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One month later…..

Things were never boring when Grimmjow was around. Ichigo was watching him, officially his boyfriend, as he was being given out to by Urahara. Grimmjow was still lodging at the ex-captain's place. The boy wondered what he did this time. Did he burn half the shop down again? Did he break another ten doors? Did he smash more of the furniture?

All those things were minor though, compared to Grimmjow's usual m. o. Being human was a brand new learning experience for the Arrancar and he was still getting used to his new limits. Ichigo reminisced on some of the more noticeable disasters.

There was the one time when Grimmjow was run over by a car. Or the time when he thought beating a thug senseless was perfectly normal, though Ichigo wasn't too hard on him for that since that moron had it coming. Or the lovely time when he learned the hard way that a human's body was far more fragile that an Arrancars after breaking his arm when jumping from the roof of a building. Ichigo was very grateful the building was a relatively small one.

Yep, life was never boring around Grimmjow Jeagerjaques. He smiled to himself at the amazing change. He would have never, ever, imagined that one day he would introduce Grimmjow to his father as his boyfriend. Even more unbelieving was Isshin's reaction. Ichigo's family took a liking to Grimmjow almost instantly. If ever there was doubt that his family was crazy, this was proof. Every Kurosaki member was clinically insane and Grimmjow was a perfect candidate for joining.

But having an Arrancar as a boyfriend came in handy sometimes. Not only was Grimmjow's knowledge on hollows and Hueco Mundo very accurate and useful, but he still had most of his Arrancar abilities. He couldn't survive without a Gigai for more than a few hours anymore, but when he had to fight he was still the same badass Sexta Espada that instilled fear in all his opponents.

Slowly Grimmjow was adjusting to his new life. Ichigo felt like a parent looking after a child sometimes but his love for the other man seemed to grow stronger and bolder with each passing day. From the corner of his eye he saw Grimmjow move towards him, a sullen look on his face. He looked like a pouting child and Ichigo just had to chuckle. It was the little things that made life great….

'What are you laughing at?' Grimmjow's voice always seemed to spark something inside Ichigo.

'Nothing.' Grimmjow frowned, clearly not buying Ichigo's reply.

'Fine. I know how to make you talk.'

Before Ichigo could question the statement further he was pulled into a deep kiss by strong, muscular arms. He loved the feel of Grimmjow's hands on his waist and hips. He gave himself over to the other man, letting him win their battle of tongues as he always did.

The two held their embrace well aware that Urahara was still standing at the entrance pretending not to see.


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