I do not own Kid Icarus. This drabble is in Dark Pit's Point of View.


By WonderlandIsAnIllusion

Pit is pitiful. He has no idea that humans are greedy bastards. The gods and goddesses are selfish jerk-asses that involve the entire universe with their pathetic drama.

"Pit, Why do you even bother? The humans will not change their greedy desires...Those goddesses and gods use you for their own selfish purpose. Why do you bother protecting humans and serving Palutena? "

"What else can I do?" Pit asked me, I glared at him, and he grinned. "See..You have no answer to my question. I will keep on helping the humans, defeat those who seek to kill humans, and keep on serving Lady Palutena. I have nothing else and besides I have a purpose in my lifeā€¦So it's alright."

Pit smiled before walking away and I clenched my fists for he has a point...although I really do hate said point. Whatever, I serve no one and I refuse to be used like Pit. I don't care about humans or goddesses or gods and I do not serve anyone. I have a purpse and that is not being used by anyone.

I wonder what you would do without Palutena telling what to do you? I wonder what would you do if the humans and everyone else turned on you? Would you still be able to smile, grin, and laugh? Or would you cry and feel pity for yourself?

"Damnit, I forgot to attack him." I muttered, My mind is almost constantly thinking about Pit, and If he is gone then I would no longer think about him. It drives me up the clouds thinking about Pit and no matter what I do...I keep on thinking about him it. It's a cycle and I'm going to break it by getting rid of Pit! I could have killed him already, but something keeps on holding me back for some reason.

Why can't I kill that pitiful nitwit? Why can't I stop thinking about him?

"I really should stop thinking and just act before I go crazy." I commented to myself. Of course I'm talking to myself, but oh well I bet everyone once in a while talks to themselves! If Pit was all alone and no one to talk with at all..I bet he would talk to himself too...

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