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"Normal Talking"

'Normal Thinking'


"Tailed Beast Talking"

"Tailed Beast Thinking"

*Scene Change*


Gnarl sighs to himself as he looks out the window of the tower. It has been years since there was an official Overlord, as the previous one died, along with his three mistresses. He and Mistress Kelda did leave a daughter behind, which would make her the next Overlord. However, the daughter turned down the position, wanting to live a different life. Thus, hopes for a new reign of evil have diminished.

However, nine months ago, they received a letter from the daughter, saying there was a possibility that they would have a new Overlord. The daughter was pregnant. She didn't say who the father of the child was, but she did tell them where she was. And now, nine months later, Gnarl plans on visiting the place where the daughter is, to be there for the birth of the child and to pass his congratulations to the daughter for becoming a mother.

Gnarl turns to his fellow minions. "It is time. I'm off to the place that our unofficial Overlord will give birth to her child."

One of the minions scratches his head. "How are you going to get there? With the tower in this state and the Heart gone, you can't get there, can you?"

Gnarl scoffs. "Despite the Tower Heart being gone, the Overlord is still linked to it and the rest of the tower. Using that link, I can transport myself to where she is. I must go now."

*Scene Change*

A gateway appears in a clearing. Gnarl emerges from the gateway and looks around himself in disgust. "I hate places like this. Too beautiful and peaceful for my tastes!"

He hears a roar and looks to see a nearby village getting trampled by a giant nine-tailed fox. "Now that is more like it! Lots of chaos! Wait a minute, that's the Kyūbi no Yoko! What is he doing here? I need to find the Overlord immediately!" Turning to the gateway, he watches as a smaller one rises next to the large one. Out of the smaller one pops five brown minions. "Come with me! We must find the Overlord and her child!"

*Scene Change*

A beautiful red-haired woman is laying on a bed, cradling her son to her. "Naruto, my baby."

Suddenly, she sees a flash appear in front of her and hears the sound of something large crashing onto the hideout. A second flash occurs and she finds herself and Naruto just outside the now ruined hideout, with the Kyūbi being the the large thing mentioned before. The mother and her child are both in the arms of her husband. "Kushina, are you and Naruto okay?"

"We're fine, Minato. Why did you bring the Kyūbi here? Why didn't you just send him to the Netherworld? There's no way he can escape from there!"

"You want me to waste such an enormous source of power? The other eight beasts are contained in hosts in the other villages. If they were to learn that we lost the Kyūbi, it would make us seem weak, weak enough to be invaded! Thus, I need to create a new host!"

Kushina's eyes widen in horror. "You plan to use Naruto? No, I won't let you!"

"You can't stop me, Kushina. Besides, you didn't question anything when you were made the host."

"Konoha didn't know about how to send anything to the Netherworld at that time!" She notices that Minato is snickering and her eyes widen again in understanding. "They lied."

Minato laughs. "Exactly. We knew how to open a portal to the Netherworld since the days when Konoha was founded! We lied to both you and your predecessor, Mito, about that! It was the best way to insure that you both would willingly become hosts for the fox! I know who you really are, Kushina. I know you are aware that the Dark Tower no longer stands in the Netherworld and hides somewhere in this realm. How do you think it got there?"

Kushina is speechless, her eyes locked in horror as the pieces fall into place in her mind.

"I see you understand. Konoha is responsible for attacking your Dark Tower! In fact, I was the one who led the attack, and was given the position of Fourth Hokage as a result! And now I sired a child with the Overlord! A child that will be turned into the greatest weapon Konoha will have! The Third Hokage will see to it himself, as he is a major contributor to the plan set by the First Hokage all those years ago! Thank you for playing your part in this, Overlord Kushina Uzumaki!"

"You bastard!"

Minato picks up Kushina, who is too weak to fight back. He charges a familiar attack. "Rasengan!" He slams it into her, sending her flying off into the woods. He grins. "And now it is time for the next part of the plan." He looks down at the infant he is carrying. "You'll make your father proud, won't you? You will be the greatest asset to Konoha, my little Naruto."

*Scene Change*

Gnarl and the Browns are approaching where the Kyūbi is, when they see someone land near them. They hear her cough and rush over. Gnarl recognizes her immediately. "Mistress!"

Kushina manages to look at him. "Gnarl! You stop them! You need to..."

"Save your strength, Mistress! We'll get you back to the Tower!"

Kushina grabs onto Gnarl. "Shut up and listen to me! They're going to turn my baby into a weapon! They're going to seal the Kyūbi inside of him! They're also the ones responsible for the attack on the Tower! You must take vengeance on them! You must save my baby! This is my first and last order as your Overlord!"

Gnarl hesitates for a moment, but then nods. "I understand, my Overlord. What does your child look like? What is his name?"

"His name is..." Kushina says no more, as she falls unconscious. Gnarl turns to the minions. "Take her back to the Tower, immediately! I'm going to try to find the child!"

The minions nod. They pick up Kushina and carry her away.

*Scene Change*

Hiruzen arrives at the location of where Minato is to do the sealing. Minato looks at him as he approaches. "Lord Hiruzen."

"Is everything ready, Minato?"

"Yes. The paralysis seal I placed on the Kyubi will fade soon, but the sealing will be complete before then. I've disposed of Kushina. I now leave the future of Konoha in your wise hands. Do you have a way to prevent Kushina's minions from finding Naruto?"

Hiruzen nods. "Yes." He pulls out a necklace. "This necklace is designed to block the link between Naruto and the Dark Tower. Without that link, those disgusting minions won't be able to find the boy. That way, we will be able to raise him to our ideals without having anything to worry about."

"Good. I'm going to begin the sealing now. Goodbye, Lord Hiruzen."

"Goodbye, Minato Namikaze."

*Scene Change*

Just after the minions take Kushina away, Gnarl sees a flash of light, and the Kyūbi vanishes. His eyes widen. "I'd better hurry!"

*Scene Change*

Hiruzen watches as Minato vanishes, now consumed by the Shinigami. He picks up the infant and places the necklace around his neck. He walks back towards the village, carrying the crying child. "And now, the next stage of Konoha's plan to become the dominant power in the world begins."

*Scene Change*

Gnarl arrives at the spot, only to find the ruined hideout. "I'm too late and something is blocking my ability to sense the child! No, I won't give up! It may take years, but I will find the child! No matter what it takes! For now, I must see to Overlord Kushina!" He quickly runs back to the gateway.

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