Warning-MATURE SEXUAL CONTENTS, M/M, Two pairs (Ichigo x Grimmjow and also there is Ichigo x HIchigo) , Violence , Rape(but that will be in the future...I think ch 5) , Bad language

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The sound of steel clashing rang all around him. Ichigo felt the reiatsu of his friends as they battled the invading Arrancars. He listened, but wasn't paying attention to them. He wasn't worried. He was well aware they, of all people, were more than capable of looking after themselves. Instead Ichigo's attention was entirely focused on his own enemy.

Beside him, Rukia shivered. He felt it too. The spiritual pressure emitted from the approaching man was nearly overwhelming. He had a smirk on his face and his eyes were cold; certain. The arrogance practically rolled out of their ice blue depths. His every movement was loaded with confidence. Ichigo hated the way he looked down on them, like he was the most pathetic piece of trash on the face of the earth. He vowed that one way or another he'd wipe that wide smirk off of the Arrancar's face.

'So which is it? Which one of you is stronger?' Ichigo instinctively know this was an enemy he didn't want to take on. His voice was colder than metal and just as hard. The gleam in his merciless eyes was that of a mad-man.

'Ichigo! Retreat!' Rukia's voice, filled with urgency, snapped him back to his senses. It was all he could do to peel his eyes away from the blue ones. Her tone was so assertive, Ichigo found himself acting her command even before he realized it.

Behind him, he heard the sickening sound of flesh being ripped. He knew it well. Ichigo looked back, his eyes wide with panic. In front of him, Rukia fell to the ground with a loud plop. The Arrancar retracted his arm, covered in her blood, while his face twisted in a grimace like he touched something disgusting.


Ichigo's cry attracted his attention. The teen, seized by fury, launched at the arrogant figure. Just as he neared him, the stranger turned around and Ichigo saw that mad gleam again. His grin would put the Cheshire Cat's to shame.

The wind from the blow raised a cloud of dust around the duo. Ichigo caught his breath. He couldn't believe it. The icy man stopped his sword attack with his bare hand. With an almost lazy movement, he raised his arm to block the deadly steel from hitting his head.

How much power did he have? Ichigo felt like Zangetsu was made of plastic, rather than steel as sharp it could cut through a rock with ease. In that second, with the sword connecting the two, Ichigo had the chance to truly look into the cool eyes.

A trickle of sweat ran down his cheek. Fear. What he saw in those orbs was pure, cold, freezing murderous intent. The guy was insane and Ichigo felt his gut clench with the horrible sensation of fear.

The Arrancar threw Ichigo back with a flicker of his hand making the boy exclaim and the man's gaze became even colder, if that were possible. Ichigo managed to stop himself from being thrown too far by using the reishi, too small to see, as a platform. To someone else it looked like he was floating.

'Hay! Who do you think I am? I didn't come here to butcher lambs. I'm taking it easy on you. Hurry up and unleash your Bankai…..' He said this almost like he was bored. Ichigo widened his eyes at the sound of his voice. Could a sound be cold?

'…..Otherwise you're gonna be full of holes like that lump of soul reaper over there!'

Ichigo forgot his fear as rage took over. He was obviously talking about Rukia. He had no time to be afraid. He had to finish the guy off so he could take care of his friend. She looked like she was badly injured and Ichigo didn't know how much time he had left.

'You dirty…!' He didn't have to finish. He concentrated his reiatsu and roared, 'BAN-KAI!'

As the power streamed from the unleashed force in waves of smoke, the Arrancar stood his ground. His eyes were just as frozen but his smile diminished. He had a look that said this was exactly what he wanted. A calculating gaze following a clearly defined plan brought to fruition.

'That's more like it.' His voice lost the loud edge. It was low and threatening, like the low rumble of thunder before the destructive imminent storm. His prey was in sight and he was about to pounce.

Ichigo moved first, his sword ready to spear its target. Just as before, the man stopped the lean black blade and he took advantage of Ichigo's momentarily stunned reaction to throw him away. This time he didn't just flick his hand, he used force and Ichigo found himself dusting the empty streets. His eyes squinted as blood trickled down the side of his face.

He didn't have a chance to catch his breath. He noticed in the nick of time the fingers, extended like a blade, closing in on him. He hadn't seen the man move. Ichigo's experience kicked in and he reacted without thinking. He found that calm that only came during battles. With lightning quick speed he moved, appearing behind the slightly surprised Arrancar as if capable of teleportation.

His dark coat danced violently as he swung the blade down with as much physical force as he could. Big mistake. His enemy moved out of the way and kicked Ichigo in the face when he was fully open. The teen's vision turned to red as blood sprayed from the wound but that blow was followed by a dozen others. The Arrancar beat him good until he was sent flying back with another kick to the back of his head. Dust covered Ichigo as he crushed the nearby houses.

'Humph… You call that a Bankai? It only gives you average speed! You disappoint me, soul reaper! Is that all you've got! Well?'

The sound of his arrogant voice was like a bucket of cold water being thrown on him. Ichigo's rage flared. If he had to die in the process, so god help him, he was going to beat that guy down. He forgot about Rukia. He forgot about his friends. He forgot everything except his wish to crush his enemy.

The Arrancar sensed something was different and his eyes narrowed. From inside the smoke, Ichigo's accumulating reiatsu flowed out in torrents. The smoke closed and for the first time, the stranger's features widened in surprise. The black flames surrounded Ichigo. His usually warm chocolate eyes were as hard as mountains and just as resilient. His determination to kill gave him a murderous aura, as merciless as the Arrancar's.

'Getsuga Tensho.'

The teen watched hopefully, as the fang hit the man straight on. The night was silent, except for his own ragged breaths. That was all he had. If it didn't kill the Arrancar he was in deep trouble. If he wasn't also struggling with his hollow self, things would have been different...

The smoke cleared and the man was still standing. He had a deep wound stretching from his left shoulder all the way down to his right hip and blood oozed out in copious waves but he was still standing.

'What was that?' His grin was back and he looked almost hungry. He was happy about getting injured?... 'That move wasn't in Ulquiorra's report, soul reaper!'

'Still disappointed Arrancar?' Ichigo boldly smirked back. The enemy could bleed and that did wonders for his morale. However he knew it was only bravado on his behalf. The man wasn't even close to getting serious and he was at the end of the limit. Black flakes clouded his vision. He recognized the embrace of his hollow closing in on him, taking advantage of his weakened position.

'Not yet…..It's almost over.' Ichigo mumbled. He didn't have the strength to fight both enemies at the same time.

As if sensing his predicament, the Arrancar let a laugh rip out of him. The sound was maddening. Ichigo felt that sensation in his stomach again. Sweat rolled down his back. This was the laugh of the mad and Ichigo could feel it vibrating through the night and through his every cell.

'All right, soul reaper! You're finally worth killing now!' Ichigo couldn't believe it. The psycho sounded like he was enjoying this greatly! His voice was loaded with the hunger of some who had a famished appetite for bloodlust.

Ichigo assessed his situation. Things were bad. No, things were terrible. He knew the cuts the Arrancar had from his fang were too shallow. The black Getsuga Tensho was the hollow's move. He could use it, at most, another three times before he would lose control. He had no options. At this rate he was facing one of two fates. A brutal physical death at the hands of the arrogant, cold Arrancar. Or a slow, internal death where his mind would be consumed by his darker side.

'Well, I wouldn't just stand there, soul reaper. Now it's my turn!' Ichigo's heart stopped. His gut clenched and his mind screamed at him to run. He was going to die. He knew it with a shockingly detached certainty.

The next thing that happened shocked both of them though. Materializing out of the dead of night, another stranger appeared behind the opal-haired man and placed a hand firmly on his shoulder. When he spoke his voice was low but full of command.

'Sheathe your sword Grimmjow.'

'Tosen!' The man called Grimmjow exclaimed.

Ichigo recognized this second name. It belonged to one of the captains who abandoned Soul Society with Aizen. He should have cared about that but Ichigo was distracted by the guy who still made sweat fall down his face. So his name was Grimmjow. It suited him perfectly. Ichigo couldn't peel his eyes away from him, he didn't know why.

'Why are you here?' Grimmjow's cry made him come back to reality. What the hell was wrong with him? This was NOT the time to be distracted!

'Why, you ask? I think you know.' Tosen's voice was even lower. A threat. Ichigo saw Grimmjow's expression changed to a defiant scowl. 'You invaded the world of the living without permission. You also mobilized five Arrancars without authorization and lost all five. These are serious offenses. Lord Aizen is not pleased Grimmjow.'

At the mention of Aizen's name Grimmjow's expression almost seemed to show a bit of fear. Ichigo wasn't sure if he saw correctly, but certainly Grimmjow's arrogance was momentarily lost. What sort of power did the ex-captain have to subdue such a wild animal only with his name? Ichigo swallowed dryly at the thought.

'Let's go. Your punishment will be decided in Hueco Mundo.' Tosen was already making his way past, moving at a leisurely stroll.

Grimmjow's arrogance flared a little and he scowled. 'Humph. Fine.' However, he sounded subdued, nothing compared to his previous self.

Ichigo looked as he turned to follow Tosen. He should have been happy. He should have counted his blessings after his near death escape. Yet, he felt angry. He hated the way Grimmjow dismissed him like a piece of dirt. He couldn't believe he was saying this, but he did.

'W-Wait! Where are you going?' His mind was screaming, 'Shut up! Shut the fuck up and run!'

Grimmjow turned his head slightly and looked down at Ichigo with disgust. His voice was low, almost as low as Tosen's. Once more Ichigo felt like he was paralyzed by the frozen oceans of his eyes.

'Shut up. We're going back to Hueco Mundo.' With that he turned his back to the bleeding teen, dismissing him again. The scream inside his mind to shut up intensified, and Ichigo continued to ignore it.

'What? You can't come here and attack us and then just leave! You gotta be kidding! Come back here! We're not finished yet!' Ichigo let loose all the anger he had inside and poured pure venom into his words.

The Arrancar stopped in his tracks and looked back at Ichigo. His voice was deadlier and sharper than knives. If looks could kill, Ichigo would be wriggling on the floor. The youth froze at Grimmjow's words, his previous energy vanishing all too rapidly.

'Not finished? Gimme a break. Tosen just saved your life soul reaper!' The helplessness of the situation crashed on top of him like bricks. A part of him had been entertaining the delusion that maybe there was still some way to beat the Arrancar but Grimmjow's words stated clearly had Tosen been even one second later...Ichigo would have been cut down.

'It's obvious that move of yours takes a huge toll on you. You'd be lucky if you could do it three more times. But even if you could do it a hundred times you still couldn't defeat me while I'm in release mode.' His arrogance was back to its full splendour.

'Release mode?' Ichigo wondered. How much stronger could this guy get? And his perfect interpretation of Ichigo's situation was certainly not reassuring. Once more he thought how lucky he was that Tosen came when he did. And once more he got angry at his own helplessness.

'Don't forget my name. And pray you never hear it again. Grimmjow Jeagerjaques! Next time you hear that name you're dead meat soul reaper!' The last thing Ichigo saw was the Arrancar's Cheshire grin as the sky closed back around him.

The silence of the absolute night was almost deafening after all the noise. Ichigo didn't have to be told. His was a name he wouldn't soon forget.

'I lost to Grimmjow.'

Grimmjow stomped out of the throne room. He could feel Aizen's smiling eyes on his back. Tosen didn't care. He was probably facing away from Grimmjow. After all, he got what he wanted. He got the chance to punish Grimmjow for his 'insubordination' and he was pleased with that.

Once out, he clenched his fist and smacked it into the white wall, making cracks run along it. His jaw clenched. Blood flowed like a river through his wound. The pain was nothing, a slight inconvenience. The thought of others looking down on him was what got him on edge. He hated weaklings more than anything in the world.

Unconsciously his hand moved to trace the cut across his chest. His mind drifted back to the fiery haired boy. There was no question that he had been weak. He had been pathetic, even for a soul reaper. But something…..something about him….

Grimmjow grinned. The eyes. That was what he remembered most of all. Everything about the human was the opposite of him. While he was cold and cruel, the teen was hot-headed and caring. For the first time in he couldn't remember how long, Grimmjow cared about someone else. He wanted to kill that boy more than he wanted anything else.

He was interested and that spelled bad news for the youth. Grimmjow's grin widened at the thought of another fight with the human. Even if he had to disobey Aizen again, he was going to see the younger male again. One arm was worth finding this one opponent.

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