Heya, this is a new fanfic that I've been thinking about, might be crappy, but hopefully not,

Later it might have graphic scenes of violence, you have been warned…. This is all in Bella's POV; I'm not used to that so please tell me if you like it.

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Chapter 1, Carlisle.

Bella's POV.

I decided to hunt, alone,

Edward had been with Carlisle, Esme, Alice and Jasper a few days ago, Nessie was with Jake at La push, Rose was shopping and Emmett tortured his food.

I set off running, I closed my eyes letting my senses take over me, lead me to my prey, I ran for a full 20 minutes then I smelt something ghastly. Old dust, rotten fish and stale water. Then I smelt humans, lots of humans, then fire.

I snapped my eyes open, I was in a large cobbled street, the sky was overcast and a darkening blue colour, it was raining. I saw a large crowd of people, with pitchforks and fire torches. They all wore strange old fashioned clothing; they were listening to a young man.

"I saw them; in the sewers, they should come out soon." A familiar voice explained in a London accent.

I rushed over,

The man had golden locks framing his slightly tanned face; he had pale blue eyes and flushed cheeks. It was Carlisle! Yes, it had to be, but he looked….human. How is that even possible? I thought.

"What're we waiting for then Cullen? Let us kill the monsters!" A man yelled.

"This way." Carlisle gulped warily.

The crowd ran after him,

They came to the sewers, it stank in there, and I won't even describe the putrid stench of them.

"Shh." Carlisle put his finger to his pale pink lips.

They crept forwards.

A hiss came, then a snarl. A vampire. What was going on here?

I saw the vampire emerge then, out of the shadows; it ran at human speed, the crowd ran after it yelling. The hungry looking vampire stopped and bit Carlisle's right hand, then killed 2 men and grabbed a third. The others had run off.

Carlisle was at his knees, teeth clenched, he crawled out of the sewers into a cellar and his in rotten potatoes.

Then I realized, this was Carlisle's past. Edward had told me it once. I had just seen it. Wow. How on earth did I do that?

I wanted to go back and tell the others what had just happened, but how would I get home?


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