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Can't Help Thinking

It has been four years since Allison visited Tom at Honolulu Heights. Four painful years that she distracted herself with her studies. She was only at the half of her studies, actually, still five more years before she even has the chance to become a barrister. Tom wanted that for her, and she wanted that for herself. But right then, what she really wanted for herself wasn't something that could be found in classrooms, libraries, museums or even the debate team's headquarters. Once the congratulations started to die down, she still needed one more person to tell her that she was on the right track, because she didn't feel like it. She didn't feel as convicted to her cause, to her career path, as she was before meeting Tom. Tom changed everything. Tom became everything.

It was going to be different this time. She wasn't going to be "running away." She was going to go on a sabbatical to find her true self. Though, she was sure already of herself, her convictions, her principles, her arguments—but every now and then she forgot the outline of her life when she reverted to her fantasies, dreams of being reunited with Tom and the prospect of throwing it all away just for him felt like the best idea she's ever had. She needed to see him again, needed to shed light on her own priorities before she moved forward with her life.

She would leave first thing in the morning. She already took the entrance exam for Law School and the interviews will happen after a few months. So there, she had a few months to make it all happen—make them happen. She will, she will make it happen. It was a logical step, really, if she had to debate what was the best thing to do if there really was only one life to live. There is also, always the chance of compromise, which Cynthia, her college dorm mate, had told her was key to making relationships work, that Tom and she could live a happy life with both of their callings satiated by creating a set-up they'd both work on. He could continue being the sexy Vampire slayer and she would still be on the road to becoming a barrister who could protect herself and therefore not be a liability to his career. They would bring justice to the world in their own ways.

They were perfect for each other. No amount of argument could change her mind. It was still a shame though that the only token she got from him was the darn youtube video of him turning into a werewolf. It wasn't very flattering, she might add. She'd fix that immediately when they met up again. They'd make a photo album, a video montage, or maybe even get matching couple shirts—they were all so silly, but only hypothetically. One shouldn't rule out the joy of certain practices just because it appeals to ridicule. Her parents, they believed in her, always did, until then, when it was so out of character for her to ask for a sabbatical. They laughed. They found themselves unbelieving that their star child would want anything else than becoming a barrister. When she'd confessed it was love, love that she was coming back to, they panicked. They were almost scolding her. "You can't throw your bright future just for a boy!" They said.

She didn't listen. She had thought about this a lot and albeit it sounded too ideal, this wasn't some impulsive childish delusional sabbatical.

Alex and Hal, they hated each other, or so they said, but Tom knew better. Four years have passed and by the days he's felt the two getting closer and closer, making him more and more into a third wheel, a light bulb, an extra, a stranger in his own house. Try as he might to be happy for both of his friends, he couldn't. He couldn't, when the love of his life was somewhere not with him. The love of his life, not like Alex was to Hal, wasn't stuck to him, didn't need him. He was wasting away his life, the fullness of it kept in tiny delicate but powerful hands that he had to keep away from.

Alex and Hal getting heavier was very difficult from him. Hal used to distract him a lot with his constant need for affirmation and routine, but now, now Hal didn't need him. Hal didn't even argue with him, tried to convince him not to, when he first went on these weekend trips out of Barry.

He tried to distract himself. He had saved up enough money to repair Hal's old car and fill it with gas, then he drove out of Barry and found himself a group of vampires. He staked every one of them easily, he almost yawned. Vampire slaying had become trifling. He laid himself down on the roof of his car, looked at the stars, remembered when he still had McNair and he had taken granted the view of the night sky. Right then though, beautiful as it was, it didn't distract him by one bit of his lingering thoughts about Allison.

Allison, dear Allison. He missed her so much but he can't go to her, he can't find her, he mustn't. He loved her too much to destroy her with the darkness that his life came hand in hand with. She was going to be a barrister one day, have little barrister babies, live a normal life—a life polar opposite of his, away from him.

Allison felt her palms sweat in spite Wales always being so cold. She was nervous and shaking. She's never felt like this, not even during the Finals for the World Debate Cup. She was starting to lose her nerve. Maybe Cynthia was right about liquid courage, that she'd need it, that she should have dropped by at a convenience store and bought herself some hard liquor. She never drank because alcohol killed brain cells and she didn't want that, however, she really needed courage right now. Courage right now, seemed to be more important than brain cells—which she's sure she can really spare a few right now. The hostel's door looked so imposing, so large compare to her, as if it were to swallow her up with the first contact of her fists. She gulped. She was a werewolf, a strong, proud, magnficent werewolf who could handle this, who could swallow her fear and just get it over with. Anyway, she had to. This was the love of her life. She sucked in a breath and raised her arm like a lever and knocked hard at the door three times.

No one answered. She wanted to give up right then. What was she doing here? It's been four years. Who was she to expect that he still felt the same? He had sent her away with very mean words, and maybe he really had meant them? No. His kiss, his kiss was the truth. He had sent her away for her own welfare. He didn't know that the fullness of her welfare depended on him. Of course, she was her own person, and outward forces should not affect her value of herself, but the joy deprived of her with every minute without him could not be denied. She loved him quite scrupulously, without an error, without a fallacy, all of her brain—both of reason and feeling, both left and right—agreed. She couldn't give up now. Now that she's come so far to Wales, she has to knock again, and even if it comes to that, she might consider sleeping at the doorway. She knocked again.

Her acute hearing heard the footsteps. Her pulse quickened and for once in her life, she couldn't think.

The door opened to a disgruntled Hal and a wave of disappointment washed over her face for a split second. She mustn't be impolite. Hal and her were friends as well, right? "Hello, Hal! How are you? Is Tom here?"

"Hello, Allison! I'm well, except for my schedule. I'm supposed to be working out right now. I should be working out right now, I was at 164. I still have 36 to go. Oh, I'm sorry. Tom is, forgive me but he is out this weekend. He's taken a road trip. Would you like to come in?"

"When will he be back?"

Just then, another familiar face popped out from a room. "Alex! You're here! You're living with Hal now?" She looked the same, still the same hair do after four years. Allison on the other hand, had decided to grow her hair to her shoulders and Cynthia had convinced her to wear neat tiny headbands.

"I guess."

"How could you guess your living status?" Allison squinted her eyes at the ridiculousness of it.

"Allison, Alex is a ghost." Hal broke solemnly.

"You died?"

"I was murdered thanks to this charming fellow here." She put an arm around Hal and grinned.

"You don't seem unhappy about that."

"It's been four years. I've gotten over it."

"Do people just get over things generally after four years?" Her voice broke nervously.

Hal, the quick thinker that he is, knew what she was getting at. It was time to do Tom a favor. "No, Allison. Especially Tom. He cannot get over things—especially of the romantic sort. Would you like to sit down and have some tea? I'll call up Tom and see if he can get back sooner than planned. I'm sure he'd be glad to see you."

"Yes, please." She stepped in and was lead to the living room. Hal went to get some tea while Alex stayed with her. "Are you sure? I'm quite unexpected." She sat down on the sofa, her back straight as always. She mustn't take this as disappointment. There was hope. He was coming back. Perhaps they'd let her stay here overnight. They had quite a lot of rooms in this place.

"Oh, believe me, he's missed you, too." She smiled widely at that. Then before she could prod on further, ask Hal if she's been mentioned over the years, he disappeared into the kitchen.

"So, how are ya?" Alex smiled and sat across her.

"I just finished college recently. My thesis was about the—" but before she could finish Alex had interrupted her.

"Okay. You graduated. Good for you. I never actually got to do anything with my education, you know, being put on halt all of a sudden." She tilted her head to the direction of the kitchen where Hal was fixing them some tea. "Some unexpected bloody occurrence. But I've forgiven him."

"I'm sorry, Alex. Do you know where Tom went?"

"He's blowing some steam I think. There's only so many vampires you can kill in Barry. He's expanding his perimeter. Anyway, why are you here right now? Tomorrow night there's a full moon. It's not really a good time to be somewhere you're not familiar with."

"Oh, I still remember this place perfectly. There's a dungeon below us. Upstairs there's Tom's room, Hal's room, the twin bedroom that I stayed at, and Annie's room. Where's Annie?"

"Annie's passed on four years ago."

"Well, that's supposed to be nice, isn't it? Oh, and baby Eve. Baby Eve had her own room as well, didn't she?"

"Annie sort of set fire the old ones with a bomb, along with Eve."

"Oh my god! Annie killed baby Eve! How could she?"

"It's quite complicated." Alex shrugged. She didn't really feel like telling the whole story. "But I have good news for you since once upon a time you sort of helped me with Hal, well, that kind of lead to my death, but anyhow, I'll tell you because you're a good person." Alex rent-a-ghost to sit right beside her and cozied herself, summoning all the girliness she could—which was hard. She missed girl talk—or the option of having it anyway—having been seen exclusively only by two men the past few years. Then before she could open her mouth again, Hal had arrived. She was so ready to squeal and all that. "Nice timing, bloodsucker."

"I'd hate to break up the chit-chat but Allison here's just had a long drive so she needs a snack. Here's some cookies I baked last night and reheated in the microwave. I took a while because I had to sterilize the kettle, the cups, and make sure that the teabags smelled right. Also checked the sugar, the cream—you know, in case an ant had crawled in or what-not."

"Thank you, Hal! That's very nice of you. I know just how you feel. We don't want food poisoning. Nobody does. So is Tom coming quickly?" Allison really, really just wanted to see Tom. It was nice and all, reuniting with these two, but she just needed Tom.

"Oh, yes, I was just about to call him." Hal took out his phone from his pocket and wiped it with his hanky. He called up Tom but he wasn't answering. "He must be out. He doesn't bring his cellphone along when he hunts." Hal then began to text Tom, "COME BACK SOON! SOON, I MEAN NOW. Allison's here! Pronto!"

Still the same Tom. It comforted her to know he was still hunting. It gave her hope that he hadn't changed, and neither have his feelings. Well, actually, she hoped he had changed—just enough change to be convinced that they could work as a couple. They were an option, no, they were THE option.

"I do hope you didn't run away like the last time. Your parents know you're here?"

"I'm on a sabbatical. I'm old enough to not live in my parents' radar." She smiled. "But, yes, they do know I'm in Barry."

He got home really late at night. He was tired. He fell asleep in the car quite fast. He didn't notice the text messages or the missed calls. When he eventually woke up, it was noon and he had to drag a chicken in a large circle. Tonight was the full moon. He was sort of looking forward to this full moon. It was a time when he wasn't thinking—the werewolf had all of him. He didn't need to think. He could stop thinking about her.

Allison had the option to use the basement, but if in case he came back, where would he transform? It wasn't an option, and neither were any of Barry's nearby woods. She had to find somewhere far away. It was dangerous to turn with other werewolves. She had to drive out of Barry just to find a suitable forest.

It was a really large circle she was making with this chicken. It always took so long to do. It was a hassle, but the results were always worth it: a peace of mind that she hadn't hurt anybody.

She was starting to feel the thumps, and it was really just in time. She had finished as well. She had deposited her extra clothes up a tree, now it was time to take off her clothes. She preferred not to tear it to shreds.

Tom was finally going to finish the circle. He had already stripped his shirt when the scent of another werewolf had caught his enhanced sense of smell. He sprinted toward the smell. He had to warn this other werewolf—they might accidentally tear each other to shreds. Plus, he wasn't sure if she was dragging a chicken, too. Getting closer, the scent grew more familiar. He knew that scent. He couldn't believe it. He's only met a handful of werewolves in his lifetime and most of them were dead now. It could really only be her, or maybe some stranger. He hoped it wasn't a stranger. Then again, if it were her, then he might tear her to shreds and that wouldn't be good either. That would be horrible. Maybe it was better if it were just a stranger. Then again, Nina and George hadn't torn each other apart when they transformed together but then they conceived Eve. There was really no good ending for this, was there? All the thoughts had shocked his brain that he had forgotten to stop and he'd bumped onto the soft half naked body of the source of smell. "Allison," he whispered, worry and joy lacing together. He wasn't sure about the situation.

"Tom," she quickly recognized and turned around. For Allison, it was joy. She didn't know the terror of what might happen if they transformed together. All she knew was how delightful it was to be reunited with him. She circled her arms around his neck, and for a moment they stood still, taking in each other.

Tom didn't know what to say, what to react. All he could feel was her warm skin, all he could hear was their breaths and the loud hum of racing heartbeats. For a moment, all he could really think about was how gorgeous she was. She was even more gorgeous than before, lovelier than before, four years did her very well. She was a woman, and she felt like one against him. He hated objectifying women, but he couldn't deny how beautiful she had become.

Allison smiled at Tom. He always has been beautiful. When he wasn't a werewolf, he was a puppy, with pleading, large brown eyes framed by lonely upturned brows. He looked so innocently boyish but with the strong edges and rough hands of a man who'd care for her, love her and it was all she ever wanted. She kissed him feverishly, madly and Tom reciprocated better than he did four years ago. Their tongues explored each other's mouths, grunting, and the moon was starting to make them kiss each other harder. Passion and a moonlight induced frenzy cut their breaths shorter, hands move along each other faster. The pain of transformation came in waves, but for the first time, the pain had been masked and their thoughts blurred. All the arguments, all the dangers, were torn apart along with Tom's clothes and the rest of Allison's. They couldn't think. The emotions of a reunion always dreamed of, always grating at their souls had finally come and it burst like fireworks with every contact of skin. Then, there was the moon, its light getting stronger as the sun slowly descended.

When the sun comes back up, maybe then, they'll get to think again.

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