A/N *awkwardly sticks head around corner and waves*

Hello, my dearest readers! How are you?

I have some bad news… I'm not updating this fic… ever again! I'm currently having a lot of different stuff going on, both in my personal life and on internet.

If you haven't stopped reading yet, I'd love to do you an offer:

On my tumblr (elisahpstarkid) I started something I call 'Klainers Birthday Drabble project'. The idea is quite simple: people leave their birthdays and a Klaine AU or prompt in my ask box, and I write them a drabble for their birthday.

Now I'd like to offer you to leave your birthdays and a prompt in my ask box on Tumblr, my message box or reviews on here or my mentions on Twitter (elisahpfreak) and I'll write you a drabble!

And I'm giving you loyal readers the chance to prompt a new chapter for this fanfiction. Though I will mark this as completed, I will not delete them, though the only way I'll write something else for them is for one of your birthdays.

If you're reading this: I love you for believing in me and sticking around for so long. I'm sorry for failing you but I hope this makes up for it a little. I don't expect anyone to read this, though, that's why I don't feel so bad about quitting this fic. I feel like nobody was really like them anyway, and I realized they weren't my best.

Have a fantastic life and maybe, if you have the time, check out some of my other stuff? I promise not to abandon these as well! 3

All the love in the world,