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Ben sped down the highway angry and upset he had just found that his new girlfriend Dylan had cheated on him with of all people Ricky Underwood's adopted kid brother Ethan. He was mad, hurt, and embarrassed, after a while of driving he reached down for the beer he had shoplifted from the gas station, and heard a loud horn sound. It was then that a loud crash occurred and then he found himself in a green meadow wearing a white windbreaker, white khakis, and white button down shirt. He for some reason felt calm, and at peace with himself a feeling he hadn't had in almost a year. It was at that time that he heard someone calling Daddy and turned to see a young girl of seven or eight waving to him, and running towards him with a beautiful smile and wearing a white summer dress. (Mercy looks like Madison Pettis)

"Daddy, you're here", said the young girl as she wrapped her arms around Ben's waste and gave him a warm and very loving hug. Ben, didn't know what to think, but for some reason he was overjoyed, and crying at this girl hugging him so affectionately. He also had a strange sense that he knew this girl, but he couldn't figure from where or why she called him Daddy. She was around 4'4, with brown hair, shining brown eyes, a beautiful smile that reminded him of Adrian. "I''m sorry, but I don't know you, and I am pretty sure I am not your Daddy" Ben said releasing the young girl from the embrace.

"Daddy, you know me I'm just not what you would have expected she said looking up at him. "I have waited for you and mommy for so long and now you're here, you're actually here", she said once again hugging to him tightly. "Who are you and what are you talking about, Ben asked still confused at the situation but accepting the girls hug. "Its me Daddy, Mercy your daughter. You were the one that named me remember." "What, look this is a cruel and very mean joke, and this is not funny", Ben said as he spoke harshly to the girl, and broke from her hug. However Ben could not get mad at her for some reason.

"Daddy, I know this is confusing for you. But, I promise you that I am your daughter." "You aren't on earth anymore you're here with me in a lovely place, and now we can finally be together," she said taking his hand in hers." "We don't have long, but you're here with me and I have so much to talk to you about," she said taking him by the hand and leading him to a log that rested near a tree in the meadow. She sat down and made a place on the log for him to join her. "You look as handsome as I imagined you'd be, and you're tall very tall," she said staring up at him.

"I don't understand, Ben said taking a seat beside the young girl on the log. "How can this be happening?" Mercy was stillborn and now you're telling me that you are my little baby, and you're so old, he said looking at her. "I know Daddy, but in this place I was allowed to be this old so you could feel more comfortable with me, its hard to understand I know." "Sometimes I don't even understand how it works myself, but we don't have time for me to explain, but I am your daughter and I really don't want to spend what time I have with you, talking about why I'm so old" she said taking his hand and smelling it and rubbing it against her face.

"This is so nice, you have such big warm hands Daddy." "Oh, I would have gotten your eyes, and your hair" she said placing her hand against his cheek, and then running her other hand through his chocolate brown hair. "Who do I look like the most you or my mommy, she asked looking at him intently as she stared at him in awe, waiting for an answer? Ben could not help but see that although she appeared his eyes and hair color and even his lips this beautiful young girl was almost the spitting image of Adrian. She even had that shining smile that Adrian usually had when they were together. She even had the same dimple on her cheeks when she smiled just as Adrian had.

"If you looked like anyone you look like your mom Adrian. You look almost exactly like her when she was a young girl, as he remembered the picture he saw of Adrian once when he and Cindy were looking through a small album that she had of her. Cindy created the album when Adrian was two, in order to try and keep track of the events in Adrian's life that she missed out on. This girl looked exactly like Adrian when she was younger and going on a date with a boy named Antonio. Adrian was dressed in a lovely purple dress, and headed to a school dance with the young boy who was her friend, and her first love.

Adrian told him that it was one of the very few times that she had been on a date, apparently only he and Antonio had ever really taken time to do things like that with her. Ben had to admit he was sad to hear that from Adrian, that out of all the guys she had been with only he and Antonio had ever taken time to actually get to know Adrian beyond the bedroom. He was shocked, when he found out that out of all the time she and Ricky were together he never took her on a date much of their time if not all was usually just spent in the bedroom. He was also a bit jealous that Antonio was a guy that Adrian said was the first real love of her life.

Ben was still dumbstruck at all that was happening, he still felt the pain of losing his daughter every day, and even more so since he and Adrian had been divorced. But, now here he was sitting in a beautiful meadow talking to her face to face. He didn't know how to understand all that he was feeling, he was so happy to be here with her seeing her, and listening to her voice. But, he also wondered where he was and how all this was possible, then a thought occurred to him, he remembered that he was driving erratically down the highway, when he came in front of another car. "I wonder," he thought to himself "could I be dead."

"Daddy, what's wrong your face changed all of a sudden," Mercy asked as she noticed that Ben's color had started to change to pale. "Nothing, I was just wondering how all of this is possible. "If you truly are Mercy, my Mercy how is it that you are here and talking to me in this place." he asked confused? "Like I said Daddy its complicated, but don't worry its okay, everything is going to be fine", she said. She then got up from the branch and sat in his lap and hugged him. Ben had never felt so happy in all of his life, not since the day that he asked Adrian to marry him and they felt their daughter move for the first time had he felt so loved and happy. "Daddy, why is your face still changing colors," Mercy asked as Ben's shade now changed from its pale white, to rosie red. "Nothing baby, its just something that happens when I am really, really, happy," he said and hugged her.

"How is mommy? "She isn't still sad that she lost me is she, Mercy asked intently wondering about her mother? "Your mom is fine she is in college now, she is happy with her new boyfriend." Ben regretted those words as soon as he spoke them, for Mercy's eyes and her mood began to change from happy to sad as she heard this. "I'm sorry Mercy, I didn't know if you knew that your mother, and I are not together anymore," Ben said trying to calm his daughter. "Its okay daddy I know", Mercy said as she got up from his lap. "It was because of me, wasn't it when I died you and mommy fell apart" she said looking ready to cry.

"Mercy it was not your fault, your mother and I were just too young, and too different to be married, and we just couldn't hold it together." "I just didn't have the strenghth to keep us together" he said getting up and kneeling down to comfort her. "Why not," she asked as she turned to face him with tears in her eyes. "Weren't you two in love, and weren't you happy?" "I felt it when I was with her." Mercy said as she looked at Ben. "At first I couldn't understand what was happening, because I couldn't see, but I could feel what she felt, and what you felt sometimes." "You were both scared, but you still felt something for each other." "How come you couldn't keep those feelings?"she asked begining to shed tears and the clouds began to turn gray.

"We tried Mercy, but we just couldn't your mom, and I were both too sad, guilty, and unhappy to be together anymore," Ben said trying to explain his and Adrian's break up. "You would have tried to stay with Amy if John died wouldn't you?" Mercy said now becoming angry which seemed to start a change in the weather around them as the wind began to blow. "How do you know about Amy and John Mercy?" Ben asked becoming confused. "In this place I am allowed to see the lives of my parents, from the beginning of their lives to the present. "I saw both of you and how you and she used to fawn over him, but he wasn't yours either of yours." "I was your baby not him," she said getting angrier.

"You did whatever Amy wanted, and you didn't even want me, did?" she said as the clouds began to grow darker still. "Mercy I'm not going to lie, I was a kid and I was a fool, I still am." "I was okay with being Johns' father, because I loved Amy." "But, I wasn't John's father, and I realized that even thought I cared for him he would never be mine, and in a way I was happy with that." "Because, I was such a naive kid then, I never imagined how hard or difficult it would be to be a father until I was going to become one myself." "When I realized that your mother was pregnant with you, for the first time I realized the truth about being a parent, and I was truly afraid, and so was she."

"Is that why you were okay with her deciding to get rid of me she asked," still angrily staring at him. "In a way yes, because it meant that I wouldn't have to grow up and I could continue to be selfish and pine for a girl, that deep down I don't think really loved me." Ben said staring at his daughter and not caring for the storm she seemed to be creating with her emotions. "So if you loved Amy so much how come you and my mother created me?" Mercy asked somewhat calming her emotions.

"The night we created you, I have to be honest was wrong." Ben said thinking back to that night he gave his virginity to Adrian. "I was mad and upset, because the man your mom loved Ricky, and the girl I loved Amy began to have feelings for one another." "So that night in a moment of anger, and pain you mom and I gave ourselves to each other to stop feeling that pain." Ben said with shame. "So I was a mistake and no more, if that was all I was I guess me being dead is a good thing huh!" Mercy said feeling ashamed of herself. "Mercy don't ever say that, EVER!" Ben said becoming angry himself.

"That night your mom and I spent together was a mistake yes, but not you." "You were the only thing that either of us thought was good that came out of that night." Ben said grabbing her firmly by the arms. "Even though Adrian and I slept together for the wrong reason, we both cared deeply for one another, and I am not ashamed of the fact that I was with her." "WHY?" "If I was such a mistake, and kept you from your precious Amy and John why shouldn't you be ashamed of both of us", she asked. "Because, when your mother decided to keep you, it made me realize how much of a fool I was." Ben said staring deeply at Mercy.

"When your mother and I decided to grow up, and try to start a relationship, it was the best decision I have ever made." "It let me see how smart, and funny she is." "And she is truly a wonderful person Mercy, I wish everyday that you would have gotten to see that." "When I was with your mom it was truly one of the happiest times of my life, and I don't regret that for a moment." "Your mom never judged me, or demanded anything of me, only that I be there because I wanted to be there, and everyday when I saw her smile, it made me want to be with her even more." "So if you loved her why didn't you two stay together, Mercy asked now calming down, and allowing the meadow to return to a peaceful place with gray skies.

"Because I loved your mother Mercy, I just never let myself be in love with her". Ben said still sitting on his knees. "I was young and I let my self be overcome with pressure to be married to soon to please everyone." "But you married Amy, Mercy said still shedding tears. "When I married Amy it was for the same reason, I felt I had too in order to please her, because she made it seem like that was the only way we could be together." Ben said looking at her. "Truth is, I wanted to marry Amy even less than I wanted to marry your mother." "I loved Amy, but I knew she was marrying me out of selfish reasons, and your mother was marrying me because she felt she had to marry me because of you and her father." "I'm not sure if I really wanted to marry either of them", Ben said as he came to a realization of his reason's for marrying both Amy and Adrian.

"If you didn't want to be married to my mommy, why did you marry her? Mercy asked looking confused. "Because, the moment I saw your mom in her wedding dress, and seeing you in her tummy, I knew that I might not want to be married, but I did want to spend the rest of my life with her and you," he said wiping the tears from her eyes. "But, why did you two split up when you lost me if that is how you felt, she asked calming down even more, which brightened the the skies from gray to blue. "Because, when we lost you we both lost part of ourselves, and even though we really cared about one another, I don't think that either of us could find our way back to being happy with each other." "But, I want you to know Mercy, that even though your mom and I are lost, and I am still lost, you were the one thing that we never regretted." Ben said now hugging her tightly to him.

"Daddy, she said as she returned his hug, and he lifted her up off the ground in an embrace." "Yes," he asked still holding tightly to her. "Why did you name me Mercy", she asked looking at him. "Because Mercy to some means forgiveness, peace, and atonement." he said looking at her. "I named you Mercy because that is what you gave too both your mom and I when we were together. "She and I both made so many mistakes in our lives, and we are still making mistakes or I'm still making mistakes. But, when you were with us we both thought that God had given us mercy for all of the painful mistakes we made in our past's. "I love you, Daddy" Mercy said hugging her father tightly around his neck. "I love you too baby, and never forget that, you are the only thing in the world of all I have done wrong that I know if I would have been given the chance, I would have gotten right," he said as he hugged her tightly. As they embraced the sun came from behind the clouds and illuminated the meadow, and shined down on both father and daughter.

Daddy, I have to go, but I will always be with you and my mom whether you are together or not and one day we will all be together again, I promise, she said as they broke from their embrace. Baby please don't go, Ben said as Mercy landed on the ground and ran into the distance so far and so fast that he could no longer see her. "MERCY! MERCY! MERCY!, Ben called to her as she ran away, and he began to cry, feeling as though he had lost her for a second time. "Its alright Benji she will be fine. "But, now I get spend some time with you, said a beautiful woman of 30 years old with red hair, dressed in an ivory dress, and smiling widely at him. "MOM!" said Ben as he turned to see his mother Sarah looking at him as though she had not aged since the last time they had seen one another.