Love will find a way

(I do not own Harry Potter, its all JK Rowling)

All the death eaters had reunited once again in Voldemort manor planning their next raid. Bellatrix sat to his right at the head of the table like she always did.

'Any news from the boy Snape?' Voldemort asked Severus Snape.

'Yes my Lord. The order has planned to move him in two days at nine o'clock in the evening.' Severus Snape explained. He saw the way bellatrix looked at him and quickly looked away; knowing she never appreciated and trusted him.

'Excellent! That's very good. We'll attack them.'

'My Lord…?' Bellatrix started.

'Yes Bella you may speak.'

'I think my Lord that we should wait close to Potter's house hours before nine. That way we wont miss them if they find out and decide to move him before their planned hour.'

'Good idea Bellatrix, We will do like you said.' He smiled as her but she dint smile back. She saw Rodolphus staring at her with an odd look. He always had been a jealous man she knew that, and things had gone worse now that he knew she fancied their master. 'Diner will now be served so that ends our reunion. You may talk freely now.' Then with a flick of his wand food and wine appeared on the table seconds later.

Everyone talked and ate but bellatrix still felt her husband eyes on her, looking at every single movement she made. He's so annoying she thought. Look away you stupid fuck!

The meeting lasted longer than expected but eventually the death eaters started heading home. Bellatrix lingered for a few extra minutes hoping to talk to her master but Rodolphus sized her arms roughly.

'We are leaving Bella dear.'

'I want to talk to our master first.' She said.

'Surely it's not THAT important. We are leaving NOW.' Then both of them disappeared.

Rodolphus let go of her arm the moment they stepped in the house and were gritted their house elf.

'Welcome house Mr. Lestrange, Mrs. Lestrange.'

'Yeah- yeah whatever. Bellatrix where are you going?' Rodolphus asked when his wife who was about to walk away.

'To take a shower then to bed. Why does that bother you dear husband of mine?' She gave him a dead glare.

In only seconds Rodolphus grabbed Bellatrix by her arm and pushed her on the wall hard. 'Yes it bothers me whore!' He saw the look of his wife and laugh. 'Oh you heard me correctly Bella. I saw the way you looked at him all evening long.'

'I don't know what you're talking about Rod. 'She tried to get out of his grip but he pushed her against the wall once more.

'Oh yes you know what I'm talking about! You're a whore! You wish to have him in our bed and having him take you! '

'You're acting stupid Rodolphus!'

'SHUT THE FUCK UP BITCH!' Then his fist came crashing down hard on her cheek and he throws her on the couch of their living room and proceeded to remove her corset.

'Get off of me Rod I don't feel like having sex with you tonight!' She tried to push him off of her but unfortunately he was ten times stronger then she was so he finally took her corset of and roughly tore her robes.

'Your gonna have it tonight bitch!' He then slapped her hard in the face again and did it until his ring cut her lips and made her bleed.

'Rod please don't! Get off me please!'

In one rough motion he entered her and without letting her time to adjust to his size started going in and out of her, slamming hard every time he re-entered her. She could feel blood coming for her womanhood and stared sobbing.

'Shut up whore! Don't pretend you don't like that cause I know you do!'

She eventually stopped sobbing and just stood still whimpering and hoping he would came soon. Make it stop, please make the pain go away. It hurts so badly. She thought. How could something like that happen to her? She thought.

Eventually he came and got off of her and looked down at her petite form and laugh. 'Go clean up you whore!' He then exit the room shooting at the house elf something she didn't quit get, living her on the couch crying. She couldn't believe she had just got raped by her own husband. How could something like that happen to her? She was Bellatrix Black a pure blood! She wasn't a woman who got raped by still it happened in her own house. The thought of it made her sick literally.

She got up and quickly as possible made her way to the bathroom to take a shower. She could smell him all over her body. She walked in and made sure the door was locked because she didn't think she could beer it if she saw him at the very moment. Half an hour later Bellatrix was still in there, washing herself but thought she could never take his scent off of her. She felt tears burning her eyes as she collapsed on the floor sobbing and screaming as she pulled her hair in pure rage.

And the week after Rodolphus was killed in a raid and Bellatrix couldn't be more grateful.

Bellatrix sat on the cold marble floor of her bathroom as she looked at a puddle of blood forming on the floor. Death would take her pain away she thought as she looked at the cut she had made in her flesh over the dark mark. She smiled looking at her blood, she always loved seeing blood.

'If only you could see how much I love you.' She smiled at the thought of her master. He could never love her back, he was incapable of loving and she knew it but she had hope for so long but now she was tired of hoping, tired of filling pain form her broken heart. She felt relieve when she felt her dagger cut trough her mark. Would he feel it? She asked herself.

Bellatrix was so lost in her thought that she hadn't heard someone calling her name, looking for her everywhere in the manor. She hadn't heard him walk in and jumped when she saw her master in the doorway. 'My Lord...'

'Bellatrix what happened?' He asked crouching next to her. She looked away and hid her face behind her hair. 'What happened?'

'Nothing happened.'

'Did you do that?' He asked. She simple nodded. 'Why?'

'I'm so tired.' She looked at her sliced mark and laugh. 'I always loved that mark.'

'Let me heal you, it most hurt.' He whispered.

'No, it's my heart that needs to be healed.' She looked at him in the eyes but he react.

'What are you talking about Bellatrix?' But he already knew what she meant. He was only afraid to hear her say it and break her heart more. He couldn't love they both knew it.

'Will you let me heal you know?' He asked getting annoyed.

'No, let me die. Heal me and I'll do it again my Lord.'

'Not if I take your dagger.' He smirked.

'Then I'll find another way. I'm beyond saving.' She slowly got up to live the bathroom and almost fell back down.

'You are acting like a stupid muggle.' He shoots at her. 'You're an intelligent woman Bellatrix so stop acting like a fool and let me heal you.' He yelled. With a flicked of his wand her wound her despaired. 'Go and rest you need it, I will deal with you in a better moment.'

He then left her room, living behind a crying woman. He could never love her. She lay in bed turning, trying to find a comfortable position. The last comfortable thought before falling asleep was she would still be his favourite death eater and that made her special.