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Two men sat in a corner booth of Sacred Grounds, sipping (or ignoring, respectively) cups of coffee- black- while the gray November day splattered wetness against the windows, trying to sneak inside to the warmth of the building. It was succeeding in the top right corner of the window that backed against the men's booth, and the raindrops slid down the glass to land plop on one man's elbow. He moved his elbow out of the way and brushed the water off, looking at his brother.

"I can't believe we're fired," The other man, Boarman, said, putting his head in his hands.

Swineheart sighed, shaking the water off his hand. "You had to know it was coming."

"No!" Boarman protested. "You mean you knew?"

"Well, yeah," Swineheart said, "I mean, Charming's been cutting back incredibly, and we had to go eventually."

"But he kept Hamstead!" Boarman complained. "Hamstead who builds houses out of straw!"

"He's the sheriff," Swineheart said tiredly, "He had to keep someone."

"But he's so..."

"Hey, at least it's not Ichabod," Swineheart pointed out, sipping his coffee.

Boarman sighed. "I guess you're right."

"We probably ought to start looking for a new job," Swineheart suggested. "Drink yourr coffee before it gets cold."

"But what?" Boarman groaned. "Nobody's interested in a couple ex-policemen except maybe as bodyguards, and anyone here who might want one of those already has one!"

Swineheart shrugged. "So we aren't policemen anymore. Pick something new."

"What can we do?" Boarman asked. "All we've ever done is be policemen and build ourselves houses." He picked up his coffee cup and took a sip.

Swineheart's eyes lit up and he grinned, sitting up straight. "That's it!" He said. "We'll start a career as construction workers!"

Boarman blinked at Swineheart several times. "You actually mean that?"

"Yeah," Swineheart said, "I like building. Why do you think I actually took the time to make something out of bricks?"

Boarman snorted, his nose morphing into something far more snoutlike than usual. "You mean I've been thinking it was your incredible foresight and smarts the whole time, and you just like building?" he complained. "What is this? My life is a lie!"

"Oh, no, I knew it was smart, too. But if I didn't like it, I think I might be lazy enough to let myself get eaten." Swineheart grinned.

Boarman groaned. "You're so confusing."

Swineheart shrugged. "Sorry. So are you in?"

Boarman grinned at his brother. "Definitely."

They shook on it, sealing the deal.