A/N I originally wrote this for a fb contest and i enjoyed writing this so much that I decided I wanted to post it here...It's the first time I wrote Leah's POV and I hope that you enjoy...

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Jake and Renesmee were sitting side by side on the Cullen's front steps. His face shone with pure bliss as she was touching his face with her hand, showing him something in her mind. He laughed and my heart clenched as a memory of Sam looking at Emily with the same happiness came to mind. It had been months since Jake had broken away from Sam's pack and my brother, Seth, and I joined his new pack but I still couldn't forget all my memories-good and bad-of Sam. I still loved him. I longed to imprint on someone else so I could sever the connection between us and I could move on with my life, leaving all the hurt behind. I started to turn away from the scene in front of me when I felt a tug on my jean shorts. I stopped.

"Leah?" a young feminine voice said.

Looking down I saw Renesmee, her long auburn hair shimmering in the sunlight.


"Why do you look so sad?" she asked, frowning. I didn't even know that she was paying any attention to me. She seemed so focused on Jake.

I know that I could have been rude and not answered her but then I'd have to hear about it from Jake and I wasn't in the mood to deal with him so I answered her. "I was just thinking."

"About what?"

"The past," I answered. I was vague on the answer because she didn't need to listen to my depressing tale.

"You shouldn't be sad about the past. It's behind you." She stated before adding, "The present is what matters."

"Where did you learn that?"

"Jake taught me that."

Ah, now I understand….

I glanced up at Jake. He was watching us. Like me, he had wished to imprint on anyone to break the connection he had to Renesmee's mother, Bella. He hated seeing her with Edward and how happy they were; not that they aren't happy now. But now Jake wasn't bothered by it since he imprinted-on their daughter no less.

"You're right, but I don't know if I can stop being sad about the past," I admitted, returning my focus to her.

"You can. You just need to find someone like Jake to make you smile that's all."

I shook my head. To her, Jake walked on water.

"I'll show you," Renesmee said, motioning for me to kneel. I lowered myself until I was at face level with her. She placed her hand on my cheek and almost immediately a picture of Jake doing a back-flip formed in my mind. He landed successfully and I started to wonder what was so great about that; he did flips like that all the time, making her applaud. I was about to comment about that when he attempted a second flip and fell straight on his back. Despite the fact that as my alpha it was hardwired into my system to protect Jake, not see him injured, I smiled. He jumped back up and bowed like he had meant to do that.

She pulled away and smiled back at me. "See, you smiled."

I did. She had the uncanny ability to make anyone feel better. I nodded at her and stood.

"Nessie," Jake called from the stairs.

She turned to look at him then back at me. "Are you going to be okay?"

"I hope so," I answered.

She studied my face for a few minutes. "You will be," she told me before running to Jake.

As I watched her drag Jake indoors I hoped she was right.