Grou nervously walked into the forest. She looked around, searching for this 'Dragoon'. But she could not see a thing, as not even the moon was out tonight. The mage desperately watched the trees. Every time the wind blew she suspected a shadowy figure to emerge.

But the Dragoon was not in the trees. No, he was standing in the middle of a clearing, not hiding, not even trying.
"Ah, I see you have come yourself," Dragoon stated, as Grou was just walking into the clearing.
"I wouldn't say it was by choice…" Grou mumbled.
"Ack, no matter. Now. You have something which I desperately need. It is one of four that will help… Well it will help."

"You don't know what it is for?"
"Yes, but I refuse to tell you. Now hand it over!"
"But I don't even know what it is! How can you expect me to give you something that I don't even know exists?"
"Check your pockets. It will be, glowing or something."
Grou did this. She pulled out a necklace. The crystal attached glowed red.

"Yes… That is it. Give it to me!" The bangaa said greedily.
"Why should I?"
"Put it this way, do you need it?"
"Well, no."
"Then GIVE IT!"

"NO! Why do you need it? What could be so important about this that you would have me be hunted down and brought to you! Tell me!"
"Don't make me do this…"
"Do what?"
"Hand. It. Over. Or else."

"Else," Grou challenged.
The end was swift. She felt a stab in her stomach. Dragoon's spear was thrust into her as she fell to the ground. Dragoon stole the necklace, then left Grou kneeling on the floor. She tried to heal the wound, but it was no good. Grou lay on the floor, and bled to death.

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