Chapter 1

Summary: During the memorial party marking the third anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts, Death Eaters attack the Ministry of Magic. In the skirmish, Harry and Ginny Potter wind up in the Time Chamber, a part of the Department of Mysteries and fall into a mysterious pool of water. When they wake up, Harry is eleven years old again and back on Privet Drive, and Ginny is ten and back in the Burrow, but they have their memories, thoughts and magical knowledge of their older selves. Stuck in the past with no way back, they decide to change the future for the better.

Ships: Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, Remus/Tonks (later), and other canon couples.

Genre: Mix of Canon and Alternate Universe, Time-Travel, Soul-Bond

Rating: M – just in case for later chapters. Keep look out for separate warnings for individual chapters if needed.

Point of View: Multi-PoV – Third Person. Mainly Harry and Ginny, though characters like Dumbledore and others will have quite a few of their own PoVs throughout the story as well.

Author's Note: This is my first time-travel and soul-bond story, and I know there are many Harry Potter stories that either use one or both of these genres. I have read many stories like this, and while there will be certain similarities to other stories (because the scenarios and situations are either common and/or too good to pass up), I hope to make this as original as I can.

Early warning (for those who don't like certain story elements like this): this story will contain a manipulative Albus Dumbledore, and a smarter and more powerful Harry and Ginny. I may also have Ginny end up in Harry's year at Hogwarts, even though she is a year younger, I have yet to decide.

(Harry's PoV)

May 2nd, 2001

"Harry!" Ginny Potter's voice called from the bathroom down the hallway, "Have you seen my new perfume I bought for this evening?"

"Why can't you just summon it, dear?" Harry Potter asked, as he adjusted the tie on his formal wizard's robes.

Harry grinned as he heard a scoff, and saw a small bottle, that he assumed was Ginny's perfume, zoom past his head, as if Summoned, and out of the Master Bedroom. Harry brushed a hand across his hair to cover the lightning-shaped scar on his forehead and he frowned. It had been three years to the day since he had defeated Lord Voldemort in the Battle of Hogwarts, and he would still get curious looks from his fellow citizens of the wizarding community as their eyes traveled momentarily to his scar when he spoke to them.

Three years, Harry mused.

A lot had happened in the three years since the end of the Second War. Harry was a fully-fledged Auror and had been for a little over a year now. For most wizards who wanted to be Aurors, training usually took three years, but Harry had been promoted to full status after only a little more than a year of training. His best friend Ron Weasley, who had joined the program almost a year after he had, was still in the middle of his training, but there was talks of his promotion coming soon as well. His wife, Ginny, was a Chaser for the Holyhead Harpies professional Quidditch team. Many times, Harry and Ginny's jobs caused the two to have to be away from each other for days on end, such as when Harry was away on missions, or Ginny was away at games in other countries. It had taken some time to get used to this, but it was something they had both prepared for and were now accustomed to.

Harry's eyes caught his wedding ring and he smiled as he twirled it around his finger with his thumb. Harry and Ginny Potter had been married for a little over seven months now. They married under one of George Weasley's Magical Marquees at the Burrow on Halloween of the previous year. The date had been debated for some time, but Harry and Ginny had finally decided to marry on that day, so as to create wonderful memories on a day that had been so tragic in Harry's past.

The couple lived at the large six bedroom, four bathroom Potter Manor in Northampton, England. Harry had no knowledge of the Manor until his eighteenth birthday, when he had received a letter from Gringotts Wizarding Bank informing him of a second vault that had belonged to his father. This vault, he discovered, was the Potter Family Vault, and was much larger than his own, which the Head Goblin, Ragnok had informed him was only an Inheritance Vault. In addition to the large piles of additional Galleons, Sickles and Knuts to add to his fortune, there was also stock certificates, and belongings that were once owned by Harry's father and grandparents, most of which were now a part of the house. There was also a deed to Potter Manor, as well as the house at Godric's Hollow and a couple other residences in other countries that were used as holiday getaway homes. Harry had yet to visit these latter two houses. The goblins had informed Harry in the letter that he was supposed to become aware of this vault on his seventeenth birthday, but because of all the mix-ups and toil in the wizarding world at that time, he had not received the notification until a year later.

Ginny appeared in the doorway of the bedroom and Harry smiled as he looked at her. Her hair was up in a ponytail (the style, a personal favorite of Harry's) and she was dressed in a white dinner dress that she had bought recently, solely for this occasion. "The occasion" was the memorial party in the Atrium at the Ministry of Magic to mark the third anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts and the end of the Second War.

"You look beautiful, dear," Harry said.

"Are you sure?" Ginny asked, with a frown, "I had to hurry and throw this on. I didn't expect Victoire's first birthday party to run so late into the afternoon. I know Bill and Fleur tried to convince Mum to have the party yesterday for her, owing to the party tonight, but she refused. You know how my Mum is. She just said that we'll probably be doing this every year as long as these memorial parties continue." Ginny scoffed and added, "It was just like Fleur to have her baby during the memorial party last year!"

Harry laughed; the memory clear in his head. Arthur Weasley, Ginny's father, had been making a speech during the party the previous year when Fleur's water broke right in the middle of the Atrium. Ginny's oldest brother Bill, Fleur's husband, and Ginny's parents had all escorted Fleur to the Apparation-safe section of the Atrium and to St. Mungo's while all of the guests were watching, mostly in amusement.

"Yes, I am sure, Ginny," Harry finally said, "You look beautiful as always."

Ginny smiled and kissed Harry on the cheek.

"You don't look too bad yourself," she said, her eyes taking in Harry's appearance, completely with the unruly hair style that he could never control, "If you're finished, we need to go soon so we don't clog up the entryways. And we are not using the Floo Network like we had to last year. I never cleaned all the soot stains out of my dress, even with magic."

Harry fought the urge to laugh. He remembered how Ginny had complained about her dress for days on end after last year's party.

"Yes, dear," he said, "Apparation it is. Even if we wanted to use the Floo Network, we would have had to get previous arrangements to do so. Anyway, I am almost finished here and we can go. But relax, please. We still have…" Harry yanked his pocket-watch, once owned by Fabian Prewett, and given as a gift from Molly Weasley, from his robes and checked it. "… a little less than half-an-hour before the whole thing starts. We have plenty of time to meet the family there. Kreacher, come!"

The aging house-elf, Kreacher, whom had once belonged to Harry's godfather Sirius Black and had been passed down to Harry after Sirius had died, appeared near Harry.

"Yes, Master?" Kreacher said, bowing slightly.

Harry sighed and shook his head as he saw Ginny grinning. He looked down at Kreacher who looked at him expectantly.

"How many times do I have to ask you to call me Harry, Kreacher?" he asked.

"Once more, as always, Master," Kreacher said.

Ginny giggled as Harry rolled his eyes at Kreacher's joke.

"The charms are still placed around the manor to allow us to Apparate anywhere, correct?" Harry asked.

"The charms will only allow the Master and Mistress," Kreacher said, his eyes lingering from Harry to Ginny and back, "and those deemed guests admissible as Master and Mistress has stated. Do you wish for Kreacher to modify the charms?"

"No, Kreacher," Harry said, "I'm just checking on them. Ginny and I will be leaving shortly for a few hours. We should be back before midnight. You have permission to do what you wish, in bounds of the usual rules, until we return. You may go."

"Of course, Master," Kreacher bowed, "Kreacher hopes Master and Mistress has a delightful evening on such a day."

Kreacher disappeared with a soft pop.

"Why did you ask him about the charms?" Ginny asked.

"As I told Kreacher, I was just checking on them," Harry said, then frowned when Ginny raised her eyebrows. He sighed, knowing that Ginny could see through him, as she always could, "Okay, I was checking because I don't want them to go wrong because of Kreacher. He's getting old, Ginny, and I've trusted him to watch the wards and charms placed on this house. I do trust him still, as much as I know you hate that, but I just know that one of these days he won't be around anymore."

"I don't hate that you trust him, Harry," Ginny said, "I get that you and Kreacher respect each other. But trusting a house-elf to something like this when we could have either done it ourselves or – I dunno – had someone else do it. Bill is good with wards –"

"Bill has his wife and child to look after," Harry said, "And I don't want to have to always have to check in with him if something goes wrong with our wards."

"Why are you so worried about the charms and wards all of a sudden?" Ginny asked.

Harry shrugged. "I'm not."

"You are, Harry," Ginny said, taking Harry's closest hand in hers, "What's wrong?"

Harry frowned and released his hand from Ginny's grip. He walked over to the end of the large bed and sat down.

"There are rumors going on around the Ministry and the Auror Department," Harry said, "that the children of known and apprehended Death Eaters are trying to stir up trouble."

"What?" Ginny asked, her eyes raised in shock and confusion, "And I'm just hearing about this now?"

"It is just rumors, Ginny!" Harry said, "No satisfactory leads. The Aurors and the Department of Magical Law Enforcement have been following these rumors ever since they started a couple months back, and most people, even Minister Shacklebolt, think it is just rumor-mongering."

"And you don't think it is just rumor-mongering, do you?" Ginny asked.

"What makes you say that?" Harry asked.

"You're worried about the protective charms and wards on our house," Ginny said, "I'm not stupid, Harry."

"I never said you were!" Harry said, his voice rising to a higher-than-normal pitch.

He sighed and stood up. He took Ginny's hands in his and rubbed his thumbs across the skin of her hands.

"Look," he said, "It probably is just rumor-mongering," Harry said. "But as an Auror and as the person I am, I tend to worry about these things more than most people would. 'Constant Vigilance' as ol' Moody liked to say. But that is just who I am."

Ginny smiled and nodded. She kissed Harry lightly on the lips.

"Yeah, that is who you are," she said, "and I wouldn't want my husband any other way. Now… are you finished yet?"

Harry released Ginny's hands and walked over to the dresser and picked up his wand. He raised up his left pant leg, which revealed a wand-holster and dropped his wand inside, then lowered the pant leg and looked up at Ginny. She had seen this all before and Harry could tell she wasn't surprised at this action.

"Yeah," Harry said, "Now I am. Are you ready to go?"

"On three," Ginny said, taking Harry's hand.

Harry and Ginny had done Side-Along Apparation so many times over the past couple of years that they didn't need to count out loud to know when the other was ready; it was more like second nature to the two of them. Harry had been used to the feeling of Apparation that it was also like a second nature, but he was always a bit dazed when he finished the process.

He and Ginny arrived, a moment later, at one of the Apparation-safe platforms that were placed at sections all along the Atrium of the Ministry of Magic. The large tunnel-like room was already crowded, as it usually was every day, only today most of the crowd around Harry and Ginny were headed the same way – their destination, the central-most part of the Atrium where numerous tables and chairs were set near a large stage.

"Off the platform as soon as you arrive!" a voice announced, "Off the platform, you lot, don't need anyone getting Splinched! Ah, Auror Potter, there you are! Come over here!"

Harry turned toward the owner of the voice and recognized one of his fellow Aurors, John Dawlish, standing off to the edge of the platform. He waved to the Auror and turned to Ginny.

"You should go," Ginny said, "Probably important. I'll see if I can find our family. Look for me at one of the tables near the stage."

Harry nodded and Ginny kissed him on the cheek. He let go of his wife's hand and they parted. He walked over to Dawlish and shook his awaiting hand.

"What are you doing down here on arrival detail, John?" Harry said, "I thought you'd be escorting our old friend, the Minister?"

"So did I," Dawlish said, shrugging, "and I was, until a couple hours ago."

"What changed?" Harry asked.

"Another anonymous tip," Dawlish said, in a low voice so only Harry would hear, "Just came in late this afternoon."

Harry groaned. Over the past couple of weeks, the Department of Magical Law Enforcement had received a number of anonymous tips from somebody claiming to know of a new threat to the wizarding world in the form of the children of known and apprehended Death Eaters.

"What did this one say?" Harry asked.

"Warned of an attack on this party tonight," Dawlish said.

"Figures," Harry grunted, shaking his head, "What is Kingsley doing about it?"

"Aurors at every Apparation point in the Atrium," Dawlish said, "Mostly top Aurors like myself, then we have four of the best rookies as Kingsley's escorts. That isn't all either. Secrecy Sensors and Sneakoscopes, all under Disillusionment Charms assisting Aurors as well. Those guests who want to use the Floo Network had to get express permission from the Floo Regulation Department to do so. I assume you already knew that, though. And then only Aurors and higher-up Ministry officials with sanctioned wands can access the lifts tonight."

"Why didn't I get called in for duty then?" Harry asked, though he thought he knew the answer already.

"Are you serious?" Dawlish grunted, "This whole thing is usually in your honor."

Harry sighed and shook his head. "It wasn't just me who fought in the final battle, John."

"Yeah, but do you remember seeing many Aurors that day?" Dawlish asked, then shook his head, "I can already tell you… nope. This party is in your honor as well as the Minister's honor and everyone else who fought for our side in the battle, such as your beautiful wife."

He grinned and Harry shook his head.

"You know better than to say stuff like that in front of me," Harry said, though he grinned, "Did you call me over just to talk about the anonymous tip?"

"Nope," Dawlish grunted, "I'm not sure if you were aware, but Kingsley wants you to make a speech tonight as well."

"A speech?" Harry said, and felt his throat tighten, "I had no warning!"

"I expect that is part of Kingsley's plan," Dawlish said, with a grin, "You are well-known for doing your best work without warnings and foreknowledge. Good luck with that, Auror Potter."

"A speech," Harry said, shaking his head, "Damn you, Kingsley."

"I'd watch it, Potter," Dawlish said, his lips still tightened in a grin, "Cursing the Minister, even with just words, is frowned upon around here."

"You're a riot!" Harry said, chuckling.

He lightly punched the now laughing Auror's shoulder and rejoined the crowd that was headed for the stage and tables. It took almost ten minutes to get there since he had to go with the flow of the crowd, and when he arrived, he immediately found Ginny sitting with the extended Weasley family.

"There you are, mate!" Ron Weasley, Harry's best friend of almost ten years said, "Isn't it a little early for chumming around? You have all night for that."

"Ha-ha," Harry said, smacking Ron's shoulder lightly, "You know fair well I don't come to these things for that. I can do that any old day."

"Except most of those days you also tend to try to avoid it," Hermione, Ron's wife of over a year, and Harry's other best friend, said with a smile.

"You know me too well, Hermione," Harry said, as he sat down at the large table next to Ginny.

Hermione chuckled.

Harry looked around the table at the extended Weasley family. Joining his wife and best friends were Arthur and Molly, Ginny's parents, as well as George and his wife, Angelina, and Audrey Collins, Percy's fiancée. Harry expected Percy was probably chumming up with some Ministry folk. Harry spotted the oldest of the Weasley children, Bill, and his wife, Fleur, speaking to Andromeda Tonks, who was sitting at a neighboring table. Charlie Weasley, the second-oldest child was the only member of the family not in attendance; his job as a dragon trainer in Romania usually never allowed him to join the family for events like this.

Harry grinned when he saw Victoire in her baby-seat, giggling and pointing at a small boy who was sitting near Andromeda. The boy was three-year old Teddy Lupin, Harry's godson. His hair was changing colors from green to blue to gold, a part of his gift as a Metamorphmagus, and Harry knew Teddy was entertaining Victoire with his gift.

Harry frowned a bit, looking at Teddy, and his thoughts ventured to things he usually didn't think about, except for occasions like this. Teddy's parents, Remus and Dora Lupin, had been killed fighting in the Battle of Hogwarts, along with Fred Weasley, George's twin, and at least fifty others. It was these fallen people who were truly the ones being celebrated this evening.

He looked around at the hundreds of guests and guessed that the numbers would be well over a thousand, as they usually were for occasions like this. Harry recognized many of his fellow classmates and other Hogwarts alumni that he had known over the years while at school, many of whom were part of the defense club known as Dumbledore's army. A few of them nodded toward him in acknowledgement when they noticed him looking. Harry saw Neville Longbottom sitting next to Hannah Abbot and he grinned when he saw what he thought he recognized as matching engagement rings on their hands. Neville had apparently seen him looking because he grinned and raised the hand to wave at him.

"Congratulations," Harry mouthed.

Neville blushed slightly and turned back to Hannah. Harry felt a nudge on his shoulder and turned to see Ginny looking at him questioningly.

"Are you okay?" she asked, softly.

"Yeah," Harry said, "Just the usual jitters of this whole ordeal. You know how it usually is."

Ginny nodded. "What did John Dawlish want? You can't tell me he just wanted to say 'hi'."

"Apparently Kingsley wants me to make a speech tonight," Harry said. "Can you believe it? I had no warning."

"Did you need a warning?" Hermione asked, "You're better doing stuff with no foreknowledge of the event."

"That is exactly what Dawlish said too!" Harry said, shaking his head.

"Did ol' Dawlish say anything else besides asking you to do a speech?" Ron asked.

Harry sighed and took his wand from his holster. He cast the "Muffliato" Charm around everyone so it affected all but him, Ginny, Ron and Hermione.

"You heard too, didn't you?" Harry asked his best mate.

"Didn't have to," Ron said, "I expected something was going on. Aurors stationed at every Apparation point. Doesn't take any old Auror-in-Training to notice that, does it?"

"Kingsley thinks there will be an attack of some kind?" Hermione asked, as she anxiously looked around at the Apparation-safe platform a good distance away.

"Just an anonymous tip," Harry said, "But we get quite a few of these lately."

"Yeah, but Harry," Ginny said, "This is a big event, something like this. It would be – well, ideal – for some dark forces to do something. There are over a thousand people here…"

"The Ministry is taking all of these tips seriously," Harry said, "But really… we shouldn't worry about it too much. We should enjoy the night – as much as we can anyway."

"You've spent way too much time in the Auror Department, Harry," Ron muttered, "You're really starting to sound like them."

Harry looked at Ginny and Hermione, both of whom were nodding and frowning. Harry sighed and shook his head. He lifted the Muffliato Charm and suddenly heard a bit of commotion off in the distance. Harry stood up quickly, thinking an attack was happening, then saw what the commotion was all about. Minister of Magic Kingsley Shacklebolt was walking out of one of the lifts, surrounded by four Aurors. He was dressed in his usual get-up of purple wizarding robes and hat that Harry was accustomed to seeing the man wear. The Aurors around him started to push a few of the guests away, but Kingsley stopped them and allowed some of the guests to shake his hand.

Harry noticed many of those who were shaking the Minister's hand were Hogwarts Professors such as Professors McGonagall and Sprout, as well as a few whom Harry recognized as more former classmates and other Hogwarts alum. These were wizards and witches who had fought alongside Harry and the Minister in the Battle of Hogwarts and, like the dearly departed, should also be celebrated here tonight.

Across the table, Percy arrived and sat down next to Audrey. He nodded to Harry silently, and Harry returned the greeting. Soon, Kingsley arrived at the stage, He walked up the steps and over to the podium in the middle of the stage; Harry noticed the Ministry insignia etched on the podium. The protection detail assigned to him surrounded the stage, one rookie Auror at each corner. Kingsley's eyes caught Harry's and Harry bowed slightly and smiled. Kingsley bowed slightly in return.

For a few moments, Kingsley stood there at the podium and allowed the guests to take their seats or stand around the outside of the tables. The noise in the Atrium, which only a minute ago had been full of laughter and conversation, was now almost silent. Kingsley took his wand from his pocket and Harry, whose hearing had been trained to detect whispers, heard him mutter "Sonorous" under his breath.

"Welcome," Kingsley said, "to the third anniversary memorial party, celebrating this, the third full year in a row signifying our freedom away from Dark forces."

A round of applause filled the Atrium. Kingsley nodded and his hands rose to silence the crowd again.

"Party… celebration," Kingsley continue, "I use those words to describe this event tonight, but I ask myself… 'is that what this really is… a party?' Are we truly celebrating something? Yes, we are celebrating our freedom and the victory against tyranny and war against the dark forces. But can all of us still call it a celebration? Yes, this day marks a date in history only three years ago when the Battle of Hogwarts took place, and we were victorious against the Dark. But this also marks three years since many of you whom are seated in front of me and standing around lost family members, loved ones, and friends…"

Kingsley's eyes traveled to Harry's table, then to other tables near the stage, many of which had friends and family of those who had gave their lives in the Battle of Hogwarts. Harry saw George's face pale as Angelina comforted him; George had long since been able to go day-to-day without mourning Fred, but he would still get emotional on days like today, and their birthday, April 1st, and holidays. Harry saw Andromeda picking up Teddy, as the toddler chuckled quietly. A few tables away, Harry saw Dennis Creevey and his Muggle father, their faces echoing the loss they felt even now from Colin Creevey's death.

"… and I am not sure if they would call it a celebration," Kingsley continued. "I lost quite a few friends during that battle and even three years later, I still think back on their faces and wish they were here to celebrate such a victory with us. As I am sure their loved ones all wish they could be here. I only ask, and know that this is all I can do personally as your Minister, that you remember what they fought for. I ask that you remember what many in here fought for and know that on this day, three years after the battle that led us to the reason we're here, we can all be thankful that we're here. And we are here because of them. So I ask that we do celebrate their names and that we do remember them."

Kingsley raised his wand and pointed it off to the side of the stage, toward the Fountain of Magical Brethren. Harry only noticed then that there were blankets covering much of the fountain, including the top of it. Now the blankets were floating away and the fountain had changed slightly. Around the edges of the fountain, words were etched into the golden walls and Harry didn't have to look closely to know there were dozens of names listed there. At the very tip of the fountain, resting high above the statue of the wizard and witch, now rested a metal depiction of a phoenix. The guests in the Atrium stood and once again broke out into applause and voices full of wonder and amazement were heard. This went on for a good five minutes before it died down.

"The Phoenix now resting on top of the Fountain of Magical Brethren," Kingsley continued, as the guests returned to their seats, "signifies that the wizarding world has risen up from the ashes of the First and Second War. It will now, forevermore, rest there to show everyone who walks through this establishment that the wizarding world has overcome the obstacles and burdens we once carried. The names etched along the fountain not only represent those who gave their lives in the Battle of Hogwarts, but also those who gave their lives in the years of the First and Second Wars, so that we can remember those who fought bravely, stood up against Dark, and died, so that we may be here today."

Harry felt Ginny's hand squeeze his and he nodded as she looked at him. He knew that somewhere on that fountain, amongst those who gave their lives, were the names of James and Lily Potter and Sirius Black. Harry felt tears in his eyes, the first of the night, as he thought of his parents and godfather.

Harry looked up at Kingsley, who was now looking at him. The Minister gestured toward Harry, and Harry realized that Kingsley wanted him to take the podium. Harry sighed and nodded.

"As we have done the past couple of years," Kingsley said, "I'm sure many of you want to say a few words to mark the occasion. I call up first Harry Potter to start us off."

Many eyes rounded on Harry and he inhaled and exhaled. He squeezed Ginny's hand and kissed her softly on the cheek, then stood up. He made his way to the steps and walked up onto the stage, then over to the podium. Kingsley offered a hand and Harry shook it. He then turned to the podium and looked out at the guests. Until now, he didn't know how many guests had come for this event, but there had to be well over a thousand, perhaps closer to fifteen-hundred.

Harry cleared his throat and used the Sonorous Charm to magnify his voice.

"Thank you, Minister Shacklebolt," Harry said. "I'm sure I speak for all of us when I say how much I appreciate the message the Fountain of Magical Brethren now gives us."

Harry looked around at the crowd as he tried to think of what to say next. He looked down at Ginny, Ron and Hermione, all of whom were smiling up at him.

"I'm sure most of you in this room know who I am," Harry said, "And I know who quite a few of you are, either personally, or perhaps have met in my life at one point, or have passed by you here in the Ministry and gave an occasional nod. Many of you have something in common with me. Like me, you have lost family or loved ones or friends whom have passed away or gave their lives during the First and Second Wars. I know I've said it quite a few times in the past, as my closest friends will tell you, but I would give up everything I had to have those who I love most and whom I have lost here with us tonight. I would give anything to have all of our loved ones with us here tonight to celebrate right along with us. I never wanted any of the horrors in our past to happen and I would do anything if I could have just a few of our friends here with us. But as many of you will probably agree with me, and as I have been told in the past, those we lost are still with us if we know where to look."

Harry put a hand up to his heart and looked over his shoulder at the fountain once again.

"I can't ask any of you," he said, turning back to the crowd, "to not mourn those you lost. I still mourn those I lost, especially during days like today. But what I will ask you to do is to thank those who you knew who are no longer with us, because they are the reason we are here today. Everyone knows the story of how my own mother sacrificed herself so that I could be here today. But if you think about it, that is something we have in common. We are here, many of us are here, because someone we knew gave their lives for us. I am thankful for that."

A smatter of applause rang out across the Atrium and others joined in. Harry nodded and felt tears in his eyes. The applause seemed to grow louder and other noises joined in.

But Harry soon realized that these additional noises were not of joyous applause, but of sirens and buzzing sounds. Harry recognized these sounds as the alarms from the Secrecy Sensors and Sneakoscopes going off.

"Attack!" someone yelled from one of the Apparation points, "We're under attack!"

And that was when all hell broke loose.

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