Chapter 5- a confession

I was a little late in the next morning, the result of which was that the usual group of us that met up before classes started had already dispersed into their respective lessons. All except Kiba , of course, who was sat on the bench waiting for my arrival, it was strange that he was alone, usually there would be at least two other people with us for a free. In this case it was meant to be Shino and Temari, I supposed that they'd gone up to the village shop to get something to eat and Kiba had kindly offered to stay behind. It didn't matter, he'd want to talk about my vanishing stutter story anyway.

"Hi Kiba, where's everyone else?" I said, settling myself down on the bench opposite to him

"They went up to the shop" I nodded and he carried on "You said Naruto said something strange to you yesterday, you okay?"

"Oh yes, it was nothing upsetting! Don't worry, he just said some things that caught me of guard, that's all"

"Like what?"

"He says he's in love with Sakura" Kiba raised his eyebrows "That's what I thought when he said so! But it's definitely unrequited so, unless Naruto does something completely ridiculous, we won't have to worry about there being any major dramas there" It's strange the things you say without realising it.

"Nope" Kiba shook his head "not good enough, Naruto falling for Sakura is disturbing, granted. But that would not be enough to scare away your stutter Hinata. You aren't telling me something. He didn't say anything creepy did he?"

"Creepy's the wrong word for it, it wasn't creepy, it was just… just… well" I took a sharp intake of breath and decided it would be better to just get it off of my chest "He told me he thought I had a crush on you" Kiba just stared at my face as if waiting for me to carry on

"And what did you say to him?"

"I told him it wasn't true"


"We've been friends for too long to think of each other that way"


"It is a bit ridiculous isn't it!"




"This is weird, I'm talking more than you! Did I make you feel uncomfortable? I'm sorry, I just thought you'd like to know"

"Nah, I'm fine and you right to tell me. But… Hinata, can I ask you something?"

"Yup, of course"

"What if, hypothetically, I did like you… romantically" my face froze. When people say hypothetically 9 times out of 10 they don't mean it in a hypothetical sense. Kiba liked me. Not in the way I liked him.

Kiba kept his gaze on me "What would you say, hypothetically?"

"I-I d-don't… I c-can't… Kiba" the words wouldn't come out of my mouth "n-no, no, I d-don't l-l-like you l-like that"

Kiba lowered his head "You stuttered, you'll be nervous around me always now. I know you Hinata"

I ducked down to try and get a better look at his face but he turned it away from me "Hinata, you don't stutter around Naruto anymore" it was a statement of fact. I guess it was true although I had only done so once. "Do you like him?"

I shook my head at Kiba, not speaking so he would be forced to look up. His face was red and contorted with the effort of trying to disguise any emotion towards me "N-no I don't" I smiled weakly "H-he c-called my eyes c-creepy"

Kiba smiled back just as weakly but straightened up and looked straight at me "Hinata, your eyes are mesmerising and Naruto is an idiot" he got up and picked up his backpack from the floor ready to leave but the strap got caught up around the chair leg. It gave me the change to say something.

"W-Where are you g-going?" I couldn't think of anything else to say

"I've got to go and sort out some stuff for PE"

"I-I'll see you later then?"

"yeah, sure"

He walked off, and I was alone.