Family Position -mf

James pov

"What!" shouted Lily in anger, disbelief, and another emotion that I wasn't sure of, -she really wasn't taking this well, not that I could blame her, I didn't want to do this but I had no choice my family wouldn't give me permission to marry a non-pureblood, I would be disowned and they might even send someone after her and we were still underage, only sixteen, I was the heir of the Potter fortune and future head of said family –I had a responsibility to them as such.

"Lily" I tried saying "I'm sorry"

"So am I" she said looking me in the eye as tears streamed down her face before she turned on her heel and marched down the hallway.

"That could have gone better" said Sirius as he came out from behind the statue of the old one eyed crone that he had been hiding behind.

"Do you think she'll do it?" I asked him softly

"Not a chance in hell" was the reply I heard and dreaded, there was going to be hell if anyone found out I fathered a child outside of wedlock and with a muggleborn no less, my family were by no means extremists but they were by no means push over's either, and to make it even better we were still considered teenagers, underage, children.

My only hope had been to convince Lily to abort the pregnancy after I explained my position to her –how was I supposed to know that she had this thing against abortion and in the muggle it was looked down upon, in short everything blew up in my face, I even offered to pay for it, I had also told her about her position in all of this if she did have the baby outside of wedlock –the wizarding world were by no means kind about such things whatsoever, then she had told me her position in the muggle world –well that wasn't much better either meaning she was stuck between a rock and a hard place.

"Well" I said hopefully "she's still early on in it, maybe she will change her mind" knowing full well that she never would.

Lily pov

After I cried all day yesterday (deep down I'm glad it all happened after classes, before the weekend so that I can pull myself together) I talked to my dorm mates about the things James said (not letting them know why I was asking, of course) turns out it was true, all of it, in fact my dorm mates made it sound even worse then he did.

Alice sweet Alice was the only one to ask me why I had been crying last night –I had told her only part of the truth that I had broken up with James.

After all of that I started to spend all my time in the library to find something that could help me and my baby.

I now spend all my time in the library –everyone just thought that I was throwing myself into my work after receiving a broken heart courtesy of James bloody Potter, not a bad cover story if I do say so myself.

And now finally after a month of looking I found something that could help me for the time being –a maternity stasis charm, it wouldn't hurt the baby at all, but it required potions, since it could hurt the mother if taken for to long.

I also found other spells, I found one spell where it would take the baby and put it into the womb of another pregnant woman –but it would only work if the two children were the exact same age or trimester as it was called, but both children would take blood from the other, thus making both mothers the mother of both children and vise versa with the fathers. And another charm I found actually let the caster know whether or not a baby in the womb was magical or not –only problem was that it would list squibs as magical, but to be fair squibs could do some things –they could have familiars, see magical creatures such as dementers, and brew some potions –magic never did seem to consider them non magical.

"Hey, Lily" said Remus as he loudly stacked his books across from mine as he interrupted my musings "how are you?"

"Fine" I replied quickly "thanks for asking" I said before stopping myself, I was going to need help with this.

"Lily, you know he never meant to hurt you, you know that, right?" he asked me gently, I was pretty certain he knew about as much as the rest of the school.

As I subtly cast some privacy charms and silencing charms around our table (hey I did not become one of the youngest charm masters in the country for nothing) I asked him how much he knew, besides he was a werewolf chances are he already knew I'm pregnant –then we both admitted to everything that we knew, which was good because James never mentioned to me that his family, if they ever found out, might come after me 'to get rid of the embarrassment permanently' so instead of being a total jerk like I thought he was being he may have actually been trying to protect me –well he still failed, because I was not going to kill my baby just to save myself.

James Pov

To say that I was miserable was an understatement, Lily wouldn't give me the time of day and Remus was fast becoming my Lily flower's best friend, I also knew that Lily never aborted which meant the kid needed a father and who better then the friend of the real father, and they were always spending all their time in the library together 'studying' but I knew for a fact that they weren't (Remus kept forgetting to take his homework with him).

"James" said Sirius after I had finished telling him everything "maybe this is a good thing"

"What? What do you mean? Why would you say that Padfoot?" I asked him desperately

"Well look at it this way, if Remus raises your kid then at least you will know that he or she will have a good home and you could even get to know him or her" he said before adding "they might even name you godfather"

I looked at him with a small smile, that wouldn't be so bad, –and Lily could do a lot worse then Remus, that's for sure.

Remus pov

I helped Lily put the stasis charm on the baby, but before that we had used a charm to find out the baby's gender –it's a boy, Lily wants to call him Harry after her father and she also wants his middle name to be James after his father, it made me want to smile, this after all was the son of one of my best friends (who was a little depressed at the moment), I would do whatever I could to help them.

Years later

Lily pov

My original plan was to have the stasis charm on so that I could finish school and then I could take it off, but after this whole thing with voldemort bringing a baby into the world at a time like this had no appeal and now I had procrastinated for to long, plus a little spell damage after working for the order against the death eaters made it so that I probably wouldn't survive childbirth either.

I sighed as I looked at a map of the world with black dots all over it; the black dots indicated where in the world voldemort's forces had been at work in one way or another, England was almost completely black but we weren't giving up without a fight.

"CONSTANT VILIGENCE!" roared Madeye Moody from another room at someone and then the headquarters' for the order of the phoenix once again became silent.

Looking at the map again I couldn't help but notice how few black dots there where in some places, maybe Harry would be safe there I thought absently, but really England was a long way from America, but then again at the rate I was going I am never going to get to know my son –I might as well prepare for it, and his safety.

Remus and I talked it over, neither of us liked it but we didn't have a better option, so I took the stasis charm off and planned on how I would find a new mother for Harry in New York, all my money after I passed on would go to Harry and if possible I wanted him to go to Hogwarts as well.

After preparing everything with the goblins (who assured me that he would inherit all my money when he turned eleven so that when he came to England to get it he would also get a Hogwarts invitation) I found myself on a muggle plane to New York.

In New York I didn't even know where to begin to look, not knowing what else to do I found myself walking along a fairly deserted beach, the ocean was stormy and the sky overcast, the only other person on the beach was a woman with a wrap around her shoulders trying to keep her slender frame warm against the wind and ocean spray, she was simply standing there watching the ocean.

"Hi" I called out to her uncertain if she needed any help or not "do you need any help?"

"No" she answered "but thank you for asking, who are you?" she inquired as she looked at me

"I'm Lily Evens" I told her as I stuck out my hand for her to shake

"I'm Sally Jackson" she said in a kind voice as she shook my hand.

After talking to Sally for a while (she had invited me into her cabin on the beach where we were currently sipping hot chocolate) I discovered that she was definitely a muggle, very kind, pregnant, at the same trimester as myself, and very loving, and from a small brief description of her lover it sounded as though he and James had some similarities, but I also felt some sort of magic that seemed to come from her womb –her baby was most assuredly magical and strong at that.

Sally invited me to stay seeing as I really had no where to go as of yet and she was lonely –so I agreed to stay for the time being.

After a few days had gone by I prepared the spell and potions that would transfer my child to Sally's womb and that evening I snuck some sleeping potion into Sally's drink at dinner, after Sally was asleep in bed I crept quietly into her room and started putting potions down Sally's throat that would help things go easier, I did the same to myself.

Now it was time for the spell itself "Transfero infantis ex mater ut mater ut communico sanguis ammisceo" I chanted as I carefully swung my wand in a graceful arc, facing down then brought it back upward in a swirling complex motion which ended in a gentle point at Sally's womb.

I felt the emptiness that was little Harry leaving and being transferred to his new mother, I felt the pain it brought, I saw the pain it brought to Sally as her womb which used to only hold one now held two, I felt the pain it caused both of the children involved as their blood mixed making them full siblings in every sense of the word.

After spelling some healing potions straight into Sally's system and taking some myself, I stumbled to my bed and promptly passed out (literally).

I stayed with Sally a few more days to make sure that everything went well, her womb had grown a lot since the spell was performed, and I habitually slipped potions (vitamins, etc) into her food and drinks that would insure that both mother and children would come out of this in good health.

But tomorrow would show me the fruits of my labors, Sally was going to go get an ultrasound and find out if there where any problems or not and what the baby was going to be, she asked me to go with her for support (we had become fast friends –I only wish I could tell her the truth).

Sally's pov

"Well Sally" said the doctor with a chuckle "they are both boys"

"Both?" I queried curiously,

"Your having twins" the doctor told her happily with a big smile on his face (he loved his job, he especially loved watching the young mothers faces when he told them this sort of news –plus the fathers, they were the best.)

"twin boys, and" he said as he looked at the screen closer, then turned it so that they could see "and it looks as though they like each other" the fuzzy screen showed two blobs that you could make out as babies, but it was what the two blobs were doing that caught everyone's attention –they were hugging.

After that I couldn't help the tears that entered unbidden into my eyes, and I noticed that Lily was having less luck in the tear department then I was, but she looked happy.

After a little while the twins (oh, twins! Poseidon is going to freak when he finds out I thought happily to myself) had moved away from one another enough for the doctor to get a better look at them, after which he declared them both healthy and began to tell me everything that I could expect for the next few months –one of which was that they might come early.

Lily had to leave a week after that, but she promised to keep in touch and to come and help me when it got to be time for the boys to come, but until then I would miss her.

Time lapse

The boys due date was August 18th but the doctor was pretty certain that the boys would be here sooner, Lily came last night to help me out, she seems tired, but excited, this morning we discussed baby names, I think she liked the names I picked out after I told her what the nicknames for the boys would be.

I went into labor on July 31st and the boys were born at midnight –more then two weeks early.

They both had black hair and green eyes, one had sea green eyes –like Poseidon's, I decided to call him Perseus, and the other one had emerald green eyes –much like Lily's as odd as that was, but regardless of peculiarities I really wasn't one to talk anyway, but I called him Heracles, -both of them I felt were stronger then they looked.

James pov

Ever since we were sixteen I had watched Lily carefully, I knew in my heart that she never aborted the baby, but I knew for a fact that she never had it either.

I was always worried for her –for them.

But my family wasn't getting any better, they insist that I marry and produce an heir, only problem was I was still in love with Lily and I still wanted her to be the mother of my children –there was no one better in my mind.

When Lily started showing again (something that only those who were looking would notice) I got excited and nervous, when she disappeared to go on holiday out of the country I became a little more anxious, when she came back looking as though she had never been pregnant I became worried, when she left again and came back looking happy and satisfied I wondered what was going on.

And I hoped to figure it out soon.

One year later

Today was Lily's funeral; she had died trying to protect her friend Alice Longbottom and her baby, unfortunately Frank, Alice's husband also died in that attack. I had found Lily's medical record it showed that she was not pregnant when she died, but that she had been, the notes indicated the transfero infantis mater spell was probably done and that she had been on the maternity stasis spell for a long period of time –which caused damage, add to that the spell damage that the death eaters gave her and it was probably a miracle that she had even lived this long, I always knew that she was strong. She must have known that she was dying, she had too –she was very smart, there was no way that she couldn't. but then there was the other part, the transfero infantis mater spell –I had to look it up, it is a very complex and dangerous spell, very difficult, but Lily was a master I remembered with a smile but it was what the spell did that gave me hope, it transferred the baby to another mother and mixed blood at the same time thus making a magical blood adoption of sorts –but this one went both ways, so instead of the one child I was expecting I probably had two somewhere out there, the baby was probably still alive.

I thought about all of this was they lowered Lily's coffin into the ground (she wanted a muggle ceremony), then I smiled sadly.

One year later

My family had finally forced me to marry, but I had convinced them to let me have a say in it, and that is how I found myself married to Alice Longbottom and I became a father to her son Neville –we both had needed someone, we both had already lost to much.

But unfortunately after only a fortnight of being married I was hit with a spell which landed me in Saint Mungo's for a week courtesy of a death eater whom I was pretty certain was Bellatrix Lestrange, a spell that I later learned caused infertility –this was a new low for the death eaters.

Sally's pov

The twins were a handful, who knew that someone with such short legs could run so fast –but I loved every minute of it, and to me there was no child more handsome or more beautiful then my two little boys Percy and Harry, and they were already making things happen whether it was a favorite toy floating to them or a water aerial display, something always happened! And with that the monsters weren't far behind…