I laid on my bed, staring at my ceiling, while listening to the thunk, thunk, and thunk of the baseball against the wall. "Will you quit it?" I asked my roommate, Cole. "Sorry." Was his annoyed reply. But the ball kept going, and going, and going. I had to leave or that ball was going to drive me crazy! I got up and left, without another word. It turned out that leaving was a bad idea.I walked down the street and toward the bus stop, intending to hit the club downtown. I was crossing the street when it happened. A BMW was turning the corner to go down 15th street, and the Ferrari was running the red light. I got caught right in the middle of a head on accident. I heard horns, squealing tires, metal hitting metal, and felt a white-hot pain before everything went black. I awoke to see my best friends, Cole, Molly, Anna, and Monique all standing over me, all with red eyes, running makeup and tearstained faces. All accept Cole. He sat, stiff as a rail, staring into the distance, as though he was in a trance. I tried to ask "What's wrong with HIM?" but it came out as a strangled sound, like a dying animal, which made Anna go into another fit of tears, wracking her whole body with sobs.

They think I'm going to die, I thought. Somehow, I had to convince them that I was fine. Maybe if I acted like I wasn't in pain… I lay completely still and tried to smile. I heard Molly say "This is it, you guys. She'll be gone soon. Try to look happy. We don't want her last image of us to be bad."

Great. Now they thought I was lying still because I WAS going to die. I was running out of options. But then, I started feeling funny. Extremely relaxed, and not tied down to this world anymore. Maybe I'm just tired. One little nap won't hurt.

Blackness. I awake to a totally new and different kind of dark that I have never experienced, ever before. Like there was no tomorrow. Like... like I'm dead. A voice in my head whispered. I banished it from my mind, because if I were dead, I wouldn't be thinking.

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