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Krux may be gone, but the Krawl are still around, so Rallen and Jeena are still on patrol in the Kaio system. So after a 'minor' infestation shows up, and Rallen gets hurt, what will happen next? Read and find out ;)

Rallen piloted the cruiser through space, aiming for a pass over the system. He'd done this so many times he'd probably do it perfectly in his sleep, let alone blindfolded... so naturally, he could do it while heavily occupied.

Rallen sighed a bit, glancing at Jeena's empty chair beside him. "I can handle things easily, especially when I see them coming" he muttered to himself. "But this is torture when I don't know when it will come exactly"

"It must be working then"

Rallen jumped a bit, startled. Jeena stood there behind him with a small smile, two glasses of water in her hands. Simple, but just what he needed, now that he thought about it.

"Oh... it's just you, Jeena" he said, taking one quickly.

She giggled faintly, downing her glass all at once, setting the empty glass aside afterward. "And you're fidgeting, Rallen" she said, a hand on her hip. "That isn't like you"

He was halfway through drinking, but that comment made him splutter a bit, so he quickly put the glass beside him. "Hey!" he replied indignately, standing up. "Romance is serious, so even I can't rush into it!"

"Well, that's surprising, coming from you" she said, smiling as she looked at him, stepping closer. "Sweet, but surprising"

Her step forward made him a bit nervous, so he quickly covered himself: "Of course, this behavior is only temporary" he said cockily. "Once I've done it a few times, I'll be back to normal"

"I should hope so" she said, stepping even closer, then yanking him very close. "It's that normal you I fell in love with"

"So you love me?" he said, both cockily and seriously, but not stepping away.

"Yes I do" she answered simply, smiling. "And you love me as well"

"Uh... how did you know that?" he said, caught off-guard.

"Because a girl can tell" she said, winking once as she smirked. "Plus, your on-the-fly plans have actually gotten the most basic thinking-ahead steps"

"They have?" he answered, raising an eyebrow. He couldn't really think about when he'd done that...

"They have" she answered, then her hands went to his shoulders. "You still leap without looking, but I've found there's a certain... thrill in that" she continued with a smile, her hands slowly moving, wrapping around his head.

"Yeah, it's awesome" he answered with a chuckle, but he got serious afterward, slowly placing his hands at her waist. "And I've found your thinking abilities to be appealing, instead of boring like I would have thought"

"Coming from you, that's WAY past complienting" she said, giving him that look she always did.

"Yeah, it is" he said, then he sighed. "Can we just kiss now?"

She giggled a bit, and while he couldn't be sure, it sounded playful. "Oh fine" she breathed, then tilted her head. "Just one more thing"

He just barely supressed a groan, but he slowly nodded. "What is it, Jeena?"

"You can be your normal self all you like" she said seriously, still giving him that look. "But if you don't stop when I tell you to... well, you've gonna be in trouble, to put it lightly"

"Oh, stopping me from getting too forward" he said cockily, just to see what happened. "I get it"

Her expression didn't change, but there MIGHT have been the faintest of red on her cheeks, for a split second... but he could never be sure.

He chuckled, going serious again. "Somehow, I wouldn't have expected anything less of you, Jeena" he said gently.

Her expression softened, smiling at him. "Good" she said. "Now come here, Rallen"

"With pleasure" he said, closing his eyes and leaning in.

When Jeena's lips touched his, he might as well have died... well no, not really, but it was just an expression. He was enjoying the feel and taste of her lips so much, he wondered why he hadn't done this sooner! He didn't open his mouth or anything fancy, not yet, but he held Jeena close to him.

Eventually, they pulled apart, their eyes opening. Both of them looked at each other, their hands still where they left them.

Jeena smirked, then she pulled him back for more. And he didn't mind one bit.

And done :) RallenXJeena is just so cute, so I hope you enjoyed this fanfiction. Plus, I really hope they were close to their real personalities.

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