Tommy missed his girlfriend although he had just visited her last week. "I miss Beautiful I hope the months fly by and she will be in my arms again in college. He was so caught up in his daydreaming of Kim that he did not hear one of his best friends calling his name.

"Tommy!" Adam yells as he waves his hands in front of his one of his best friends. "Hello?"

"Uh oh hey Adam, what's up?" Tommy gives himself a mental shake.

"Well I was wondering if you wanted to spar but seeing as you are too busy daydreaming I will just order something to eat instead." Adam signals Ernie.

"Actually I need to spar I have been sad thinking about Kim and need something to take my mind off of her but you can order your food and ask Ernie to hold it while we spar." "I think I will order something as well."

"Okay sounds like a plan." Adam orders along with Tommy then the two boys go and spar.

After an hour of sparring the rangers decide to eat their lunch as they are eating Billy and Rocky join them at their table.

"Man am I hungry; I need fuel." Rocky grabs Tommy and Adam's french fries.

"Hey," both rangers cry out.

"Get your own bro," Tommy adds.

"I will signal Ernie for you," Adam tells one of his best friends.

"Good I am starving."

"Rocky you just consumed a four course meal at my residence," Billy says.

"That was four appetizers Billy man." Rocky tries to grab another one of Adam's french fries.

Adam swats his hand away and signals for Ernie again.

Ernie finally walks over and takes the boys order.

"I don't know how you can order a full lunch when we have just eaten."

"It comes from years of practice bro."

"I would love to do a few experiments on you."

"If it involves eating a lot of food than count me in!"

The gang laughs as Ernie brings over Rocky's lunch and Billy's smoothie. After the gang finishes up eating they head to the park where they are to meet Tanya and Kat.

"Hey guys," Kat says to her friends. She hugs everyone but hugs Tommy a little too long.

Tommy politely hugs Kat but releases her after a few seconds.

Rocky walks up and kisses his girlfriend before she speaks to everyone. "Hi guys."

"Hey so what do you guys want to do basketball, freebie, or football?"

Before the others could answer Tommy that beeping sound occurs letting them know it was time to fight off an evil monster.

"Rangers there are putties and Goldar at the beach and they are terrorizing people."

"We are on it Zordon come on rangers time to morph." "It's morphing time."

Rocky, Billy, and Kat go after the putties while Tommy, Adam, and Tanya fight with Goldar.

"Damn you puny punks may have gotten the upper hand this time but be prepared for me to return and kill you all." After that Goldar teleports out.

The rangers teleport to the Command Center and discuss with Zordon and Alpha why the random attack occurred.

"Rangers Alpha and I will farther analyze why the random attacks occurred." "You may go back to your activities rangers."

The gang teleports back to the park.

"So guys want to play a game," Kat asked while looking directly at Tommy.

"No I need to be getting home see you guys later."

"Okay well let's all hang out tomorrow than."

"Alright bye guys."

"I need to go to so Tanya want me to give you a ride home."

"Sure babe bye guys."

"In that case I had better be going home to I need to work on my science project," Adam says.

"I can help you with that," Billy tells him.

"Well then I might as well go home than; hey Tommy can you give me a ride?"

"Sure Kat let's go."

In the car Kat tells Tommy that she is here for him in case he gets lonely.

"Thanks Kat I will take you up on that offer sometime."

"Good because I hate to see one of my friends sad."

"I just miss Kim and not being around her is tough considering we spent almost every waking moment together."

"I understand I had a boyfriend back in Aussie that I spent time with like that but when I moved we decided to end things since long distance relationships hardly ever work."

"Kim and I are in the small percentile that will make it."

"I hope so and thanks for the ride."

"No problem."

Tommy drives home and calls Kim. "Hey Beautiful miss me?"

"Of course I do Handsome." "What's new?"

"Besides me being good looking Rita and Lord Zedd did a random attack today."

"Oh my are you alright?"

"Yes I am fine and the others are fine as well."

"Oops don't tell them I forgot about them."

"I won't if you buy some sexy lingerie."

"Lucky for me I already did."

"Damn I wish I was there."

"I do too; hey I need to go the girls and I have dinner plans." "Love you Handsome."

"Love you too Beautiful bye."

After that conversation the first power ranger couple barely has time to talk to each other. Both are feeling the loneliness off being away from each other.

"Kim I feel as though we barely have time to talk."

"I know Tommy I have been busy preparing for the games and you have been dealing with those random attacks." "It has been crazy but it will get better soon we will be in college and not have to worry about games or evil monsters."

"Unless you decide to do the games next year."

"I won't do that I would miss you too much Handsome."

"That is a heavy load off my chest Beautiful."

"I know I… Tommy hold on a second." "Yes here I come." "Tommy I have to go train with the assistant coach Sam, talk to you when I can." "Bye love you."

"Love you too." Tommy hangs up with Kim and is annoyed that Sam keeps interrupting their conversations and decides to go to the park.

At the park he runs into Kat. "Hey Kat."

"Hi Tommy what's up?"

"Just thinking you?"

"Bored." "What's with the sour face bro?"

Tommy laughs, "Kat stick to being an Aussie. "I just miss Kim and when we get to talk her assistant coach Sam keeps butting in." "I think he likes her."

"Well you know Kim she only has eyes for you." It hurt Kat to say those words but she would not mess up a relationship just because she wanted the guy.

"I needed to hear that thanks." Before he could continue his phone rings.

"Hey Tommy I just decided to take a break and snuck off." "What was with the attitude Tommy I need to train." Kim sighs.

"Why is it every time I try to talk to you Sam tells you that it is time to train no matter the time?"

"The games are approaching and he is making it hard on everyone."

"No he only seems to target you when I call; has he made a pass at you?"

"What no he has not he is the assistant coach and I am with you."

"Really because from the looks of it he seems to be the one spending all his damn time trying to get you to be with him and not talk to me."

"I cannot believe you just said that he has no interest in me and the way you are acting is like a jackass; come on Tommy I love you."

"I am not so sure Kim I mean come on having to sneak to talk to me and why don't you use my nickname whenever he is around."

"I try to be professional and using a nickname is not appropriate but if you want me to come off that way then I will use it in front of him."

"Don't bother; I think we need a break."

"What no Tommy I love you and Sam is nothing to me."

"I love you too but with the constant attacks and you being gone means that we have less time to spend together." "So how about we take a break and when you get back pick up our relationship again." Tommy is frowning as he says those words.

"No this is not what I want and I know it is not what you want Tommy please let's just think this through." "I…" Kim is interrupted by Sam.

"See there he goes again!" "Bye Kim and the break still stands."

"Fine if that is what you want you asshole."

"Very professional talk in front of the assistant coach."

"I could care less who hears you have just cracked my heart." With that Kim hangs up on him.

Tommy just stares at the phone.

"Hey are you alright?"

"I will be; I need to go."

"But Tommy you should not be alone."

"I need to see you later." Tommy walks off.

Kim has been practicing nonstop on the games and Sam sees this as his chance to finally get the woman of his dreams. As Kim does a flip off the balance beam he decides now is his chance.

"Hey Kim can we talk?"

"Sure." Kim looks at him.

"I am a little nervous about this."

"What is it Sam?"

"I will come out and say it; I like you I always have and when I heard you are on a break with Tommy I think we should date."

"I am flattered but I love Tommy and once we are together again this little funk that we are having will be over and we will have each other."

"Kim I think you should rethink that the guy did break up with you over the phone."

"No he did not we are on a break a totally different situation." "I need to go."

As Kim begins to move away Sam grabs her and presses his lips to hers. Kim pushes him off and runs out the gym. She gets in her rental car and drives to her temporary home and tells Aisha all about what the incident. Aisha tells Adam while he is hanging out with Tommy and Tommy takes the incident the wrong way and is very angry.

A few weeks have passed since Tommy and Kim had decided to take a break. Kat has been holding inside her feelings for him but thinks now is the right time to tell him. So she asked him to meet her at her house.

"Hey Kat what's up?

"I need to take to you about something."

"Sire anything." Tommy sits down on the couch.

Kat continues to stand and tells him "I know your break with Kim has been tough and I think I can help you get over your loneliness."

"How?" Tommy looks at Kat.

"I know Kim kissed Sam and I see where Sam is coming from I like you and have been wanting to kiss you for the longest time but since you have been with Kim I have yet to kiss you."

"So who is trying to make who feel better?"

"Me and you of course Tommy."

"Kim did kiss Sam but that does not mean I should kiss someone else because she did?"

Kat answers to his question is to lean in and kiss Tommy.

"That was nice how about another."



Tommy pulls Kat closer and Kat deepens the kiss by opening up her mouth for Tommy to enter.

"How about we go upstairs to my bedroom?"

"Are you sure."

"Yes I want you and this."

The power rangers make out a little more and take the session up to the bedroom.