Family position3 –mf

Neville's pov

I hate to admit it but I started babbling and not making sense at all, they both looked very confused finally the two of them just looked at each other then at me, still babbling, then one of them picked me up and slung me over his shoulder like I weighed no more than a bag of flour as the other told me that I needed to sit down and drink something, then they started to walk down the street in the same direction that I had just come from.

'Man, these guys are strong' I thought to myself as we all entered the Leaky Cauldron and he was still carrying me –he never once put me down, and it was getting embarrassing –everybody saw.

"Excuse me" said the other one (I think it was Harry) to Tom "do you have hot chocolate?"

"Um, yes we do, but people usually only get it at Christmas time" Tom told them as he eyed me slung over Percy's shoulder like I didn't even weigh a thing –I am not that small!

"Well can we get a cup?" asked the one carrying me –Percy "he needs something to help him calm down"

"I AM CALM!" I yelled at them without thinking –this was so embarrassing.

"Sure" he told us "I'll go get you guys a cup."

Why did I get the feeling that Tom agreed with them?

"Oi, Neville" shouted a familiar voice that I was both happy to hear but also dreaded at the same time –Sirius, I may never hear the end of this.

"Hey, Sirius" I greeted back unable to look him in the eye.

"So who are your friends?" he asked with curiosity watching the two unknowns.

"Well" I started "this is Harry and Percy" I said gesturing to each in turn "Harry, Percy this is my step-dad's best friend Sirius Black."

I saw the sudden recognition in Sirius's face, as he realized who I had found, but then just as suddenly he got a look of curiosity again.

"So why is he carrying you?" he asked in a laughing voice.

Dang, I thought that I had distracted him from that enough –then again this was Sirius Black that we were talking about.

"He ran into me –literally- and then he started rambling and babbling really fast" said Harry.

"He was not making any sense –what so ever" added Percy (who was still holding me).

"So, we brought him here" said Harry.

"In the hopes that we could get him to calm down enough to speak" said Percy.

Just as Tom put down a large cup of hot chocolate and told us it was on the house and that he hoped that it would help me calm down, then he went to go help some other customers elsewhere.

Harry picked up the cup and walked toward an empty table, Percy following, excusing both him and his brother as they went.

I watched Sirius as Percy put me down, he performed a patronus, and the silvery white dog went to find my step-dad.

James pov

I ran as fast as I could after I got Sirius's patronus. They had been found –or at least it might be them, Neville found them and they were currently at the Leaky Cauldron.

I was only glad that I wasn't too far away from the (Leaky) Cauldron, and there it was.

I looked around as I ran inside bumping into a woman as I entered, I apologized absently as I scanned the room to find Neville, who according to the message was with the boys, and there he was off to the side on the left –and there they were (with Sirius nearby) they looked so much like me, but there were differences as well, were I had hazel eyes they seemed to have green (one of them even had Lily's emerald green, while the other had more of a sea green color), were my skin was a pale tanned color theirs was a beautiful golden tan color, and both of them had black messy hair not unlike mine, they looked like they were half Greek and half English (which they might be) with a little something else here and there.

They were beautiful, otherworldly, and handsome –but something about them also seemed dangerous (great now Mad-eye Moody is rubbing off on me, I was hoping to avoid that even if he did teach me everything that I know).

I didn't even notice that I was staring, not until Sirius came over to me and punched my arm anyway.

"They introduced themselves as Harry and Percy" he whispered into my ear "and they smell like salt water" he added with a touch of confusion in his voice.

I raised an eyebrow at that –odd but not completely unusual, maybe they just spent a lot of time at the beach I thought to myself as the woman that I bumped into walked over to them and started speaking with the boys.

Harry's pov

"Hey honey, who's your friend?" asked my Mom as she walked up to us with a sweet smile on her face (she always liked it when we would make a friend.)

"Hi Mom" greeted Percy happily (he and I were Momma's boys, and proud of it!)

"This is Neville" I informed her, then turning back to Neville "you did say that was your name, right?" I asked him

"Yes" he answered him before turning back to Mom and greeting her properly "Hello I am Neville Longbottom- It's nice to meet you" he greeted her as he held out his hand for a handshake with a shy smile on his face.

"I'm Sally Jackson" she greeted him as she shook his hand with a beautiful smile that could put anyone at ease as she sat down next to him.

Shortly after we had started talking about various things (while Percy and I pretended to ignore that black haired man standing next to Sirius Black while watching them subtly –just what is going on?)

Tom had returned to ask us if we would like anything else anything at all and telling Neville that he was happy that he was feeling better (to which Neville blushed in embarrassment).

"Ya, do you have any tzatziki?" I asked

"With a side of pita bread" added Percy before Tom could get in a word

"I'm sorry boys" he told us apologetically "but I don't even know what that is…" he trailed off awkwardly

"It's a Greek dish" explained Mom with a smile "It's a yogurt-garlic dip and" she added "it is absolutely delicious with pita bread"

"Oh, I'm sorry" he said "we don't have that" he told us apologetically

"That's alright" said Mom "do you have hamburgers instead?" She asked him kindly

"Yes" he answered happily that he had something that we wanted

"We'll take three" said Mom before turning to Neville "would you like one as well" she asked him

"Yes, thank you" he said

After the hamburgers came we enjoyed a pleasant conversation and a good meal.

"So Neville" began Percy "who is that guy standing next to your Dad's friend?" he asked

"Ya" I agreed "he's been staring at us for the last ten or twenty minutes" I added

We watched carefully as he turned to look toward the two men, gestured them to come over to us and then turned back to us as they came toward us, once they stood before us he began the introductions.

"This is my step Dad James Potter and you already met his best friend Sirius Black" he introduced them to us before turning away "and this is Sally Jackson and Harry and Percy" he finished introducing everyone.

Sally pov

It was that man that ran into me, and he would not stop starring at my children -and it is just plain creepy when full grown adults do that.

He had hazel brown eyes and messy black hair, he wasnt the tallest man around, just under six feet, while his friend on the other hand had gray eyes and black hair that had a elegant but small wave to it, he was the taller of the two since he stood just over six foot.

"So" began the man with the elegant black hair and gray eyes (Sirius Black apperently) "do you guys like quidditch ?' He asked

"What is that?" asked Percy

"It is the best sport ever!" declared the brown eyed man (James Potter if memory serves correctly) "it is played on broomsticks up in the air" i vaguely noticed my sons faces going a little pale at that, not that he noticed since he just kept going on and on about the game.

"so do you want to go?" he asked us

"what?" i asked, i had zoned out it was like listening to a football fanatic talk about football during the super bowl.

"he just invited you to a quidditch game this saturday" answered Sirius, after all who could say no to quidditch?

"Boys" i began as i turned to my sons "would you like to go and see a game played up in the air? With a bunch of people you just barely met?" i asked

"NO" came two strong but young voices spoken simltainiously

"no offense" began Percy

"but we hardly know you" added Harry

"and we have had some bad" Percy started

"flying experiences" Harry told them

"in the past" finished Percy.

"oh" said James with a clear air of disappointment.

"so Mr. Potter" i began before he could say anything else "why are you so interested in my sons?"

"uh, well, you see" he began hedging, but by this time i had, had enough

"Out with it!" i yelled at him (i havent lost it like that in a very long time)

"I think your sons are my sons." he spit out without thinking.

"Mr. Potter, you are not my sons father, yes you look a bit like him, but trust me you are not him." i told him firmly, with just a hint of disbelif that this was happening at all entering my voice

"No, let me explain" he begged "you see when i was sixteen i got my girlfriend pregnant and well i wasnt able to marry her and she wasnt one to harm unborn babies, but she did need to finish school pretty badly, luckily she was an abselute genius in charms. And she found a charm that let her hold the baby in stasis for a period of time and another one that would allow her to transfer the baby to another mother- but that same spell would require the new mother to already be pregnant and then well the blood would mix thus making both of the children share each others parents and vice versa" he explained quickly without drawing breath once.

"Maybe you could have explained that one a bit better" Sirius admitted to his friend after watching me for my reaction (which he got).

Percy's p.o.v.

We left quickly after that, what those wizards said really shook up Mom.

Infact we left the inn altogether just because they kept hanging around (watching us, trying to talk to us, etc).

But it seems the fates have other things planned for us because on our second to last day of business with the wizarding bank, Harry and I both received invitations to Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry.

After thinking about it for a while and talking about it amongst ourselves it was decided that we would contact camp (the children of the goddess of magic and Chiron spificly). We decided to do it after dinner.

After getting in touch with Chiron and Lou Ellen via Eris message it was decided that we would go to this school, learn as much as possible and send it all back to camp and this time we would get to teach the children of Hecate -after all knowledge is power (and maybe we could figure out why that guy was so convinced that we were his kids).

Preparing for Hogwarts was both tedious, boring, exicting, and fun -who knew that it was even possible to feel all of those emotions over the same thing as they are complete opposites.

We recieved messages from camp almost weekly now and we had already found a interesting little fact which we shared with everyone back home -owls are used as messanger birds, it's how everyone gets their mail.

Apperently the childen of Athena are now out for blood and the children of Hermes thought it hilarious and asked for a few owls, and everyone else is too shocked to form any real coherant thought other then sacrelige, and the children of Hecate proved to be wiser then the wizards when they took cabin six's side.

-Things at camp were interesting at the moment to say the least.

And then finally all we had to get were the wands.

Harry's pov

The wand shop that we went to looked as old as those old Roman ruins in Italy, it was called Olivander's and it had apparently been in business since 300 B.C. -it was vaguely impressive (after Olympus everything pales in comparison however).

"Hello -i have been wondering when i would see you" said a mysterious voice that came out of nowhere -for a normal mortal that is. Percy and I were already facing him and ready for anything.

The wizened old man looked not only very surprised but also a bit put out (he probably got kicks out out of scaring people all day).

"We are here to get wands" Mom told him politely (we had always been taught that you can say whatever you want, you just need to be polite and tactful).

"Of course" he said rather understandingly (we were after all in a wand shop) "this here is a fourteen inch yew with dragon heart string and unicorn hair" he said as he picked up one of the many rectangular boxes laying around everywhere, he then handed the wand to Percy, but it was grabbed from him before he could even do anything with it.

And it went on that way for a very long time, and the longer it went the happier the man became - 'he apparently liked a challenge' as he put it.

After what seemed forever Percy had a wand made of driftwood inlaid with mother of pearl which had a beautiful picture of the ocean carved into it, along with what looked like celestial bronze, it had the feather of a Pegasus and salt water as the core, and at the base was a magnificent pearl.

Now It was my turn.

And it all started all over again, and it lasted for what felt like forever, then it was discovered that he needed to take apart a couple of wands to make me a wand since I was apparently close to two but not perfect -he said that it was the strangest thing that he had ever seen- the wands where choosing me but not choosing me. Weird.

Finally in the end I left with a holly wood wand with again what looked like celestial bronze decorating it in the design of waves, and a pearl at the base of it just like Percy's had, with the core consisting of a hair from a deep sea mermaid cheiftan's seventh daughter and a phoenix feather, and then he started going on about how curious it was.

Will it never end?

Percy's pov

Finally free from that torture I thought as we walked out of that thrice accursed building that some idiot decided to call a wand shop -my ADHD was going crazy in there, I'm surprised that more things didn't get blown up (especially things that had nothing to do with the wands). And then to top it all off afterwards he starts going on about Harry's wand shares a core with someone called of all things 'he who must not be named' and then he starts going on about how curious it is.

On the funny side of things we noticed him using celestial bronze without even knowing it, we asked him, he had said that it was a 'magical type of bronze with unknown magical properties' as he put it, that magic made him use sometimes without any idea as to why. But he had noted that the wands with that metal were always incredibly picky, but they were also very few in number so it was as he put it, very curious.

James pov

Watching the clock I knew that the boys were still in England but after that first disasterous meeting we agreed that it would be better to let them have some space, especially once they made it clear that they were avoiding us.

"Dad" asked a quiet voice behind me "do you think that they will be at Kings Cross tomorrow?" Turning to face Neville and seeing his hopeful and sad face -things hadn't gone quite as we thought they would, but really what had we been expecting? A woman who didn't want her children? Children with no love or loyalty for the one who raised and birthed them? We were so excited to meet them and get them to live with us that we never even considered what they might want.

"I don't know, but I hope so" I told him with a sigh escaping me, then my voice filled with determination - "but I am not going to give up that easily."

Harry's pov

"A train?" I asked scepticly

"Ya" agreed Percy "I was expecting something a little more magical myself".

After we got onto the train that screamed the children of Aries helped decorate me, we found a nice quiet apartment that was currently empty, and we waited (monsters always try to kill us on public transportation, including school buses -so why should a school train be any diffrent?)

Hogwarts was a beautiful stone castle, with a large grounds and a gigantic lake, it even had a dangerous looking forest -my brother and I looked at each other and knew that we would be happy here.

The sorting ceremony was a talking (and singing) hat on our heads telling us where to go, either go to a house of hard workers who are loyal, or one where they are cunning, or another were Annabeth and her siblings would be happy, or a house full of brave people -as demigods we could easily go into anyone of those houses I thought to my self as 'Granger, Hermione' got sorted into Gryffindor house.

Finally they hit the 'j's, and then 'Jackson, Hercules'-aw, great now everyone knows my full name, I thought as I went up to the sorting hat.

The hat itself was old and tattered, and reminded me of some of the stuff in the attic back at camp. As professor McGonagal placed the hat over my head I couldnt help but hope and pray that this didn't end up like that time Luke tricked me into wearing his Dad's winged shoes.

"Hello young demigod" whispered a voice in my head "it has been centuries since I last had the honor to sort one of your kind" said the voice that I now knew to be the sorting hat .

"We like to keep to ourselves whenever we can manage it" I told the hat hoping that he got my hint about privacy.

"Yes, I know -it was the same with the others, I hope you last longer then they did. Now where to put you?" he said "you have plenty of cunning and courage, not a bad mind either, and your loyalty is second to none, so where to put you?" he asked again "I know -GRYFFINDOR" he shouted the last part for the whole hall to hear as the table in Aries cabin red and Apollo cabin yellow started cheering for me.

As I went to go sit on their table and the applause died down 'Jackson, Perseus' was called to go up to the hat and get sorted -I prayed to the gods that we could stay together. Percy's pov

After the professor put the hat over my head, I heard a voice in my head whispering to me "Another one? I have never done two in one night before -I am honored young demigod, now where to put you?" the hat asked more to himself to me "you would do well in any of the houses" he told me "but the one I think you would do well is -GRYFFINDOR! " he shouted for the whole hall to hear. I quickly gave the hat back to professor McGonagal as I went to go sit with my brother at the table that looked like lord Aries might have gone too.

After the sorting a grand meal was placed before us -and wouldn't you know it, there wasn't a single greek dish, though all the food was delicious.

" If we stay here we really need to have a talk with the chef" whispered Harry as I nodded in agreement as I chewed on a hamburger

"Maybe" I suggested after swallowing "we could propose an international food day"

"I like it!" agreed Harry enthusiastically "now we just need to find the kitchens" he said but stopped due to the smile that a pair of red headed twins sitting near us, gave us. -Odd but they reminded me of the children of Hermes.