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Blaine crossed the street to his car, hugging his coat a little closer to protect himself from the freezing rain. When he got there, he quickly unlocked his car, threw the bags with grocery he promise to get for his mum on his way home from school on the back seat, and stepped in.

After a few tries he managed to start his car engine successfully and drove away. The rain was banging loudly on his windshield, drowning out the sound of his car radio. He turned up the volume, just in time to hear the first few tones of Candles. He smiled brightly, remembering singing this song with Kurt. Oh, Kurt, the love of his life.

He remembered Kurt's surprise when he told the Warblers he wanted to sing that song with him, the smile that made his beautiful eyes shine so bright, the way his soft lips felt under his, his warm hand cupping his cheek...

He remembered lying in bed, being held by Kurt, while he whispered sweet words in his ear. Only you, Blaine, only you. I'm yours, and nothing can change that. I'll miss you so much, baby. I love you. I love you. I love you.
And Blaine had buried his face in his boyfriend's chest, his arms wrapped tightly around Kurt's waist, as if he thought he wouldn't leave as long as he held him tight enough.

But he did. He went away to chase his dreams, to New York. But Blaine never felt left behind, Kurt made sure of that. Kurt called him whenever he could, Skyped with him and even wrote him letters.

Yes, his boyfriend had been really busy lately, it was a week ago since he last Skyped with him, and 2 days ago since their last phone call. But Kurt made sure to send him a good morning text every morning and apologize for not being able to call or Skype that day.

Blaine started singing along with the song, remembering all the amazing time he had spent with Kurt and all the amazing time they were going to spend together. Kurt's lack of time gave Blaine the opportunity to focus on his school work, getting high grades and making sure he was able to follow Kurt to New York.

'Blow the candles out,' he sang, closing his eyes for just a second, seeing all the most beautiful moments with his boyfriend flashing by. He opened them again, not seeing the truck on his right side, whose driver was downing a can of beer.

'Looks like a solo tonight.' He didn't see him swinging to left, he never saw the huge form of the truck growning even bigger and bigger as it came closer and closer. He only saw Kurt's face, smiling brightly in his memory.

'But I think I'll be alright.' He only felt the excruciating pain and heard the loud crash. And after that everything went black.

Kurt was making his way from campus back to his car. The day had been long and tiring, he wasn't looking forward to cooking when he got home but he refused to eat Rachel's weird food and Finn's burned pizza's. Just when he stepped into his car he felt his phone vibrate in his pocket. He quickly took it out and saw his father's name flash over the screen. He picked up.

'Hi, dad,' he said cheerfully.

'Kurt? Kurt, why didn't you pick up the phone?'

Kurt frowned. 'What do you mean? I've had- Oh, wait! I don't always have service on campus, sorry. Is it important?'

'Well, yes... it is. Kurt, what are you doing right now?' Burt's voice was shaking and Kurt was getting rather scared.

'Ehm, I'm in the car, but I'm not driving, don't worry. Dad, what's wrong?'

'Kurt, you have to promise me... please, don't freak out, okay? It's under control.'

'Dad, you're scaring me,' Kurt said softly, starting to tremble.

'It's Blaine... He's been in a car crash and from what his mother told me, he's being held in a coma and- Kurt, are you still there?'

Kurt had dropped the phone to the floor and burried his face in his hands, sobbing. His Blaine. His Blaine... in a car crash... in a coma...
His everything.

Finn had picked him up from campus and drove him home. Rachel had booked tickets for a flight to Ohio for the very same night and had called his teachers to explain the situation.

And Kurt had just sat there, blaming himself for everything. I should've called Blaine more often, he thought. I should've taken the time to tell him how much I love him.

But every time he spoke this outloud, Finn would frown and Rachel would tell him not to say 'should've' because he was making it seem like Blaine was dead.

'He isn't,' Rachel would say. 'You will get loads of chances to Skype and call him and tell him just how much you love him.' She kept repeating it while she was driving him to the airport and was still doing so when they arrived there and Kurt stepped out of her car.

He was about to walk away when she grabbed his hand and turned him around. 'Kurt,' she whispered. 'Wish him well when you talk to him, okay.' She had a determination in her voice and it was visible in her eyes: don't you dare saying you won't speak with him anymore and Kurt was incredibly thankful.

He enveloped her in a hug and burried his face in her brown hair. 'I will,' he whispered back before letting go and walking to the airport, ready to go back to Ohio.

His dad almost forced him to sleep for a few hours but Kurt kept declining. 'I'll sleep when I know he's okay,' he kept saying and Burt knew it was a lost battle.

And so he drove his son to the hospital. On their way he could feel Kurt starting to tremble more and more the closer they came. He took his son's hand in his own, something he hadn't done in quite a long time.

'You really don't like hospitals, do you?' he said softly and Kurt shook his head, looking a little sick.

'But this is different,' Kurt said weakly. 'He's going to walk out of this place in no time and maybe we'll get to spend some time together before I have to go back to New York.' Burt didn't reply.

They only just stepped into the hospital when they saw Mrs. Anderson. She came running to them and hugged them both. Her eyes were puffy and red but she had a small smile on her lips.

'Hello dear,' she said to Kurt. 'He's in room 713. They said he should be waking up within this hour. Do you mind if I go get myself some food?'

Kurt shook his head, not looking at the woman, but his eyes focussed on the hallway she just came running from. He knew Blaine was somewhere there. His beautiful Blaine, always happy and sweet and honest... He wanted to hold him in his arms, to see these big hazel eyes staring up at him with that familiar loving look.

'Come on, Kurt,' he heard his dad say. 'Let's go.'

Kurt was getting more scared by every step he took, his body shaking with anticipation. When he stood in front of the door labeled 713 he took a deep breath before pushing it open. The room was small and white and obviously only for temporary use but he didn't see any of that: his eyes were focussed on the black curls on the white sheets. He stepped closer and whimpered at the sight of his boyfriend.

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