One-shot time, Yay! Okay, so this story actually has nothing to do with canon, and centers on Sasuke. Either way though, I hope you find it worth your time. It's split up into multiple chapters, and I think it'll be a couple thousand words once I'm done with it. EDIT: Turns out, it's only 1.5k... aw.

~~~•∞•≈•≤ ≥•≈•∞•~~~

Sasuke was suddenly jerked into a bolt upright position from his dreams, a sheen of sweat covering his face in the dim light.

'He-They all.' Random thoughts stumbled drunkenly through his head in his post-nightmare stupor. He realized, then, that he was still in bed. 'It's nothing. They can't hurt me here. He can't hurt me here. There's nothing…'

There's nothing.

Nothing at all.

~~~•∞•≈•≤ ≥•≈•∞•~~~

Living with the dead was not a pleasant experience. Uchiha Sasuke was an example of this. Memories lurked in the shadows around him, waiting. Biding their time. They had all the time in the world, didn't they?

He quietly made his way through the abandoned compound, his restless pace exemplified by the cool night air, and the darkness surrounding him. Thoughts could not be trusted on a night such as this, he reasoned. They betrayed you, lent consciousness to the darkness surrounding. In their own way, they were slowly killing him, eating away at his sanity.

He simply continued his restless pace, forcefully steering his thoughts towards a safer place. Even so, he could not keep his eyes away from the shadows, watching for movement, signs of life. There were none.

Someday, he would find out the truth about what happened. His brother, the so-called prodigy. Uchiha Itachi.

Slaughtered. Every member of his clan, save two. He still didn't understand why. Instead of simply ending his life, like every other Uchiha, Itachi condemned him to life with only his mind for company. Not that it was very pleasant company.

He had considered joining the rest of his clan, for brief time. He wasn't that far gone yet, though. He wasn't going to simply end his life in such a futile manner. But he promised himself he would find out why it had happened.

Someday, he would find the reasoning of his brother. Until then, he would have naught company but the darkness; and his own, fleeting, sanity.

~~~•∞•≈•≤ ≥•≈•∞•~~~

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