Hullo again everybody. Here I am once again with another update to the story and boy is this a full chapter. Gosh I just kept on writing and writing things without even keeping to the original plan I had made in a lot of places, and I really hope that you find this chapter quite the thrill, for that was what it was for me when I wrote it. Prepare for things to get wild.

Quest of the Gods

Chapter 24:- Not Quite Titanic

After a quick telepathic message across the city from Renamon, detailing what she had overheard in the street below, a swift gathering was called for. Though they had not yet searched through the entire city, the various searchers immediately turned around and headed down towards the humans leaping buildings and swooping round corners invisibly or stealthily.

After their encounter with Eusine, the Tamers had quickly stepped into a small alleyway set between a couple of the buildings, all but pulling Felkan with them as Renamon erected the perception filter over both him and Gardevoir once again. Nestled in the darkness they waited until the others had arrived, with Terriermon and Lopmon swooped down from the rooftops, the latter carrying Impmon as she did so, shortly to be followed by Aayla and Lucario bounding down from above as well.

Latios and Latias were the last to join and the two of them lowered their invisibility a little reluctantly, especially in Latios' case, but Renamon assured them she was now spreading the perception filter out to cover all of them. Anybody walking past the alleyway who might happen to glance into the shadows now would not notice anything out of the ordinary anyway, even if they looked straight at the two Legendary Pokémon.

"Well, there's been no Digimon activity seen here so far," Lopmon said from on top of a dumpster. "We might be in the clear."

"I'm not entirely sure whether to be relieved or concerned by this news," Aayla said. "Relieved that the people of this city might at least be safe but concerned that we still don't know the true range of these Digimon interlopers."

"Never mind that now," said Henry. "We'll figure that out later but you know about what we just heard. That man we spoke to, Eusine, believes that one of the Legendary Pokémon – Suicune – might be nearby. If that's true then we need to find it quickly."

"Her," Latias said. "Suicune is a her, not an it."

"Sorry," Henry amended. "But still, if she's nearby… the man's been following her around for ten years so he might know something about her habits, and he said that this wind blowing from the north might be her doing. Do you think that might be true?"

"A single guy has been following Suicune around for ten years?" Latios blanched. "That is… quite disturbing."

"I think you mean, he's a weirdo," Latias supplied with a nudge.

"Yes, that applies too," Latios nodded. "I feel sorry for Suicune. Having a stalker like that on your tail must be a little unpleasant."

"I would have thought that she was used to it," Gardevoir put in. "After all a lot of humans out there would figuratively kill for the chance to see some of you Legendary Pokémon. There are bound to be dozens of people out there who have been walking around trying to get a glimpse of Suicune or the rest of her brethren. This one just happens to be… quite determined."

"That is true," Latios conceded. "There have been times where we've come across people determinedly looking for us and… sometimes Latias would unhelpfully let them catch a tiny glimpse of her to get them excited and then silently laugh at them while they search for her while she floats along invisibly behind them."

"What?" Latios asked defensively. "It's hilarious."

"And a little mean," Impmon snickered. "I approve."

"Perhaps we should try and stick to the more pressing subject," Renamon put in. "Do you think its possible that Suicune is nearby based on what we know?"

"Well, we know very little apart from that there is a strong wind blowing from the south and some guy thinks that she might be close by," Latios mused. "It is true that wherever Suicune appears the wind does indeed blow from the north but it's usually not much more than a gentle breeze – Suicune's usually a calm and reserved and very gently individual and the wind reflects her mood a lot of the time. If this is her wind, then she must be unhappy about something."

"What happens when she gets angry?" Mako asked, trying to put in a good question.

"If she was angry then there would probably be a squall going on," Latios replied. "But still, it is possible that she is nearby, though she can affect the wind for many miles around her so I couldn't say how close she would be."

"But if we can find her, it is still a start," Felkan chipped into the conversation. "And we do need a start relatively soon. Articuno was not at the Seafoam Islands like we were hoping she would be and there's no guarantee that Zapdos will show up at the Power Plant we're heading towards. If we can find Suicune here then we're one step closer to our goal."

"Our goal of twenty-five," added Terriermon. "There would still be twenty-four even if we did find her."

"Twenty-four is better than twenty-five," Felkan replied shortly.


"Well, let's say that she is close by then," Aayla said. "How would we go about finding her?"

"Well, she would be unlikely to show herself in a public place, so she would probably be out in the wild somewhere," Latios said.

"But the sea is to the west and the south of here," Rika pointed out. "So that means that she would have to be north or east of here, wouldn't it?"

"No, don't you remember what that guy Eusine said?" Henry shook his head. "He said that Suicune has the ability to walk on water."

"That is true," Latias nodded. "If I had legs and couldn't levitate then I would be seriously jealous of her for that ability. In fact I almost am now. No other Pokémon has the ability to do that, with the exception of Surskits and those guys are tiny."

"Well, if that's that case then Suicune could really be at any point of the compass," Henry sighed. "We don't have anything to go on at the moment. And our telepathy only stretches for a few miles of one another before most of us are out of range of each other's though processes. So, what do we do?"

There was a couple of beats of silence, until Renamon said, "Well, Terriermon and I have the ability to communicate with one another over an infinite distance. Perhaps we could attempt to split up to see what we could find."

"And if we use our senses we should be able to detect Suicune when we get within a mile of her," Latios agreed. "We know her – we know what her presence feels like and there is only one of her. We don't exactly have to stumble blindly across her."

"Plus we can keep in contact over a great distance too," added Latias. "We're Psychic type twins after all. If we split up into two groups, each with either Latios or me and each with either Terriermon or Renamon, we could stay in contact and we could begin the search all around the city, one group by land and one group by sea."

"And if we don't find anything then… well… tough luck and we move on," Impmon finished.

"Alright then," Aayla nodded. "Renamon should be with the group that searches over the sea – it's easier to be spotted over an area without cover such as the ocean and her perception filter will help with that."

"Well that makes sense," Lucario voiced. "By how do we decide who else should…" He stopped, blinking.

"What?" Felkan asked, taking in his explanation, but before Lucario could answer he found out what he had detected. One of the twelve Pokéballs around his waist was vibrating rocking backwards and forwards from its magnetic clip as if its occupant was straining to get out, but wasn't sure whether it was a good idea to do so or not.

Felkan's blood ran cold – he knew which of his team this particular Pokéball contained. He cleared his throat and said, "The perception filter is still up right?"

"Yes," Renamon said warily, reinforcing her perception filter to it maximum strength just to be sure.

Felkan took the Pokéball, maximised it and opened it up in the palm of his hand. The burst of light that erupted from within resolved itself into Absol, and the white fur of the four-legged feline-like Pokémon was standing on end, his eyes wild and his legs trembling as if he was about to spring into the air involuntarily at any moment.

"What is it Absol?" Felkan asked, and everybody was paying attention now – even the newcomers knew enough about Absol now to know what this meant.

"Danger!" Absol yelled. "Something's coming! A major disaster! An… an attack on something big! Something that's coming, something that's heading towards the city right now. It's in danger! Big danger! Lots of danger from lots of things! An ambush!"

"Slow down, Absol, what do you mean?"

"Something coming into the city?" Aayla frowned. "Does he mean a person or a convoy or…"

A sudden, loud blaring sound cut her off – a noise that echoed throughout the city despite the fact its source was still some distance away. A ship's foghorn, announcing its impending arrival into a port.

An earlier conversation about the world-famous and world-roaming cruise ship flashed through the minds of both Henry and Rika and their eyes shot wide.

"Oh God," Henry gasped.

There were hundreds of passengers currently aboard the S.S. Anne – humans and Pokémon alike, though of course it was mostly the humans that were wandering about out in the open. The enormous cruise ship was everything that a person would need for a getaway on the high seas, with six different swimming pools on the top deck alone, a huge dining area, a casino, a theatre, an outdoor cinema, and even an armoured room below deck that allowed people to have Pokémon battles, albeit with carefully regulated rules to prevent unnecessary damage to the ship.

There were ten levels of rooms, each one fitted out with everything the passengers needed for their stay and each one with its own private balcony. Sunshades and deckchairs littered the top deck from practically the front to the back and large numbers of people were moving hither and thither, going about their own business and generally enjoying their time. Sailors could be seen here and there checking various things on the ship, but for the most part it was all about the tourists.

It could truly be called a luxury cruise-liner.

Now it was close to a couple of miles off shore from Vermilion and making its final approach in towards the port. It still looked like a vague shape in the distance to the people on the shore, but they were all waving and cheering as they always did when the ship made its annual visit, as if the people on board could actually see them, though in reality only a very few of them were even looking over the railings.

Everyone was having fun. Everyone was enjoying themselves.

But the dark figure that had recently moved into this area of the Pokémon world chuckled lightly to itself as it drew steadily closer. It had moved from its original position on the top of the Diglett's cave and was now standing right beneath one of the docks that stretched out across what remained of the land, staring out at the incoming vessel.

It was taking a risk in doing this and it knew it. Not only was it acting under its own authority with this, but this would be the first time that any of them had deliberately revealed themselves to the locals since they had got here. But it had sent a message through the shadows and it knew that the various troops around the area were now ready and in position. It only had to send the word, and it would begin.

He chuckled quietly to himself as he extended his powers, focusing, and knowing that deep beneath the ocean right now, a shadowy form of himself had appeared in front of many waiting eyes, a mere black image against the backdrop of the water and with no consistency whatsoever, but when the figure itself said, "Begin," so did the image.

Then, cancelling the power it opened its eyes and waited.

Things changed very quickly on the cruise ship. Some more of the passengers were beginning to take notice of their impending arrival into the port of Vermilion, but then the entire ship suddenly juddered to the accompaniment of an explosive concussive noise and the sound of straining metal, as well as fountain of spray that suddenly erupted from the starboard side of the boat. People screamed as they toppled over, water frothing from the swimming pools and pieces of furniture or deckchairs skidding or tumbling in the brief moment before the ship settled back down in the water again.

In the bridge at the fore of the ship, the captain cried, "What the devil was that? Did we hit something?"

"No sir!" a crewmember called. "There's nothing on the scopes. I think something just hit us!"

"Damage report?" the captain asked.

"Looks like the hull is a little dented but it's held firm," the same crewmember said. The S.S. Anne, as with most cruise-liners in this world had incredibly thick hulls – a safety precaution just in case the ship happened upon a particularly angry shoal of Gyarados or something out at sea.

"Sir, there's something heading towards us!" another crewmember said, who was monitoring the sonar imaging around the vessel. "Something… no a lot of somethings!"

"Gyarados?" the Captain asked. "Wailords? Talk to me?"

"Can't tell, sir, but they're coming in fast and some of them are way too big to be Gyarados…"

Before he could finish speaking there was another massive judder as something slammed into the side near the stern of the ship, practically throwing the captain and a whole lot of screaming passengers off their feet. And then there was another impact a mere few seconds later, giving them almost no chance for recovery.

And by then, the sonar signals had reached the ship.

A woman who had grabbed onto the railing for support suddenly screamed in shock as an enormous red tentacle shot out of the water below her and latched onto the side of the ship down beneath with a huge, black, three-clawed tip. It was immediately followed by another and the woman screamed in shock as she watched an gargantuan octopus like creature with many red tentacles and a giant bulbous head covered in a brown carapace and wearing a crown between its three red horns clambering out of the water and latching onto the side of the ship, pulling itself up the side.

People on the other side of the ship were also yelling in fear as more tentacles – these ones white – extended out of the water as if they were made of elastic and practically latched onto the railing right next to them, hooking it with three huge claws on each one, and the huge, ugly head of some kind of giant white squid with gaping jaws hauled itself up and out of the water latching onto the side of the ship with its suckers.

And then the real panicking began as the numbers of tourists charged about at random, all flailing and knocking each other over in the wild, mad scramble to get away from the areas where the two huge monsters could be seen pressing themselves against the ship – no destination in mind for any of them as panic overwhelmed their minds.

But it was not just two giant monsters, no. As the Octomon and Gesomon, for that was what they were, held tightly to the ship there were other things scrambling out of the water and clambering up the tentacles like they were ropes – hordes of Divermon clambering hand over hand with smirks on their wide fanged mouths and harpoons attached to their backs. And if that weren't enough the Octomon and Gesomon were reaching back down with their other tentacles and lifting several others up, as well as a lot of Gizamon and Coelamon and depositing the over the sides of the ship and up onto the top level in droves.

Madness and chaos broke out immediately as the Digimon charged into the ranks of the tourists, laughing and cackling and enjoying every moment of the panic and fear that was being issued around them. Several Gizamon curled into balls and rolled like buzzsaws across the decks, forcing people to leap out of the way of their onslaught or be sliced by their razor-like back spikes. The Gizamon sprang onto anyone that they could get to and bore them to the ground, their sharp claws glinting as they brought them down.

The Divermon and the Coelamon laid out amongst the crowds at well, slashing and striking with their claws and harpoons at anyone who got within range. One Divermon leapt into the air and hurled his harpoon at a middle-aged man who just managed to duck low enough to avoid being skewered but who still had a line cut across his back. Many of the Coelamon dived into the pools, snapping at any humans still unfortunate enough to still be in them and launching their spikes out at seemingly random.

And to top that off the Gesomon and Octomon themselves were also getting in on the action, with the Octomon reaching up with its huge tentacles and lashing them out, grabbing unfortunate passengers like it was grabbing flies out of the air and flinging them aside, tossing them overboard or into walls, while the Gesomon was simply slamming down its massive wide tentacles onto anything that got within range, splintering the deck and sweeping anyone and anything aside, whether they be deckchairs or living beings.

Screams and cries of tormenting laughter rent the air as the hordes of Digimon dealt their needless attack on the innocents around them. What had been a relaxing cruise had now turned into a nightmare for everyone involved and there were more than a few deaths dealt everywhere each passenger turned, humans who might have had full lives ahead of them brought down by claw or by tentacle or by spike or by spear.

It was then that the leader of the assault arrived, clambering hand over hand up the Gesomon's tentacle until he vaulted onto the ship and landed so heavily the wood beneath him practically fractured. Though he had no legs he walked on his knuckles or was capable of hovering and his long, muscled arms capped with knuckle-dusters were attached to a rounded blue body that also served as its head, the top half of which was covered in metal and riddled with spikes, with holes for its eyes and stopped just before its mouth.

A Pukumon – a Mega Level Digimon that resembled a giant pufferfish with arms.

"Swarm over them!" Pukumon's rubbery voice rose above the screams and jeers. "Throughout the ship. Leave no place untouched, leave no person unaccounted for. Take the ship from all corners!"

The Digimon swarm responded to his orders and quickly spread themselves around. Several of the Divermon and Gizamon bounded down the stairs right across the length of the ship and into the lower levels where there were yet more people fleeing up and around, trying to find out what was happening or trying to reach safe ground. Pretty soon the halls had a Digimon around near every corner, especially when they found the main hall in the middle of the ship which opened up to almost all the levels. They busted their way through doors and menaced anyone that they could find, faces leering in a gloating triumph.

Meanwhile the Gesomon and the Octomon had started directly assaulting the side of the ship with their tentacles, slamming them into the reinforced hull and smashing balconies beneath them, ripping open chunks into the various rooms, some of which was occupied and therefore forcing the people inside to dive for cover and or run out into the corridors to avoid getting crushed and not all of which were fortunate enough to avoid such a fate.

It was a terrible swathe of destruction.

Although, after the initial panic, some of the people were beginning to regain their heads. Not all of them were Pokémon trainers – in fact many of them weren't. After all not everybody in this world went out in the world to get a Pokémon and start a journey, though most people usually did own or live with one or two. But some of the people who were trainers began to think more clearly and called forth some of their team to try and push the invaders to the ship back.

A pair of Divermon flung their harpoons at a pair of screaming children when a Barrier sprang up in front of them, held in place by a grimacing Mr. Mime. The Divermon hissed and launched themselves at it, crashing into the barrier themselves and being repelled, only for them to be thrown aside by a solid punch from a Machoke. The Mr. Mime ushered the kids to safety while the Machoke laid into several Gizamon with a Low Sweep followed by a Submission attack, only for another two Divermon to slam into its back moments later and send it flying.

Other Pokémon were being called out all over the ship now to try and deal with the threat. A Magmar spurted fire that pushed another group of Gizamon back, where they were rolled into by a little Phanpy and knocked to the side. But several more Gizamon curled up into balls themselves and buzz-sawed their way towards the Phanpy, which balked, knowing that none of its rolling attacks would be able to stand up to those spinning blades.

But then a Golem landed in front of it and sent the Gizamon flying backwards with a Rock Blast attack. The Magmar ran past it and delivered a Fire Punch straight to a Divermon that was trying to jump on it from above but suddenly a bunch of Coelamon surged out of the nearby pool and soaked the both of them with water, causing them to yell in pain as one of their main weaknesses was used against them. The Coelamon flung Fossil Bites – spikes of yellow energy down at them, which pinged harmlessly off the Golem's rock-hard exterior but embedded in the Magmar and caused it to yell in pain.

A Flareon dodged and weaved around three Striking Fish lances from the Divermon before it span around and caught its pursuers in a Fire Spin trapping them inside a swirling vortex of flame, but before it could do anything else it was blindsided by a sweep from the Octomon's tentacle and sent flying to crash heavily into a wall. The Fire Eeveelution struggled to stand as several more Divermon flung their harpoons at it, but a Bronzor suddenly levitated in front of it and pulsed the harpoons back with a Psywave, only for the Bronzor to be hit itself moments later when several Gizamon leapt forwards and slammed all four of their feet into it.

Over on the other side of the ship the Machoke was swing a pair of Coelamon around by their tails and sent them flying with a Vital Throw, but then a pair of Divermon brought a net that they had picked up from nearby and bore it to the ground, thrashing and kicking. The Mr. Mime and the Magmar both ran to its aid, slamming out a Psybeam and Flame Burst respectively to knock the attackers back, but then they were each abruptly swarmed by more of each of the Digimon.

The Flareon successfully knocked a Divermon over the side with a Quick Attack but then spotted a Koffing which was desperately trying to defend a group of humans huddled against the railings with its Gyro Ball attack and ran over to help, trying to get the humans to safety and launching another Fire Spin at the invaders before several Coelamon burst from around the corner and piled into it.

And the Golem was now Steamrolling over several Gizamon, crushing them underneath its huge body and splintering them into data, but then with a thud, the Pukumon landed in front of it. Lashing out with both muscled arms the Pukumon crashed them into the rolling Golem and, though it skidded backwards several metres, halted it in its tracks. The Golem grunted in surprise at being stopped like this by something smaller than itself, but the Pukumon sprang up and slammed a fist into it, knocking it back into a wall hard enough to send it crashing through it.

"This is becoming a sport!" Pukumon laughed as the various Pokémon that were trying to help usher the humans to safety seemed to be being overwhelmed by both power and numbers while the humans continued to dash about. And to top it off the entire ship suddenly juddered again as whatever was still beneath the surface of the water continued its assault on the lower hull.

There was nowhere to run to for the passengers. The lifeboats were the only real system of getting off the ship while it was still out on the ocean and all of them were on one of the middle levels of the ship and by this point all the halls were crawling with Digimon. There had never been anything like this experience in the history of the Pokémon World.

It seemed certain that everybody on the ship would that day lose their lives.

Shortly after the initial stages of the attack, a group of several beings on shore were standing on one of the largest buildings in the city – the local Pokémon Gym. Transported up their by Psychic powers or with the help of the Force they were barely attempting to hide anymore and all of them were looking out at the distant shape of the cruise ship.

"You're sure?" Felkan asked.

"Yes, yes yes yes!" Absol cried. "They're under attack! That ship is under attack right now, I can feel it!" He looked half-crazed, as if the disaster sense that his species possessed was electrifying his brain.

"But you can't really see anything from this distance if you're a human!" Henry said. "Shouldn't they be able to contact the people on the coast…!?"

"There's no time for that!" Rika hissed. "You knows if the coastguard or whatever will get there in time and who knows what's going on out there? We don't have time to argue! We've got to do something now!"

"Agreed," Aayla said, eyes narrowing. "Regardless of our objectives we must move out. It may be a Digimon attack and we cannot let innocent lives be lost through inaction!"

"Let's move!" Renamon growled. "It doesn't matter if they see or not, we must go."

"Whoa, whoa, whoa! Wait! I cannot just…!" Felkan began, about to make the usual protest about not revealing himself in front of anyone and not getting involved in business that involved other humans but Gardevoir stopped him by placing a hand on his shoulder. Felkan turned to look at her and saw the penetrating expression in her red eyes.

A silent message passed from Gardevoir to Felkan with the gaze alone, such that even telepathy wasn't necessary for her to convey it. Felkan registered everything immediately and what he registered was:-

Would you really stand back and do nothing, regardless of the past or what the consequences may be if you're seen for any of us when there are people out there on that cruise ship dying right at this instance and you may not only be able to help, but be one of the few who can get there in time to do so, because I know that you couldn't if you were really thinking clearly on the matter. You may not trust humans but the Felkan I know would not see them die, just as you would not see Rika die at the hands of that IceDevimon.

That was everything that Felkan got in the course of a split second and he sighed, knowing that Gardevoir was right. He'd spent so long avoiding people that now he was doing it automatically. He clenched his fist.

"Fine," he said. "Let's move."

"Brother, I'm doing this," Latias said before Latios could voice any objections.

"I'm sure," Latios replied, knowing Latias was feeling more ready thanks to the talk she had had with Terriermon and Lopmon earlier that day.

"Come on then!" Felkan said, hurling two Pokéballs into the air and summoning forth Garchomp and Charizard.

"We're going too," Rika cried, defiantly giving Renamon and Aayla a look that broken no argument. Rika in particular had gotten so frustrated at being left behind so often during the fights back in Aayla's universe against the likes of the Separatists.

"No time to argue I suppose. Let's move!" Renamon cried, leaping onto Latias' back and standing like a surfer as the dragons levitated each of the Tamers into the air and placed them on a respective back while Felkan temporarily recalled Lucario and Absol, Gardevoir teleporting him onto Garchomp's shoulders moments later. Aayla grabbed the bunnies and Impmon with the Force and bounded onto Charizard's shoulders in turn.

Charizard and Garchomp did not need to be told what to do – a Pokémon was always aware of what was happening in the immediate vicinity of its Pokéball if they were trying to pay attention, hence why Absol's disaster senses even went off inside them. They had been listening to the whole conversation and what bits they had not been able to glean from the words had been fed into their minds by Gardevoir directly. The two of them immediately turned and shot away, the wind at their backs and propelling them out over the water, Charizard powering his wings and Garchomp spreading his fins as they soared out across the waves.

Latios and Latias shot off after them, the four dragons and their passengers shooting over the heads of many tourists on the docks below, who yelled and cried out in surprise at their appearance and several of them screaming in excitement when they caught sight of the two Legendaries, but none of them cared right now. At this point, there was only one thing that mattered, and that was what was going on at the S.S. Anne.

Speaking of which, the ship was in dire straits. Huge chunks had been torn out of its side by the Gesomon and Octomon and by this point the Digimon had spread to every location in the ship, several of them entering the engine room and setting it ablaze, laughing as the power to the ship died.

At the bridge of the cruise ship the captain had attempted to call in for help once he realised what was going on in the ship behind them, screaming into the radio until several harpoons had crashed through the window, killing one of the cabin members and several others slamming through the machinery and cutting off the radio feed. How much of his message had got through he didn't know but even if it had, what could the police services on shore do against something like this?

It was bedlam out there!

The Pukumon laughed as he slammed a fist into the stomach of the defending Machoke, which was sent rolling away and landed in a heap, clutching his stomach. As his trainer ran over and recalled him, Pukumon laughed merrily, hugely enjoying the pandemonium around him. He wasn't even trying and already many of the defending locals had folded beneath the numbers and might of the aquatic Digimon.

Why the commander had instructed them to attack this ship he didn't really know but who care at this point? Though there were still a lot of passengers alive – most of them in fact as there had been a lot of passengers to begin with, they were now huddled helplessly together in large groups, hemmed in by the Digimon on all sides and any Pokémon sent out against them was swiftly defeated.

"Kill them!" he burbled to anyone within hearing range. "Down with the humans and their feeble local monsters! They tremble before us! They fold before our might! They…!"

He stopped yelling when several Divermon launched their harpoons at an encircled group of humans and there was a flash of light and the harpoons and Divermon were suddenly flung backwards to slam against walls and railing or being flung over the sides entirely. Pukumon stopped and blinked. A tall humanoid figure in a long flowing white gown with green hair had appeared in front of the crowd, arms thrown out and eyes glowing bright blue.

Everyone! Gardevoir broadcast her telepathy as far out as she could. Help has arrived!

"Help?" Pukumon scoffed! "What…?"

Before he could finish the sentence a mighty roar echoed through the sky as Charizard swooped down and slammed several Coelamon with a mighty sweep of his tail and as he thudded onto the deck, Aayla bounded off his back, drawing both lightsabers and plunging them through the tops of a pair of Gizamon's heads. Moments later Garchomp swung around the other side of the ship, slashing his claw across the Gesomon's huge tentacle and eliciting a shriek from the giant squid and atop his back, Felkan gathered all his filled Pokeballs and once and flung them into the air.

"If we're going to do this…!" he growled. "Let's go all out! Everyone at once!"

Nine bursts of light erupted through the air and solidified as various points around the ship and moments later there was a sudden surge of Pokémon activity as each of them let into fighting without being asked. The Digimon were shocked at the sudden ferocity displayed before them, coming from all angles, as a mountainside-worth of hurt suddenly cascaded down upon them.

Three Divermon burst into data as Sceptile charged past them, whirling his Leaf Blades through their stomachs and chests in a frenzied dance before he seized two more by their faces and slammed the backs of their heads into the deck. His head shot up and fired a Bullet Seed that peppered a pack of Coelamon and drove them away from a pair of children and then shot past them and delivered a darkness filled Night Slash to another Divermon sneaking up behind them. The Coelamon tried to flee by Sceptile was after them instantly and crashed into them with Pursuit, knocking them all flying in different directions.

Gardevoir teleported to the other side of the group of humans and fired a Signal Beam from her hands that tossed several buzzsawing Gizamon backwards, span around to deliver a Fire Punch straight to the gut of a Divermon that had leapt at her from an overhead railing and slam it into the wall, forming an Energy Ball in her other hand as she did so and spinning into the air to throw it at another batch of them closeby, scattering them under the force of the attack and as she pirouetted to a stop nearby her body crackled and fired off a Thunderbolt that fried another three Gizamon as they sprang forwards.

Grabbing another spinning Gizamon with Psychic she flung it upwards where it was seized in Swellow's talons. The bird Pokémon banked round a corner and flung it into another group of Gizamon, sending and Ominous Wind in their direction with a burst of his wings and sending them rolling away. Several Divermon flung their harpoons at the bird but he rolled over and span through them, one passing through the twin forks of his tail and he shot down to crash through the group with Steel Wing just as Scyther shot in from the other direction and used his own Steel Wing on the same group, battering them in all directions.

Scyther and Swellow nodded to each other but a group of Coelamon suddenly rounded the corner and flung their Fossil Bites at them. Swellow hurled a Whirlwind at them to deflect the attacks and Scyther swept in, using the Whirlwind to increase his speed as he smashed through them with Aerial Ace and finished with a double Night Slash that cut through half of them with a single swing. The two of them took off and shot over one of the swimming pools, with several Divermon in pursuit, leaping into the water to swim across and chase them down.

Bad move.

Milotic fountained out of the pool in front of them until she was hovering above it and through a Scald straight down into the pool. The entire pool started boiling in the space of a second and the Divermon squealed as they were practically cooked. Milotic spun gracefully around and focused on the boiling water beneath her, forcing it to rise up in a Surf that washed away a small horde of Gizamon and Coelamon and splashed into the eyes of the Octomon causing him to howl and almost making him lose his grip on the side. Milotic spun around and delivered and surging Aqua Tail down onto the heads of a few more Coelamon and hit those that were flung up by the strike with a Twister to send them flying away.

Panic over the disaster happening all around him forgotten, Absol bore a Divermon to the ground underneath his claws and viciously swung his head to Slash another two across the stomach with his curved horn. A group of Gizamon sprang towards him from the side and one of them leapt forwards and hit him in the flank with all four legs, sending him skidding away, digging his claws into the deck to keep from going too far and used their purchase to throw himself forwards at them, body cloaking in a Dark aura as he slammed into the Gizamon, taking advantage of its hit on him to slam into the group with Payback and bowl them all away. Flinging a Water Pulse to one side to wash a Divermon trying to clamber over the side away he span around and barrelled to charge through a cluster of Coelamon with a massive Megahorn, slamming them all through the air like tennis balls.

Several of the flying Coelamon were then struck in the back with a Wild Charge from Luxray and slammed into the ground, deleted. Luxray winced a little from the impact but he ignored it and threw himself in front of another group of humans that had Divermon harpoons thrown at them, activating a Light Screen to partially deflect the attacks and then struck out with a massive Thunder before they could connect properly vaporising them and most of the Divermon that thrown them with an explosion of electric power. Only one remained standing, narrowly avoiding the attack, but Luxray bounded forwards and immediately started slashing into him with super-fast Fury Cutter strikes from his claws.

Several Coelamon remaining in one of the swimming pools suddenly regretted now climbing out sooner as a beam of Ice from Glaceon's mouth arced down and connected with water, turning the entire pool into a solid block of ice and freezing them solid in a matter of seconds. Glaceon landed on the surface and slid across it on all fours, throwing Ice Shards out ahead of him that pummelled several Divermon in the face before using the momentum of his slide to hurl himself into a Double-Edge that crashed into a pack of Gizamon that were in the middle of curling up to try and attack. The small fox then spun around and launched a pair of Shadow Balls right into the Divermon that were scrambling to get back up.

A Divermon took aim at Glaceon with its spear but was ploughed into by a Flame Charging Houndoom that rounded the corner and carried him forwards on his horns, slamming into several of them like pins and coating them in flames before tossing them away and over the side with a flick of his head. Several Coelamon leapt up to try a Fossil Bite at him but suddenly he was in the face of the foremost and slammed it aside with Sucker Punch, twisting around to slam each of the others with Iron Tail before they could even fire their attacks. Houndoom landed splayed on all fours and span about to launch a Fire Blast at a group of Gizamon.

Several of the Gizamon were torched by the attack but several others managed to escape by leap-frogging into another pool. But before they could sigh in relief something plunged into the water behind them and Garchomp surged up at them, spinning about to Slash through them with his massive claws and knock them flying back out of the water and vaporise into data. Garchomp landed by the side of the pool and snarled at a large group of about twenty Divermon, the first ten of which flung their weapons at him. Garchomp surged forwards, head flashing white with the power of Iron Head, the projectiles bouncing harmlessly off his hardened skull as he brutally slammed five of them into data and then swung out his fins, generating a Stone Edge that lanced out to all sides and lacerated the rest.

Other Gizamon spinning through the air had launched themselves at a bunch of girls cowering against a wall, blades spinning like helicopter blades as the lanced forwards. But suddenly Lucario was in front of them with Metal Claw activated and with three rapid strokes he deflected the Gizamon backwards and sent them crashing away. A bunch of Divermon charged him angrily but he unleashed a potent Metal Sound their way, causing them to convulse and scream as they covered their ears against the horrible sound and moment later Lucario was among them, one fist shrouded in Thunderpunch and the other coated in Ice Punch and he laid into the group like a spinning top.

Several more Divermon that had climbed up to higher levels screamed in rage at what they saw happening to their comrades below and leapt down, determined to punish the newcomers that had suddenly arrived from nowhere. Every one of them were suddenly caught in an enormous Heat Wave from the side and blasted away, Charizard following up with a Wing Attack that slammed several of them into unconsciousness. The fire dragon flared his wings and lanced downwards to deliver a bone-crushing Dragon Claw to the chest of an attacking Coelamon and flared his wings, letting loose a pair of Air Slash blades and slewed outwards into the rest of the pack.

All in all, the Digimon that had been causing untold destruction on the ship were suddenly having untold destruction wrought upon them by these new Pokémon, all of which were clearly on a different level to the previous defenders. Pukumon, from where he was crouched slightly hidden now in the middle, growled in irritation. What was going on? Where had these strangers come from and how were they so good at this. They worked as an efficient team, methodically sweeping across the ship and taking out the minor forces wherever they went.

But then the Mega level spotted something else. The blue-skinned woman was still standing in the middle of the ship, not moving from her spot except to twirl her blades through anything that came close. But behind her and shielded from view was a pair of strange looking dragons that were coming in to land and several humans were piling off their backs and onto the deck. As well as several other somethings.


Other Digimon that were definitely not part of his strike force.

Felkan, who had been put down by Garchomp before the dragon joined in the real attacking, dashed over to the group as Latios and Latias put them down, Aayla defending them diligently from attack. "Alright, we're here!" he yelled. "Now what?"

"Our first priority is these people! We have to get the passengers to safety!" Aayla called. "Where are the lifeboats?"

"I saw them about halfway down the height of the ship!" Henry called.

"Alright!" Aayla called, everyone deferring to her swift decision making. "All you humans start shepherding the people down towards the lifeboats. Gardevoir and I will protect you as you do so!"

"Agreed," Gardevoir suddenly teleported in and blasted two Divermon away with a Psychic blast.

Felkan, some of your Pokémon need to head down inside the ship – there are bound to be many more Digimon down there and hundreds of trapped people down there. One of you Digimon go with them!"

"On it!" Renamon cried, springing away towards the stairs. "Rika, digivolve me to Champion!"

Rika nodded and swiped the card, Renamon bursting into light and shifting into her Kyubimon form as she bolted forwards, yelling, "Some of you guys with me! We need to clear the inside of the ship!"

Several of the Pokémon around her heard her and charged away from what they were doing to follow her. Absol, Lucario, Luxray, Sceptile and Glaceon all thundered down the stairs and into the interior of the ship hot on Kyubimon's nine tails.

"Someone needs to head over the bridge at the front of the ship and check up on the captain and the other people!" Aayla added. "We need to find a way of getting this ship in closer to shore as quickly as we can!"

"I'll do it!" Lopmon hurled herself into the air, digivolving to the Champion level herself with a quick aid from Suzie, bounding onto a raised platform up on the ship as Turuiemon and flipping away towards the front.

"The rest of the Pokémon and Digimon stay here on the top! We need to do something about those giant Digimon on the sides!" Aayla finished. "Take them out quickly as you can!"

"No worries!" Impmon yelled. "Ai, Mako, you're with me! I'm not having you running around on your own out here! We're fighting together so I don't have to keep an eye on you to keep you safe!"

"Okay!" the twins nodded.

"Let's move!" Aayla yelled, and darted forwards, Gardevoir and the other humans moving with her as they hurried through the battling ranks of Pokémon and Digimon, seizing the terrified humans and pulling them up wherever they could and guiding them away, screaming for them to come to their sense and get to the lifeboats, Aayla whirling her lightsabers through Divermon forces and deftly deflecting their harpoons to clear a path for the more helpless. Several of them hesitating, staring at Aayla fearfully, but the Twi'lek pulsed a reassuring feeling towards them with the Force and they hurried forwards, obeying her instructions without any further question.

"Alright Teradelets!" Impmon called. "Let's do this. Cannon blasts might be a bit much on a ship like this so you know what to go for."

The twins nodded, seizing the D-Arc between them and calling, "Biomerge activate!"

Latios and Latias' eyes both widened as they beheld, for the first time, human and Digimon merging together to form a single being. They watched, enthralled as they fused into a single ball of glowing light that expanded outwards to form a tall humanoid shape with large jet-black feathered wings, medieval style armour and helmet and a long sword buckled at its side.


It was the other Mega form that Impmon had unlocked once he had figured out how to finally biomerge with the Twins at last back in the dark ocean. The body structure was similar to Beelzemon's in most ways, but the armour was tougher and shone in the sun, the sword at his side gleaming as the Mega Digimon pulled it from its sheath.

"Okay. That's awesome," Latias said. "There is no other way to describe it."

"Alright, Helicopter-Head!" Fatemon said in Impmon's voice. "You wanna get in on the game?"

"Yeah," nodded Terriermon. "Just as soon as…"

There was another thud as the ship juddered slightly and the four of them spun around to look towards the front of the ship at the sound of rending metal. Clambering over the side with what looked like a great deal of effort was a huge Digimon with a red armoured carapace and a pair of massive claws that were in keeping with its lobster-like body with a set of vicious looking jaws set in its draconic face.

"An Ebidramon, huh?" Fatemon asked, with a smirk, twirling his sword. "No problem… we…"

The was another rending noise, this time from the back of the ship, that forced them to have to move around a corner to see what was going on, and this time and even bigger shape was pulling itself up and over the side. An ugly mass of blue skin in a vaguely humanoid shape with huge white clawed tentacles for hands and another pair sprouting outwards from the back of its shoulders.

"A MarineDevimon," grimaced Fatemon. "I've had enough of these guys to last me a lifetime, why does there have to be another one here now? Why can't they all just stay in the depths where they belong?"

Nearby the Octomon slammed its giant sword down towards a screaming group of passengers being ushered along by Houndoom until Garchomp swept in and slammed the blade with a Dragon Rush to throw it wide, while the Gesomon swept its tentacle to one side across the deck, forcing Gardevoir to whirl around and haul it upwards with Psychic to get it to pass over several others.

"We've got to do something about these monsters on the sides before they start sinking the ship," Fatemon growled.

"I'm taking the lobster!" Charizard roared as he shot overhead, making for the front of the ship towards the Ebidramon.

"And I'll handle the ugly git at the back," Terriermon said, looking to the Eon twins. "You two think you can take out the tentacle creeps?"

"I'll give it a shot," Latias said determinedly.

"I suppose," Latios grimaced.

"Go for it," Fatemon nodded. "I'll help the others finish up with everything else up here."

Terriermon sprang up and blasted into a Digivolution with the aid of a nearby Henry, who had been waiting for Terriermon to give him the word. Forgoing the digivolution cry, Terriermon shifted straight into Rapidmon, the Ultimate level Digimon making its debut into this world and shot around towards the back as MarineDevimon raised his tentacles and prepared to slam them down. Rapidmon planted a foot right into his middle red eye before he could complete the motion, prompting a loud, uncharacteristically shrill yelp from the MarineDevimon as it stumbled backwards and almost fell right off the edge.

Charizard swooped low over the deck, his lashing tail just clearing the heads of a couple of passengers that were fleeing from the giant Ebidramon behind them and spun around to aim a devastating Iron Tail right to the side of the enormous lobster's jaw. The Ebidramon shrieked veered to the side, but reared up and swept out with a giant claw at the airborne dragon, who barrel-rolled over to avoid it.

Latios and Latias gave each other a nod before they turned and shot in opposite directions. Latios aimed straight for the Gesomon and slammed a Zen Headbutt into the its enormous coned head, shoving it backwards with such force that it almost lost its grip and had to latch onto the side of the ship before it fell off and into the water, while Latias activated her Steel Wing and crashed it into the Octomon's swing sword. Already weakened from Garchomp's Dragon Rush the sword snapped in half and the giant Octomon lurched to the side to avoid the point embedding itself in his shell.

Fatemon looked out around the rest of the ship and flared his wings, lifting off into the air. There was still a brawl going on around him, with Scyther dancing through a group of Divermon with his blades wildly swinging out around him and through them, Milotic spitting a Hydro Pump that washed several Coelamon with force straight through a wall and Swellow swooping out of nowhere to take the legs out from another bunch of Divermon with his Wing Attack, flying so low to the deck that his feathered chest was practically brushing against it.

Fatemon spotted a group of Gizamon chasing after some stranded passengers and made to head down towards them when something lurched up at him from below and landed squarely on his back, seizing him by the wings and pulling them sharply into his sides. Fatemon yelled as he plunged straight towards the deck, lurching wildly in an attempt to throw his passenger off as they tumbled, wrenching a wing of its grip and twisted around to rapidly extend the other and fling it away, arresting his fall moments before he crashed into the deck full-on, but still slamming into its feet first and skidding backwards as his assailant landed nearby.

The Pukumon, who turned around on his knuckles to face him.

"Well, it's nice to see there might be something to provide an entertaining fight here," the Pukumon said.

Fatemon's eyes narrowed. "I take it that you're the one in charge of the attack," he said, glancing to one side so he saw Garchomp take out the Gizamon he had been about to go for himself.

"Pretty much, yes," the Pukumon snickered. "And such fun this is. I'm so glad that we got this opportunity."

"Care to explain what you're doing here?" Fatemon growled.

"Not really no," Pukumon huffed. "Are we going to fight, or what?"

Fatemon's grip tightened around his sword. "Very well," he said. "Bring it."

The Pukumon needed no second bidding and lurched into the air with a thrust of his muscular arms, sailing for Fatemon and throwing a punch straight at his face. Fatemon countered with his sword, the metal clanging against the knuckle-dusters around Pukumon's fingers and heaved him off, ducking as Pukumon swung a blow from above down at him and spinning around to slash in at Pukumon from the side.

The Pukumon span around, batting the sword away with one fist and completing the spin to lash out with the other, catching Fatemon a glancing blow in the shoulder that bowled him backwards, the spike on the knuckle-dusters glancing off his armour but not doing much damage. Fatemon threw himself into a backwards roll and skidded back onto his feet, planting his sword in the deck in a fluid motion and spreading his hands.

"BALANCED REALITY!" he yelled, forming a sphere of light energy and a sphere of dark energy in either hand and hurling them at Pukumon, which surged forwards to try and sweep them aside with both hands. This turned out to be a very bad idea because they both exploded with incredible force considering their size the moment they made contacted, flinging Pukumon backwards across the deck and sending him rolling with a cry of pain.

Fatemon seized his sword and moved in, soaring into the air as Pukumon crashed to a stop in a nearby fallen towel rack. Fatemon raised his sword high above the seemingly stunned and seared Pukumon, the length of the blade glowing an intense white.

"BLADE OF DESTINY!" he cried and he brought it scything down through the air.

Pukumon saw the attack coming and righted himself, bracing for the attack, which crashed against his metal encased head and slammed to a halt. Fatemon grunted in surprise, his arms jarred at the sudden stop, but Pukumon smirked and said, "Chrome-Digizoid isn't going to break that easily, even against an attack like that. And if you're using them then perhaps I should too. NEEDLE SQUALL!"

Fatemon yelled as the needles that covered Pukumon's head suddenly shot outwards in all directions like arrows from a bow, their super-hard tips punching through his armour in many places and sticking into his legs, and one slashing him across the cheek as it shot passed. He staggered backwards and Pukumon reacted instantly, lashing up with a blow to the gut that made him double over and then swept in a hammer-swipe to the side of Fatemon's face, sending him crashing to the side, the Mega-level pufferfish in hot pursuit.

Impmon, quick! Ai yelled from within the biomerged Mega.

We have to get up and fight back! Mako agreed!

"Ungh… I hear ye," Impmon as Fatemon rolled over, Pukumon's fist smashing into the deck where he had just been, and his other fist surging forward towards Fatemon's back. Fatemon's sword swung over his shoulder as he blocked the attack and surged back to his feet, his long tail – a feature which has been present in his old Beelzemon form but was absent in his new one – lashed out and curled around Pukumon's arm, whipping him around and slamming him into the bulkhead, and then whipping him up and tossing him straight into another wall.

Pukumon was relatively uninjured by the attack, but was embedded in the wall by the spines that he had regrown already. He moved to pull himself free just as another pair of Balanced Reality orbs were flung at him and blew him straight through the wall to go crashing into the storage room beyond.

He quickly levered himself upwards, cursing, and threw himself into the air, powering himself out of the wall to find Fatemon surging towards him in turn, with another Blade of Destiny held ready behind him. Pukumon brought both fists slamming out the catch the slash of the sword and howled slightly when one of the buckled under the blow and flung him straight up into the air. Fatemon spread his wings and surged up after him, whipping into a spinning slash that Pukumon hurriedly rolled underneath, whipping around to punch at Fatemon's side, only for his fist to be met again with Fatemon's sword as he spun around to intercept.

Pukumon pushed forwards against the sword and lashed out with his other fist, only for Fatemon to grab his wrist with his tail before he'd delivered the blow and flick him downwards. But this time Pukumon grabbed Fatemon by the ankle as he fell and jerked him down with him, rolling him over to slam Fatemon's back into the deck. Pukumon bounded up and aimed his top side downwards, firing another Needle Squall at Fatemon's prone form. Fatemon surged into a backwards roll and landed on his feet, avoiding most of the Squall and batting a couple of the needles aside with sword and tail.

"You won't get me like that a second time," he growled.

"So it seems," Pukumon glowered regrowing his spikes and falling towards Fatemon again. But Fatemon smirked and, before Pukumon could register what was happening, he shifted form – his armour growing less distinct and his helmet changing shape, his sword and tail vanishing and a huge cannon growing on his right arm, which he brought upwards and fired a green blast straight into Pukumon's face. Pukumon rolled over quickly so the blast from Beelzemon hit his Chrome-Digizoid helmet instead of his body, but the force of the blow tossed him into the sky like a ping-pong ball.

And as he right himself, he saw Beelzemon shift back into Fatemon again and charge up towards him. He clenched his fists, not ready to back out of this fight just yet.

All around him the others were having similar brawls with the monsters around the outside of the ship. Rapidmon swung underneath a swipe from MarineDevimon's tentacle and doubled backwards to twist past MarineDevimon's face, deftly avoiding the swing of the other tentacle as well and rising into the air, launching a Miracle Missile from his back that lanced down and struck the MarineDevimon full in the stomach, sending him stumbling backwards against a wall.

Rapidmon was owning this particular fight – his intense speed making him near impossible for MarineDevimon to hit. The cyborg bunny swung closer, waiting for MarineDevimon to get back up again. He was trying to find a way for him to win without causing too much damage to the ship, which was, miraculously, still afloat and as far as he knew not yet sinking. He needed a clear shot, so that he could take out the ugly monster without causing damage to any of his surroundings.

"What's the matter? Is that all you got you big wuss?" he taunted.

"DARK DELUGE!" roared MarineDevimon, spitting a huge blast of highly venomous ink from his mouth towards Rapidmon. Rapidmon moved out of the way easily, but then he spotted something which made his heart stop – there was a human child that looked no older than four hiding, frozen and petrified, behind a barrel nearby and the inky stuff was going to land right over his hiding place.

Rapidmon blazed down in front of the ink cloud faster than the speed of sound and unleashed a Tri Beam straight upwards into the jet of ink, bodily shielding the kid as his attack pushed upwards against the thick viscous attack and ink spattered all around them, but not on them.

"Kid! You need to get out of here! Now!" Rapidmon yelled, but the kid didn't move – too scared. Rapidmon cursed as the MarineDevimon's attack increased and started to wash over his own more focused beam, so he spun around and grabbed the kid, zooming out of the way, but some of the ink still spattering on his legs. He winced as he crashed and skidded to a halt, releasing the kid from his bazookas, where it ran towards its mother and was ushered away by Rika.

Still, as Rapidmon rolled over the MarineDevimon slammed a tentacle down towards him. Rapidmon's body was seized up slightly under the effects of the ink and he tried to dodge but the tentacle still caught him a glancing blow that sent him spiralling away to crash into the railing on the side of the ship and fall through it, plunging over the edge.

MarineDevimon laughed deeply at his victory but suddenly several missiles streaked upwards and crashed into his chest silencing him. Rapidmon levitated back into sight, his legs numb and his breathing ragged, but not out of the game yet.

"TWIN SCISSORS!" yelled the Ebidramon, madly slashing one claw upwards and then the other in an attempt to hit his fiery opponent. But Charizard spun away from one blow and blew under the other, swinging back around to lob a Flame Burst from his mouth that crashed into the Ebidramon's own and… well… burst, sending out molten bits of flame that spattered the inside of its mouth and caused it to howl in pain. Charizard then soared upwards and generated a Rock Slide in mid-air, which tumbled down on top of the giant lobster Digimon.

The Ebidramon hissed as the Rocks cascaded down on top of it and partially buried it, but mostly survived the hit unscathed thanks to its thick armour plating resisting the falling rocks. What it found harder to resist was when Charizard landed with a thump right in front of it and gathered energy inside his mouth for a moment before blasting outwards with a massive orange Hyper Beam that whooshed across the gap between them. The Ebidramon hurriedly held up a claw in front of its face like a shield, but the huge blast threw him backwards despite his massive size, splitting the armour on his claw and powering past it to char his face and cause him to shriek as he was carried over the edge.

Charizard stood, temporarily paralysed thanks to the ferocity of the attack but his eyes widened a little when the Ebidramon caught itself with its other claws and hooked itself on the edge of the ship, determinedly clinging on despite the huge wound on its claw and face. It hauled itself back up until it was mostly back on the ship and snarled, "LOBSTER STEP!"

A burst of water-like energy shot from Ebidramon's tail and propelled it into the air. Charizard's balked in alarm as it was carried straight over him and then fell down towards him. His muscles unfroze right at that point and he attempted to dodge but he was not quick enough to avoid it as Ebidramon thundered down on top of him there was a burst of fire that set several wooden structure nearby ablaze.

Ebidramon cackled, but then cried out in alarm as it suddenly began to rise into the air. Charizard, still on his feet and teeth gritted, was using Strength, his shoulders and hands pressed against Ebidramon's underside and lifting him right into the air.

"Don't think you can affect a Fire type with Fire," Charizard snarled as he heaved Ebidramon face first into the nearest wall.

The Gesomon had mostly hauled himself fully onto the ship now, no longer needed as a ladder from all the smaller Digimon clambering onto the top of the ship. It lashed out with both its huge elasticated tentacles in an attempt at a Coral Crusher at the airborne Latios, but he simply slipped through the swinging tentacles with ease and shot higher into the air.

Gesomon stretched his tentacles up after him and tried to slam him again, but Latios overturned himself and dived past them, firing a Dragon Pulse down that crashed into the Gesomon's face, tipping it backwards and forcing it to grip the side of the ship.

Across on the other side of the ship, the Octomon had dropped its massive now-broken sword and was attempting something similar – to grab the offending Latias with his large three-clawed tentacles, lifting some of his other eight up from time to time to take swipes at her. But the red dragoness was twisting, turning and dodging around like an airborne ballet dancer, skimming past each one of them and zipping in a different direction to dodge the next.

The Octomon growled in annoyance and took another swipe at her as she swept in front of him, but she flipped upside down, the tentacle passing over her stomach harmlessly, before she swung around to face him directly, her eyes glowing with Psychic energy. As the Octomon raised its tentacles up again for another strike, the crown on its head was lifted into the air and then bashed it in the face, causing it, like the Gesomon, to briefly lose its balance and have to grab on in order to steady itself.

Its eyes narrowed in irritation, and if the Gesomon had eyes then they would have narrowed too. Enough was enough. Both of them turned and took aim at their respective dragons.

"SPURTING INK!" the Octomon yelled, raising a gun that looked like a hairdryer in one hand and shooting a huge globule of ink out towards Latias.

"DEADLY SHADE!" the Gesomon snarled, exhaling another blast of ink out of glands inside its mouth that splurged out towards Latios.

Both of the ink-based attacks resembled the one used by MarineDevimon earlier, but neither of the were prepared for what happened next. Latios and Latias, reading each other's battles perfectly even while in the midst of their own, took action without moving. They seized the ink attacks with their Psychic powers and redirected them, so the black jets curved around and whooshed past their targets, shot right across the ship and impacted upon the opposite attacker. Octomon yelled as Gesomon's ink slammed into his eyes and blinded him, and Gesomon howled as Octomon's ink crashed into him and both of them could feel themselves weakening under the effects of one another's blows.

Latios and Latias gave each other a quick nod and switched opponents, shooting across the ship and past one another as they each powered up their own unique attacks, ones which they had never before used against another opponent.

Latios' mouth opened and white sparkles collected together in front of it into a pink ball of energy, which he then fired forwards in a massive beam that overwhelmed the Octomon where it stood; a furious Luster Purge attack that unseated it from its perch and sent it flying across the ocean and away from the ship, disintegrating into data before it had crashed onto the surface.

Latias brought her hands together beneath her, a flurry of down congealing between them that collected into an orb which Latias hurled at the Gesomon with a spin. The Mist Ball shot forwards and impacted with Gesomon and the moment it did it splurged outwards and massively increased in size, enveloping the Gesomon and shining with power. Gesomon howled as the Mist suddenly exploded, throwing him away and sending him crashing into the water, his particles disintegrating as he sank beneath the waves.

Latias grimaced, seeing that she had just taken another life, just like last night where she had killed so many of the Pipismon. But a moment later she felt her brother's comforting little hand on her shoulder, gently reminding her that she had done the right thing.

The battle wasn't over yet though, and moments later the two of them swung down to help out where they could once again.

The inside of the ship was now becoming even more chaotic than the outside, the Tamers having shepherded the majority of the survivors through off the top deck by this point and dashing madly towards the lifeboats. Felkan was standing on a flight of stairs ushering people down and passed him, when he spotted an elderly woman clutching the banister and struggling to get down with her walking stick while everyone else jostled past her.

Felkan gritted his teeth and pushed his way up to her, grabbing her arm and steadying her, helping her to proceed more quickly down the stairs and into the corridor below. Several Gizamon bounded into sight when they reached the corridor and charged towards them, but Gardevoir appeared in front of him and fired a Signal Beam down the corridor to send them flying back down the corridor.

The Embrace Pokémon turned and gave Felkan a smile, and a knowing nod. "Take care of her," she said. "And yourself!" And she teleported away again to wherever she was next needed.

Felkan gave the empty corridor a blank look before running on, helping the old lady move as quickly as she could with the swarming crowds towards the lifeboats, the Tamers screaming encouragement around him.

Aayla was taking point, leading the storm of passengers at the front and following the signs to the place where the lifeboats were supposed to be. Several Divermon crowded the stairs of the main hallway beneath them, causing several people to pull up short and scream as they looked up, leering. But Aayla bounded onto the banister and slid down it towards them, spring off to slash through first four with her double blades before they could raise their spears and yelling, "COME ON!" as she whirled and whipped her blades around in a frenzy of motion without pausing in her stride once while she motored down the stairs.

The crowd started up again behind her, trusting this strange woman and dashing on towards the promised safety.

Not far away, was the dining hall – a rather huge place with a level almost all to itself where around fifty humans were now trapped by the advancing Digimon hordes. As with above there had been several defending Pokémon called out, but several of them had already been defeated and now a Sandslash, a Starmie and a Tauros were the only ones that remained. It had to be said they were doing fairly well, the Starmie pushing many Divermon back with its Psychic blasts, the Tauros bodily shielding as many humans as it could and the Sandslash taking on a swarm of Gizamon as best it could, but they were all slowly being pushed back.

As several of the Divermon overwhelmed the Starmie and many others made ready to throw their harpoons at the Tauros they were suddenly blasted from behind by a huge Discharge that swept out from the door and washed over them, paralyzing many of them and dropping them to the floor. Luxray bolted into the room and threw out several razor-sharp Swift stars out with a swipe of his tail at the Gizamon clustered around the Sandslash to aid the beleaguered Pokémon, while behind him Sceptile suddenly vaulted through the door and launched a massive Leaf Storm out onto another crowd of Divermon.

"Everyone out!" Sceptile gestured as he and Luxray cleared a path to the door. Though the humans didn't understand him they needed no second bidding and bolted for their escape, the trainers recalling their injured Pokémon and charging forwards. Sceptile backed out through the door ahead of them and led the way, slashing two more Divermon in half with an X-Scissor as they rounded the corner. Luxray stayed in the room and charged into the ranks of the remaining Gizamon with a Charge powered Spark attack.

Good work, Lucario's voice echoed in both their heads, while Lucario himself was charging down a corridor two levels up with both his eyes closed, extending his aura powers around to try and detect every human on the ship. A pair of Gizamon buzz-sawed towards him, but he activated his Bone Rush and slammed both his arms out to crash it into both of them and slam them into the floor without opening his eyes. Kyubimon, you've got two humans trapped in a room three doors to your left. Glaceon another three hemmed in in the corridor to your right.

On it, Kyubimon replied, bounding forwards and swinging around the door to find a pair of Divermon menacing a woman holding a screaming infant in her arms. Without pause for thought the fox bounded forwards and lashed out with her tails, wrenching the Divermon into the air by the necks and heaving them through the balcony window and off the side of the ship.

"Come on! You have to get to safety!" she called, hurrying back out into the corridor and gesturing madly for her to follow.

Meanwhile three burly sailors sporting numerous cuts were crowded back to back as a bunch of Gizamon stepped closer on either side of them in the corridor they were standing in. Just before one of the Gizamon could leap, Glaceon charged in with a Quick Attack from behind and slammed it into the wall, the fox diving between the legs of the sailors and blowing a gigantic Blizzard attack into the corridor and blowing several other Gizamon away, before wheeling about and falling upon the other with an Ice Fang attack that froze it solid.

"Let's go, let's go!" Glaceon yipped at the sailors.

"Thanks, girl!" one of them yelled as they hurried away.

"Thanks, g… Oh come on!" Glaceon growled.

On shore, the shadowy figure underneath the docks chuckled as it watched the ship swaying in the distance, unable to make out exactly what was going on, but able to see enough. The people on the docks above him were beginning to realise that something was wrong – the ship was slowly drifting towards the shore but much slower than it should be doing and the entire structure seemed to be rocking and in many cases smoking.

"Well," the figure muttered to itself. "They certainly are putting up a good fight over there."

And couple of miles away, a four-legged creature with a bright blue pelt, a huge blue crest jutting out the top of its head, a long purple mane that flowed out behind it like a cape and a pair of ribbon-like tails flowing out to either side of it, was staring out across the water in the direction of the ship too. It might not be an Absol, but it did have some limited mental powers and it was getting the feeling that something wasn't quite right out there.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaannndd...Yep, that's right. I'm ending it here – the situation on this cruise ship is far from ending just yet. And, like usual, I am being extra mean and now I'm going to make you all wait to find out what happens next. Hehehe. For the next chapter is the frequent trip back to the Digital World to find out what the other Tamers are getting up to. It's only after that that we will see the next stage of the madness that has befallen the S.S. Anne.

Still, I hope you enjoyed the madness and furious battling that took place during the majority of this chapter. It might have taken a long time for the action to start in this story but now that it has it is really beginning to hit with full force is it not?

Hehe. Bye bye then everybody. See you soon.

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With everyone else having failed the trails set forth on the Tundra Level, Takato and Guilmon are the only ones left and continue on through the tunnels to their final destination – the castle itself. What will they learn about their upcoming mission and what will they learn about themselves?

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