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Eesh. I hate maths. when am I ever gonna need to know what x equals to anyway.

I said absently launching my pen at the ground whilst still staring at my homework.

"Ouch" I snapped my head up at the sound of a pained , very familiar voice. "how long have you been here Tod ? and sorry I hate math". "yeah I kinda figured.", he smiled, once again carefully sidestepping a question. "how long ?" I smiled . "since you screamed at your book", he flashed me the familiar smirk, that I was beginning to like so much. "I bought brownies" he chuckled. I slid from the bed and went to join him on the rug, biting into one, officially earning my forgiveness.

"so watcha want to do?" and lazily stretched himself out along my rug, hands folded behind his head, eyes closed.

I sat back against my bed and scrumptiously began to enjoy the view stretched in front of me.

"how bout extreme truth or dare?" I said impulsively, not caring bout the consequences of such a game. My only defence was that Tod had that effect on me.

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