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Chapter 2

Waking up after a transformation was always bittersweet. It was bitter, because waking up butt naked in the forest exposes you to a lot of danger. He didn't really mind the woods, having grown up in it for most of his life, but having to wake up alone, naked, grass, critters biting your skin, wasn't the best thing in the world. It was sweet as well, though. It was the farthest hour to the next full moon. It meant he didn't have to worry about the next full moon for nearly a full month. Also, there was fresh warmth that the sun offered during such mornings, relief and euphoria over the simple joy that the night was over. Of course, once he opens his eyes, he'll be checking the surroundings just to make sure he didn't hurt anyone. Right then though, he didn't feel the bitterness. All there was was sweetness and bliss. The sunshine's warmth was not just bathing him, but had also become a tangible softness in his arms. Sunshine breathed, pulsed with a heartbeat, and moved in his arms in a delicate swiveling motion. He could die in the sensation, the golden warm coziness of home. Sunshine made him chuckle, its fingers caressing his face. When Sunshine landed on his lips chaste and soft, it made him slowly open his eyes.

"Allison," his voice dripped with gratitude. Sunshine couldn't have a better name. Sunshine couldn't be more beautiful. He kissed back Allison with the same softness she had waked him up with, his hands gently rubbing her silky smooth back. Allison, his beautiful, budding flower.


Warmth pressed all across her spine, tangled with her legs and wrapped around her torso and her chest. Warmth breathed in her ear, tucked in the crevice of her neck. Waking up after a transformation has never felt this good, never felt this warm, this wonderful. She quickly remembered the events of last night and it sent waves of warmth to the tip of her toes and her fingertips. She deeply hoped it wasn't just a dream. She opened her eyes and saw the woods. They didn't look so unwelcoming as they normally did to her in these kinds of mornings. It actually felt like a gruff version home, like she belonged to the woods just like how she felt for the rough palms flat against her. She needed to see his face, only then will she know that all of this really was happening.

She turned in his arms and found just what she was looking for. It couldn't have been any better. His dark brown lashes fanned peacefully closed, his lips in a hazy smile. She touched his cheeks slowly, reveling at the feel of him so close to her. She wished all her mornings were as a tranquil and loving as this, the sound of wind whistling through the woods, birds chirping about, and the love of her life settled skin tight against her, his breathing slow and even, his lips pink and calling. Like the feeling of warm pillows on a cold day, lips touched.

Clear brown eyes peeked slowly from brown lashes and two smiles widened uninhibitedly. "Allison," his voice was the most beautiful sound she's ever heard.

"Good morning, Thomas," she leaned her forehead on his. Then something changed, his heart picked up, racing in an incredulous staccato pace. "Oh, Tom, you're excited already?" Well, she was.

"Oh, darn it Allison, yes and no. No. Yes. No! Allison! Did we…? Did we do it?" There was panic in his eyes, and his grip on her became tighter. He was quivering. He looked down and saw their naked bodies pressed together and winced.

"Why are you wincing? Of course we're naked, we transformed last night. Is that a happy or a sad wince?" She ran her hand up and down his spine, mentally noting the scar on his shoulder and the many others that puckered his skin.

"So we didn't make love?" he frowned when he asked. That was suppose to be a good thing, really, but he couldn't help but feel disappointed, to think that all of it was just a dream.

"Oh, of course we did! We've been holding back for four years, we were bound to explosively consummate our feelings! So, in your words, we did "make love." Why wouldn't we? Lover?" She giggled at her words and proceeded to kiss him on the neck. "We have to talk about it soon, I think, but let's just celebrate our little reunion, all right?"

"Allison. You're a very beautiful flower and you know I'm your very willing bumblebee and I quite like you... I actually really, really like you but, Allison. We need to talk. Woaaah! Stop! Allison! No!" He pushed Allison away from him before she fully incapacitated his thoughts with her naughty fingers and her naughty hands.

"Tom! It's been four years! Surely we can put on hold "the talk" for just a few minutes—hours. I'm sure you wouldn't mind. Would you? Did I just rape you? Are you going to sue me?" And all the insecurities suddenly lined in her face and she looked at Tom with all seriousness.

"No! No! Of course not! It's just that," and before he finished his talking Allison was doing all sorts of naughty things to him, again. "Allison! I'm serious! There could be serious repercussions to this!" Tom grabbed her hands and kept them there. "I'm glad we didn't tear each other to shreds, but there are far worse situations than that, believe me!"

"Don't worry, darling, I'm on the pill." She giggled and tickled his sides. "You naughty little puppy you! You don't even bring rubber on you!"

"I don't normally do!" he laughed as she continued her onslaught of tickling. "Nina was on the pill when she got pregnant!"


"They conceived Eve while they were in wolf form."

"Oh my god, I could be pregnant? Oh, my god, I'm not sure if I'm ready for this. I'm still supposed to be take Law and become a barrister." She was panicking then, too. Her breathing speeded up.

"Oh, Allison, why'd you have to be here, of all times?" He grunted in worry.

"Oh, my, let's get dressed, shall we?" She stood up and huffed out.

"You're beautiful, Allison. I wasn't able to tell you that last night." Tom, who was still lying down, looked up at her, light in his eyes. Perhaps he ought to stop thinking for a while. Allison, she was here. He didn't exactly know why, but she was with him and apart from the worry, there was joy. Oh, but he had to be thinking of something right now.

"What? Oh, thank you. You, too." She pursed her lips, and she suddenly felt naked, too naked but there was no where to run to, no clothes in her immediate reach.

"Where's yours?" He stood up with a hop.

"Let's get yours instead. I could wear your shirt and you could wear just your shorts."

"Are you sure about that? We'll find yours after."

"I'd quite love the idea of wearing your clothes." The two of them blushed. Maybe she should stop thinking for a while and enjoy the moment first. Surely, things ought to work out eventually. She'd think of a solution, she could always do that. What a logical solution can't solve, Tom can solve with brute force. He was charming that way. "Lead the way?"

Tom nodded and smiled shyly as he touched the back of his hand. She interweaved their fingers, memorized the motion, appreciated how warmly all the curves fit together. "Our hands fit perfectly, don't they?" Tom grinned as he looked at their joined hands.

As they slowly walked hand in hand together, naked, in the woods, they felt like teenagers again. They felt innocent. They felt like they hadn't transformed last night, like they were just two normal people in-love taking a stroll in the park. They tried not to stare though, which was very difficult. They looked forward, or upward, or sideward, just not at each other. Who knew what would happen once they looked at each other again. They'd be back to being horny as hell.

It was Tom who broke the silence. "I'm… I… you picked my flower."


"I mean, I'm the bumblebee so, I stung you? For the first time."

"Oh, you were a virgin?"

"I… I found myself unable to like anyone else since I met you. I couldn't forget you. I dreamt about you a lot. Even though I wasn't sure if we'd ever meet again, I couldn't help but save myself for you."

"I… I did the same, Tom." They stopped in their tracks and looked at each other for the first time in the few minutes they've been walking. All they could see was each other's face, each other's happiness, so mutual, so the same. Everything was right. They shared a lingering peck on the lips and proceeded to walk in companionable silence.

"This is my tree." She patted the large oak's bark and was about to climb it, with a hand already gripping a branch, when Tom stopped her.

"Let me, my beautiful princess." They blushed and Tom climbed it quickly.

She giggled at his chivalry, and as much as she could complain that she could do it herself, she quite enjoyed it. She looked up and saw something that she shouldn't have. Oh, but she's seen felt it all anyway, right? It was okay to stare right? Oh my, how gifted he was.

When he jumped off the tree, he took a bow to give her his shirt and jacket, "my lady," he said all princely.

"Why, thank you, dear Sir. You deserve a reward. Rise, Sir Thomas," she tried her best to keep serious. He was so adorable. At the sound of the word, "reward" he'd blushed.

He rose up. She jumped into his arms with a kiss.

"I don't think we should do it again, Allison."

"What? Again?"

"Well, I think… ah, I'll explain it to you next time."


"I wasn't there when they broke up. What happened? They seemed so perfect together then?" Alex asked Hal who was presently cleaning the kitchen.

"He loved her too much to stay close and keep Allison away from her family."

"Wow. Tom's a really better guy than you. You should have taken after him."

"Tom hasn't looked at a girl for four years."

"You have."

Hal looked up from scrubbing the counter. "I'm looking right now, aren't I?" He smiled.

Alex smiled back and rent-a-ghost onto the counter. She sat on the space beside the part that Hal was cleaning. "Is that all you could do?" She whispered, her cold breath tickled his sensitive ears.

They drew in, their noses touched, just a little more before they kissed.

"I'm home!" Tom's jolly voice announced his arrival.

"Me too!" Allison squealed beside Tom loudly, the loud noise causing Hal to wince.

"Are you living here, now, Allison?" Tom excitedly asked.

"Do you want me to?"

"But… school."

"School's for a few months, can I stay here 'til then?"

It was a really loud conversation. Hal was happy for Tom, but could he possibly find a better timing?

The sounds of a mushy kiss with lots of moans and groans filled the house.

Alex teleported herself in front of the lovers, "Get a room!" she then paused, and sniffed, "Better yet, take a bloody shower, you stink more than a bedroom filled with five sweaty boys." She wiped her nose, "no offense, Allison," she smiled at the little girl and rolled her eyes at Tom. When Hal got into the hallway, she disappeared again.

"Welcome back, Allison, Tom, I'm glad to see you together," he winked at them.


They still haven't had "the talk." They really didn't have time. Well, they sort of did, but whenever they saw each other, all logical thought just seemed to fly away out of their heads. Should they just wait it out until she started showing signs that she was pregnant? They didn't really know yet. They might just be worrying about nothing. This was the only time to think, when they were away from each other. They were in their separate cars trailing to Honolulu heights.

This was exactly what they worried about. At least then they'll have enough time to have "the talk" because she'd be staying with them for the next two months.

Surely, Tom had done something right to deserve her. Well, he wasn't actually sure if he did, but he sure would love to believe so. His life hasn't been exactly easy, and "rest" in a house with Hal and Alex has been both incredibly mundane and grating. He sometimes wondered if he'd done something incredibly wrong for all the happiness to pass by in front of him, none of it staying for him. Having her in his arms, lost in a post-coital haze, her locks of hair twirling in his fingers, he wanted so badly to believe that this happiness was meant to stay in his life.

He'd really prefer it their kids were to become werewolves as well, so they didn't have to worry about a human savior progeny. He didn't want to have to kill their kid. Oh, god. They really needed to have that talk. Allison didn't know Eve's story, didn't know the havoc that it'd bring. This was why he didn't want Eve to die more than anybody in the house, even more than Annie obviously. He did not want to believe that she had to die for the safety of the world. Because if Eve had to die, that meant that if he and Allison ever had a kid, their baby would have to suffer the same fate. His pulse quickened again.


Allison felt connected with Tom that the sudden speeding of his heartbeat woke her up instantly like a pleasant smart alarm clock. The half moon was shining brightly, setting their faces aglow with triangular shards of moonlight. They were cuddling, clothes on, and though Allison would really prefer something else, Tom didn't. He must have his reasons, right?

There were a lot of things she had to think about. How will they continue their relationship once school starts? He really should go to school. How many kids should they have? She never procrastinates but this wasn't procrastinating, right? This was something else entirely. This was carpe diem! Right then, there wasn't anything more important than true love. Anyway, it was impossible to worry with his warm eyes and his warm body soothing all her brainwaves.

"Hello, handsome."

He took one look at her and imagined all the horrors that a baby could bring to her lovely face. The Old Ones would surely hunt them down, and then what? Another Nina, George, Eve tragedy? What if nobody had to know about it? It could be a fast pregnancy. "What if you're pregnant?

"Let's just find out first, shall we? I don't want to worry out of nothing. Can't we talk about our relationship first? I don't actually know how that goes, but I think it starts with, umm…" she blushed.

"What? What is it?" He touched her red cheeks, "You're gorgeous my lovely princess."

"Thank you. I think it starts with," she buried her face onto his chest and mumbled an unintelligible "I love you."

"What? You better say it looking at me though I'm not actually sure what you're saying."

She quickly glanced up at him with saucer eyes and burst the three words out of her lips like a grenade as she bunkered her face again onto his chest where she could hear his loud heartbeats.

He cupped a cheek with one hand and raised her chin with the other so that she could look him in the eyes. "I love you, too." They shared a smile before snogging.

"So, what's next of the talk?" They were in the same position again, Allison hiding her face on his chest, Tom's chin on her head of curls, and both of their faces a deep shade of red.

She pushed him away a little so she could look up at him. "Am I your girlfriend?"

"Only if I'm your boyfriend."

"Then, I guess we're a couple, huh?"

"I guess so, girlfriend." They hugged tighter. "So what's next of this relationship talk? I've never really had one."

"Cynthia told me that we're supposed to uhm… talk about the lines."


"Oh, she was a dorm mate in college. She's a geek like me but she reads a lot of harlequin novels."

"What are Harlequin novels?"

"They're romance books, silly."

"Have you ever read those?"

"I tried but none of those books sounded like us. I didn't really want to read about other people finding love when I've already found mine. I'm glad we're on the same page."

"Me too. I thought some smart college boy would've swept out off your feet by now. Actually, I just, I don't know Allison if you should stick with me."

"Why are you saying this? Are you already breaking up with me? Again?"

"No, but you know I'm bad news. Oh gosh, this should have come before, huh. Allison, before you take me as your boyfriend, you have to know I carry stakes around me all the time for a sound reason. I've quite a reputation. Though you might know this already from four years ago, I'm just reminding you and assuring you that I'm still the same bad news."

"No, you're not. You're the most gentle spirit I've ever known. Well except for the vampire slaying and our first time in the woods." She giggled. "You're perfect for me. I know what you are, and you are my boyfriend."

"I'm dangerous, Alli," he pleaded though he didn't actually want her to change her mind.

"Well, I… I'm dangerous, too."

"I don't want you to be. I want you to remain as you are. I kind of dirty you with myself."

"I know you didn't like it when I kill vampires. I know you think you've corrupted me, but you didn't. You just taught me life lessons and after all, I've only killed out of self-defense. I promise you, I never will again!"

"Except if they try to kill you, of course."

"Of course. Oh, and, you know there's a school near-by the law school I'll be entering in September. You'd love it there."

"I… I don't know. I'm not sure if I'm smart enough for that."

"You're very smart, Tom. You just need formal education so you could be smarter and get a better job than at the Diner."

"I can't leave this place, Alli. As much as I want to, but I've got to take care of Alex and Hal."

"Alex can take care of Hal."

"No, she can't. She's a ghost. Hal needs someone who can manhandle him."

"It's all right. I'll visit you on the weekends."

"What if you become a barrister first and you live in Barry?"

"You do know that it'll take me five years before I become a barrister? Four years without you nearly killed me, I don't know about you."

"You're right. You're right. Weekends though, that'd stress you out. I heard Law school was a lot of work."

"Why can't you just live with me in an apartment?"

"I told you, I can't leave Hal. He's a bit volatile."

"Oooh, volatile! I like it when you use big words." She rubbed his tummy suggestively, fingers going south.

"Oh, Allison, don't you want to talk about this?" he stopped her hand before going lower.

"I usually like thinking about things, really ruminating things, but this is scaring me Tom, the prospect of losing you because we can't work it out. There's tomorrow, can't we work it out tomorrow? I'd love to just enjoy your company for a little while more. I'm sure I'll figure out a solution even if it means having to argue with the laws of logic itself."

"We'll find a way, yeah?"

"We both want this, right?"

"More than you know, Allison, but I don't think I deserve you."

"How could you think that?"

"You've got such a bright future ahead of you, Alli. You're going to be a barrister. You'll serve justice without having to resort to violence. Me, on the other hand, have the Diner and a couple of vampires after my head."

"I must praise you for that analogy, however, you've forgotten the facts and have singled out small details about ourselves. I can't imagine a future without you, Tom. I love you that much."

"I can't think of a future without you as well, but I have o Allison, if it keeps you safe and makes sure your dreams come true."

"I am my own self and I do believe I can take care of myself. It just so happens that my dream is to live the rest of my life with you."

"Oh, and there's something you have to know about Eve."

"Tom, wait a minute. I can't believe I'm the one to say this. I'm all in favor of free speech and especially talking with you, but this is sort of dampening my spirit." She sighed and took his hands in hers. "Can we talk about it some other time? I'm certain we'll find a way. We'll make it work, ok? Trust me, all right?" She kissed his hands. "If you think I'm smart, then you must trust me to be smart enough to figure us out."

"Okay, Allison. Whatever happens, I want you to know that I truly and deeply love you, and anything I do comes from this."


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