Last of the Pirates

Hi my name is Nicky its short for Nicolette Victoria Elaine Anne Threepwood it's a very long name I know but everyone calls me Nicky, I'm the last of the Threepwood's and the pirates. I've always been fascinated by pirates ever since my very great grandfather was one his name was Guybrush, I have been reading all of his journals and I am on a quest to find out everything he did and to find the legendary secret of Monkey island…

"NICKY!" I got a shock as my Mum shouted from the bottom of the stairs I quickly hid the journal under my pillow and ran down the stairs.

"NICKY!" she shouted in my ear

I rubbed my ear "Mum you don't have to shout I'm right here"

"Oh sorry dear it's just I'm almost late for work" She said as she quickly rushed around for her bag "Now I might be late getting back so don't answer the phone or the

Door and don't-"

I interrupted her "I know Mum anyway I have to tell you something, I'm going to the Caribbean tomorrow"

She went to get her keys "Oh that's nice of you going away I guess I'll have to take you to the airport then"

I replied "No mum I have a ship I'm sailing there"

Then she was walking to the door "Oh you're going on a cruise that's nice well I have to go know bye"

I waved to her and then I closed the door, my parents just don't understand that I am a pirate even if I was to walk them off the plank they still wouldn't suspect a thing! My Mum doesn't notice that I wear pirate clothes and have maps on my bedroom wall; you'll never find any boy band posters in my room.

I have already loaded everything on my ship all I need to do is to go on Melee Island and find a crew according to the journal there is the Scum bar where the pirates hang out I'm sure they'll be some pirates fit for my crew.

I went in to my room and pulled out the journal from under the pillow and I took it downstairs I had no idea if I was ever coming back home I felt like this was my destiny to keep the family name of the threepwood's.

I went to the kitchen I got the lead and I got my dog Guybrush, I walked him out the door and went down to the beach I let him off the lead and he started running in the sea while I was just strolling by then another dog was chasing after him so I ran and there was a mighty bang! Someone just ran into me I fell and rubbed my head "Ouch hey watch where you're going!"

He helped me up "Sorry I was just playing pirates and I got carried away trying to catch my dog"

I looked at the dog still chasing Guybrush "Oh is that you're dog chasing mine?"

He looked at the dogs "Yes that's my dog sorry well it's not mine it's my cousins I'm looking after it for him" He pulled a treat from his pocket "Come on Walt got a treat here for you!" Walt came over and begged for the treat and he gave it to him

I put the lead back on Guybrush and I said "Hey you like pirates' right?"

He replied "Yes I really do I've always dreamed of being a pirate"

I smiled "Great you can be on my crew!"

He stared at me "What do you mean?"

I replied "I'm a pirate believe it or not I'm sailing to the Caribbean tomorrow if you want to be on my crew"

He was very surprised "Really you have a ship?" I nodded "Wow of course I'll be on your crew"

I shook his hand "I'll meet you down here tomorrow"

He nodded and I walked away "WAIT my name's George what is your name?" he shouted

I replied back "NICKY"

Finally I have someone on my crew I had a good feeling about this…