The party was arranged to start at 8. Exactly as the clock read 8, people started flooding into Lateus house. One of the boys from Amens house was a DJ, so he brought his turntables and took requests from people. So many people brought six packs of beer, it wasn't even funny. It was 9:24 and the place was jam-packed with people. There was hardly any room to move around, and it felt like all the air had been sucked out.

The song "rack city bitch" came on and everyone started dropping it to the floor, seriously getting low. I smiled and danced along with everyone else in the middle of the floor. We had pushed the tables and couches aside for more room, and it was a good thing we had, because there was hardly any space as is. Suddenly someone pulled me out of the fray to the side. It was my roommate, Mackenzie.

"Here." She said and handed me a beer. "Great party! I didn't take you as the party type."

"Likewise." I told her.

She smiled. "There's a lot of things you don't know about me." She replied mysteriously.

I laughed. This was fun. I finished up my beer, even though it was disgusting, and then jumped back into the middle of the dance floor. Considering that I'm pretty small, only 5' 2', the beer went to my head pretty fast. Soon, the dance floor was in a weird dream-like state where everything slowed down.

That's when I saw Andrew. Or I thought I saw Andrew. He was on the other side of a see-through glass wall that I had never noticed before. I rushed over and put my hand against the glass. "Andrew I miss you!" I told him.

"I miss you too, Paige. When can you come over here?" He asked me.

"Not too long now Andrew. When I find you I will never leave you, ever again."

"Me either." He promised.

"Why not come to the party?" I asked him.

"I can't, remember? I got kicked out." He sighed.

He brought his hand up to the glass so that it was even with mine. I could almost feel the warmth from his palm. His hand was so much bigger than my hand. Suddenly Andrew's eyes went wide at something behind me.

"I have to go. Now." He said.

"Don't leave, stay with me!" I pleaded.

"See ya on the flipside, Paige." Then he turned and fled.

I slowly turned around, expecting to see some giant monster behind me. It was worse. Mistress Elizabeth stood behind me, staring at me like I was insane. "I should have expected as much from you." She said. She grabbed my wrist and jerked me to my feet. Hard.

"You are coming with me." She told me. "And everyone elseā€¦OUT. NOW." She didn't need to tell them twice. As she dragged me along, she talked about a mile a minute. "You and your friends have broken so many rules tonight I don't even know where to start with punishing you. For tonight, you're staying with me."

So she half dragged, half carried my drunken body down the street, around the corner, into a house, up a flight of stairs, into the largest apartment I had ever seen, and locked me in a guest bedroom. I figured that in my drunken state, I'd better get some sleep. I could tell that tomorrow was going to be a LONG day.

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