Hey guys. This chapter took slightly longer to get out than I was originally hoping but hopefully you will enjoy it anyway, for parts of it were quite difficult to write, though I still very much enjoyed it while doing so. Not much else to say about it on that score so… hope you like.

Quest of the Gods

Chapter 22:- A Greater Force

Turuiemon bolted across the top of a narrow wall, her feet hitting the brick-work beneath her like hammers as she kept her narrow eyes focused on the faint shape that she was following in the darkness. Sure-footed and swift she didn't even have to look where she was putting her feet as she dashed along. What was harder was keeping the mysterious shape in sight, for it was not only enshrouded in the shadows and doing a very good job of keeping itself in them, it was also just about as fast and agile as she was.

The shape bounded up the side of a building and rebounded off a fire-escape to swing itself around a corner, and Turuiemon noted that its arm seemed to elongate as that happened before it disappeared around the corner with the rest of it.

There was no longer any doubt that this thing, whatever it was, was not a human at the very least. Either it was some Pokémon that she had not yet encountered or… it was the other option.

She pursued without delay, leaping from the walltop and running through momentum across the side of a building before bouncing off and swinging from the same fire escape to roll around the corner with a swift burst of speed, not even pausing for a moment as she sought out the shape of the dark figure again. She spotted it quickly, leaping over the roof of another building and she was instantly up after it, displaying her tremendous leaping power as she almost cleared the building in a single bound, seizing a gutter and flipping herself over onto the roof to thunder across it in continued pursuit.

As the shadow flitted down through another side-street, Turuiemon landed feet-first on another wall, pushed off to seize the bar of another fire escape and swing from it, tucking in her legs and rolling towards the ground in a ball, seizing what appeared to be a clothes line in the process and pulling it down with her, stretching it at its moorings until she hit the floor with it in her hands. She stepped back, stretching it a little further and then used it like a slingshot to catapult herself through the air and fling herself straight towards the shadow with a single, almighty leap.

The shadow seemed to notice her soaring towards him and dodged around the nearest corner, but Turuiemon seized a drainpipe on the side of the building and swinging herself around the corner in pursuit. Her feet thudded straight into the back of the shadow and shoved it away with a powerful kick, sending it rolling to the floor with a grunt until it skidded to a halt against a nearby wall.

Turuiemon landed and looked up at it with a glare. "Enough running, whoever you are," she said. "I know that you're not from around here."

"Neither are you," replied the figure as it clambered upright, revealing it to be a male. "Why am I the one that gets chased anyway. First the human woman last night with her stupid pets and now you."

"Go skulking about in the shadows and when you get seen, expect to be chased by someone," Turuiemon said. "Now… who are you. Show yourself."

"No, I don't think I will," the figure replied and it spun around, hurling what appeared to be a massive shuriken straight towards the rabbit champion. Turuiemon prepared to block or jump but almost before she could twitch Scyther appeared out of nowhere in front of her and caught the spinning shuriken on his crossed blades and hurling it straight back at the shadow, which rolled aside as the shuriken embedded itself in the wall behind him.

"Where did you go?" Turuiemon asked the Bug type with a smirk.

"I was around," Scyther said enigmatically. "This one's a slippery one though, isn't he?"

"Got that," Turuiemon nodded.

"Another of the locals," the shadow grunted, pulling the shuriken off the wall. "Well that's just peachy, you Snimon rip-off."

"Excuse me?" Scyther blinked, but before he could get any further suddenly the shadows legs elongated like a pair of huge springs and catapulted it into the air, flinging it across several buildings. Scyther's head snapped up and he yelled, "Grab on!" blurring his wings and shooting up after him. Turuiemon leapt up and seized his ankles, the Pokémon bearing the Digimon upwards to the roof where she let go and dashed across it after the retreating shadow, Scyther right beside her.

"What was that about a rip-off?" he asked her as they went.

"Let's just say Ninetales isn't the only Pokémon that bears a resemblance to a Digimon," Turuiemon stated.

"Ah… fair enough. I'll look out for that explanation later." And the two of them piled on the speed to catch up again.

The shadow swung across the side of another building, and somersaulted down through the alleyway, with Turuiemon and Scyther in hot pursuit, the former seizing the other by the back of the scythe as she sprang off the roof and Scyther swinging her around and hurling her towards the shadow to close the distance. The shadow saw her coming at the last second and sprang aside on its strange legs as she slammed into the ground where it had been. It span around and slashed out at her with two hand-held shurikens, but she backflipped over the first and blocked the second, as well as the double slash it brought down at her moments later.

The shadow recoiled and turned back to flee, but also slashed out with a shuriken that it appeared to be holding in its foot as well as it did so. Turuiemon spun to the side and rebounded off the wall and moments later Scyther appeared right in front of the figure and slashed at it. The figure lurched to the side and avoided the vicious blade, dodging past Scyther but not without injury as the Bug twirled around a second later the tip of his blade caught the being in the side. He yelled and stumbled but sprang away again moments later, dashing into a deserted car park.

Scyther moved with blazing speed though, rebounding off the narrow walls several times and overtook the shadow, striking down at it from above as he did so while Turuiemon sprinted to catch up from behind. In an act of desperation the shadow twisted around and backflipped over Turuiemon, avoiding the Mantis' slash in the process and raising its shurikens up, preparing to launch them at Scyther's momentarily unprotected back.

That was when he was hit full-on in the back by a previously invisible Latios, who had swooped down to crash his head right into the centre of where the shadows shoulder-blades would be assuming it had shoulder-blades. The shadow was thrust forwards and moments later Latias appeared in front of it, locking it in a psychic attack and tossing it towards the ground and against another wall, stunned. And finally in the light, so that Turuiemon could make out what kind of Digimon it was.

"About time you two made your presence known," said Scyther.

"Apologies," Latios said. "We were keeping an eye on things from above. There are still quite a few humans out and about even at this hour. But we figured that here would be a good place to act since it's in a relatively old and abandoned part of the city."

"Meaning that he was being a worrywart again," Latias said with a slight sigh.

"Hey," Latios muttered. "I'm not that bad."

"Aww, momentai," Latias said. "So… who do we have here?"

"I was pretty sure from how the chase was going that this was our culprit," said Turuiemon, nodded at the ninja-like Digimon with a huge shuriken on its back, leaf-like shoulder guards, a face-mask through which only yellow eyes could be seen and long green limbs that were indeed coiled like springs, each one with a shuriken on the tip as if they were natural parts of its body. "Looks like I was right. It's definitely a Shurimon."

"Ungh," said the confirmed Digimon as it shook its head. "Four against one isn't fair. You caught me off guard."

"You cannot talk on that score," Turuiemon stated, folding her arms. "Shurimon are known for taking their opponents off guard, striking in blind spots when they least expect to be attacked. Now, I think that you would be wise if you were to start answering our questions. Such as, where did you come from?""

"You ask me a question like that?" Shurimon snorted. "You? A fellow Digimon? I came from the same place as you, of course. The Digital World."

"Indeed," Turuiemon raised a brow. "But how did you get here? The Digital World is a completely alternate universe to this one. So how did you wind up here? Did you get sucked through a portal like the Seadramon we found close to Cinnabar Island?"

"How did I get here?" Shurimon snickered. "Well, why should I tell you that? After all, you just attacked me."

"Yeah, because you were spying on us," Scyther growled.

Shurimon stared at the mantis Pokémon blankly and said, "Why don't you try speaking a language that I can actually understand you brainless local."

"You can't talk to him, Scyther," Turuiemon reminded him. "He hasn't received Uxie's gift of understanding."

"Right," Scyther nodded. "Easy to forget that really, since I can talk to you all the time."

"Indeed," Turuiemon nodded. "Anyway, Shurimon. You're going to start talking to us. Tell us. Were you sucked through a portal that opened up right next to you and somehow found yourself here?"

Shurimon remained silent for several moments, glaring at the bunny that was standing over him, before he said, "Is that what happened to you?"

"I'm the one asking the questions here," Turuiemon responded swiftly.

"Fine, fine," Shurimon growled. "Well, if you really want to know, then that is exactly what happened to me. I was sucked in through some strange wormhole like thing that hauled me through and I was deposited here in this human world place just under a week ago. I've been trying to find some other Digimon here for all that time."

Turuiemon raised a brow. "Then why did you run when you saw me?"

"I saw what you did to those natives and I thought that you would try and do the same again," Shurimon shrugged.

Turuiemon gave him a level look, and then said, "You know you're not fooling anyone. We know full well that there have been sightings of you or others like you skulking around in the shadows going on for about two months now. Two whole months of things like that and you're telling me that you got here a week ago and have not found a single Digimon here in all that time before me? I don't think so. Something tells me that you are not the only Digimon in this city and if that's the case then you would have found the others already. So… the question remains… how did you get here?"

Shurimon glared at her with irritation, but said nothing.

"Well that's definitely a sign that you're trying to hide something from me," Turuiemon said. "Latios, Latias… what say you?"

"His mind… is well disciplined," Latios said. "I can glean little from his thoughts, and there are a couple of thing that he's deliberately not thinking about that I can't quite reach with thought-reading alone."

"We could push deeper with mind-reading and unearth something," Latias offered.

"Only if he doesn't cough up the information voluntarily," said Turuiemon.

"Oh what are you talking to your friends about? Torturing me?" Shurimon asked.

"Just tell us how you got here and we won't have to make things ugly," bluffed Turuiemon. "But make things hard on yourself and they will. Now, I don't think you're the only Digimon here. I think there are a lot more Digimon around here than just you… so… tell me… how did you get here and why are you spying on the locals of this place?"

Shurimon again said nothing for several moments, but then his yellow eyes betrayed a smirk and he said, "You think I'm not alone? Well… why don't we clarify that with my buddies? GET THEM!" And suddenly Shurimon sprang up and his entire body shifted in and split apart into leaves which whirled away as if on a wind. Startled by this unusual tactic the others were a second or too slower in responding but before they could move more than a few inches there was a sudden shower of small shurikens from above that slashed down on the four of them and did not come from Shurimon.

Latios shot in front of his sister and raised a Protect, to quickly screen them, the small metal stars bouncing off and clattering to the floor, while Turuiemon and Scyther swiftly separated and batted a few of them aside, rolling out of the way of as many of them as they could. One of them still managed to nick Turuiemon's arm regardless and another cut a line across Scyther's leg.

"What's happening?" yelled Latios, but they soon found out the answer by looking up for the source. The sky had suddenly filled with beings, holding onto large green sheets of cloth like parachutes and sailing down towards them. Small beings with a round head that was also their bodies and short arms and legs sticking out of either side, with a red hood over their upper heads that covered everything but their eyes, and each one with a short sword attached to their backs.

"Ninjamon," Turuiemon breathed. "And a lot of them."

"You can say that again," Scyther muttered, as the first ten or so of them folded their sheets and plummeted the rest of the way, some producing more shurikens from nowhere – others drawing their swords.

"Get them! Kill them all!" Shurimon cried from where he had reformed atop a nearby roof.

"NINJA KNIFE THROWING!" the foremost Ninjamon called, pulling a single enormous shuriken out of thin air and heaving over his head, hurling it down towards the group. They tensed, ready to deflect it, but they needn't have bothered, for moments later another figure dashed out of the darkness of the street behind them and sprang past them, revealing it to be Lucario with his Bone Rush staff already in hand and blazing with purpose. He rammed the shuriken head on with the Bone and turned it aside, slamming his fist into the startled Ninjamon's face as he dropped back down to the floor.

The other Ninjamon cried out in surprise and flung several smaller shuriken down but they all veered off course and flew straight into Aayla's hand, who landed behind Turuiemon and flung them back. Some of the Ninjamon blocked with other shuriken of their swords but two of them were not fast enough and were quickly deleted.

"More of them," the Shurimon cried. "All of you. Destroy them now." And he turned and bolted off into the night.

"Hey, get back here you!" yelled Scyther as Ninjamon were landing all around them.

"Aayla… what are you…?" Turuiemon blinked, having been unaware that Aayla was coming to join them.

"No time for that now," Aayla said. "That Shurimon seems to be an authority figure here. You four follow him. Lucario and I will take care of these guys."

"We'll see about that," a Ninjamon cried. "IGA-STYLE SWORD DRAW!" he shot forwards faster than the eye could track and sliced at Aayla's stomach with the blade in his hand. It was only after he came to a stop afterwards that he realised that Aayla's lightsaber had cut through his blade as she had activated it instinctively.

"Go!" Aayla cried. The others didn't need to be told twice and bounded away, flying or leaping over the building in the direction the Shurimon had taken and moving on after him.

Lucario readied his Bone Rush staff as Aayla pulled out her second lightsaber, the Ninjamon landing all around them until it seemed like there were close to forty of them.

"I have been looking forward to the day we could fight side by side," Lucario said to Aayla. "I had no idea it would be so soon."

"I don't suppose there is any way of resolving this peacefully, is there?" Aayla asked, knowing from everything she'd seen so far that she was clutching at straws. Moments later, loud screeching noises permeated the air as more shapes came leaping out of the darkness to land around the Ninjamon in the old car park. Humanoid creatures wearing red robes with long yellow sleeves and what appeared to be three faces set in pink flowers, one where its actual head was and the other two in place of hands.

"Does that answer your question?" Lucario asked. "What are these guys supposed to be?"

"Kabukimon," Aayla said, pulling up the information she had learned on Digimon in the last year. "Another Digimon that is good at sneaking about in shadows."

"Surrender to our might and you will only be taken prisoner," one of the Kabukimon cried.

"Yep, that does answer my question unfortunately," Aayla sighed. "These are not just lost Digimon. This is an army. And an army that doesn't seem to be confused about where they are."

"I sense it too," Lucario nodded, as he and Aayla stepped back to back with one another, blades and staff held ready. "You take the tall ones and I'll take the little ones?"

"Sounds like a plan," Aayla said.

"A plan?" one of the Ninjamon laughed. "Give up. We have you surrounded."

"I may prefer more peaceful solutions to fighting," Aayla said, her eyes narrowing. "But I don't give up easily. Something tells me you guys have never met a Jedi before."

"Let's get 'em!" another Ninjamon cried and threw himself forwards, several others following their example. Aayla and Lucario exchanged a mental nod and they both shot apart, joining battle instantly.

Aayla blasted outwards with the Force, knocking four Ninjamon that were flying at her backwards to crash into the tarmac and forward-flipped onto a wall nearby. One of the Kabukimon screeched and somersaulted onto the wall in front of her, facing off against her and screaming, "CHERRY BLOSSOM BLIZZARD!" thrusting out its face-hands and unleashing a torrent of bright pink energy beams in the shape of leaves that swirled towards Aayla in a large vortex.

Aayla responded by backflipping and planting her feet against a lamppost pole to spring off it and sail over the top of the blast to slash down at the Kabukimon. While it was surprised by the attack it quickly rolled across the wall to avoid the slash and whirled around to try and lash Aayla across the face with its petal. Aayla's blue blade twirled up behind her and cut right through the Kabukimon's arm at the wrist, and was already in the middle of a follow-up twirling leap as the Kabukimon yelled, cleaving through its stomach and deleting it on the spot moments later.

"Why you…" cried another Kabukimon as the first ones two halves disintegrated into data particles. The new one squared up to her and began waving its head in wild circles, its long orange hair flailing around behind it as it shrieked. "LION DANCE!" and suddenly the eight large petals that made up the flower of its head split off, hardened into bladed spikes and shot straight towards Aayla in a random pattern.

Aayla spun around and brought her lightsabers to bear, spinning and twirling as she deflected and sliced several of this vicious blades in half, dodging about three of them so they hit the wall behind her instead. But as she did so, a second Kabukimon had snuck around behind said wall and suddenly sprang over it, dropping on Aayla from above.

Aayla sensed the presence and reacted right as several other Kabukimon charged towards her. Both blades came flying up and plunged into the Kabukimon's chest, arresting its fall until Aayla flung the disintegrating body off her and into another one just before it reached her, knocking them both rolling as the first still dissolved into nothing.

Another Kabukimon leapt in from the side and sweep-kicked at her but Aayla somersaulted over it and planted both blades through the tarmac floor, flipping her legs up and over to kick another in the face and send it crashing backwards even as the one that had attempted a kick waved its arm and sent another Cherry Blossom Blizzard at her.

This time the attack hit and the attack swept over the Twi'lek, pushing her backwards. However, since she already had her blades in the ground she was only pushed a short distance before she forced herself to a stop, the pink lights stinging at her and swarming around her like flies. The Kabukimon smirked, thinking its victory was assured, for it appeared to have her pinned down and it wouldn't be long before she succumbed to the effects of the attack.

Boy was he wrong.

For Aayla, even under the light of the attack, stretched out backwards until her arms were at full length and then used the lightsabers in the ground like picks, heaving against them and catapulting herself through the Blossom Blizzard and drawing them out of the ground behind her as she did so. The Kabukimon squawked in alarm as Aayla twisted around and slashed through its stomach as she sailed straight past, rolling to a stop – a few purple welts on her blue skin but otherwise undamaged.

Another Kabukimon charged at her with lashing hands but Aayla responded by hauling her feet up and over to kick it in the stomach and knock it back, but only then saw the other Kabukimon coming in from behind her in a flying leap. The Kabukimon crashed into her stomach and they both went rolling, her lightsaber flying out of her hands to clatter nearby against the floor as Twi'lek and Digimon rolled over and over, eventually coming to a stop with the Digimon pinning Aayla to the floor by her upper arms.

"Say goodbye!" it cackled, whirling its head as the petals around it began to split off.

But it hadn't reckoned with the Force and Aayla was already summoning her lightsabers back into her hands, activating the blades and decapitating the Kabukimon with a flick of her wrists, the body splintering into particles before it could fall on her.

Another screeching Kabukimon sprang upwards and attempted to slam its fists, if you could call them fists, down on her from above, but Aayla kicked up her legs and flipped back onto her feet even as it hit the ground where her torso had been. But before Aayla could react further the Kabukimon sent another Cherry Blossom Blizzard right at her and this time Aayla was blown backwards fully. Though she didn't get very far because a second Kabukimon behind her had also unleashed the attack and the two intersected, both colliding with her and surrounding with her, holding her steady between the two.

"How do you like that?" one of them cackled as the energy leaves swirled.

"Not much," Aayla said as they seared at her and with a wrench of effort she flung her arms out to her sides and sent a blast of the Force out in each direction, telekinetically slamming the two of them off their feet to crash and slam head over heels across the car park.

As Aayla paused for breath another landed right in front of her only about ten yards away and yelled, "I've got you now! LION DANCE!" and it sent off its sharpened petals at her again, in a giant ring of blades that sought to pierce her body and not give her a chance to deflect them all in one go.

Aayla's eyes narrowed, and almost before she knew what she was doing she had sheathed her blades and dived through the air, pulling her arms and legs into her sides and, to the astonishment of the Kabukimon, she sailed straight through the middle of the circle of blades and sailed towards it, activating her blades at exactly the right moment to behead it.

"Five down," Aayla said to herself as the other Kabukimon gathered. "Five to go."

With Lucario, things were rather more chaotic, as he had many more opponents to face than Aayla did. At first the Ninjamon tried jumping at him en-masse, seeking to overwhelm him with sheer numbers and drag him down. However it soon became clear that wasn't going to work when the jackal-like Pokémon swept into their ranks with a Bone Rush attacking, ducking and dodging and weaving madly as he lashed out with his staff, knocking back swords and shurikens and bashing several of them between the eyes in the process.

After several of the Ninjamon had been knocked back and Lucario was still standing, two of them landed in front of him and tried a super-fast Iga-Style Sword Draw, sweeping past him so fast they didn't even leave blurs. And yet… somehow… they missed. Lucario had dodged aside through the use of Detect, the attacks missing him by less than the breadth of a hair, and in the process he somehow managed to disarm one of the Ninjamon and seized its sword in one paw.

Three more Ninjamon landed to try the same thing, but sprinted forwards in a Quick Attack to counter the sword of one and slice through another of the Ninjamon, spinning around to lob the blade at the retreating back of the others. Not looking to see which one it hit he flipped to the side to avoid two more lightning fast attack from the Digimon, re-formed the Bone Rush to slam another two aside and then spun around to jam his palm into the face of another, a blast of energy lancing out from the centre in a brightly-lit Force Palm that sent it flying, paralysed.

That was when several other Ninjamon managed to hit him with their fast attacks, slashing across the back of his legs with them and forcing him to buckle to his knees. They turned around, looking triumphant but Lucario was up almost instantly and slammed his Bone Rush staff down at them, forcing them to jump aside. If the Ninjamon thought that their attacks would make Lucario halt in pain they were mistaken. Lucario's ability was Inner Focus – he never flinched.

"You guys are fast," Lucario observed as the Ninjamon crowded around him.

"Get him!" the Ninjamon cried and about ten of them produced a huge Ninja Knife Throwing shuriken and lobbed them right at him. Lucario seemed to make no move and the ten huge weapons all crashed in around him, slamming into one another and in a huge pile of blades. The Ninjamon started to cheer their victory when suddenly one, then a second, and then a third, on and on until it reached about twenty, suddenly went flying through the air all in the place of about half a second.

Lucario pulled out of the ExtremeSpeed attack he had just used to avoid and attack at once. "I'm fast too," he said.

"How is he this good?" one Ninjamon cried.

"We can beat him," another yelled. "Come on! DANCING LEAVES!" He span around and generated a sudden tornado of leaves out of thin air that whooshed out and swept over Lucario, forcing him to brace himself against the force of them as the leaves battered against him. About seven other Ninjamon joined in, generating tornados at least as big and all of them gushing together, plastering Lucario with violent leaves.

"We've got him now," one of the others cried as they prepared to whoosh in with their swords when he weakened.

Lucario's eyes shot open even under the force of all their attacks and suddenly he thrust his arms out and roared, his body being surrounded by glowing blue rings that sprung out of nowhere. The Ninjamon watched in alarm as the rings formed into a multitude of sharp stones that circled around his body and with a clap of Lucario's paws the Stone Edge attack slammed out in all directions, slamming into many of the Ninjamon and sending them crashing backwards.

One Ninjamon who managed to dodged gasped, seeing Lucario still standing tall with a smirk on his face. "But how… how are you unaffected by our Dancing Leaves?"

I'm a Steel type, Lucario smirked, using his aura telepathy to communicate with them. Grass attacks like leaves don't have much of an effect on me. Plus I was boosting my special defence with Calm Mind for a moment there.

"Oh, is that so," smirked one of the Ninjamon, raising up its sword in readiness. "Well guess what? We've been doing so research into this world's inhabitants over our time here and I've learned enough to know that if you are a Steel type then you must be weak to fire."

Lucario's eyes narrowed as the sword seemed to catch ablaze as if by its own accord and the Ninjamon yelled, "FIRE WALTZ SWORD!" and began springing forwards in a frenzy of spinning slashes, the flaming sword curving through the air at the jackal-like opponent, almost as if the Ninjamon was dancing and whipping a flaming streamer around it. Lucario swiftly formed a Bone Rush and countered, the ground type attack repelling the flaming sword and pushing it back, but the other Ninjamon had got the idea and had leapt into the air around him, really coming for him en-masse now.

If it wasn't for a swift detect Lucario knew he would have been hit by the flaming swords and he still felt the sheer heat of them as he dodged at the last second, flipping over a sword aimed at his ankle and whirling around to face five Ninjamon soaring down towards him in rapid succession with flaming swords raised. Lucario slammed his bone staff into the ground and used it as a pole-vault, springing over the flying Ninjamon before they could hit him and coming to land sure-footedly on the top of a disused lamppost.

"Alright then," Lucario muttered, eyes narrowing. "If that's how it's going to be." And he sprang straight up into the air, sailing as high as he could in a single bound until he was right over the group of Ninjamon, who all looked up as he reached his peak. Bringing his paws together, Lucario formed a huge Aura Sphere and with a roar he flung it downwards towards the rest of the group. The Ninjamon contemptuously moved out of the way, several of them leaping up towards him at high speed, but before they could reach him Lucario flung a second, smaller Aura Sphere downwards right at the first, at higher speed.

Before the big Aura Sphere could hit the ground, the little Aura Sphere cannoned into it and the two of the fused and exploded, sending out a pulsing shockwave of Aura energy in all directions from the epicentre. Most of the Ninjamon were totally caught out by this and were flung away, wailing upwards and sideways, while those that were fortunate enough to get high enough to avoid the blast were quickly blocked by a combination of Bone Rush and Metal Claw.

Lucario landed in the middle of the destruction and immediately spun around as a Kabukimon flung itself at him. Moments later he dropped to the ground as Aayla span past him, her blades slicing over his ducked head and through the arms of the squealing Digimon, blasting it back with the Force. A pair of Ninjamon tried to run in and attack the Twi'lek but Lucario surged up and around, seizing their swords in his bare paws and wrenching them out of their grip, bashing them together as he did so.

The two of them turned and gave each other a nod, indicating their respect for their battling ability, before they both catapulted away again.

Shurimon was getting seriously ticked off. He was trying to lose his pursuers so that he could go and make his report but they were incredibly persistent and also incredibly agile. He was currently very hard pressed to hold them off, particularly the rabbit and the bug, as the two of them were in hottest pursuit, slashing at him as he ran off and following his every flip and twist through the alleys and over the roofs. His robes already had a couple of extra tears in them from close shaves with the pair of them.

Latios and Latias were hanging back a little more and trying to keep a look out for any additional incoming forces or locals, at Latios' insistence, who might see them during the chase. Latias was beginning to get a little exasperated. She appreciated that Latios wanted very badly to protect her, really she did, but he was just going so overboard with it that he was even hindering the current objective. They probably could have caught the Shurimon by now if Latios would just let her get a little more involved. She could do this, she was sure.

They were moving out to the northern outskirts of the city now, towards the Fuchsia Zoo, where there were quite a few Pokémon like Slowpoke and Chansey and other former residents of the old Safari Zone that had settled in for the night a while ago. As Latias watched the chase bound out of the buildings and into the park, she saw the Shurimon spring into the enclosure of one such Pokémon and spin around, hurling his giant shuriken back at Scyther and Turuiemon.

As the two of them dodged to the side, a roar came from behind the Shurimon, causing him to spin around in surprise and find himself face to face with a charging Kangaskhan, angry at having being disturbed and seeing this stranger as a threat to the baby peeking its head out of her pouch. Shurimon spun around to face her and, without a second thought, swung his two elongated arm shurikens out at her in a swift, brutal slash.

"NO!" Latias screamed and immediately plunged downwards almost faster than she'd ever gone before and slammed the stars aside with her high-paced Steel Wing attack. The Kangaskhan stopped in bewilderment as Latias swung in front of her protectively and blasted Shurimon back with a Psychic strike. Shurimon dug his feet shuriken into the ground to arrest his progress but he still crashed onto his back and cut huge grooves in the turf as he skidded to the side of the enclosure.

You're not going to go harming any innocent Pokémon on my watch, buddy, Latias said, in an uncharacteristic display of aggression as Turuiemon and Scyther took up stock around either side of the enemy while he scrambled back upright.

"You are getting supremely annoying," the Shurimon reported to all four of them. He looked up and added, with a smirk in his voice. "But it looks like I am soon to have some extra aid. Stop them, if you can." And he back-flipped over the enclosure wall and took off again, right as a high-flying flapping noise registered in Latias' ears she turned to look up and gasped.

At first she thought the rapidly flapping shape flying towards them were a swarm of Crobats, but then she realised that these were not Crobats, nor were they any lower member of their evolution line. They were definitely bats though; blue-furred bats with a single pair of red wings, large ears, white faces with large jaws and four limbs and a tail each with a metallic sickle at the tip, as well as another pair of sickles on the joints on their wings.

"What are those?" Latios asked in alarm.

"Pipismon," Turuiemon's eye widened. "Oh, that's not good. There must be at least fifty of them and they are strongest at night."

"And they definitely don't look friendly," added Scyther.

Latias' eyes narrowed. "You two keep going after that Shuri-guy. Big brother and I will take care of things here. Quick before he gets away!"

"Latias, wait…!" Latios protested.

"But will you be…?" Turuiemon started.

"Go!" Latias said. "We can do it!"

Scyther needed no further encouragement and shot off after Shurimon once more. Turuimeon looked momentarily torn but quickly followed on. "Look after yourselves!" she called over her shoulder as she did so.

"What's going on?" the Kangaskhan asked.

"Take cover," Latias told her immediately. "We'll handle this. Latios, no arguments this time! We have to protect the inhabitants of this place – they can't go anywhere and those guys don't look like they want to start handing out flowers. We have to fight them. Before they continue after the others."

Latios' heart was in his mouth. "But Latias… you've never…"

"Yes, I know I've never been in a battle," Latias said. "But come on. We're Legendary Pokémon. This is the kind of thing the others do! It's about time we started as well. And this time," she added, with a cheeky grin. "I'm not listening to you!"

"You never listen to me anyway!" Latios cried as Latias whooshed upwards towards the swarm. "Latias!"

But Latias was off, her eyes narrowing as she aimed her body at the front of the swarm, which were swooping down to give chase on the pursuers of their Shurimon leader. It was about time she tried to see what she could do about this kind of thing. Not that she wasn't scared – actually she was quite terrified that she'd screw something up. But she had to at least try, didn't she?

And while she'd never been in a proper fight before, she had taken the liberty of learning a few attacks alongside some of Felkan's Pokémon when they had been training over the years on Mount Silver, so she did have quite an arsenal. She'd just never had to use it before.

She announced her presence with a Dragonbreath, launching a beam of purplish air from her mouth that enveloped the front three Pipismon and bowled them backwards – one of them seizing up as the attack paralyzed him and sending him spiralling to the ground.

The rest of the Pipismon drew to flapping halts, myriads of faces turning around and hissing at her as she streamed out to the front, physically blocking their path and levitating there, heart hammering in her chest but ready as she would ever be for her first ever battle.

A beat of silence.

Then several Pipismon shrieked and skewed down towards her, raising their blades and gnashing their teeth. Latias waited until they were almost on top of her and then immediately hit them with a Thunder Wave attack, blue bolts lancing out of her body and striking each one dead one, with similar results to the one who had been paralysed by her previous attack – the Pipismon seized up in mid-air and dropped straight out of the sky. The remaining Pipismon looked on, wailed in anger at the sight of their fallen comrades and suddenly the entire flock was swooping in on Latias.

Latias span around and shot away, luring the Pipismon higher into the sky and trying to draw their attention away from the Pokémon on the ground. It worked and the shrieking hordes of Pipismon followed her up as Latias arced over and began to skew back towards them, her wings shining a bright white as she went in for another Steel Wing attack. She struck three off the Pipismon full on and plunged through the middle of several others and suddenly she found herself inside the swarm of angry bats, which closed in around her on all sides.

This was perhaps not the best way to start such a big battle so Latias twisted around, the top of her head glowing blue with a Zen Headbutt as she rammed another Pipismon in the face with it, her wings and tail ploughing a course through the swarm as the bat numbers condensed behind her in hot pursuit. She cleared most of the swarm and span tightly to throw the Pipismon scabbling against her steel wings flying away, spinning around to hurl another Dragonbreath into the swarm. Some of them split off and separated away but many of them in the direct line of the attack were struck and blown backwards further.

The rest of the Pipismon swarm split off and began to come at her from two flanks but Latias shot up and away, easily keeping ahead of them thanks to her much more impressive speed. She swept up and over, dodging a couple of Digimon that tried to grab onto her and flipped in a complete loop da loop around a couple of others before they could register what had happened. Others slammed in from either side of her but she barrel-rolled through them and caused a couple of mid-air collision between them before winging her way up again, pursued by the mob behind her.

She climbed higher into the sky and eventually upended herself, opening her jaws wide as the Pipismon surged up after her, eager for a kill. She felt the coldness gathering inside her mouth and with a jerk of her head she unleashed a large Ice Beam from within. The Pipismon screeched as several of them were covered in a layer of ice and were blasted back by the powerful energy, a couple of them bursting into data at the forefront of the powerful assault that Latias swept across their ranks.

When she spotted that particular detail, Latias froze up herself… faltering in horror as she stared at the particles of data that floated up towards the sky. Oh Arceus no… she had just… she had just killed another living creature. For the first time ever she had actually killed something else.

Her falter proved to be the advantage that the Pipismon wanted and several of them swooped up, screeching, closing in from the sides and lashing out with their many, many sickle claws. Latias gasped and tried to dodge but one of them latched onto her wings and pulled her backwards, allowing another to grab hold, then another, then another.

Latias rolled and twisted and bucked in the air, able to keep herself aloft easily thanks to the fact she was keeping herself up with Psychic powers but the Pipismon gained a firm grip on her and refused to budge. Latias cried out as she felt their sharp sickles cutting and puncturing her body, and she saw one Pipismon raising its claw out the corner of her eye, ready to bring it down through the back of her head.

It was at this point that a sudden wave of multi-coloured energy washed over Latias and all the Pipismon attached to her and flung all the latter away, leaving Latias relatively unharmed. She smiled gratefully at her brother who levitated up beside her, a grim expression on his face.

"I still don't like this," he said. "But very well. You're right – we have to do what we can. But it we have to kill them then don't hesitate. This isn't a simple Pokémon tournament battle. But we watch each other's backs."

"Like we always have?" Latias grinned as Latios gently hit her with a Heal Pulse to close some of her scratches.

"Like we always have," Latios nodded with a slight smirk. "But if you die, I will kill you."

"That is my line," Latias snickered. "Separate!"

The two of them did just that as the Pipismon swarmed around them, both arcing up and around and dodging bat after bat, their streamlined bodies practically tearing through the air as they moved back towards each other at a higher altitude. Several bats swung towards Latios and tried to slash at him but were immediately surrounded by blue energy and Psychiced backwards to slam into several others and send them all tumbling down. A few more winged around towards Latias and she raised her hands, generating a Water Pulse and tossing it at them, dousing them with the watery orb and flinging them away.

"Come on, brother!" Latias yelled, "Let's fry 'em!"

"Right!" Latios nodded, sweeping around to face the incoming horde, Latias activating Helping Hand right before he unleashed a potent Thunderbolt, the attack doubled in intensity as it left him and crackling across the sky, ripping through the air like giant electrical blades as they slammed over the Pipismon ranks. Loud squeals erupted from their jaws as electricity jumped from body to body rupturing them into data where they flapped and practically turning the sky around them yellow.

When the attack finally relented, over a third of the Pipismon had been wiped out. The others flapped there, shocked, for several moments. They had thought that these two relatively goofy looking things would be easy to deal with, but they had just lost so many in their number with a single attack.

"Tear them to pieces. Pulverise them!" one of them screamed. The rest of them snarled and this time things were getting serious. Several of them charged upwards and yelled, "CRAZY SONIC!" blasting sound wave attacks from their mouth directly at the Eon duo, who quickly shot away to bypass the attacks and swept down towards them.

From that point on it became something of a brawl in the air between the two sides. Latios rolled over a Crazy Sonic and tackled two Pipismon aside with his own Steel Wing and span around to club another in the face with the same attack. A swarm of others lashed towards him from the front, pulsing more Crazy Sonics at him, the attacks washing over him in a group. Latios gasped as he felt his senses going numb and he was pulsed backwards, but he swiftly gathered himself before the attack could have too much effect and let rip with a massive Psychic blast that shot outwards like an invisible wall to club about fifteen of the Pipismon anyway.

Shaking himself briefly he shot on, swinging around another group of Pipismon and spinning past another, launching a smaller Thunderbolt out of his body that blasted another three and shooting forwards like a cannon ball to crash a Zen Headbutt into another, knocking it into another and another like crochet balls and sending them flying. He turned to see another swarm coming in towards him from all directions, comprising of about twenty or so and his small fists clenched as they tucked their limbs in and threw themselves into a mad buzz-saw like somersault, using their other main attack called the Sky Jacker to slice through the air towards him.

Latios took off whirling and spinning and curving around in unbelievably tight circles around the Pipismon, which lanced in from every direction at seemingly every angle in quick succession, but Latios was executing impossible turns to avoid them all, dodging from side to side, up and down, round and round and never pausing for an instant. He was using Dragon Dance, the move that raised a Pokémon's speed and attack strength through their swift movements, while avoiding being hit at the same time. He got faster and faster as he rolled and weaved and then suddenly shot upwards too fast for the eye to follow and hurled a Dragon Pulse down at the grouped Pipismon, obliterating several of them and flinging the others in all directions.

Latias was similarly twisting around yet more Pipismon, turning side-on to avoid a pair of them as they scythed past her with their Sky Jacker attacks and turning sharply downwards as three more launched their Crazy Sonics at her. She found herself face to face with two more that slashed at her with their claws but she turned almost ninety-degrees with impossible precision and without even pausing to move out of their way, flipping onto her back and throwing an Ice Beam at them over her stomach, coating their wings in the stuff and causing them to plummet groundwards.

She flipped back over onto her front and swung upwards to where Latios was swooping across the sky, hitting a couple of others with a Steel Wing as she shot upwards. One of them managed to slash a line across her front, eliciting a gasp of pain, but she quickly threw him away and used Recover to heal most of the damage. Latios turned to fly towards her, zipping up and gathering green energy in his mouth, launching an Energy Ball over Latias' head to hit the Pipismon closing in behind her.

"You know this isn't so hard," Latias said with a slight grin. "I thought it would be more difficult than this."

"Don't get cocky," Latios chided her, whooshing around her and Zen Headbutting two more Pipismon out the way. "Though it does seem we have the advantage here. They don't seem to be particularly strong individually and are not as aerodynamic as us. Things would be much harder if they were."

"True," Latias nodded.

"They're insulting us!" screamed a Pipismon from directly above, and both the duo looked up to see about ten more dropping down at them like stones face-first. Half of the unleashed another Crazy Sonic, blasting the soundwaves over both the dragons and once again Latios began to feel the pounding and disorientation as his senses began to shut down and Latias was feeling the same, both of them yelling as they clasped their hands over their heads, having to bend their necks to do so. Meanwhile the other half of the Pipismon had whipped themselves into the Sky Jacker attacks and scythed down towards them.

"No you… don't!" Latios growled and suddenly raised a Protect around the both of them, causing the Pipismon to bounce off the shield and go flailing away.

"Ugh, that's nasty," Latias said, shaking her head, as the Protect also repelled the Crazy Sonics and the effects began to wear off.

Latios nodded. "You okay?"

"Yeah, I'm good," muttered Latias. "I'm fine."

Latios nodded. "Well, let's go get some more of them."

"I hear ya," Latias said, and Latios lowered the barrier and they both shot away again to throw a pair of Dragonbreaths up at the overhead Pipismon, forcing them to scatter but still taking out four of them in the process.

Shurimon had been sure that he would have been able to get away this time, and then he had finally lost the stupid locals and their Digimon companion who had been chasing him. He had been heading for the forest, anxious to make his discovery of another Digimon known, but it had not been long before suddenly the Bug was back in front of him and slashed at him again, and the bunny was not far behind.

Cursing angrily, he had moved on, running towards the trees and skidding over and around walls and fences as he did so, with the both of them in hard pursuit. He was having to pull out every trick in the book that he knew now just in order to keep ahead of the very, VERY determined duo.

They were now on the very outskirts of Fuchsia City, on the wide strip of field that separated the human settlement from the trees and here, there was nowhere to duck and cover to. Shurimon had to duck under the counter strike that Turuiemon aimed for him and backflip over a double sweep from Scyther, only for the bug to spin around and kick him in the back while he was still upside-down. Turuiemon took advantage of this and leapt upwards, slashing out with her switchblade and neatly slicing through the Shurimon's extendable arm at where the bicep would be on a creature that had a bicep.

Shurimon howled as his arm peeled away and he crashed onto his back, trying to push himself backwards and into the trees even now in order to get out of reach as Turuiemon and Scyther stepped towards him, glaring down at him.

"Don't you think that's enough running for one night?" Turuiemon asked. "Just answer my questions now, would you? How did you get into the Pokémon World. And more importantly, how did all your buddies get here? There is no way that a group of Ninjamon, Kabukimon and Pipismon in numbers that large, as well as you, could all turn up in a location like this by chance. Every one of those Digimon is skilled at lurking in the shadows and going unseen and the reports of the mysterious shadows have been going for two months. I can put two and two together."

Shurimon glared and then continued trying to back away, only to find Scyther's foot pressed against his chest, the other foot against his remaining hand shuriken and pinning it to the ground as his scythe hovered over his face.

"Just… tell… her…" Scyther growled, knowing that he would not understand what he was saying but assuming that he got the message that he was trying to get across.

Shurimon growled, unsure what to do next but bringing up his leg shurikens, ready to strike. But, just as Turuiemon noticed this and was about to pin them down too, something exploded out of the shrubbery of the nearby forest… followed by another something mere moments later, and both of them lunged straight for Scyther and Turuiemon respectively.

Lightning-fast reactions saved them both as they backflipped or sprang into the air and whirled away, skidding to a halt side by side as the two figures slammed into the ground where they had been before and squared off against them. Scyther's eyes narrowed slightly as he beheld their new opponents and he said, "Okay… I think it's safe to say my life has gotten crazy since I met you guys, Turuiemon. What is with all these different Digimon appearing?"

"I would quite like to know that myself," Turuiemon said grimly.

"Poor, poor Shurimon," snickered the first figure, who was facing Scyther. "Getting got by a native and his sympathetic friend. That ain't going to look good for your image, is it?"

"Shut up," Shurimon muttered sullenly, crawling backwards towards the trees slowly.

"So… who are these guys?" Scyther asked. He nodded at the one who had spoken and said, "That thing first."

"That's a Yasyamon," Turuiemon replied, glowered at the tall pale-blue skinned humanoid with the grey trousers, vines wrapped around his upper torso, white-face mask with nothing but holes for the eyes and red horns jutting out above them and wooden swords and shielded gauntlets over either hand. "And the other one," she nodded at the tall green-skinned lizard man with blades on his wrists, a cleaver in one hand and a much larger sword strapped to his back, "Is a Dinohyumon."

"Are they good at sneaking around too?" asked Scyther.

"No, they're better at combat than that but it's still obvious that the two know Shurimon. They are not here by accident either."

"Enough talk!" Dinohyumon yelled, in a deep growl-edged, brutish voice. "Fight! Now!"

"I couldn't agree more," Yasyamon hissed with a chuckle, readying his wooden swords. "We'll clean up your mess for you Shurimon, shall we?"

"Do what you want," Shurimon muttered from behind them.

"You take the lizard," Scyther suggested. "I'll handle the freaky puppet guy."

Turuiemon nodded, wishing that she was Antylamon right now but knowing she could be out of range of Suzie's D-Arc by this point anyway. "Sounds like a plan," she said. "But stay sharp, okay?"

"I don't really have much of a choice with that," Scyther remarked, raising his bladed arms and smirking.

"Oh shut up," Turuiemon chuckled.

"FIGHT!" Dinohyumon yelled and charge Turuiemon, while Yasyamon jumped into the air and brought his wooden swords crashing down towards Scyther. The Bug type moved first, kicking off from the ground to swoop beneath the falling Digimon and spin around to slash at his back, only for Yasyamon to also spin around and block the attack, while Turuiemon leapt up and planted a kick right in Dinohyumon's face and flipped back to ready her switchblades and thus battle was once again joined.

Scyther and Yasyamon briefly pushed against each other, testing each other's strength. Yasyamon was about twice as tall as Scyther and Scyther was blurring his wings to keep pushing whereas Yasyamon dug his toes into the ground, both glaring at each other.

"Well," Yasyamon smirked. "While most of the locals around here aren't even worth my time, you might be able to provide me with an entertaining battle. Shall we see how good your swordsmonship is compared to mine?"

"I'm not planning on only using my swords," Scyther muttered.

"Speak my language!" Yasyamon growled.

"Make me," Scyther grinned, his wings suddenly blurring even harder and glowing red, generating red soundwaves that washed harmlessly over Scyther but struck Yasyamon full on and caught him by surprise, not having expected an attack from this angle. The Bug Buzz attack pushed him backwards and broke the lock between the two's blades and as Yasyamon stumbled Scyther swept upwards and slashed his sickles, generating blades of air that lanced out towards the larger Digimon – an Air Slash.

Yasyamon quickly recovered and cartwheeled over the attack, the blade of air slicing harmlessly into the ground behind him as he landed on his feet in a crouch, swords splayed to either side of him as he glared at his opponent.

"So, it's going to be like that?" he hissed. "Well, two can play at that game, I think you'll find. BISECTING STROKE!" He slammed his blades together in a cross and slashed outwards, generating a very similar looking attack, except this was more like a shockwave in the form of an X that lanced out towards Scyther.

Scyther growled and immediately swept backwards, his wings carrying him away as the attack surged towards him, crossing his own blades, which glowed a bright white. Slashing them outwards he threw a Razor Wind at the incoming strike, multiple crescent shaped beams of white energy slicing through the air and crashing into the shockwave X, rupturing it and sending the shockwave out in all directions, while a few others powered on through it and slashed for Yasyamon again. The Digimon dived forwards to avoid the attack and landed on its hands, flipping back onto his feet with ease.

"Impressive," he said, raising a brow. "Perhaps you are even more of a worthy opponent than I thought."

"Worthiness has nothing to do with this fight," Scyther growled to himself, his scythes losing their white glow and his wings beginning to glow in their place. "You're here to threaten my world and my friends and as a warrior, I cannot let that slide."

"Whatever fine speech you just gave I missed it, I'm afraid," Yasyamon shook his head. "Now… come and get me."

Scyther needed no further encouragement and blurred forwards into the strike, flipping onto his sides and aiming his rapidly flapping Steel Wings at Yasyamon's face. Yasyamon bent over backwards to avoid the blow and Scyther spun around to Slash at him, though like before Yasyamon whirled about and countered the blow, slashing in from the side with his other sword in the process. Scyther rolled sideways in the to duck beneath the sword and slashed in from below, only to be met by another wooden blade in the process.

The two began furiously trading attacks with one another as close quarters, neither side giving an inch as their blades whirled and glinted and flashed in the light of the moon. Yasyamon slashed twice at Scyther's neck but the Bug brought up either scythe to parry and dropped underneath the leaping spin-kick that Yasyamon tried next, twisting beneath Yasyamon and striking from below before he came down, though the Digimon brought his swords down and blocked the attack anyway.

As he rolled back down, Yasyamon spun around to slash upwards with both swords though Scyther vaulted backwards and they passed by him, whooshing down to strike at Yasyamon's stomach. One blade came down to catch the blow and another crashed towards his head, but Scyther blocked and span a sudden three-sixty turn to slash into Yasyamon's upper arm, drawing the first wound from either of them. Yasyamon gasped and growled, spinning around to try another Bisecting Stroke at point-blank range.


Scyther blurred and was suddenly not there right as the attack was launched. Yasyamon blinked and whirled around but only saw a flash of green behind him, so he whirled around again, only for the same flash of green to whiz by him again from a different direction. Scyther was using Agility to increase his speed and now even a honed warrior practised at this kind of thing was struggling to keep up with him.

A split second warning caused Yasyamon to bring up his swords and counter as Scyther shot in from the side and bring both swords slashing in for the blow. A millisecond slower and Yasyamon would have been sliced right in the chest by that attack and as it was Scyther's blades almost cut straight through one of his two wooden swords with the sheer force of the strike and pushed him backwards, leaving grooves in the ground with his heels in the process.

"You…" Yasyamon growled but then smirked beneath his mask as he realised Scyther was locked with his blades and he quickly attempted another Bisecting Stroke right there, firing off the shockwaves right into Scyther's chest and slammed clean through the Bug Pokémon…

…which vanished.

"Huh?" Yasyamon blinked, unsure what had just happened. But a snickering from behind him caused him to look around and he found himself face to face with twenty Scythers, all grinning at him. A quick Double Team had allowed the real Scyther to make his getaway before the attack was even launched.

"Clever," Yasyamon noted and sprang forwards with a wild slashing motion and cleaved through another of the fake Scythers, leaping up to slam a foot down on another and slash his swords out to the sides to bisect two more. The Scyther clones started flitting around, hacking at him and going straight through him and Yasyamon continued his wild, spinning frenzy, slashing through Scyther after Scyther and growling as the real one continued to elude him.

"Where are you!?" he roared, slashing through another one and knocking out yet another with a spinning kick. "Show yourself!"

"Okay," the real Scyther grinned and suddenly all the remaining copies vanished. Yasyamon span on the spot, seeking out the real one, one of his swords only hanging by a thin strip of wood now, and his eyes widened as he saw Scyther streaking towards him from where he had been standing by the trees, his body surrounded a golden orb with golden streaks originating from the top of his lowered head.

Yasyamon only had time to raise one arm and present one backhand shield to take the hit before Scyther crashed the Skull Bash, a move that took a few moments to prepare hence why he'd hung back, into it. Such was the force of the move that the shield was blasted into splinters on the spot and Yasyamon was flung backwards, rolling several times before he landed sprawled on his back, his weakened sword snapped in half. And Scyther was already bearing down on him with a raised glowing white scythe. Yasyamon desperately threw up a sword to block but the Brick Break slammed straight through it and crashed into the top of Yasyamon's head, cracking his face-mask.

Yasyamon howled in pain, but Scyther cut him off with a stab to the chest, fracturing him into data particles instantaneously.

"You messed with the wrong mantis," he declared, alighting on the ground nearby and turning his gaze towards the trees nearby, where Shurimon was still there. The ninja Digimon had assumed that his two comrades would be able to easily finish off the opposition and had stayed to watch them meeting their end and he was shocked beyond belief that a Pokémon had actually managed to single-handedly take on and defeat a Digimon. He'd always thought that these local Pokémon were laughably weak. But Scyther had just proven him wrong.

He immediately tried to scarper into the woods but Scyther shot after him instantly, catching up to the wounded Digimon with the aid of Agility and overtaking him, slashing him right across the front with a False Swipe. Shurimon yowled as he was thrown backwards and crashed onto his back, weakened down but not dead. It was physically impossible for a False Swipe to kill or even knock out an opponent no matter how any times it was used on a weakened adversary.

"You're not going anywhere," Scyther stated with a growl. Then he looked up to see how Turuiemon was doing against her opponent.

As it turned out – pretty well.

Turuiemon sprang over another furious swipe from the Dinohyumon's knife and backflipped over the return swing, springing up into the air and flipping over the shoulders of the significantly taller Digimon to land behind him and spin around to slash him in the back of his leg. Dinohyumon howled but spun around with a snarl, pulling the much larger sword off his back and slamming it down towards her with a yell of, "AKINAKES!"

Turuiemon flung herself into a backwards roll and went head over tail for several metres, the sword slamming hard into the ground in front of her as she rolled firmly back onto her feet, diving forwards and running up the blade of the sword to leap into a spinning kick to the Dinohyumon's face, swinging her hand around to add an additional slash to his cheek as he reared backwards with a roar of pain.

"You obviously have strength," Turuiemon said as she landed smoothly on the ground. "But you have absolutely no technique or battling skill. All you're doing is swinging your blades at me and hoping for the best.

"Me kill you!" Dinohyumon yelled madly, charging forwards and slashing in his giant sword from the side. Turuiemon easily jumped over it and landed on the flat of the large blade, grabbing the hilt to steady herself as she was swung away with the stroke but otherwise staying upright. Dinohyumon spun around, thinking she'd gone past him again and blinked when he didn't see her standing there.

"Where you go?" he asked, looking around.

"Right here," Turuiemon said from where she was right next to him, gripping his sword. Dinohyumon's head lashed around and he snarled, immediately heaving his sword up into the air, to try and swing her off, which was exactly what Turuiemon had been counting on. She sprang into the air, combining the power of Dinohyumon's swing with her own jumping ability and rocketed straight up, moving so high into the air that she disappeared from sight to those on the ground in the darkness of the night.

With a grimace on her face she twisted herself around, tucking her legs in and rolling over as she reached her peak, beginning to fall head-first straight back down again, spreading her arms out in an attempt to steer herself as best she could with no purchase on anything but air. She plunged straight down towards Dinohyumon, aiming her body at him like an arrow from a bow.

Dinohyumon grinned, thinking he had her helpless now with such a long fall and lifted both swords upwards, holding the ready to swing at the falling bunny the moment she got within range. Turuiemon saw this action and moved her arms up in front of her, readying her switchblades and, as she got closer, lashing out with them to send a Gauntlet Claw flying ahead of her. The blade of white light seared down and slashed across Dinohyumon's wrist, on the hand that was holding the bigger sword.

Dinohyumon howled and dropped the sword from his nerveless grip, his other hand seizing his wounded wrist and dropping the rest of his stance entirely. Unprotected, he was easy prey to Turuiemon as she shot the rest of the way down and lashed down with both her switchblades, ramming them point-first into Dinohyumon's exposed chest, slamming him backwards and pinning him to the ground for the split second before his data fractured and dispersed upwards, leaving Turuiemon crouched on the ground where he had been.

Scyther chuckled as Shurimon stared in shock. "Looks like I was right to become your ally rather than your enemy," he said.

"I could say the same to you," nodded Turuiemon with a chuckle and then stepped closer. Shurimon shuffled backwards, his energy spent, unable to muster enough strength to even split into leaves and try and escape again, pressing his back up against the trunk of a tree as the Pokémon and Digimon stepped up on either side of him.

"Now," Turuiemon folded her arms. "Are you going to tell us what we want to know or not?"

Not far away, the other battles were similarly drawing to a close. There were, by this point, only two Kabukimon left facing off against Aayla and the Twi'lek was still more or less unscathed except for a few welts from their previous Blossom Blizzards.

"She's… she's a monster!" one of them muttered.

"We can't beat her," the other one agreed.

Aayla lowered her blades slightly and said, "Does that mean that you would be willing to surrender now?"

Before the Kabukimon answered, a couple of Ninjamon that had broken off from the main fight behind her suddenly charged her with their swords drawn and slashed at her from behind. Aayla, without even looking, twirled her blades backwards and cleaved straight through the both of them, then spun around the grab kick another right between the eyes as it appeared out of nowhere in an attempt to slash at her back.

The Kabukimon pounced, trying to act while her back was turned and flung another set of Lion's Dance petal blades at her, but Aayla spun around and raised a hand, halting them in the air with the Force and the pulsing them straight back, pinning them both to the wall by their clothes. The Twi'lek then cast an eye back towards Lucario.

Quite some time ago, the Ninjamon had got the message that this guy was better at combat than they were, and had resorted to their other technique – the Shadow Clone. Each one of the remaining Ninjamon had created ten illusionary copies of themselves and the Ninjamon had charged towards Lucario in an attempt to catch him as he defended against things he didn't need to defend against.

But this was no different than the average Pokémon's Double Team. And Double Team could not fool a Lucario. Delving into his aura senses he could easily detect which of the Ninjamon were real and which weren't and now he was springing and leaping about in a whirling frenzy of Bone Rush and Metal Claw, totally ignoring all the fakes that were jumping at him and slamming his weapons only into the real ones. All with his eyes totally shut.

The remaining Ninjamon were sent flying in every direction, their copies fading away as soon as the real one was hit and they collapsed against walls and rolled across the ground, some of them bouncing like rubber balls. Not one of them could stand up to Lucario, who seemed to fight even better with his eyes tight shut than he did when they were open.

Surrender, Lucario instructed with his mind. This endeavour against us is futile.

"How can he… fight like that… without seeing anything?" coughed one of the Ninjamon, of which there were about twelve or so left.

"He's too strong," another gasped. "They both are."

"Please tell us what we want to know," Aayla said. "How did you get into this world? There has been enough death this night."

"We would prefer to take no more lives," Lucario agreed.

The Ninjamon and Kabukimon that remained all glanced around at one another for a moment.

"Then don't," one of the Kabukimon said, seizing one of the spikes the held it and wrenching it free. All of the Ninjamon produced another shuriken and the two of them tensed, expecting another battle. But then, to their shock and horror, each one of the Digimon suddenly plunged their weapons into their own bodies and burst into data on the spot.

"NO!" Aayla cried, watching helplessly as the data around them floated away into the air, once living creatures that had just taken their own lives for seemingly no reason at all. "Why? Why would they do something like that? We would not have killed them if they had come quietly."

Lucario grimaced and his bone staff disappeared. "Perhaps they felt that ending themselves would be the more honourable thing to do," he muttered. "But somehow I doubt it."

Aayla nodded, her own grimace setting in. "This was not a group of lost Digimon. They were here for a reason. They attacked us for a purpose. There is a greater force at work in this world than we assumed before. And why would a small force of attacking Digimon rather kill themselves after they had failed?"

"Perhaps because they were afraid of the other possible consequences of their failure," Lucario said grimly. "From something other than us."

"Indeed," Aayla nodded. "And that… that greatly worries me."

Across the city, the story was the same. The remaining Pipismon were vastly outgunned by the two Legendaries. Even though this was their first fight, they were not referred to as Legendary Pokémon just because they were so rare. They were children of Arceus and it showed now, as the two of them fired another Dragon Pulse together which deleted five more Pipismon between them, leaving just eight other still airborne.

The Pipismon knew full well by this point that they were going to lose. Any damage that they managed to inflict was healed by either the other or by the injured one in question. It seemed that there was nothing they could possibly do against either of them. So… their sickled tails flashed upwards and Latias screamed in horror when she saw what they had done and watched as their data floated aimlessly away.

And at the base of the tree, Shurimon raised one of his shurikens. Turuiemon raised a blade warningly, thinking that he was about to try one last ditch attempt at attacking them, but the Digimon quickly put paid to that idea as he slashed downwards instead, breaking into particles and dispersing to the wind, leaving behind a shocked rabbit and bug.

"What did he do that for?" Scyther breathed.

"I don't know…" Turuiemon said. "But I have a feeling that I really, really won't like the answer."

It took about another ten minutes after that before the three pairs managed to completely regroup, each one sharing the story with the other that when it looked like their victory was assured each other their remaining opponents had destroyed themselves on the spot. None of them had gotten the answers they wanted out of the Digimon, but all of them agreed that this was no coincidence. They had all come to the same conclusion when they realised they had lost. They had been scared of something.

But what?

As they turned and headed back towards the Pokémon centre, keeping to shadows to avoid beings seen, they were all unaware of the single dark silhouette that blended in immaculately with the blackness of the night, standing on top of a building nearby. Red eyes rolled downwards to focus on them, and narrowed at the sight of Turuiemon.

"Interesting," the silhouette mused to itself in its deep voice, identifying it as the same silhouette that had attacked Janine last night. "A Digimon in this world working with the locals against our troops. And working with a group of opponents tough enough to actually triumph. This… merits further investigation."

Well, wasn't that an action-packed chapter huh? We finally got to see some more action from a couple of the other prominent Pokémon characters and at last even Latios and Latias could actually be useful for something – they are Legendaries so they would have had to play a big role eventually. I hope you liked it and that it has you wanting to find out more because there is certainly a LOT more to come. Hehehe. TTFN!

Next time…

More wary than ever, the group proceed up north in the direction of the Power Plant, flying out towards Vermilion City. But when they reach the place they can't resist stopping off and giving it a brief once-over to check for any other Digimon activity. What they do find… is not what they expected.

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