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Chapter 1

Deidara walked down the halls of the base. He had just finished a mission with Sasori and boy was it a pain in the butt to finish it. As he lay down on his bed, he realized something strange. The blond looked around the room to make sure it wasn't a Sound ninja or anything else that might be suspicious or offensive to him.

Everything seemed normal. Window, drawers, bed, mirror, desk…wait a minute. Deidara and Sasori never had a mirror in their room…

The blond cautiously approached it. How the heck did a mirror get into their room? After a while he thought it might be one of Hidan and Kisame's pranks. Then again, the rest of the Akatsuki didn't have this mirror that Deidara recognized.

After that everything happened just in fifteen seconds…

The blond member felt someone push him in the back, he fell head first into mirror, his feet failing to stop himself from going any further. Soon after, the blond was gone. The stranger was nowhere to be seen as well.

Sasori groggily walked down the halls, he passed Kisame and Hidan on the way to his room. Before he opened the door, Hidan approached the redhead.

"Hey dumbass, do you know where goldilocks is?" The foul-mouthed jashinist asked. Goldilocks was one of Hidan's 'affectionate' nicknames. Not affectionate as in gay love but as in a brotherly relationship. Weird relationship…

"Um…no. I thought he'd be in our room by now. Maybe he's in the kitchen?" Sasori replied.

Hidan just shook his head. "Nope. Already f**king checked there. Including all of the rooms and outside."

Sasori just stared at him blankly. "You…searched everywhere in the Akatsuki base…just to look for Deidara for…?"

Kisame stepped in. "We were about to prank him." The shark man grinned happily, showing off his sharp teeth.

"Well still, I have no idea where he might be. I'm not a stalker, like you guys" Sasori smirked. With that he left the two, Hidan's mouth agape and Kisame staring wide-eyed at him.

Sorry this was my first story and also the introduction XD things'll get interesting in the next chapters :3