lunches and tied him to one of the wooden posts. (AN: I forgot the rest so the rest is canon.)

After finally getting free from the log Naruto made his way home. he was dead tired and headed straight to his bed. Before Naruto landed in his bed he blacked out.

Naruto awoke in a sewer.

"Where am I?" Naruto asked himself

"Come closer brat." A voice called out.

Naruto walked to the voice and soon came to a huge cage.

"This must be Kyuubi's cage, I don't remember heading into any sewers." Naruto said

"Good, but this cage holds more than just Kyuubi." That same voice from earlier called out.

"If you're not Kyuubi then who are you and how did you get here?" Naruto asked

The man that the voice belonged too stepped forward. Behind him Naruto was able to make out the huge form of Kyuubi.

"My name is Bardock and I'm a saiyan." Bardock said as he began explaining to Naruto his life and what happened on the day of his birth. Afterwards Kyuubi told Naruto everything he knew of Naruto's birthday.

Naruto accepted the information. "So what happens now?" Naruto asked

"There is no getting out of here for either of us, without killing you so we have made a decision. I will fuse with you, giving you all my memories and ablities as a saiyan, but you will retain control. Kyuubi will sync with you, but the result will kill him." Bardock said

"Kyuubi is actually willing to do this?" Naruto asked suspiciously

"Not really, but I am the controller of my fate. If I deny this then I will die when you die. If I do this now I die of my own will and there is the slight possibility that I will be reborn but without my chakra." Kyuubi said

"If you guys are willing to do this then so am I." Naruto said eagerly. He was very willing to do this to get stronger. Then he could show Sasuke-teme who the stronger one was.

"First you have to release us so I can contact my son. He is an adult now and will train you to be a true saiyan. From what I've seen of his life he is the strongest being alive. Even stronger than the prince of all saiyans who would now be the king since his father died, but the king of six isn't really appealing." Bardock said

"Wait if he's your son, wouldn't that make him my son after we fused?" Naruto asked, hopeful to have some family after hearing about his dead parents.

"Yes." Bardock said as Naruto smiled. He released the seal and felt a massive rush of energy. It was Kyuubi's chakra flowing around him.

"I need you to place your hand on my chest and channel your chakra." Bardock said as Naruto nodded. The fusion happened and then Kyuubi performed the same action with Naruto.

The chakra cloak that appeared around Naruto's body on the outside dispersed and Naruto now looked different. He still held his blond hair but it was longer and more spiky. Naruto's muscles were bigger, and he had a very small growth spurt. Naruto soon felt a pull on his mind and he disappeared from Konoha and the planet all together.