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Krux may be gone, but the Krawl are still around, so Rallen and Jeena are still on patrol in the Kaio system. So after a 'minor' infestation shows up, and Rallen gets hurt, what will happen next? Read and find out ;)

The Nanario Planetary Patrol Cruiser flew slowly through space, in orbit above Wyterra, which had recently gotten a ring from the ruins of the destroyed Krawlosphere. It's co-driver however, was bored.

"Remind me again, why are we patroling Wyterra?" Rallen sighed, idly scratching Komainu behind his round ears, driving with his other hand.

"Because the Krawl are still around, Rallen" Jeena answered faintly, her hands going across the board, doing a check-up of some sort. She glanced at him as she did so. "I know patrol work is boring, but it's necessary"

"We defeated Krux a week ago, and we haven't seen one Krawl in all that time" he lightly retorted, looking out the window at the planet's ring.

"Stop exaggerating, Rallen" she said seriously, looking at him. "We defeated a small group of Krawl not two days ago"

"And it was great kicking butt again" he said, chuckling. "But doing nothing for extended periods... I'll go insane sooner or later here"

Jeena sighed, holding a few fingers to her forehead, her eyes closed. "Hopeless" she breathed. "My partner is completely hopeless"

"I heard that" he said lightly.

"Good" she said, smiling to herself.

There was a comfortable silence afterward, during which Rallen used both hands to pet Komainu. There was nothing (literally) in the ship's way, and it was was still moving forward, so he didn't need to steer just yet, but he kept his eye on it. At some point, he looked at Wyterra's new ring, then slowly an idea came to his brain... a way to relieve the boredom, at least for a little while.

He reached for the controls with one hand...

"Don't even think about it, Rallen" he heard, making him jerk back his hand, staring at Jeena. She sat there, turned toward him in her chair, her arms crossed.

"Oh come on, Jeena!" he said, turning toward her. "Don't tell me you're psychic now!"

"I'm not" she said lightly, tilting her head with a small smile. "But when you get that look on your face, and you reach for the controls-"

"But I wasn't gonna do anything dangerous!" he pleaded, though in his case, wasn't actually quite pleading.

She blinked slowly, but she wasn't entirely convinced as she looked at him.

"It's true" he said, then he gestured out the window, toward the planet's ring. "I was bored, so I thought we could simply fly inside the ring, see the view from inside and dodge some debris... maybe even get some readings you couldn't get otherwise?" he continued, thinking up the last one on the fly.

While that last part did get the slightest interest in her expression, she still remained surprised as she looked at him. He wasn't quite sure what to say, or do, so he simply sat there.

"For a minute there" she said finally, then she smiled. "I thought you were someone else, Rallen... you're usually all dive-in headfirst without looking after all"

"Hey, you of all people know there's more to me than that!" he interjected lightly.

"Sometimes I wonder though" she said, then she shook her head, turning back to her displays. "But I think we will go ahead with your idea, Rallen... but only because you mentioned possible readings"

"Hey, whatever works for ya" he said cockily, veering the ship to their right, slowly but carefully. In doing so, he missed the look Jeena briefly gave him... and he also missed how it softened for a moment, before it went back to her work.

So Rallen piloted the NPP cruiser through the floating debris, making sure to take a good look around. The Krawlosphere had been ghastly when it was 'alive', but frozen as it was now, there was an eerie beauty to the ice-coated fragments now. It was something, both good and bad, to be surrounded by the floating chunks. He waited a few minutes, then he glanced at Jeena. "So... anything?"

"Readings stable, sporadic energy signatures here and there, no unindentified anything" she read, looking across her readouts.

"So..." he said slowly. "Nothing new, or interesting?"

"Yet" she added, then she glanced at him with a smile. "But I'm glad to see you're learning how to understand techno at the most basic level, Rallen"

"Well, I do try" he said, chuckling, then he looked a very minor warning thing on his side. "Though it looks like some pieces are being pulled in by Wyterra's gravitational field..." he said slowly.

"Must have gotten dislodged by space debris" she said lightly, still looking across her readouts. "They'll either burn up, or become craters... but if they become craters, keep an eye on those readouts, Rallen. This was once part of the Krawlosphere"

"Hmm" he said, studying his readouts. "Let's see... most burning up, 200 smaller ones about to impact... and 99% of the debris still in stable orbit"

As soon as he finished, warning sirens sounded across the ship. In addition, red lights flashed across both their boards.

"What's going on?" he said quickly, taking the controls and stopping the ship. "Tell me, Jeena!"

"Krawl" she said tersely, programming the coordinates into his station. "A large concentration of them, right near Radese's village. Source: meteor fragments"

"Then hang on" he said, plugging in the coordinates, along with full speed. "Good, some real action" he thought, grinning.

Within seconds, they were out of the ring, and quickly homing on in the Krawl infestation.

Good for an intro, I think :)

Next time, they'll go down and face the Krawl infestation :)

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