The whispers were growing stronger, he was sure of it now. There was no other explanation for the way he felt about them.

They called to him, seductively. He could easily get lost in them, if he let himself. He wouldn't

He still had a purpose. He needed one. There wasn't any way he could get sidetracked.

There was only one problem with that. He wasn't sure anymore what it was.

There was only the ever-present feeling that he could not slow down, could not stop trying. For what?

'Father will be disappointed in me.', he thought, trying to reassure himself. The he realized how he was reassuring himself, and nearly broke out in tears. Or maybe it was laughter; he wasn't sure anymore.


What was that? Sasuke ignored it, whatever it was. It wasn't important. He needn't let himself be distracted by unimportant thoughts.

"Why are you trying to forget?"

Sasuke didn't reply.

It was always the same.

~~~•∞•≈•≤ ≥•≈•∞•~~~

By now, he was used to the whispers. Every time he passed through the compound.

He was disturbing them, or the other way around. He could nearly feel the threads of attachment, tying him to this place, keeping him. He wouldn't stand for it. He needed to grow stronger, he needed to… he needed to do something.

The way he was… he wasn't sure. He wasn't sure about anything, it seemed.


He didn't reply.

He made his way to the simple shrine erected near the lake.

"Hello, mother; father.", he announced to the emptiness.

There was no reply, not that he was expecting one.

"I've done with my first year in the Academy.", he once again announced.

There was nothing there. That didn't change his mind in the slightest. There were no bodies, even, left to mark their passage. All the bodies had been cremated, as was Uchiha tradition. They were all burned in the same fire that every member of their clan had carried within them for generations.

In a way, it was a clean break from the world. Nothing left to represent their presence. He was nearly envious.

"Why do you abandon us?"

Sasuke did not respond. He was above doing so. He did not need to answer the call of the dead.

"You must avenge us… Sasuke…"

He ignored the voices, or at least tried to. Revenge…

"…Brother, if you wish to kill me, then hate me, detest me. And yet survive in an unsightly way. Run, run and cling to life, and when you have the same eyes as mine, come to me."

How many times had his thoughts returned to a similar track as this?

It was an appealing thought… a forbidden thought. Why? Why would he take revenge? He did not want revenge, he wanted answers.

It was appealing all the same… to find his brother…

He was unsure. As always. It didn't matter though, he wouldn't waste his time in this world of the dead.

"You must… you will find him, and you will destroy him, in the same way in which he destroyed everything you care about."


The voices had suggestions… ideas. At some point, they were simply his mind making up for the lack of noise around him. Twisting it, forming the simple background noise of life into something deadly; it was surely the song of the sirens, so tempting… and so lethal.

Either way, it held such an appeal, to finally dedicate his life to something… to vengeance.

Yes. Vengeance would suit him perfectly.

~~~•∞•≈•≤ ≥•≈•∞•~~~

"Yes, thank you.", Sasuke said, once again giving the man money for flowers.

This time however, there was a new arrangement.

The same surrounding of shion, but instead of tsubaki, a new flower had taken their place.

A single sayuri, the orange lily. Revenge.

~~~•∞•≈•≤ ≥•≈•∞•~~~

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