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Konan's face scrunched up in confusion when she saw many people around the base, many of the people pushing and ignoring her presence. She and Pein exchanged awkward glances. Until it finally clicked into her head, she twitched her eye and her brows slowly tilted downwards.

Whatever the others had done they were going to get it once she got inside that building…


With glee, the masked man ran outside the basement and into the garden to meet a certain someone. A monster, the other members would call it but for Tobi, he was simply a cute little and helpless puppy.

At the end of the long stretch of grass was a cave like built structure with a nameplate just above the entrance to the man-made cave. It spelt out the being living in the building in abbreviation; FFW.

Tobi entered the cave with a smile behind his mask and his arms full of meat. "Fluffy! Tobi's here to feed Fluffy for lunch now!" He ventured deep into the cave; slight confusion and anxiety was upon his covered face. "Flower?" He called out. Due to its long name, Tobi had broken up his pet's name into three nicknames.

Suddenly, he was attacked by a giant wet pink thing which slapped him across his face and almost lifted him off the ground when it slid upwards on his mask. A warm breeze was felt and a woof-like noise came from just in front of the masked man.

Knowing what it was, Tobi whipped round and smiled with joy. "Wolfy!"

A giant wolf-like creature stood there with its tail wagging and his tongue hanging from its mouth. It was considered more like a dog over the weeks that Tobi spent with it than a wolf. Then again, wolves were part of the canine family.

Giggles and laughter escaped the Akatsuki member's mouth as he hugged the muzzle of his pet wolf while the other continued licking him.


Hidan quickly grabbed his scythe and buttoned his coat before jumping out of the window with a bag containing his cloak and other stuff. Kakuzu walked up to the window with a raised brow; staring at the silver haired man. "Where the hell are you going?"

Swiftly, he spun round to face Kakuzu; surprise clear on his face before he relaxed. He gave off a smirk. "What does it fucking look like? I'm going to get the shit out of here before she finds out that we let even one person find out our location."

"You'd better get back here otherwise I'm going to make you pay!" The tanned man growled while Hidan remained indifferent at the piercing gaze he had received from his partner, after all, he was used to it. He just rolled his eyes and made his way to the forest which was behind the Akatsuki base.

With anger, Kakuzu squinted his eyes in a glare as he watched his idiot run away. He'd come back. And when he does, he'd suffer even greater consequences.

Suddenly, the door swung open before he could've close the window to go and count up his money. Deidara was seen standing in the doorway with slight nervousness and fear. "Uh…Just so you know, Konan wants to see us in the living room, un…"

As they made their way down the stairs, they could've seen the other already sat on the couches and seats; Tobi watching his favorite TV show which was about unsolved mysteries about murders. Everyone thought it was unusual for him to like something like that since he was usually happy-go-lucky, they had even thought that he was a yandere once.

As expected, Konan was standing in front of them all with Pein a few spaces away from here; obviously to show his uneasiness around her. A sweet grin was found upon her face but had a hidden cold and violent side to it. "Now, where's Hidan?" She chirped making some of the members flinch.

No one besides Kakuzu knew where Hidan was so he did what he always did whenever things like these had happened. "He ran away after he had brought the whole of Konoha here." He'd lie to gain amusement to Hidan's punishment after.

That made Konan snap.

"I want all of you to go find him and bring his ass back here so he'd get a lesson one why we have a HIDEOUT." The blue haired woman's fake cheeriness faded away; showing off her real emotions.

Kakuzu smirked in victory. He had more plans on getting back at the albino for breaking properties and entering the room without knocking.


For Hidan it felt like hell going through his punishment even if it lasted just less than a few minutes. He scowled at Kakuzu, his smirk was covered underneath his mask as he listened to the others making plans on how to escape.

"How about we just use Zetsu to take us somewhere else?" Deidara suggested.

Zetsu stared at Deidara. "Well good luck with that…" With that, the two sides of Zetsu sank into the floor to a different location, leaving the others completely open-mouthed. Sometimes the plant man was a bit rude…either of them would be at times.

Unfortunately, Pein was about to speak but was interrupted by a certain immature member. " Maybe we could go to Fluffy for help! Fluffy will be sure to help out." Said Tobi with happiness.

An awkward silence was spread out for a long time before his leader attempted at speaking once more. "Tobi…I thought we all agreed to kill that wolf after we were all ready to leave the hospital…" The ginger haired man reminded him.

At that, the masked man frowned at him. "But Tobi thought that Fluffy shouldn't have to die just after we got him as a pet." He explained then giggled. "So Tobi decided to continue to take care of Fluffy even after Leader-san would leave the hospital!"


Now it was Konan's turn to interrupt Pein. "It doesn't matter! Besides, it seems like a legit idea since he'd probably be a lot faster than us." The bluenette said; ignoring the look she was getting from Pein.

Everyone headed for the garden door after the confirmation on the plan. The spiky haired man sighed as he made his way to the garden as well. I feel like as if I'm losing all of my respect in this group…to a scary woman and an overly happy man…


"Pein get your ass on the fucking dog or I'll make you get up here!" Surprisingly, it wasn't Hidan who had shouted out to him.

He climbed onto the giant wolf with irritation and sat behind Itachi who was too busy staring at the back of Kisame's head; unusually lost in space. Slowly, Pein raised a brow at the black haired man with questions deep inside in his mind.

Finally, the weasel snapped out of his thoughts and turned round; having felt like Pein had been staring at him, which he had been doing, until he had quickly changed the direction of sight.

After that, Konan turned her head round after making sure that everyone was on board and that the crowd of people hadn't seen them. "Alright, Tobi, we can leave now." She informed the masked man in front of her.

Just when they were about to depart from the garden, a shout rang across the area. All of them looked below to find that there was a blond haired boy just standing in the middle of their garden. An all too familiar orange outfit was seen covering the boy's body, his blue eyes locked right at their direction.

At first they had thought it was their ally who they become allied with before they started another adventure. "GET BACK HERE YOU BASTARDS!" Unfortunately, not…

Thus began the endless chasing cycle…


In one of their many bases, the Akatsuki had finally arrived at their destination and managed to shake off the reckless and persistent blond boy. During another break from their previous adventure, Pein and Konan were in the Leader's Office; organizing jobs for the next day while the others either crashed in the living room for the night or stayed in their rooms.

With a bored look, Hidan kept flicking through the channels, his hand supporting his chin. Right next to him was Kakuzu who, being bored as well, played with a human heart he had received from one of their pursuers who were chasing them from before.

Itachi and Kisame who had enough of staring at the TV, exchanged glances before nodding then leaving the room to go to their bedroom. Zetsu was already asleep on the couch and Tobi was in his and Zetsu's shared bedroom; he was possibly getting ready to sleep too.

Before the two left, Hidan called out to them. "Night, shitheads. Be sure not to make too much noise when you guys are fucking each other." He mumbled lazily, not even making eye contact with them.

Of course, this made Kisame blush and back away from him while Itachi simply left the room with an emotionless expression, having the power to ignore him but was really embarrassed as well.

After a while of flicking through strange programs, the sadistic Akatsuki member fell asleep due to being bored. Kakuzu glanced at his partner beside him who had been leaning against him as he snored.

An irritated look spread across his face as he pushed the jashinist away from him; causing him to flop off of the couch. He smirked, he had already gotten revenge twice that day; having Konan beat him up and placing one of Deidara's clay art in his food, the last one being priceless since they were having steaks and everyone was pretty much forced to eat outside with Fluffy since Tobi needed to feed him for dinner and thought it'd be nice to have a 'family' dinner together. The food practically blew up and covered him in steak mush; providing Fluffy a human shaped meal.

Now the reason why he had been lost in thought while he was playing with his newly retrieved heart was because he was trying to find another way to get revenge again for the last time.

He was thinking about setting up a trap for him to cut off all of his limbs. However, after a while he began to think he was turning rather sadistic like his partner which he'd rather not become a religion crazy and loud mouthed immortal.

Speaking about being loud mouthed and sadistic, Kakuzu glanced at the sleeping figure of his partner on the floor who was in an awkward position. Now that he was unconscious, he seemed less noisy. Many had thought he preferred Hidan to be quiet and use less vulgar words but not all of it was true. Sure he was annoying but he began to get used to him even began liking how he acted without even knowing it until a few days ago.

Perhaps, he'd explain to him his feelings some day?


Cautiously, Deidara closed the door behind him after he made sure that a certain annoying member wasn't following him. Sighing, he switched on the lights and was about to go to his desk to do late night work on clay.

He jumped at the sudden appearance of Sasori. "What the fuck, un?" Deidara exclaimed angrily in shock. "What the heck do you want, hm?"

The redheaded puppet seemed to keep on a serious look as he spoke. "I just came to ask why you told me a few days ago that you thought I was hot."

Deidara was glad that he didn't seem to notice the blush on his face. "Yeah, whatever that was a long time ago, hm." He growled and walked around him to go to his desk.

In response to his answer, Sasori raised an eyebrow at him. "What's wrong with you, you sound like Hidan." He said with curiosity yet still having a straight face. After he approached the blond artist on the desk who glanced at him.

He didn't stop until they're faces were practically close to each other, causing the younger male to glare with his face dusted with pink.

Apparently, they were interrupted by screams and shouts outside. They both turned round; staring at the window, before exchanging glances. After, they walked up to the window, Sasori opening it for them to see what was going on.

Confused looks was plastered onto their faces and they once more, exchanged glances.

Millions of young teenage shinobi, mostly girls, were screaming and swooning when they saw the two artists in the window. Many of them wearing shirts with 'SasoDei' written on it with hearts and pictures of them together. Some of them were shouting and giving angry looks at them. Both of them were able to hear one of them say 'What's wrong with you two? This goes against my perfect ship!"*.

Sasori looked at his blond partner. "Does this mean we're a couple?"


After that, Kakuzu had been the one to confess first despite Hidan's advice on how to get it over and done with. Sasori and Deidara still wondered how the others didn't hear the screams of the fans last night but had guessed it was just a hallucination from being too tired. Later that previous night, the blond artist had asked the puppet out with support from Konan. Kisame and Itachi were still inseparable, Zetsu and Tobi had mischievously began posting photos of romantic moments between Pein and Konan on the fridge all the while still having 'romantic' moments as well.

And no…Pein never managed to gain the amount of respect he deserved from his subordinates EVER again.


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