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"Normal Talking"

'Normal Thinking'


"Tailed Beast Talking"

*Scene Change*

Chapter 2

"Okay, sire. First, I'm going to teach you how to use a weapon. All the previous Overlords wielded weapons. They usually used either swords, maces, or axes. Besides, it would be embarrassing for an Overlord to have to rely on the Minions for all their fights."

"That sounds fine. Which one are you going to teach me to use?"

"That will be your choice, sire. Follow me."

Gnarl leads Naruto to a strange platform. Gnarl steps onto the platform and gestures for Naruto to join him. Once he does so, the platform begins to descend at a fast speed, revealing that it is an elevator. A very fast elevator.

When it came to a stop, Naruto stumbles off and bends over, putting his hands on his knees as he heaves. Gnarl chuckles. "Don't worry, sire. You'll get used to it."

Naruto gives Gnarl a glare, before following him into one of the rooms. "What is this place?"

"This is the Forge, sire. This is where all your weapons and armor will be made. This is also where we'll have you pick the weapon you'll be learning to wield."

Naruto nods, but notices something. "There is something different about this room, compared to the other ones."

Gnarl nods. "Yes, sire. You see, the Dark Tower is mostly on the Surface World, but not all of it. This section, the Forge, is in the Netherworld. I chose to have the Tower built like this, because the Forge Master discovered that weapons and armor made in the Netherworld are more powerful than ones made on the Surface World. Speaking of the Forge Master, here he is now."

A minion walks up to them and bows to Naruto. "Overlord."

Gnarl nods at the minion. "This is Giblet, sire. He's been the Forge Master since the days when your great-grandfather was the Overlord."

Naruto nods at Giblet. "By the way, is the some reason why this room seems incomplete?"

Gnarl nods. "Yes, sire. Like I said, when Konoha attacked the Dark Tower back when it was fully in the Netherworld, they took everything. That includes the Forge Stones which will help you create better weapons and armor. Also, Giblet usually has help from the Red Minions, but their hive was stolen as well. Now, Giblet! Show the Overlord the selection of weapons we currently have!"

"Right away!" Giblet runs over to a switch and flips it. A rack appears with only three weapons on it.

Gnarl nods. "Here is your current selection, sire."

Naruto walks up to the rack and picks up the first weapon.

Gnarl nods. " That is the Minion Axe. A well-balanced weapon for well-balanced carnage."

Naruto swings it for a few seconds, struggling as he does so. He nods and puts the weapon back on the rack. He picks up the second weapon.

Gnarl nods. "That is the Smooth Slicer. The extra-sharp blade cuts through enemies like they are butter, and it's great for circular strikes."

Naruto swings it around with ease before putting it back. He picks up the third weapon.

Gnarl nods. "That is the Mad Batter. You'll be knocking them senseless with that little, evil beauty."

Naruto swings it around, struggling even more than he did with the axe. He puts it back on the rack and picks up the sword again.

Gnarl grins. "You've chosen to wield the Smooth Slicer. Very well, come with me. It is time for you to learn how to use it."

*Scene Change*

The search for Naruto has come up empty. Hiruzen is furious that his weapon has vanished. After sending the ANBU back to their posts, he turns on Jiraiya. "You've messed up, big time. You are confined to this village until further notice and you will be reduced to doing D-Rank missions. Pray that Naruto returns from wherever he vanished to, or you will suffer far more than you can imagine."

Jiraiya gulps and nods before leaving. Hiruzen sighs as he presses the button on the intercom. "Hitomi, please contact Danzo and tell him I need to see him."

*Scene Change*

Naruto pants as he sits on a rock in the training room. Gnarl is very brutal with his training methods. Having to fend yourself against multiple Browns is no small feat, considering that they are very good at melee fighting and Gnarl added one more Minion every five minutes, until there were fifteen of them.

Gnarl grins. "Good, sire. You're learning fast. Now, let's see if we can get you up to thirty minions. After that, we'll push you up to fifty."

*Scene Change*

Kakashi looks at Sasuke. "Good job, Sasuke. You've successfully learned the Chidori. With it, no one will ever dare to doubt the superiority of an Uchiha."

Sasuke smirks.

"Now, we'll work on your speed and strength. I want you to use your Sharingan to copy the taijutsu style I'm using. It's the same one used by Maito Gai and his student, Lee."

*Scene Change*

Naruto is panting as he collapses to the ground. He has made it to thirty Minions. He hisses as he touches the lump on his head, courtesy of Gnarl for trying to cheat with Shadow Clones.

Gnarl clears his throat. "Sire, now that I know you know the Shadow Clone Technique, I have good news for you. With that technique we can speed up your training."

"What do you mean?"

"The Shadow Clone Technique is no ordinary Clone Technique. When a Normal Clone dispels, nothing happens. But when a Shadow Clone dispels, all information he has obtained is sent back to the original. So, if one of your Shadow Clones were to learn a Technique and dispel, you would gain all of his memories of training and know how to use the Technique."

Naruto's eyes widen. "I had no idea of that ability. Wait, Kakashi-sensei knew the Shadow Clone Technique. Does that mean he knew the secret?"

"He most likely did."

This makes Naruto grit his teeth. "That bastard! He could have told me the entire time! But no, he was probably trying to hold me back, just because I'm the host of the Kyūbi!"

"That is a strong possibility, sire."

"I'll show him by becoming stronger than his precious Uchiha! Gnarl, what do you need me to do?"

"Make three groups of ten Shadow Clones."

Naruto does so.

"Good. Now, two groups will go work on chakra control. Thanks to being the Kyūbi's host, your chakra is harder to control than the average ninja. They will do all the exercises from wall climbing to kunai balancing. I will teach the third group how to access your Mana. That way, you won't be limited to just ninja techniques. Spells are similar, except they don't require handsigns, and require Mana instead of Chakra. Those that have the Sharingan can't copy spells."

Naruto and his clones grin at the thought.

"In the meantime, sire, you will be continuing your sword training until you can hold off fifty Minions. Shadow Clones can't help you here, as physical training isn't transferred back."

Naruto nods. "I understand."

"Good. Follow me, clones, and we'll get to work."

The clones follow Gnarl out of the room. Naruto takes a deep breath before raising his sword again. "Let's do this!"

*Scene Change*

After his training for the day, Naruto heads down to the med bay. He pulls up a chair next to Kushina's bed and grabs her hand. Almost instantly, he finds himself in that white void. Kushina is there, sitting in one of the two chairs. She jumps up and hugs Naruto, before the two sit in the chairs.

"I chose to become the Overlord, Mom."

"I know, Naruto. I knew from the moment you completed the link between you and the Tower. I'm proud of you. You'll be a great Overlord. But I have to say, something is different about you, Naruto. Something's changed since you came here last."

Naruto nods and his eyes change into his Dark eyes. "Yeah, there was a problem with the ritual. Apparently, my mind was divided between my Light and Dark halves. The two of us had to resolve our issues and merge. I got these eyes as a result, plus I've fully regained my hatred towards Konoha for what they did to both you and me."

"Be careful to not let that hatred control your life."

"I know. That's one of things that my Light half has. Thanks to him, I focus on more than just Konoha. I have other priorities, besides destroying Konoha."

Kushina nods. "Good. That is an important key in being an Overlord. You have to keep your priorities straight. Considering the state of the Dark Tower, once your training is complete, your first task will be on restoring the Tower itself. The more restored it is, the more powerful you'll become. Plus, there are more rooms in the tower, than you can access at the moment. Those rooms will help you in different ways as you bring the world under your control."

Naruto nods.

"Now then, being stuck in this coma caused me to miss out on your life up until now. Tell me about your life in Konoha."

Naruto shifts uncomfortably, knowing that Kushina is NOT going to like what she is about to hear. "Oh, boy. Where do I begin?"

*Scene Change*

Danzo is sitting in his ROOT office, furious at what he learned from Hiruzen, concerning Naruto. "Of all the people to mess this up, it had to be Jiraiya!" Danzo sighs, thinking of the orders he received from Hiruzen. Since Hiruzen can't continue the search with his regular ANBU, it's up to Danzo to take care of the missing Naruto.

There is a knock at the door. The door opens and one of Danzo's ROOT ANBU enters the room. "You summoned me, Lord Danzo?"

"Yes. I have a mission for the entire ROOT Organization. The Kyūbi Jinchuriki, Naruto Uzumaki, has vanished. The Hokage and the regular ANBU have not been able to find him. You are to locate the wayward Jinchūriki and bring him back to Konoha. He is vital in our efforts to becoming the most powerful nation in the world. Pass along these orders to everyone."

"I understand, Lord Danzo."

*Scene Change*

Kushina is pissed. No, she's beyond pissed. How dare they? They really think they are right to abuse Naruto for being the Kyūbi host? Oh, Kushina is looking forward to seeing what Naruto will do when he is ready to get his revenge on Konoha.

Naruto feels uncomfortable at the look on Kushina's face. "Mom?"

"Naruto stand up in front of my chair."

There's something in the tone of her voice that let's Naruto know he shouldn't even think of disobeying her. He quickly gets up and stands in front of her.

"Turn around."

Naruto does so. The moment his back is to her, he feels something grab him and looks down to see that it's Kushina's hands. Before he can do anything, he is pulled down onto her lap. The next thing Naruto knows, Kushina's arms are wrapped around him, holding him tight against her. "Mom, what are you doing?"

"I'm so sorry, Naruto. I'm so sorry I wasn't there."

He can feel her trembling. He suddenly feels something wet hit his shoulder and realizes she's crying. Naruto doesn't say anything. He just puts his hands on top of Kushina's and sits there, letting her pour out her anguish.

Vanex: Another chapter done, ending with Kushina crying while holding Naruto. Is it just a mother's anguish? Or is it the first sign of unknown deeper feelings? See you all next time!