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Quest of the Gods

Chapter 1:- Distortion

The universe is an ever-expanding mystery. Nobody knows the full extent of what lies within their entire universe, whether close to home or across the street, whether over the ocean or under the ground, whether out beyond the stars and to the far distant walls of said universe there is always more to discover everywhere you look. Each and every place has its own, unique aspects – its own objects, its own life-forms, its own environment.

This makes the universe a complex place, riddled with its own secrets from one yard to the next. You can try to explore, you can go treasure hunting, but new mysteries are arising all the time, whether that be from the answer to one question leading to a new question or simply because they are literally arising from nowhere to take the place of another question, or in some cases present an extra puzzle.

But if there is so much yet to be found within the walls of the universe then what, if anything could possibly lie beyond those walls. More walls perhaps. More universes? More mysteries to see, hear and discover in the future. Who can say for sure. After all, with so much we don't know about where we live in and by, what lies outside it is well beyond the reach of our knowledge.

But, the truth is, in fact, that there are hundreds of thousands of millions of different universes encompassing the whole of reality. Each universe stacked up against one another, separated by a thin by nigh impenetrable layer of nothingness. Each universe is vastly different in its own ways and each one of them combined brings into play something far more great than any universe alone:-

The Omniverse.

A myriad of different universe all surrounding one another and lying next to each other, mostly completely unaware of the existence of their own neighbours. Each one different in its own way. Some parallel and almost identical to another universe with only a slight altercations, from the size of the continent of Africa to the hair colour of one particular person on the entire Earth. Some universes might even be EXACTLY the same as its neighbour in absolutely every detail.

The sheer complexity of all parallel universes is simply astounding, and the number of ways in which they differ can be equally amazing. One universe might have every single life-form as a walking puppet manipulated by a single being. One universe might have no colour in it whatsoever. One universe might even have a flat world that rides on the back of a giant turtle and supported by four elephants, but that one is surely a preposterous idea. How could the turtle survive in the vacuum of space? But, ah, it could indeed be possible somewhere. The very laws of physics of one universe might be completely and utterly irrelevant in another.

Instances of parallel universes or the people within them overlapping are rare throughout the entire cosmos, but it has been known to happen. For instance, there is one universe which has a parallel universe right next door that was created by members of the first universe in the first place. Those people lived on planet Earth, and they created the first Digimon – Digital lifeforms with as many thoughts, feelings and dreams as organic sentient life-forms. These two universes overlap on a regular basis, as many Digimon pass through from their world into the so-called Human World.

Several of these Digimon have even bonded with some of the human children to an extent that made said children into Digimon Tamers. It was the responsibility of those children and their partners to ensure the safety of both their worlds, as they have already done several times in the past. When twelve powerful Digimon named the Devas attacked, the Tamers were there to stop them. When a monstrous computer program went haywire and appeared in the real world to try and wipe out humanity, the Tamers and Digimon were there to stop it. When the immensely powerful and seemingly invincible Demon Lord Ogudomon struck into the Human World, the Tamers and their Digimon were there to stop him. And when the other evil Digimon GranDracmon planned to take out all universes he could, most of the Tamers and their Digimon were there to stop him as well.

Everyone on the planet in question now owes their lives to the Tamers in some way.

And yet, the Digital World is not the only universe that inhabitants of this particular universe have found themselves in. Not long ago, a group of six – three children and three Digimon – found themselves flung into a universe completely different from their own, a universe with advanced space travel between planets, riddled with all kinds of alien species and held together by a Galactic Republic and protected by the special beings known as Jedi. While the Digimon had their own extraordinary powers, the Jedi had the ability to wield the Force, a power that bound the Galaxy together.

A great upheaval was taking place in that universe at the time of the arrival of the Tamers and their Digimon partners – a Separatist faction fighting against the supposedly corrupt Republic with their droid armies against the Republic's clones. The Jedi had struggled to hold the Separatists back and though they were unaware of it, the Chancellor of their own Republic was also the secret Sith Lord – the adversaries of the Jedi – in charge of the Separatists. All of them had seemed to be destined to fall into the trap that the Chancellor was trying to set.

But then the Digimon had arrived and screwed everything up for the secret Sith.

The group of six had bonded closely with four of the Jedi and had set out together to change the fate of the universe even though most of the team didn't even belong in it. Together they had formed the Tenacious Ten, a nickname given to them by one of the members of their own group. Working closely in tandem – so closely in fact that each of them had developed a mind-link with the other members of their group, they had not only been able to foil dozens of Separatist attacks and invasions, but they had also managed to save entire civilisations from other attacks, had befriended countless creatures and races and individuals and had even uncovered the truth behind the Chancellor, turning his own forces against him in the process.

Throughout their experiences their bonds grew stronger. Throughout their time together they would always find one another, even if they were separated by an entire Galaxy's worth of planets. When they stood together, nobody could match their sheer strength as a combined team.

The final battle had resulted in great loss for both sides of the conflict but the Tenacious Ten had held firm throughout and had dealt with not only the Sith Lord's powerful underlings, but the Sith Lord himself, turning his short-lived Empire back into the Republic that it was supposed to be. United they stood on the roof of the Senate Building, the nine other members aiding the Chosen One in his conquest over evil and the fulfilment of the prophecy that had belonged to him since before he was born. All of them fought hard for the Galaxy that day, each of them playing a critical role in the final conflict and each of them bouncing off the activities of the others to complete perfection.

Their trump card – the Sith had been totally unaware of the existence of the Digimon right up until the final day of his life. Most of the Galaxy had not known of their presence in fact. But then, when they publicly obliterated the Sith, they all became heroes, honoured in the eyes of trillions upon trillions on people across the Galaxy and possibly beyond.

And yet, all stories must eventually come to an end, which is why, a mere week after their triumph over the Sith, the Digimon and their Tamers were forced to return to their own home, the universal barrier cutting them off from their beloved friends. Only one of the Jedi accompanied them back home, and while on both sides of the wall they continued to enjoy their lives, thoughts of their missing team-mates was never far from their minds.

And yet, while stories all do come to ends, a new story always crops up to take its place. And sure enough there is another universe out there which is worthy of mention. A universe in relatively close proximity to the Digital World, and one which is incredibly similar in many aspects, which completely different in just about every other.

The Digimon lived in a world composed of data. They came in many forms – many shapes, sizes, colours and levels of power. They could be tiny blobs, they could be powerful monsters or they could be gods and angels. They possessed the ability to change shape, or digivolve, to a higher and more powerful level. Yet apart from the Tamers and their partners, the Digimon and the humans were kept separated by the Digital Barrier between them. For the most part anyway.

And yet, not far away from this extraordinary world composed of data and other computer information there is a world filled with creatures similar to Digimon in many ways, and utterly different in others. For a start, these creatures are certainly not made of data – most of them are constructed from purely organic material just as humans are, and all of them contain DNA. And humans are even a part of this world themselves. They have built their cities and their roads and their vehicles just as they have done on Planet Earth, but in doing so they live directly alongside these creatures similar to the Digimon.

And what are these creatures called?

Simply put – they are Pokémon.

For the most part, Pokémon and humans live side by side in harmony with one another. Most Pokémon are vastly more powerful than humans – able to endure more physical damage than any human could and able to fight against opponents and obstacles that no human could hope to match. But the Pokémon world is primarily one of peace, with both Pokémon and humans forming partnerships and friendships based on understanding with one another. Of course, this is not always the case – there are Pokémon that do not trust humans and vice versa, just as much as there are humans which prefer to exploit rather than befriend their Pokémon neighbours. But, thankfully, these people are in the minority.

All Pokémon have emotions and feelings just as Digimon do, and it has been argued that, also like Digimon, Pokémon are all actually one species, but they come in so many different shapes and forms that each different kind is merely a separate subspecies of Pokémon. Each Pokémon subspecies can have vastly different abilities and powers and they all have the abilities to harness these powers into special attacks if necessary, whether these be powerful beams of energy, to high-powered ramming attacks, to special powers based on the element of the Pokémon in question.

There are seventeen different classified types of Pokémon, each one representing the strengths and weaknesses of each individual Pokémon. Such types include elements like Fire, Ice, Ground and Water, encompass living substances like Grass, Bug and Dragon, forms of energy like Electric, special abilities like Fighting and Flying, states of body like Rock, Ghost, Steel and Poison and even states of mind like Psychic and Dark. And then there are the Normal types which do not have a specific attribute but can harness the powers of many of the others. Many Pokémon even have more than one type, but no Pokémon has more than two. At least not at once.

This type selection differs from the Digimon of their neighbouring world in many ways, as Digimon types are limited to their place within their computer-like infrastructure – data, virus and vaccine. That said, the Digimon too can come in many forms that replicate the types of Pokémon, as there can be Ghost Digimon, Rock Digimon, plant-like Digimon and many others besides, so the differences between them are still lined by similarity.

Despite the similarities between the types and the different kinds of attacks each type or individual Pokémon can learn, Pokémon also have their own natural special abilities, some of which are shared between subspecies, some of which are unique to just one shape of Pokémon. But due to the different statistics of each Pokémon when it comes to combat each one of them can fight in a different style and each one may have to combatted in a different way to another.

Another similarity shared between Digimon and Pokémon is the process of evolution. Many Pokémon may stay in one shape for all of their lives, but most species have the ability to change their form when they grow older to become something larger and more powerful than their previous shape. Some Pokémon can only evolve once, but no Pokémon can evolve more than twice. Some Pokémon have the ability to evolve into more than one different form, but once evolved they cannot shift back.

This is where they are again similar yet different to Digimon. All Digimon can evolve at least five times after they are born and some can even stretch up to six. Some Digimon have the ability to shift between various level forms, and, if necessary Digimon can revert back into a previous weaker form than before while a Pokémon cannot. The Digimon's process of evolution, also known as digivolution, also differs in the fact that they are less solid than Pokémon – as in, all Digimon have the ability to digivolve into many different potential forms, whereas only a few Pokémon possess this ability. Most Pokémon evolution lines are set from the moment they're born, while the Digimon can contain many variations in what they become.

Speaking of being born, Digimon and Pokémon even reproduce in pretty much the same way. When a Pokémon or a Digimon mates with another, the female will eventually produce an Egg, which will hatch later on after a period of incubation. And yet again, there are differences between this process. Pokémon young will only ever hatch into the subspecies of one of its parents, and while this holds true with more closely related subspecies of Digimon, if two that were vastly different were to interbreed, they might be able to produce something like a hybrid – a completely unique Digimon depending on who its parents might have been.

It is small wonder that these two different universes are so close together within the omniverse. Their differences are many, but the similarities between the Digimon and the Pokémon are just as many, as its geography – as both have mountains and oceans and forests and all manner of different biomes and climates. Yet these two astounding universes are still set apart by a dimensional wall that has forever kept Digimon and Pokémon from meeting one another or even learning that the other exists at all.

Unaware of their Digital neighbours, the Pokémon World has moved forwards through the ages, with humans and Pokémon working so closely in tandem that an entire culture has sprung up around the interactions between them. The human race has developed such a close relationship with the creatures they live alongside that them that the Pokémon trainer concept was born.

Young boys and girls are allowed to set out into the world to begin their own adventure with Pokémon, including meeting and catching wild Pokémon in a special device known as a Pokéball, which is a small, spherical device able to convert the Pokémon's body into a form of energy and store it inside the space which can be held inside a person's pocket. Indeed, this is where the very name Pokémon is derived from. This might sound like some kind of slavery or even poaching, but in fact, it is a symbol of just how close together humans and Pokémon exist, for the majority of Pokémon agree to this concept just as much as the humans do.

From there, the young trainer and his collected team can advance out into the world to do what they wish, whether it be the trainers battling their Pokémon against those of another trainer and training their partners to become stronger, to simply raising them and keeping them as pets, to utilising their skills to help in situations such as work. Many people also study the Pokémon they catch, determined to unravel the still plentiful mysteries that the Pokémon world presents to them.

Battling Pokémon is perhaps the most prominent out of the categories though. There are four separate regions to the Pokémon world known as Kanto, Johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh, and the laws for each one are the same. If a trainer seeking to become the strongest wishes to fulfil his dream then he must first defeat eight powerful trainers known as Gym Leaders throughout their region of choice. All applicants who succeed in this endeavour can then take part in a special elimination tournament to decide the best of them there.

The winner of this tournament can then proceed to battle against four very powerful trainers known as the Elite Four. Very few people make it past these four trainers, but if a person was indeed to get that far, then they would have the opportunity to face the Champion of their region. Victory in that battle would allow them to take the Champion's place as top trainer.

The idea behind this is that every adventure and battle that Pokémon and trainer go through together is designed to bring them closer together as a team and indeed as a family. And this is indeed the case in most of the trainers and Pokémon that take part. But, as ever, there are individuals who desire only the title and may treat their Pokémon very harshly to gain it.

And, of course, there are the people who seek to use Pokémon for their own gain, by using them to commit crimes like stealing or hostage taking. So, not everything about the Pokémon world reflects the bonds brought on by the average trainer and his team. It is a world of conflict in more ways than one in many instances. Nevertheless, such criminals and other bad people make up only a small minority, and the majority of the world continues the way it has always done.

But while every trainer dreams of one day standing on top as the Champion of their region or perhaps even higher, there is another thing which they all dream about – a dream which is often just as elusive as that of being the Champion. And that dream is simple – the dream to see a Legendary Pokémon. All trainers even dream of owning a Legendary Pokémon, but, as of yet, no Legendary Pokémon has ever been caught from the wild, no matter how hard people have attempted to do so.

Legendary Pokémon are a group of Pokémon that are not only incredibly rare but are also, in most cases, incredibly strong. But each of them have a certain trait or ability or power that sets them apart from all other Pokémon. The Legendaries are also charged with shaping and looking after the Pokémon World, preventing it from disasters of all kinds whether they be natural or as a direct result of another entity. There is only one of each of them, and trainers may search their whole lives for a glimpse of just one of these legendaries, and yet never catch a glimpse of them, even for a second. They are as elusive as they are rare.

But what gives Legendary Pokémon their legendary status? Well, to answer that question, we must travel back in time… to the time where there was nothing. Where the Pokémon World did not exist, and there was only a large space in the Void between the dimensions. In that space in the Void, there appeared an Egg. Nobody knows for sure how the Egg came into being, or where it might have come from, but there it was. An Egg that, mere moments after its appearance, hatched out into the first Pokémon.

That Pokémon was Arceus, the most powerful Pokémon ever to exist, and future God of all the Pokémon World. Arceus viewed the space where it had appeared and congealed his enormous powers together to create something out of nothing, thus giving birth to the universe that would one day become the universe of Pokémon like himself. But, nevertheless, even though he had created the universe, he still needed to put things in it.

And so, he began to create the Legendary Pokémon, one by one, throughout the ages, assigning them the tasks that he put before them. His three first-born children were also incredibly powerful, much like Arceus himself, though still not as strong. To one of these Pokémon he gave the ability to control Time and allow the universe to move forwards and grow. To another, he bestowed the ability to control space, thus allowing the expansion of the world. And to the third, he gave an entire parallel world which would one day reflect the Pokémon World and balance it, keeping the powers of time and space in check.

With the world set, Arceus now needed Pokémon to form what would be put into that world. He began to form what would one day be the basis of life, creating three smaller and less powerful children that would one day provide all life with their future mindsets. To one he charged with creating willpower so people would feel the drive to move on. To one he charged with creating all knowledge, for the people to seek and utilise. And to one he charged with creating emotion to give the future a sense of purpose.

A seventh child was brought into existence shortly afterwards. This Pokémon contained immense amounts of DNA so that it would be able to create all future forms of life once Arceus was finished with his task.

Now that he had set the basis of life, Arceus needed to create the environment in which that life would live. Yet again, he rose three more children from the nothingness and gave to them the powers to shape the world around them. To one, he gave the ability to create land. To another, he gave the ability to create the sea. And to the third he gave the ability to create the rest of the world – the sky and the ozone layer. The three of them went about their assigned jobs and eventually, the land masses and their surrounding oceans were formed, as was the skies which linked the two together.

The next Pokémon to be created by Arceus assisted the previous trio by dragging the land masses which had been created to various different places across the oceans to create different continents and the four regions that exist in the present day. However, this action caused great upheaval in the volcanic centre of the world beneath those land masses so Arceus created another Pokémon to keep that volcanic upheaval in check.

With the land set in motion, Arceus then decided to create changes in the world, for a world without change would forever remain the same. For that reason, he created the moon and assigned two more Pokémon to rule over it and its effects on the world, and to rule the night together. He also created three additional Pokémon to represent the annual changes in the environment, the three of them pooling the powers of fire, ice and lightning to bring forth the seasons.

The Pokémon in charge of creating life began to do its job and the earliest forms of plants and Pokémon began to rise to fill the sea and the land and the sky alike. As the Pokémon began to grow and multiply, Arceus created yet more of his own children to continue to shape the world in which they lived. Two of those children – one of silver and one of gold, were assigned to watch over the life that had been created from afar and help to guide it down the path of light.

Another, smaller child was assigned to protect the plant-life and the various forests that were appearing all over the land, while a similar child was created to make sure those areas were kept clean and abundant. Another smaller child was created to protect the seas where more Pokémon were growing. And finally, Arceus decided that the people of the future might deserve a special gift from him in the future, so he created another that would, every once in a while, be able to grant the wishes of a fortunate future soul.

Arceus looked upon the world he had created with the aid of his Legendary Pokémon and he was more than happy with its result. The Pokémon were budding and evolving all the time and they seemed to be happy with their way of life themselves. But there were several final things that needed to be taken care of, for beyond the ozone layer and the moon there was still a great expanse of universe left, which would present many dangers to his future creations. So, he created a special virus that would one day grow into another child of his to help the Legendary of the Sky keep such dangers at bay.

With the Pokémon World maturing, Arceus looked on it and decided that his time had come. The world did not need him any longer, and if there were to be such things as the willpower, knowledge and emotion that he had had three of his children introduce to the world then it would have to be without his overbearing presence. Shortly after the first humans began to evolve, he knew it was time to withdraw from the world and go into a deep sleep. One which only his children would be able to wake him from.

However, in his infinite wisdom, he knew that he would eventually be needed again. And so, his final act before sealing himself away was to create a final two children. Two twin children who would reside peacefully through the eons until they were needed. They, and only they, would be able to carry out the task which Arceus had forseen, and they would still need help to do it. But nevertheless, Arceus believed in the pair of them and he finally put himself to rest, sealing himself away in his own pocket dimension to await the time of his revival.

After Arceus withdrew from the world, the Pokémon and the humans grew and matured and evolved together through the ages until they eventually reached the stage which they are currently at in the present day. Some Pokémon died out and became extinct, but the majority of them lived on to see mankind buildings its cities and creating the Pokéballs to forge the relationship between them all the stronger.

And yet, the group of legendaries was not yet complete. Across the Stone Age, the Ice Age and the Iron Ages, the Legendary who had originally moved the continents created three new beings similar to himself to mark the various ages that the world had been through. And, during a particularly nasty fire in one man-made building that was made to honour the silver guardian, three other Pokémon died, causing the golden guardian to resurrect them as three brand new Pokémon to help in keeping an eye on humanity. These six newer beings were, while younger than the rest, still classed as legendaries as they were made specially by the direct children of Arceus.

Pokémon created by the legendary who introduced life to the world did not fall under the same category, since she had been specially made to carry out that task…

…with one notable exception.

For, in the not-too-distant past, the final legendary was made, and this time by humans. In recent times, humans have begun to get some very grand ideas, and one particular organisation decided to play Arceus and attempted to create the world's most powerful Pokémon, directly using the DNA of the life-giving legendary to produce a genetically altered clone. While the result was, in the end, not the most powerful Pokémon, it was certainly very strong and escaped into the world. As a direct product of the life-giver's DNA rather than the stash of DNA she carried inside her specifically for her task, he too could be classed as a legendary and therefore a direct child of Arceus.

And so with the legendaries formed, the world of Pokémon moved forwards, driven by willpower, seeking knowledge and experiencing emotion. The legendary Pokémon did their best to guide the world forwards but, for the most part, they stayed away from society – human and Pokémon alike. They became distant, they became isolated… passing, indeed, into legend of the humans and their Pokémon friends. This is what inspired the name for their group in the first place.

But for all their solitude, most of the legendaries were still there, hidden but watching. Claimed sightings of them were few and far between. Real sightings of them were even rarer. And, eventually, they reached a point where they were almost passing into myth. Yet they always remained, ready to step in and do their part should the need arise.

Pokémon and humans passed on without their aid for the most part. The tournaments and Champion systems were devised and trainers and their teams got on with their lives and strove to be the best. But, as we all know, even with divine power nearby, not all stories progress as smoothly as they could. And such was the case with one young trainer seeking the same goal as all the others.

But his story will have to wait for now.

For with the stage set, we can now delve into the real story. The story that started when things began to go wrong.

The sun was beginning to set on the Pokémon World, much as it always did. It had seemed to be a fairly average day for the majority of its inhabitants. They had gone about their business like hiking to the next city, raising their families, caring for their homes and the myriad of things that the average Pokémon subspecies did with their time. Several beginning trainers had caught their first Pokémon, while several more experience ones had had a few epic battles with friends and rivals alike.

A couple of Gym Leaders had been bested by challengers, and the Elite Four of all the regions were looking forward to the potential upcoming challenge that would be presented to them once the tournament had finally taken place.

Potions and Antidotes had been purchased from the Marts, Pokémon Centres had healed the injured Pokémon of battling trainers, the S.S. Anne cruise ship was getting closer to Vermilion City at last, the Magnet Train was on its way back to Goldenrod after a successful trip to Saffron and Professor Oak had done his regular talk on the radio about a various type of Pokémon.

And yet, despite all of these different normal activities, there had been a few, odd differences of the day. And none of these differences had been exactly what you could call positive ones. In fact, they were all negative.

For instance, close to Snowpoint City in the Sinnoh region, a slight tremor had occurred in the middle of the afternoon. Said tremor had shaken loose a very large amount of snow, causing a large avalanche which had swept across the route leading to the city from Mount Coronet. A large number of skiiers had barely escaped with their lives and an unfortunate number of slow-moving Snover and Swinub had been buried beneath the resultant snowfall. A few had lost their lives, but many of them would soon be able to make it out, aided by a small group of Abomasnow and Sneasels that were currently digging through the compacted snow.

And that had not been the only tremor of the day either. Mount Chimney of the Hoenn region had had a rather alarming earthquake shortly after the avalanche. The little town of Lavaridge which resided nearby had felt the activity of their local volcano, and several of its citizens had panicked and rushed about in terror at the prospect of a sudden eruption. The local Gym Leader, Flannery, had rushed out of the Gym in alarm and stared up at the volcano that overshadowed the town.

Fortunately nothing had happened, much to Flannery's relief, but the Gym Leader had been, nonetheless, puzzled. She was an expert on Fire-type Pokémon and she knew that her team would have been able to sense a lava flow powerful enough to cause a tremor, let alone an eruption. So, what in the world had just happened?

And that was not the only instance of something bizarre happening. Several boats had been capsized not far from Olivine in Johto by an oddly large wave. Not a tsunami but still quite large and certainly enough to soak the buildings closest to the coastline.

Fuschia City of the Kanto region had also experienced a rather odd instance, where a large number of Ponyta and Rapidash from the nearby abandoned Safari Zone had suddenly panicked for no apparent reason and had dashed straight through the city, scattering the locals before coming to a stop just before they reached the sea beyond it. And nobody, not even the Ponyta and Rapidash, seemed to know what had caused the stampede.

Not far away from Fuschia in Lavender Town, there was another strange instance. The town was known for its population of Ghost-type Pokémon, and a couple of young trainers that had gone there to try and find one had seen a silhouette of something which had caught their interest. It looked like a floating rag-like ghost but when the shadow had produced a large scythe, both of them had freaked out and fled in the opposite direction.

But perhaps the most alarming of all was the incident which had occurred over the top of the Lake of Rage in Johto – an isolated area that was known to harbour a large population of Gyarados. One experienced anglerman had been out on a boat in the middle of the enormous lake, recklessly braving the possibility of having his boat smashed by an angry blue, sea-serpent-like Pokémon in order to fish for its unevolved form of Magikarp. He had been hoping to break the record for largest Magikarp ever caught and had been for many years.

But, when he was wrestling with a catch that he was convinced might be his goal, a flash of light had caused him to look up sharply, fearing it might be a Gyarados about to launch a Hyper Beam at him. But the light was coming directly above him, from the sky.

He looked up and gasped, letting go of the rod and letting the Magikarp (which had fortunately not been the largest one ever caught) escape. Because there above him, there looked to be an enormous rip that cut right through the sky itself, and beyond that rip, the angler could see a combination of blackness and strange, shimmering colours of bright green, red, blue and yellow, dancing about like… like pixels on a computer screen.

The angler stared in astonishment as the tear in the sky for several seconds before the tear vanished pretty much as quickly as the light around its edges had appeared, the sky filling up the space again until it looked as if nothing had ever happened at all. The angler sat there in astonishment for about fifteen minutes, watching the sky with wide eyes to see if anything happened again.

It was only the roar of a Gyarados that snapped him back to his attention and he looked around to see one with a fishing rod – his fishing rod, dangling from its mouth and glaring at him. Evidently the Magikarp he had just tried to catch had just evolved and was not very happy that it had a hook stuck behind one of its teeth, so the angler temporarily drove the tear in the sky from his mind and rowed like hell for the shoreline.

These little incidents might have been isolated, but they were not unique. There had been similar instances for about a month now throughout the four regions. They had started out as quite minor, nothing more than a single garden suddenly upheaving for no reason to a little stream bursting its banks and giving people wet feet – something that could quite easily be contributed to a Pokémon, but throughout the month, they had slowly been getting progressively worse and worse, until they were on the larger scale of the incidents that had occurred in the last twenty-four hours.

The majority of the humans still didn't really pay attention to most of what they heard on the news, not really picking up on the fact there was the possibility of these events being connected. Some people did of course, experts in seismology were clearly noticing earthquakes in places where there shouldn't be and larger ones that could be produced by the average Pokémon too. Most of the incidents that occurred throughout this world were indeed pinned on the activities of a random wild Pokémon, but some experts were beginning to notice that perhaps something was a bit off about recent events.

And they were not the only ones.

Not far away from… just about everything, there was a place that is in almost perpetual darkness. Wherever somebody stood in the Pokémon World they were quite close to this particular place, but not many people knew where to look or, in many cases, that it was even there. This place was drastically different from the Pokémon World in many unusual ways.

There was no grass. There were plants there, but they all appeared to be rather tall trees, looking a bit like crosses between conifers and gorse bushes, covered in hundreds of little needles and an equal number of larger spines as the trees jutted above their base like giant spikes sticking out of the ground in which they stood. Most of them had bushy tips like weird paintbrushes. There were several boulders dotted around the land, many strange pillars that appeared to be made of ice and dark stalactites and stalagmites in abundance, though sometimes it was difficult to tell which were the stalagmites and which were the stalagmites.


Because sometimes the ground was upside down. Sometimes it was the right way up too. In fact, it would be extraordinarily difficult for any casual observer to tell which way was up and which way was down at all, largely because everything seemed to be completely defying the laws of gravity.

There was no solid mass of ground anywhere. What ground there was appeared in very large clumps that hovered in mid-air and were tilted at all angles. Some large chunks of floor were entirely perpendicular to other pieces. Some bits of the ground moved about of their own accord, travelling from side to side and up or down, or possibly down or up… but never actually colliding with one another.

This meant that the trees themselves were also sometimes pointing downwards or to the side just as much as the stalagmites and stalactites or whichever way around they were did. There was also water here, combined with the most bizarre waterfalls imaginable. Sometimes the water appeared to flow straight upwards to the piece of ground directly above them, with a pool at both ends so why the whole mass of water from the pool wasn't falling was a complete mystery. Sometimes the water would flow sideways as if it was in a river, except that it wasn't being supported by anything.

Sometimes the water would even flow downwards like an ordinary waterfall… except that it would then curve around and head back up the way it had come and enter the same pool that it had just fallen out of in the first place or do a complete loop da loop of liquid before it went down the way that it had been going. It was absolutely crazy, no matter which angle you looked at things, because no matter which angle you looked, everything else seemed to be out of place.

And the water was not the only thing that seemed to be odd. Sometimes the ground itself would spiral down or to the side for no reason at all, so it stood like a coil. And there were other anomalies besides. It was not just space that appeared to be distorted, but time as well. For instance, in some of the waterfalls, the water would start "falling" at a very rapid pace and then, for no apparent reason, it would slow down to almost a crawl for several minutes before it suddenly sped up again, or even the other way around.

And yet, no matter how slow or fast the water was going, there always seemed to be the same amount of it at any given time.

Many of the ground chunks which were floating about also had large holes in them, though if a passer-by was to miss a step and wind up in the hole, the other gravity anomalies made it questionable as to whether the person would fall through it at all or just float there slightly helplessly.

Not that there were that many passers-by.

Because the place appeared to be entirely devoid of all life of any kind besides the trees, and whether they were alive or not was a matter of debate, because sometimes the trees and boulders sank back into the ground and then sprang back up at an undeterminable time later, so the trees might just be strangely shaped objects rather than anything else. Regardless, through the darkness surrounding the floating bits of ground there didn't appear to be any sign of life. There was no movement other than the shifting landscape itself.

There weren't even any little insects or other tiny creatures. If someone took a sample of the ground and looked at it through a microscope, there might not even be any sign of life in that. No bacteria or viruses or amoebas or other protoctista. No nothing. The whole world seemed to be eerily silent, barren and forgotten and terribly… terribly lonely.

The dark blue emptiness around the odd landscape just seemed to remain, bleak and full of nothing. Except that, suddenly there was something, but it was not a sign of life. It was a large cloud that appeared to be made of some sort of inky, black substance, like a thunderstorm cloud but thicker and denser, pooling around the floating bits of land like oozing mud or oil or some other sticky liquid, despite the fact that it was clearly composed of gas.

There actually appeared to be quite a few of these dotted around the place. There were small dark masses of cloudy gas in every direction, seemingly hanging there and doing nothing in particular or rolling over and over itself or joining up with other small clouds to form a larger one. But this particular cloud was massive – a real monster and so large that it could have engulfed about twenty entire Wailord. And that meant it was enormous.

As it travelled across the austere landscape, it collided with and engulfed many large, but still much smaller, clouds of similar substance and took them on as part of itself to grow even large. Wherever it went the needle-like trees of the world around them shrank back into the ground as if in fear, as did the various boulders. If it had a smell, it would have reeked on unnaturalness, and if it had a mind, then it would probably have been thinking about completely engulfing the entire world it lived in.

But that would have been alright, surely. After all, there was nothing alive in this world.

Or was there?

An angry roar shattered the silence which had been hanging over the area like a tarpaulin until now. If the cloud of black substance had had a soul or a heart, both would have wilted at the sheer ferocity of the roar, which shook the floating bits of ground around it and seemed to cause some of waterfalls to change direction. It even shook loose a few of the stalactites and they dropped sideways and away. But the cloud did not have either so it kept on advancing across the ground.

Something swept around one of the larger floating ground pieces and shot towards the cloud, undulating up and down as it did so and a pair of viciously red glowing eyes at the front clearly showing just how livid the creature was. It streaked across the gap at incredible speed, the shadows masking its shape except for a long, serpentine body as it plunged straight into the cloud layer and vanished inside completely.

Moments later and it tore out of the other side, the dark silhouette seeming to expand outwards near its head section as it roared again, angling its body downwards and sweeping round the front of the cloud and up towards the back, before sweeping round that too and back towards the front, doing a complete circuit of viscous gassy stuff. It quickly repeated this process several times and the cloud responded to its movements, warping and shifting each time it passed until it began to retreat around the edges, shrinking back in on itself as if afraid.

Eventually the cloud had congealed into a tight ball of blackness about a third of its origin size, and when that happened the dark silhouette pulled to a halt and then shot upwards until it was directly above the gas. A great pair of jaws opened sideways and the shadow expelled something that looked oddly like a tornado from its mouth. The tornado whooshed out over the balled-up cloud and punched through it, tearing the cloud to shreds in an instant and dispersing the shreds entirely until the cloud was nothing more than mere atoms and then the atoms simply became absolutely nothing.

It was as if there had never been a cloud at all.

The dark silhouette growled ominously, before it whirled itself around and moved downwards moving towards an area with slightly more light where it coiled itself around a large column of floating earth, its upper body resting on the top as it glared at the world around it. This was the spot where it liked to rest and contemplate things, though it often didn't have a whole lot to contemplate.

Until recently that is.

Now that it was in the lighter area, an observer would have been able to see it more clearly. Its red eyes were set in a large grey head with a black face which had a large platinum crest running across the top above its eyes and pointing upwards at either end. Underneath its eyes were a pair of larger platinum head-plates that jutted out behind his head like a pair of wings and met in the middle to cover its mouth. When it opened its mouth, the plates moved aside to reveal its maw.

Its body was long and serpentine, hence why it could coil around the rock column. It was mostly grey, except for the underbelly of its upper body which was covered in horizontal stripes of alternate red and black, as well as two sections of two black and one red stripes on its lower body and its tail. Across its body length were ten grey spikes, also tipped with platinum in places where legs might have been, and beneath its head were three jagged platinum half-rings that ran across its back and around to its front, resembling some kind of strange ribcage.

Jutting out from the back of those three rib-like adornments were a pair of black, ghostly tendrils which arched out above it like a set of six giant claws, each one tipped with a bright red spike, although they actually looked more like some kind of gas than a solid, though nobody looking at him would doubt that they could do some serious damage. All in all, it resembled some kind of draconic, giant centipede than anything else. A very angry, and very dangerous centipede.

This was the only living being in this entire area. The entire world it lived in was full of emptiness and nothingness except for him – the only one of his kind and ruler of everything that he surveyed around him.

And he was known by one name only.


He was one of the many legendary Pokémon created by Arceus. In fact he was one of the original three, creating alongside his brothers, Dialga and Palkia, who were given the abilities to control time and space respectively, while Giratina had been given this dimension to rule. This weird dimension where space and time seemed to be in constant flux was known as the Distortion World. It was a parallel world to the Pokémon World, made specifically to keep the Pokémon World in balance.

Major events in the Pokémon world could cause an effect in the Distortion World, making it effectively a reflection of the Pokémon World. The two lived side by side but never intersected with one another. But when an imbalance occurred in the Pokémon World, it would cause the strange pollution in the Distortion World which had taken on the shape of the dark ominous cloud from before. And it was Giratina's job to get rid of that pollution and, in doing so, fix the imbalance in the Pokémon World at the same time, thus keeping the powers of time and space, the powers that his brothers controlled, in balance.

Giratina was all alone in this world. This world that lay so close to the Pokémon World and yet so far. It lay just behind every mirror of reflective surface of the real world, and indeed there were many reflective surfaces dotted throughout the Distortion World. Whenever a young man or woman would pause in front of a mirror to check their reflection when they were about to go and meet their partner on a date, it was entirely possible that Giratina could be staring directly into their face without them even knowing he was there.

It might sound like a horrible existence, being alone for pretty much all time, but in all honesty, Giratina didn't mind it that much. He had always been a bit of a Renegade and slightly violent towards his brothers, which had made him perfect for the job because he essentially had to destroy things for a living. Even if those something were just giant balls of poisonous gases.

Giratina preferred solitude. He always had. Other Pokémon were either afraid of him, which he found rather pathetic, held him in high respect and behaved rather sychophantically, which annoyed him, or were so filled with awe that they could hardly move, which he actually like to a degree. Besides, he was part Ghost-type, which meant that he preferred to skulk in the shadows where he could slip in and out of the light like a shadow and Giratina could hardly find a better place to do that than here, in his own Distortion World.

That's not to say that he couldn't leave the Distortion World and seek company if he wanted him. While his brothers could just about control the entirety of time and space respectively, Giratina had control over both, but to a lesser degree, which was what allowed him to keep the balance between the two powers of his brothers. This meant that, if he so chose, he could leave the Distortion World and go to the Pokémon World for a while, which he sometimes did just for a change of scenery in the dead of night when nobody else was around. But, all the same, Giratina had not spoken to another living being for decades now.

Right now, however, Giratina was extremely angry. And an angry Giratina would be enough to set the bravest of hearts shrinking back into chest of their owner as much as they possibly could. It was certainly not a good thing at any time, because if he were to angrily destroy a part of his own Distortion World in his rage then that could cause an explosion in the Pokémon World, possibly in a populated area, which was kinda against the job description given to him by Arceus.

But what could possibly cause the ruler of a world where no other life forms existed to be so angry? After all, there was nobody around to annoy him and get on his nerves, and there was certainly nobody around for him to pick a fight with, which was just as well really because an uninvited guest would have been treated with open hostility by the Pokémon deity of antimatter.

To back to the point, the reason why Giratina was so angry was due to the cloud of poisonous gases which were appearing in his home. Or more precisely, it was the frequency with which they were occurring.

Clouds appearing in his world was common. It always had been. But for the most part those clouds of disturbance had been only small, like the various others that were dotted around the place, and the only thing which Giratina would really have to do to disperse such clouds was essentially just to fly through them. But, as he took a look around the scenery around him, he realised that he had never before seen those small clouds in such quantities.

Large clouds of disturbance were rare. Or at least, they had been. However, approximately six months ago, Giratina had been rather startled to discover an absolutely massive cloud of disturbance, larger than any he had discovered before by quite some distance. It had been large enough to cover a pair of large cities like Celadon and Saffron combined, and it had been growing larger by the second. Giratina had quickly gone into motion, treating the cloud as he did all the other larger cloud he encountered by gathering the poisons together into a tight ball and then blasting them with the whirlwind from his mouth to rip them apart.

But, for this particular disturbance, it had still taken him over an hour to finally contain the enormous amount and even then it had still taken around twenty whirlwinds before it had finally been dealt with completely.

That alone had left Giratina rather puzzled. What in the universe could have possibly caused such a massive upheaval as that in the Pokémon World? It could only have had something to do with a huge disruption in time and space, except that there were only a few beings he knew of who could possibly have caused such a thing, and they were his brothers, Dialga and Palkia, and his father Arceus.

And he knew for a fact that it had not been any of them.

Arceus was still in his self-induced sleep and he would be until the time finally came to wake him up, which Giratina would have been aware of since his own participation in that event would have been crucial. And he knew that it couldn't be Dialga or Palkia either, for he would have been able to sense his brothers' activities had they done it. Both of them were in similar sleeps in their own separate dimensions separating themselves and their immense powers away from one another and from the world itself to prevent exactly the sort of clash between them that could have caused the disturbance Giratina had been forced to dealt with.

It was a mystery.

But Giratina had eventually put it aside, as he knew the problem at hand had been dealt with. Or, at least, he had thought so.

But now, as he sat coiled and contemplating, he was no longer sure of that.

This was because from the moment that first huge disturbance had occurred, Giratina had noticed an increase in the amount of poisonous gas clouds that had started appearing in his world. At first, the change had been nearly imperceptible, a tiny increase in the number of small clouds that showed up all the time and Giratina had hardly paid attention.

But then, things had slowly started to get more and more out of hand. Giratina had noticed that the number of small clouds was starting to grow with increasing volume. An average day from beforehand would have seen him destroying maybe a couple of dozen before he went to sleep ready to destroy the next one. Within a month or so that number had doubled, and by the time the next month had come round the number had tripled again. Giratina had then been zig-zagging to and fro constantly trying to make sure that he didn't miss any of the small clouds as he passed through the Distortion World.

Three months in and the bigger clouds had started rolling in. Giratina had encountered two unusually large clouds, though still nowhere near as large as the one he had been forced to eradicate more, within the space of a week. And that number was growing and growing all the time.

And then, finally arriving in the present day, the cloud that Giratina had just destroyed had been the seventh one of a similar size which he had encountered today. It was getting out of hand. It was getting beyond ridiculous and Giratina knew that if he encountered another of those dark clouds without some kind of explanation as to why they were forming with greater numbers and speed than ever before then he might do something he would later regret.

It was his ignorance on the matter that was really getting to him. There were all sorts of reasons why a poisonous cloud might appear in his home, from something as simple as a large power surge from a powerful electric type Pokémon to an overly explosive Pokémon battle between trainers that had almost destroyed the environment around them and that had happened a lot. But now with all these larger clouds appearing… there had to be a reason for it. They wouldn't just appear out of nowhere. They couldn't, and Giratina knew that.

But he could not for the life of him figure out what could possibly be causing this strange increase and it was this that was really pissing him off. He had been wracking his brains for weeks now for a potential explanation, and he was simply not coming up with anything. His senses could usually tell what the larger disturbances were when they occurred.

There had been one time, for instance, where Palkia had had a bizarre nightmare where Arceus had awoken and started to attack him for no reason at all, and, even in his sleep, he had panicked and thrown a Spacial Rend, his signature attack, at the dream Arceus. But of course, in reality, there was no Arceus, and the Spacial Rend had ripped through the wall of his universe and crashed into a mountainside in the Pokémon World. And Giratina had immediately known that had gone to the Distortion World's equivalent location and sorted it out, and then, of course, entered Palkia's dimension to wake him up and yell at him for it.

That, actually, had been the last time he had spoken to his brother, or indeed to anyone. He hadn't seen Dialga for even longer.

But this was nothing like that. This was a problem which Giratina was sure had started with that single massive disturbance and was slowly escalating, getting worse and worse with each passing week.

This was hardly surprising really. The Pokémon World had been having similar odd occurrences after all, and each one of those had started generating the larger clouds in the Distortion World. But Giratina knew that this was not simply a natural cause. There was a darker force at work her and he was determined to find out what that force was. Because, whatever it was, it was not only poisoning his home, but Giratina knew that if something was not done, and done quickly then the problem could only get worse. And if it continued to get worse at the rate that it was now…

…then the Pokémon World was going to be in some pretty serious trouble, as was his own. But Giratina cared about the Pokémon World just as much as his own, even if he rarely visited it. After all, the work of his father and his brothers and sisters was what created that world, and it was that world that he had been fighting to keep in balance of millennia.

Yet the fact remained, that Giratina simply did not know what he was fighting against any more, let alone how he was supposed to deal with it.

The face-plates on Giratina's face stretched out to the side, revealing his mouth and allowing him to sigh in annoyance. He had hoped that he would be able to discover the source of this pollution and upheaval on his own, but with record numbers of large disturbances and his own anger very much in evidence, it was now becoming clear to Giratina that he didn't have the time to figure out what was happening on his own anymore.

Something had to be done, and it had to be done quickly or the world as he knew it could be destroyed. Quite literally in fact. If time and space was not held in check… there was no telling what might happen.

He needed to break his long solitude and go and find some answers before things got any more out of claw. And also before he lost his temper completely and blew something up, which would be a very volatile explosion indeed coming from a Pokémon as strong as Giratina.

Fortunately he had a relatively good idea about where he might be able to find some answers to his questions.

So, he uncoiled his long body from the column of rock and flexed his long, ghostly claws out behind him as he rose higher, before tucking them in alongside his upper body to slither through the air at a rapid speed, ducking around a large piece of rock, plunging through a gap in one of the giant earth clods and, just because it was part of his job, slashing his tail through another of the smaller clouds to disperse it as he moved across the Distortion World.

Time and space in the Distortion World were whatever Giratina wanted them to be. That was why, despite the fact the Distortion World was technically exactly the same size as the Pokémon World, Giratina was able to cover its entire distance several times a day in search of the poisonous gases. Giratina could quite literally appear at any place in the Distortion World that he wished simply by moving and bending the laws of his brothers to get him there almost instantaneously.

This was why, after a few minutes of contemplating exactly what question he wanted answers to, he arrived at the correct spot. The place he needed to be was in the Pokémon World, but he quickly journeyed to its mirror location in the Distortion World first as that allowed him to get there much faster than he could have done had he exited the Distortion World first.

Giratina coiled around himself and bunched up his body, noting that even here there were large numbers of small clouds filling his world with noxious fumes, before the face-plates and his mouth opened wide and he exuded another powerful tornado from his mouth. But this one was different to the one he used to destroy the clouds. This one was deep black in colour and was a lot more vicious.

The end of the tornado lanced forwards and seemed to impact on a section of thin air a few dozen feet in front of Giratina, cutting straight through the fabric of time and space as it did so and warping it around and around, wrenching the space of the Distortion World apart from the centre outwards. Giratina quickly stopped his tornado and once it cleared up, he found himself facing a swirling portal. And on the other side of the portal… he could see it.

Without further hesitation, he moved forwards and pushed his large claws closer to his sides so he could slip through the vortex and out the other side.

The moment he did so, the change in gravity was very evident as the laws of Dialga and Palkia took a greater hold over him. He felt a slight cold biting into his skin and he looked up to see the sun had just touched the horizon and was beginning to slip further down the sky.

The moment Giratina's tail exited the portal, his body began to glow, while the vortex behind him shrank back in on itself until the space had been as it once was, portal-free.

But something was happening to Giratina's body. As it glowed, blotting out all colour but a strange purplish light, his body slowly changed shape. His face-plates moved aside to reveal his mouth and shifted shape until they jutted out of his cheeks and two sharp points stuck out in front of him like a pair of mandibles. His claw-like tendrils merged with one another to form ghostly wing-like projections that looked like hazy versions of bat wings, except for the three red spikes still jutting out of them.

His body widened out and became less serpentine, taking on a more distinct torso. The spikes along his body length were sucked back in and something new came bursting out of his greatly widened body - six, thick, elephant-like legs which jutted out of his lower half and settled on the ground, each leg with a pair of platinum bands around the knees and three platinum claws at the base. His tail still jutted out behind him and his upper body rose up from the legs to allow him to rear high, but he now had an almost completely different shape.

This was his Altered Form, which he would automatically shift to whenever he was in any universe other than his own, as the changes in gravity made this form much more manageable than his Origin Form from before.

His red eyes looked out across the landscape he had arrived at, making sure that there was nobody else around to see him. There wasn't – the Pokémon of the area seemed to be preparing to either go to sleep or get up depending on what part of the day they liked to appear in, and the humans were all turning in in their cities not far away.

There was snow under his six feet, and a lot more snow covering the various trees of the forest around them, covering their leaves and making them look like giant snow-cones. There was some grass, but most of it had been buried by the snow.

But the majority of the landscape he had arrived in was taken up by a very large lake. A lake with sparkling clear water that looked as if no human had ever visited this spot, and it was likely that not many had, for this lake was situated on the top of an enormous plateau. It stretched out almost as far as Giratina could see, though he could just make out the distant shoreline. The water lapped at Giratina's feet, as if calmly welcoming him back into the Pokémon World once again.

Giratina's snout wrinkled slightly. Perhaps it had been too long since he had visited the Pokémon World after all. The view was beautiful, even though he was not the type to admit that kind of thing. Maybe he should stop by a bit more often to have a look at the lives of the mortals.

Regardless, there was some more important things at hand than the view, so Giratina opened his jaws and, for the first time in years, called out for company.

"Uxie!" he roared across the lake. "Uxie! Where are you? Come out! I need to talk to you. I have questions and I believe you might be the only one to give me the answers I need."

As the echoes of his voice died away, Giratina waited for a few seconds, but nothing happened. Giratina frowned and called again, louder this time. "I know this is Lake Acuity, Uxie! I know you're in there!" He smirked and added, "Don't you want to see your old friend, Giratina again? It's been so long, after all."

And this time there was a response. The water of the lake about a hundred yards away from the edge suddenly began to glow with an intensely bright light. Giratina stared into it, unphased and watched a small pillar of light erupted out of the water and stretched up into the sky for about a couple of hundred metres.

Then, at a spot in the pillar roughly level with Giratina's head, a small shape fizzled into existence. The shape appeared to be wrapped into a ball, and it remained that way as the light slowly dimmed around it until it had vanished completely, leaving the landscape as it had been before but for the new arrival.

The ball then uncurled to reveal itself in its entirety. Giratina smirked as it beheld his fellow legendary for the first time in who-knew-how-long. It resembled a small grey fairy, no taller than thirty centimetres in head and body in comparison to Giratina's towering twenty foot tall form, and that wasn't including his lower body. The newcomer also had two long tails flowing out behind it, each one ending in a three pronged, spaded tip with a red gem embedded in the centre of the spade.

His small arms hung down by his sides and he had no discernible legs, his feet merely sticking out from the appropriate places at the bottom of his torso. His face was yellow and his forehead had another red gem set in the middle. His head itself swept out behind him in a large yellow form and resembled some kind of helmet or, perhaps, a very large, external brain.

To cap it off, his eyes were permanently shut. Not that that was much of a hindrance to a legendary Psychic-type Pokémon such as him.

Uxie smiled faintly and said, "Hello Giratina. I knew that you would be stopping by."

There you have it. No action certainly, but I think this chapter had an effective prologue to set the stage and I hope that it left you eager for the answers to Giratina's questions. Clearly something is very wrong with the Pokémon World, and it's only going to get worse in the future, whatever it is.

Not much to say apart from that and also, I am glad to be back. For those of you wondering how some of the characters from the other universes are getting on now, do not worry. They will be showing their faces soon enough. But for now, we need some answers.

Next time…

Giratina and Uxie have their question and answer session and none of what Giratina learns makes him very happy. But, as Uxie summons the rest of his brethren, he reveals that there may be a solution on the horizon to whatever is causing the problem. What could it be?

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