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"So what does this beauty of yours look like?" I asked my friend Arvid as I sat down at the table where he, Otto, and Garrett sat. "I've heard a lot about her."

"Leone?" Arvid asked.

I shrugged. "I don't know. The pretty one."

"You have to see her!" Garrett said. "She's gorgeous!"

I looked at him, smiling. Garrett's approval was hard to get, so she must have really been as pretty as they claimed. I was happy for Arvid; that he was able to find a nice girlfriend. I thought that he'd enjoy Helga, the girl that I'd set him up with before, but they claimed to be friends. Still, I couldn't help but wonder how she felt about Leone, Arvid's new girl.

"What have you heard?" Otto asked.

I nodded to Garrett. "That she's gorgeous. And a good dancer, nice, proper…"

Arvid's head perked up when he spotted someone who'd entered. "She's here." He began to get up, but Otto put his hand on his shoulder and got up himself.

"It's OK. I will."

I watched him walk up to a redhead and say something, grab her hand, and slowly lead her towards us.

I wasn't lied to. Her silky, yet explosive red hair must have been the envy of every girl on earth. She had a fair, pale complexion that made her look rich. And her eyes were a light green, lighter than I'd ever seen. In fact, they were a little too light. Almost cloudy…

"Arvid is here," Otto said, placing her hand on him. Then he took it off and pointed with it. "Peter is right there, and Garrett is over there."

I gave Arvid a confused look. What was going on? Why was he pointing?

"She's blind," Arvid said a little quietly. He didn't want to announce it. He pulled out a chair next to him and showed her where it was. "Please, sit down."

I'd never encountered a blind person before. Other than Arvid, I'd never actually met a disabled person before. I didn't know what to say, how to act. I guess it was a little to my advantage that she couldn't see my reaction.

Leone turned to me, like she knew exactly where I was. That much surprised me. I decided that she knew based on where Otto had pointed. "I haven't met you before, have I?"

"No," I replied.

She held her hand out. "My name's Leone. You may have already known, but we need to properly introduce ourselves."

I shook it. "I'm Peter."

Leone smiled. "It's a pleasure to meet you. We'll have to dance later."

I wondered briefly if a blind person could swing dance. "I look forward to it."

She laughed. "Arvid, your friends are certainly polite."

"Peter just likes pretty girls," Garrett replied. She laughed again.

"Thank you."

"You're welcome."

"How long are you staying?" Arvid asked her.

"I'm not sure. An hour, perhaps. I don't want to leave Conrad alone for long with father."

"Tell me before you leave so I can walk you home."

"You don't have to."

"That doesn't matter. I want to."

Leone smiled and kissed him on the cheek. "You're so sweet." She stood and walked away.

As if right on cue, Thomas walked up to us and sat down just then. "What happened?" he asked, watching Leone walk away. He was in his usual joking mood. "Did Peter scare away the girl again?" The comment earned him a few chuckles from Garrett, Otto, and Arvid and a playful hit from me.

"I don't mind," Arvid said. "I'm going to see her later. I'm walking her home."

"Are you sure you want to do that? Wouldn't it make a pretty good target for the HJs?"

Dang it, Thomas, I thought. If only you could keep your insults and "jokes" to yourself.

Arvid looked at him, clearly upset now. "If you wouldn't judge people by their abilities-"

"Who's judging? I'm not judging! It was only a joke, Arvid. I'm friends with you, aren't I?" Silence for a moment, then Arvid stood.

"I'll talk to you guys later." He started away and Otto went after him.

Thomas shook his head. "He can't take a joke."

"Arvid is sensitive about being a cripple," Garrett said. "He's been able to deal with it, but the Nazis make it harder. Not only that, but Leone is disabled and he really likes her. You also insulted her."

"He should realize by now that I don't mean anything by my jokes," Thomas grumbled. "Besides, I like Leone. She isn't my type, but I think she's good for Arvid."

"What do you mean by that?" I asked.

"She deals well with being blind. Maybe she can help him deal with being crippled."

"He's been crippled since birth, he knows how to deal with it," Garrett said. "That isn't why he likes her, anyway."

"It doesn't matter why he likes her. They're together. That's good for him."

"Personally, I'd prefer they aren't together," Garrett said. "Then she'd be free for me."

"You'd date a blind girl?" (A/N: did they call it "dating" back then?)

"Yes, but only if she looked like Leone!"

I smiled. "But you wouldn't make a good couple."

"Oh? Why not?"

"Because," I replied. "She's pretty, and you're, well…"

"Oh, and I suppose you would look nice together?" Thomas asked.

"Yes, we would."

They laughed. "No," Thomas said. "Maybe if she had a choice between you and a poor, beaten, drunken Hitler you would get lucky, but-"

"What are you trying to say?"

Thomas shrugged. "Let's just say it's a good thing she's blind. Your chance just increased."

"Please!" I bragged. "I could get any girl in Germany!"

Garrett looked interested. "Any girl that I can point to?"

"Pick anyone and I'll bring her here tomorrow night."

He laughed. "All right, then. Lorraine Van Esling." (A/N: yes, I got the last name from CCRA)

Thomas laughed with him while I thought about the name. It was familiar, somehow. Suddenly, it hit me.

"The General's daughter?"

"None other than!" Garrett said proudly.

Thomas smiled. "You're going to have fun getting her to go to a swing party."

I tried to hide my panic and pretended like it would be easy. "Fine," I said. "I was getting a little bored recently, anyway. I needed something to do tomorrow."

They laughed again. "Peter," Garrett said. "You can't understand how much trouble you just got yourself into."

A/N: end chapter 1! I'm going to try this new thing and see how it goes… give you guys previews for the next chapter. However, if I don't have it written I won't be able to do this, so I need to be on top of things. Then again, with summer vacation I'll probably be able to do it. ANYWAY, here's the first "preview" for chapter 2:

… I sighed and stared at her [blond] hair. I couldn't get over it. She wouldn't go for me. She was the perfect Aryan, and I…

I had brown hair.

Get a grip, I told myself…

… I promised myself that if I made 3 mistakes, I would back out of asking her.

"Ow!" she said, dropping her books and falling. I hadn't meant to knock her completely off of her feet. Mistake #1…

… "Would you like to go with me to the Café Bismark tonight?"

"Excuse me?" she asked, surprised.

No! I scolded myself. Too sudden! Mistake #2…

… "meet around 7?" Mistake #3! I was supposed to pick her up and drive her there!…