A-Z: Byakuya x Orihime


"Where have you been, Inoue?" Kurosaki asked, eyebrows furrowed in his typical scowl though those who knew him well enough would notice that his eyes were softer as he gazed at his auburn nakama.

"Ara?" Grey eyes over blushing cheeks met his eyes with no hesitation. "I was just at the Fourth Division. I was trying to find something that I must have dropped there yesterday."

Ichigo gave a nod, turned away, satisfied, unquestioning.

So did everyone else. No one suspected anything. But she too was getting better at concealing.

Not lying, Orihime mentally chided herself because I was with Unohana-taichou briefly. It was what happened afterwards that she did not reveal.

Feeling a heavy gaze on her, Orihime lifted her eyes, puzzled.

Only to meet granite grey irises from across the room.

Immediately, Orihime felt heat flood her body as she remembers the feeling of heated, frantic lips; the rustling of shihakusho against pink cotton, which blended with the sounds of the wind breezing through the sakura orchard; and the rough, coarse feel of bark against her back as she was taken passionately, again and again in the shade of cherry blossoms.

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