Steve was standing on the roof of the mansion. Tony had called him a few minutes ago to meet him up here. It was strange not only with the fact that tony wanted to meet on the roof but that it was the middle of the night.

Steve was about to go back inside after waiting for fifteen minutes when the sound of Tony's suit came into ear shot. Tony landed a few feet from Steve.

"What are you doing?" asked Steve now very confused.

"Do you trust me?" asked Tony


"Do you trust me?" Tony asked again

"Yes." Replied Steve still really confused. Tony smiled and flew off.

"What the fu-"Steve was interrupted by Tony grabbing him from behind and taking off.

"I can show you the world," sang Tony.

"Can you show me in the quinjet?" pleaded Steve who was currently hanging onto Tony for dear life.

"Shining, shimmering, splendid. Tell me captain now when did you last let your heart decide?" Continued Tony paying no attention to Steve.

"I don't know! Can you please put me down?"

"I can open your eyes"

"My eyes are wide with fear, Tony"

"Take you wonder by wonder. Over sideways and under"

"Oh, god no" said Steve as tony began to do loopy-loops among the many skyscrapers of New York.

"On a magic carpet ride!"

"I think I'm going to be sick."

"A whole new world, a new fantastic point of view," Tony sang as they passed the baster building. "No one to tell us no or where to go!" Tony then began to hum and after a few seconds he continued

"Now I'm in a whole new world with you!" Steve closed his eyes as they did even more twists and turns with Tony humming the whole world

"Don't you dare close your eyes!" Steve opened his eyes and saw that they were heading to the harbor.

"Hold your breath it gets better" Sang Tony as they plunged into the cold water and emerged a few seconds later with Steve sputtering.

"A whole new world! With new horizons too! I'll chase them anywhere there's time to spare. Let me share this hold new world with you" Steve saw that they were headed back towards the mansion and could only let out a sigh of relief that this nightmare was almost over.

"A whole new world! That's where we'll be. A thrilling chase!" They landed on the roof of the mansion but tony still had an iron grip of Steve.

"For you and me!" Finished tony as he let go to Steve and almost immediately as he did Steve ran across the roof back inside and back to his room.

Steve shut the door and pushed the nearby dresser in front of the door incase that Tony had followed him.

"What are you doing and why are you wet?" Steve turned around to see his girlfriend Kathleen sitting up in the bed. Steve opened his mouth but Kathleen beat him.

"Just tell me tomorrow." She then fell back down and fell asleep. Steve Sighed as he changed into a pair of dry sweat pants and got into bed next to Kathleen.

"Can you remind me never to meet Tony at night ever again?" He asked Kathleen

"Sure whatever just let me sleep?"