This is chapter 1 of my new story, it basically sets the scene. I have taken some liberties with Hinata's character, to make her more as I personally see her. The first few paragraphs are just trying to give an insight into her life, but don't really have much significance to the rest of the story.

I see Hinata being English when I think of her (possibly because I am) but Naruto definitely acts more as I would expect an American to, all hard working and stuff. Thus my story was born.

You will have to excuse my limited knowledge of America, I work mostly off TV shows

So on with the story, enjoy!

(PS. Mr Smith isnt based on anyone, I just needed someone to annoy Hinata)

Chapter 1- Setting the scene

I slumped down in my seat and let out a sigh. The table I sat at was empty, again, it was just me four empty seats surrounded by a sea of year 10s and 11s. Texting and giggling and gossiping. Mr Smith stood at the front announcing that he was once a highly paid business man. Shut up, I don't care, if you were so successful why on earth did you become a teacher! I pulled my note book out of my bag and started looking over my notes from my last psychology lesson and found, unsurprisingly, that I couldn't remember anything. My psychology mock was next week.

God, I hated form.

I looked up when a small slip of squared paper was laid over my notes. Mr Smith didn't believe in using any paper but squared paper, being a maths teacher. He was currently standing next to me, staring down disapprovingly. I knew that if I stood up I would be taller than he was but he had a large presence, I don't mean he was fat, he just attracted attention.

"Put your notes away, Hinata, write your ideas down on here" This wasn't an unusual occurrence as Mr Smith, as I had just heard, had been a business man in the past, meaning that he liked targets and team building activities. This was probably one of them.

"What am I meant to be writing?" I asked sheepishly, picking up the piece of paper as I did so.

"We should get to know the other forms in our house, I want Ideas on what we could do, like an event or some such idea" I groaned inwardly, this was a waste of my time. The school was really hot on making up these events since the last ofstead and the government cuts, I hasten to add that they hardly ever succeeded in making the students more like a "family" and because they wanted the students to plan all the events nothing was ever done properly, if at all.

"But Sir" I started "I've got a mock coming up, it would be better for me to revise than try to think up an idea" Translation: I can't be bothered

"Don't be so apathetic" Apathetic. One of his favourite putdowns when we didn't do as he wished "It will look good on your CV. Employers like the idea of students having experience of vertical mentoring" Vertical mentoring meaning that for 20 minutes every day I had to sit in a room with students from other years than my own, none of them being the people I grew up with, they were in other forms. It was a load of rubbish, I'd grown up with the people in my own year and I wasn't confident enough to make new friends.

"They prefer you to do well in your exams, I think" I pointed out. I think I should also point out that this wasn't usual behaviour for me, unlike other sixth formers I had trouble holding a conversation with my teachers, however, Mr Smith irks me.

Mr Smith let out a sigh, tapped the paper and said "just write, Hinata" then walked off to talk to one of the year 13s about their UCAS form. I held the paper in my hand and thought for a moment before folding it away neatly into my back pocket, hopefully no-one would notice if I skipped this one out. When the little year 10 came round to collect the ideas I simply looked at him and he scampered off to the next table.

I could tell what he was thinking, weirdo. Technically, I looked perfectly normal. You know, the type of girl no-one looks at twice, I wore a lilac jacket over a black t-shirt and three quarter length jeans. My hair was thick and black, it came down to my waist and my fringe obscured my eyes. I had peculiar eyes, they were a sort of lavender colour, but with my fringe as long as it was they looked dark gray. No, my strangeness lay in my actions; my speech was slightly more formal, my every action more awkward and my friends… They certainly were different.

My thoughts were interrupted by Tenten bursting through the door and hastily walking over to our table, she had an apologetic smile on her face.

"Well, where have you been?" I said to her as she sat down next to me

"Computer rooms, I had to do my lit work" She sighed heavily and looked at me still smiling, but the smile held sadness.

"..." I knew what was wrong with her "You've got withdrawal symptoms again, haven't you?"

"No! Well, I wouldn't call it that... I guess..."

"How long's it been this time?"

"I saw him yesterday" I sighed, folded my arms and looked at my best friend with a worried look "I know, I know, but Neji doesn't have any lessons today so I won't see him at all"

"Heaven knows what you'll do when he starts Uni!" I said shaking my head, Tenten and Neji had been going out for a few months now and were notoriously soppy, they even outdid Temari and Shikamaru who had been together much longer. They were the only two of us that had boyfriends at the moment, excluding Sakura but her relationship is a whole other story.

Tenten just carried on smiling at me "What's Sir doing?"

"How to get the forms closer event, I think, some sort of rubbish" I said, she gave a soft laugh.

"No-one would ever guess you were so negative about some things Hinata! You're sweet other than this and your strange hatred of Sakura, and you hardly show that part of yourself to anyone"

At this I sighed and rested my head on my hand and looked at the students around us. "You shouldn't laugh. Why shouldn't I have some hates? I'm no more sweet by nature than anyone else, I just hide my bitterness better than most. People stereotype me but I never mind it because they stereotype me as being a better person than I actually am, it's just a pain when I fail and they're really disappointed" I turned my face back to Tenten "Besides, this coming from you, who holds no malice for anyone" The bell rang

"True! Which way are you going anyway?"

"RE, we're meant to be doing the just war theory today, doesn't that sound fun! What about you?"

"I've got a free, I'll walk with you for a bit then I've got to hand in that Lit work, it's due in today"

"Kay, will we see you at break? Neji's not in today, is he?"

"He's got a full day of frees, so yes I'll be there. Shikamaru doesn't come in till lunch either so Temari will be with us too, it'll be just like old times!"

I grinned "you'd think that you two having boyfriends would drag us apart, but what it's really done is give us more to tease you about and makes us stick our noses into your business more often"

We were all there at lunch, crowded around a small table in the main hall, I say all but Sakura didn't come in until later. Which personally I was glad about, over the past year I had developed an unreasonable hatred for Sakura, the smallest thing would make me fume silently. And then there was her boyfriend, Sasuke, who to be frank was just really creepy. He didn't love Sakura either, when they were together he more often than not ignored her and when he did pay attention it was half hearted.

Today she looked particularly annoying

"Morning Sakura!" Ino called out to her, waving at her. Ino disliked Sakura far more than I did but she was also a notorious gossip and not my favourite friend. She liked Sakura mainly as a topic for her gossip. Sakura skipped over, with Sasuke following close behind her rather more solemnly, and sat down at the end of the table.

"I'm so happy!" she declared to the table and paused, waiting for one of us to ask her why. No-one did. "I've just found out that my friend, Naruto..."

"The internet guy?" I chipped in


Kiba looked up from the last minute homework he was trying to do over his lunch "The guy we think is really a 40 year old man who's pretending to be a 16 year old boy so he can stalk you?"

"Yes but he's not"

"How do you know that? He lives in America doesn't he, so you can't prove anything" Kiba grinned widely at Sakura

"Well yes, but..."

"Wait, no buts, I'm right aren't I?"


Sakura's now despairing reply was now cut off by Sasuke "we've met him before" We were all a bit shell-shocked by his sudden interruption which gave Sakura time to continue her point.

"Me, Sasuke and Naruto were childhood friends, when we were about 7, before he had to go and live in America. The internet is simply a way of keeping in touch with him"

But Kiba wasn't to be put off so easily, he started again saying "that's just what you want us to think, so you can cover up how foolish you've been in befriending him"

Sasuke's answer was simply to look at him and state "He's come back to England, and will be at this school"

"Oh" I sighed and slumped in my chair a bit, which Temari noticed

"What's the matter my dear?" she laughed "are you really that disappointed that Sakura's not being stalked by a creepy pervert?"

"A little, yeah" Everyone laughed a bit after that, winding up Sakura was a popular entertainment with us, but I was worried. We'd all met some of Sakura's other friends, the people she lived near and grew up with, and they weren't my cup of tea. Loud, brash people with nothing to say and very little wit, if this Naruto boy was going to be the same, I had a feeling I wouldn't like him.